Another Visit to TOTT

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Linda and I had a very adventurous sex life. Early on in our relationship she made it known that she was not willing to live a monogamous life but wanted and needed variety and volume that one man could not supply. She told me she had been with both men and women and had been involved in group sex several times. None of this bothered me as I had been bi since my mid teen years and she was the first woman I admitted this to.

As a result we found several places where we could explore our desires for variety and excitement without any encumbrances. One particular Friday we decided to go over the border to The Talk of the Town Theater in Niagara Falls NY. We had been there before and knew that there was always a group of men in the theater looking for about any kind of action they could fins and that sometimes there were also other women there having fun.

On this particular night Linda put on a knit mini dress and after we crossed the border she took off her panties and bra. Although she was quite slim with small tits her nipples showed clearly under the top of the dress and it only covered her to mid-thigh at best. When she sat instead of standing it was a simple thing for her to flash her pussy.

When we arrived at the theater we took a few minutes to look at the mags, toys and dvds. We had no intention of buying any of them but it allowed several men walking between to 2 theaters to scope her out as she walked around the aisles in the store. After a little while we paid for the theater and went in finding a seat. We sat right down in the front row which left us with room in front of us. As there had been out in the store there was a parade of men walking down the aisle to get a look at Linda and then retreating again.

A few minutes of this and Linda let her knees part and let the hem of her dress ride up on her legs a little higher. A man a bit younger than us came down the aisle and as he noticed her she dropped a hand between her legs and started playing with herself. He stood to the side watching her show until turning her head she looked right at him. Linda bahis firmaları then nodded to the seat beside her and he sat down there. Ahe opened her legs a little wider and I felt one leg press up against mine and sae that her other leg was against him. She lifted the leg against mine and put it down again over my knee. At the same time I saw that she switched hands between her leg and using her left hand to play with herself she dropped her right hand on the thigh of the guy beside her.

He looked at me to see what I was going to do about that and when I merely smiled back at him he moved his leg closer to her. With that Linda lifted her other leg and draped it over his knee so she was now spread wide open with a leg over each of us. She also dropped her hand between his legs and I knew she was starting to feel his cock and balls. She stayed like that a few minutes then took hold of his hand and brought it between her legs. He started feeling the inside of her thigh and then ran his hand up higher and higher to her pussy. Linda moaned and I knew he was starting to finger her. She let him play with her a bit and then took hold if his wrist and brought his hand to her mouth and sucked on two of his fingers taking them deep into her mouth.

I watched then as she started to work at undoing his pants. He took the hint and undid his belt and the top of his pants. Linda reached inside his pants and brought his cock out into view. She shifted around and knelt on the floor in front of him tugging on his pants. He raised his ass and she pulled the pants down below his knees then leaning forward she started to suck on his already hard cock. I was not the only one who had noticed this and another couple of men came down the aisle to get a better view of what was going on.

Linda noticed she had an audience standing beside her and taking a moment to turn to me and smile she lifted her dress up to waist height and went back to sucking on the guy who had been beside her. One of the men reached over and started feeling her ass which was now totally exposed and when neither of kaçak iddaa us did anything to stop him I saw his hand reach down between her legs and heard her gas p as he reached her pussy. The guy in the seat was holding her head as she sucked on him and the man behind her knelt down and dropped his pants. He started rubbing his cock up and down the crack of her ass and Linda responded by spreading her knees a bit farther apart on the floor. I saw him guiding his cock between her legs and heard another gasp from her as he pushed into her. I shifted over right beside her at that point and watched as she sucked the guy in front of her while getting fucked from behind.

I reached up under her dress and started pinching the nipple on her tit on my side knowing she loved that. The second man who had come down to watch the show was now openly playing with his cock and I waved him over to my side of Linda. When he got there I reached out and took his cock in my hand. He turned towards me while watching her and bringing him closer I started sucking on him. Linda took her mouth off the guy in the chair beside me and seeing what I was doing she smiled and took her hand to start playing with my cock.

By now several others had gathered around and we made quite a group. Linda was occupied front and back sucking and getting fucked. There was a man standing in front of me with his cock buried in my mouth and I was feeling her up while she returned the favour giving me a hand job in my seat. There were another couple of guys on the other side of her one with his cock out and the other kneeling beside Linda and sucking on him. There was also another couple there standing behind the guy fucking her and the man there had his hand between her legs playing with her pussy while he was nestled up against her ass.

The guy in the seat Linda was blowing started to grunt and thrust into her mouth and I realized he was cumming from her attentions. At the same time the man I was blowing took hold of the back of my neck and began thrusting in and out of my mouth and then I felt him start to spurt kaçak bahis cum into my mouth as well. AS Linda released the cock of the guy she had just blown the man hammering into her from behind also started to grunt and emptied a load into her pussy. As he pulled back I was amazed to see the woman behind her bend over and start stroking Linda from behind. Her guy took this opportunity to hike her skirt up and U could tell he entered her from behind and holding on to her hips he started fucking her from behind.

The man who had been in the seat in front of Linda got up and left and Linda turned around and got into the seat without making any attempt to rearrange her dress. In fact she took hold of me and guided me in between her legs and gave me a kiss that tasted of cum. She then said that if I did a good job eating her pussy clean I could have a fuck too. I knelt between her legs and went to work sucking and licking her pussy and the man and woman who had been behind her moved up to the seat beside her. The woman started feeling Linda up and soon they were kissing passionately while her guy continued fucking her from behind and I ate her out.

After a few minutes of that Linda pulled my head up and I placed my cock at the edge of her well used pussy and started thrusting into her. In no time we were grunting into each other as I drove into her wet hot pussy and the couple beside is were also fucking like crazy. There were more men coming down to watch and a few of them were sucking cock while some others were jerking off or jerking off another guy. I didn’t last too long and then I was spurting shot after shot of cum into Linda’s pussy and after I finished I once again went down on her and licked and sucked her clean again.

At that she stood up and dropped her dress back down covering up. The guy beside us was obviously finishing up in his woman too and Linda turned to her and gave her another deep kiss and squeezed her tit then turned and while I scrambled to get my pants closed up again she started walking out of the theater. We got back in the car with some guys coming into the parking lot I guess to see if there was going to be any more action. After the drive home we had a nice hot shower together and then fucked again before falling asleep and staying asleep till late the next day.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32