Another Wild Night

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It was now three weeks since Joanne had been drawn into the erotic world of lesbianism and for Joanne, being with Amy was an up and down rollercoaster type affair consisting of hot, torrid, passionate sex, wicked arguments and bullshit and sometimes Joanne wondered if all the trouble it caused with bobby was worth it.

She knew that she hurt bobby when she left him and the kids for another woman but sleeping with his ex-wife had to be one of the biggest slaps in the face she could ever inflict on him and deep dpow in her heart she knew that what she did had been wrong. After all, she had told bobby that she was going to try to do everything she could to help bobby get her back because bobby had asked her for help but instead.. What did she do?.. She jumped in the sack and made mad, passionate love with Amy herself and against her better judgement.. She allowed herself to fall deeply in love with her. Ever since that first unforgettable night of passion with Amy, Joanne sinced a slow change overtaking her.. The sex was getting to be routine and sometimes Amy would come home, shower, eat and watch a little TV and go to bed without so much as 2 words passing between them and Joanne was wondering if Amy had found somebody else to take her place and the thought of it terrified Joanne to know end. She loved Amy immensly and would do anything to prove it.. Little did she know that last thought would be put to the test before the night was over.

Amy came home from work around 4:30 to find dinner waiting for her as well as a hot bath and a glass of wine on the side of the tub. “this is nice” my thought to herself as she relaxed in the relaxing bubble bath and almost dozed off in the tub when Joanne’s voice brought her back to reality. “honey I was thinking” Joanne spoke softly “maybe we can go to the drive-in and take in a movie.. What do you say?” she quieried.

“no can do jo” Amy replied “got something special planned for tonight” she said softly with a tell-tale grin on her face and a twinkle in her eye.

“what is it honey?” Joanne asked inquisitively.

“oh you’ll see baby” Amy whispered as she rose up out of the tub, her body glistening as she reached for her towel causing Joanne to have an old familiar stirring in her nether regions.

“you will just have to trust me and be patient my dear ” Amy said as she bent forward and gave her lover a kiss on the lips and walked out of the bathroom and in to her bedroom to get prepared for tonight. Joanne’s curiosity was at an all time high. “what did Amy mean… Something special

?” Joanne thought to her self… “could Amy be planning an erotic night at home with me?” Joanne wondered to herself. The mystery of Amy, s words were driving Joanne batty not to mention the feeling of anticipation was making her climb the walls too.

Just as Joanne settled herself on the couch to watch some TV, Amy walked into the living room and announced to Joanne that company was coming and that she better get ready.. “I’m fine the way I am ” Joanne snapped. escort bayan Amy just simply glared at her lover and roomate and just walked back into the kitchen and poured herself another glass of wine.

Tasha was a very sensual looking woman and Joanne had to admit she wasn’t quite what Joanne expected… In fact.. She was downright gorgeous and Joanne could not take her eyes off of Amy’s friend as she took off her sweater to reveal a luscious, firm and huge pair of casaba melons straining beneath her tight tube top and the skimpy cut off shorts she wore didn’t do much to hide her other assets either and Joanne found herself salivating just staring at her and wondering what Tasha would be like in the sack.

“hi” Tasha said softly with a smile as she extended her hand to Joanne and Joanne took her hand in a gesture of friendship and noticed it was damp with perspiration. “could she be thinking the same things about me?” Joanne wondered to herself. She could feel herself starting to grow damp in her crotch and tried to keep her composure as Tasha sat down next to her on the plush sofa and Joanne became entranced by her soft smile and the smell of her perfume.

“so” Tasha said “amy tells me you are quite a lover in the sack” Joanne was taken back by Tasha’s bold, upfront approach and for a few seconds she was speechless. She had no idea that Amy discussed the most intimate part of their lives together with women the likes of Tasha. She exuded pure sexuality out of every pore of her statuesque, beautiful body and Joanne could not help but notice and Tasha could sense Joanne’s building frustration and thought to herself “i better clue this little angel about what is in store for her this night” Tasha smiled and thought to herself. “aren’t you wondering why Amy invited me here?” Tasha asked Joanne huskily.

“well.. Now that you mentioned it” Joanne replied in a trembling voice.. The butterflies building in the pit of her stomach that usually occur when Joanne is turned on… And god!!.. Was she ever!!

“w-w-why are you here?” Joanne stammered.

Well!! Tasha began to explain “amy thought that you might like to take a roll in the sack with two women instead of one this night” Tasha stated loudly with increasing boldness and a fire building in her cunt that she was having a hard time holding back.

Joanne did not know what to say.. She felt like the luckiest woman on the face of the earth.. Here was this beautiful fiery redhead with gorgeous tits and a sensuous mouth all but throwing herself at Joanne. Now Joanne was really beginning to feel the heat build up inside of her as Tasha leaned forward and with herleft hand gently took Joanne’s chin in her hand and leaned forward and traced the outline of Joanne, s mouth with her tongue. Joanne responded by throwing her arms around Tasha’s neck and mashing her lips against her newfound lovers soft mouth and sent her tongue deep into Tasha, s mouth to duel with her own. The two women kissed and frenched each othewr for several moments before Tasha stood up izmit eve gelen escort and held out her hand to Joanne… “let. S go to bed sweetie” Tasha said in a low, seductive voice as she took Joanne’s willing hand and led her to the back bedroom that Joanne had become so familiar with over the last three weeks. Joanne wondered where Amy ws as Tasha pulled her into the bedroom and closed the door behind her and quickly taking Joanne into her arms and once again bringing her mouth down to engulf Joanne’s, her tongue stabbing into Joanne;s willing mouth and Joanne willingly, lustfully, wantonly responding to Tasha’s kiss and rubbing Tasha, s firm breasts with one hand and entwing the fingers of the other in her new lover’s hair as the two women mashed their lips together and played dueling tongues with one another. Joanne could feel Tasha, s hands slide down her back and into the confines of her shorts to cup and knead Joanne’s quivering buttocks and sneak a finger between them to tickle her tight little asshole causing Joanne to moan against Tasha’s mouth as the two women kissed with fiery passion. Amy stood silently by the door and listened to the two women as the passion between them began to build at a fever pitch. ” I knew Joanne would go for her the same way I did the day Tasha took me to her apartment last week and played staccato on my clit with her hot tongue” Amy thought to herself.

“Tasha made me come so hard” Amy recollected as the passion between the two women in her bedroom rapidly began to rise to the next level. In the quiet sanctity of Amy’s bedroom, the two women had shed all their clothes and were writhing madly against one another as their lips and tongues once again were locked in maddening, escalating passion and lust. “take me now” Tasha commanded as she began to push Joanne’s head down toward her steamy pussy which was by now… Sopping wet!!. All Joanne could was eagerly comply as her lips and tongue skidded down across Tasha’s heaving breasts, stopping momentarily to lick and suck on Tasha’s huge nipples then resuming their southern trek down Tasha’s squirming body, across the soft, flat plain of her rippling stomach and her tuft of pubic hair above the treasure that Joanne knew was awaiting her. The smell of Tasha’s perfumed pussy was like a heady, intoxicating elixar to Joanne and she opened her eyes to find her face inches away from Tasha’s succulent twat. Tasha spread her legs wide and pulled them back towards her breasts in order to give Joanne unobstructed free access to her moist, humid depths. “oohhh Joanne” Tasha moaned “take me now, eat my pussy, bury your tongue deep in my pussy, fuck me with your tongue, oooohhh god yesss, thats it, just like that, aaaahhhhh!!!!. Joanne willingly complied to Tasha, s pleas and ran her tongue ever so slowly from the puckered ring of Tasha’s asshole, up through Tasha’s pussylips, parting them with her tongue, tasting Tasha’s juice before coming to rest with her lips wrapping themselves snugly around Tasha’s swollen clitoris izmit otele gelen escort and sucking ever so slowly on it. Tasha’s cunt tasted delicious and Joanne could not get enough of it and she moaned into the spread pussy that was pulsing against her sucking lips and probing tongue as Tasha’s hands came down to grip Joanne’s rotating head and push Joanne’s mouth deeper into her wet, meaty cunt. Tasha’s pussy had a unique flavor to it and Joanne found herself wanting more and more of this delicious snatch as every minute went by and she began to really eat Tasha out in earnest, her hands grabbing Tasha’s calves to keep Tasha’s legs spread wide open as Joanne began to eat Tasha with a vengeance all the while moaning in to the heated pussy and grinding her own pussy imto the mattress. Tasha was loving every minute of the tongue-lashing she was recieving by this hot little bitch and she could feel the first of what she knew would be many sopping wet orgasms building up in her groin and the pressure building inside her pussy was insanely delicious.

Right now, Tasha wondered who was seducing who as Joanne ate Tasha’s cunt with abandon and lustful determination and Joanne’s head rotated furiously as she speared her tongue deep into her baby’s hot twat. “oh god give it to me” Tasha screamed in ecstasy as her first orgasm overtook her, her pussy shooting a big load of pussy cream into Joanne’s hot mouth and Joanne caught it on her tongue and swished it around in her mouth and swallowing it before going back for seconds of Tasha’s creamy love sauce.

Tasha was beside herself with wild lust as she arched her hips up off the bed and into Joanne;s willing face and moaned even louder and gasped sharply when she felt the finger probimg her asshole and the tongue deep inside her hole licking the walls and strumming her clit with her serpent like tongue. “mmmmmmm” Joanne mumbled, her mouth covered by Tasha;s convulsing pussy “you taste so fucking good, I love the way your cunt feels against my mouth… Come in my mouth again baby ” Joanne begged as she began a steady in and out spearing of Tasha’s sopping wet pussy with her tongue. Amy was fingering herself on the other side of the door as she listened to Joanne eating Tashas pussy and Tasha moaning uncontrollably as she came yet again, her cunt exploding one more time into Joanne’s willing, sucking mouth. “mmmm so good!!” Joanne mumbled : so fucking wet and hot ” Joanne thought to herself as she felt Tasha’s hands in her hair, directing her lips and tongue to all her most sensitive parts of her wet womanhood. “ooohhh my god””… ” can’t take anymore” Tasha sobbed as still another orgasm overtook her and shaked her to the very core of her being and Joanne reacted to this third load of juice by sucking the entire pussy into her mouth and sliding her tongue accross Tasha’s wet pussylips…. Tasha pushed Joanne’s head away, the feelings becoming less and less stimulating as Tasha bathed in the glow of one hell of a orgasm.

You were great baby” Tasha exclaimed in between breaths all the while waiting for the shakes to subside… Joanne slid up Tasha’s body and laid a warm, wet kiss on her baby and held her in her arms and thought to herself… It don’t get no better than this…. Coming up in my next story,, Joanne has her first threesome.

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