Anna Gets Punished

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Anna always had gorgeous hair. She was a perfect brunette, slightly curly, and her hair had always been long as far back as she could remember. She hated cutting her hair because it always turned out horribly, no one ever knew what they were doing. So she would trim it herself once in awhile but she kept it long all the time. She had just finished cutting it one morning and went to check her email before work when a message popped up from a friend of hers. Well, he was more than a friend, really, but her husband didn’t know that.

“Let’s meet today. At our hotel. I can’t stop thinking about you.” Reading those words suddenly made her pussy start to flow. Anna knew what would happen if they got together, she would fuck him until neither one of them could move. She had been so horny lately that she barely needed to consider it before hitting reply to say that she’d be there in 1 hour. She then rushed back to throw on a sexy outfit of garters and heels under a tight dress that accentuated her lovely curves. She burst out the door with her purse in one hand and her keys in the other, almost tripping down her few stairs as she got in her car and peeled away.

The radio was blasting some tune about “Rough Sex” which just made her ache a little bit more. At a stop light she reached one of her hands in to feel her nipples. The were rock hard already and she gave them a little pinch in anticipation of the day ahead of her. She hadn’t noticed that the people in the car next to her were watching as güvenilir bahis she touched herself but they were an old married couple. The man grinned and the woman slapped him. As the light turned green, Anna floored the gas and took off like a bat out of hell. She wanted sex and she wanted it now.

She pulled into the hotel and immediately noticed his truck parked at room 8. She parked right next to him and slowly got out of the car, looking around. At this point she started to get nervous but it only excited her even more. She stepped toward the door and took a long deep breath before knocking. The door opened to darkness inside, she stepped in and her hands were immediately grabbed as the door slammed shut behind her. Instinctively she let out a squeal in protest but her mouth was immediately covered by an invading mouth and she was being kissed roughly as her hands here held behind her. She dropped her purse and keys and shuddered as her hands were held tight behind her. The kiss ended and she was led to a corner of the post bed where her hands were lifted and tied at the top of the post. She struggled at her bonds to test them but she was tied very tight and the ties would not give at all.

Without warning her dress was torn open in the front, revealing her heaving chest and stomach. She jumped when this happened, very startled, and realized that she was now tied up and could do nothing about this. She felt hands pushing the dress aside and unhooking her bra and she felt a soft breath on her ear as this happened. She was frozen where she was at, so nervous and hot that she didn’t know exactly what to do. A mouth was applied to one türkçe bahis of her nipples then and she cried out in surprise. The cry turned into a long deep moan as her pussy began to flow. The mouth tongued her nipple up and down, back and forth and sucked it hard before gently biting it, forcing Anna to cry out again. Her other nipple was then given the same treatment but was bitten a little harder this time.

She felt a hand reach into her panties and stroke lightly against her pussy lips. She was soaking wet and shuddered hard as the fingers stroked against her clit. She then felt another hand grab a handful of her precious brown hair and yank her head backward, hard. She felt the breath on her ear again but the grip on her hair did not let up. Her pussy was on fire as it was continually stroked by the groping hand. Finally, his voice was heard against her ear.

“You’ve been a bad girl. You need to be punished, don’t you?”

She moaned at those words. “Oh yes, I’ve been bad. I’ve been thinking about you when I shouldn’t have been. I’ve been touching myself all the time and wanting it to be you. Punish me, please…”

She didn’t see it in the darkness but a grin crossed his face. So many times he had fantasized about this moment, to have her completely under his control and willing to do anything for him. He released his grip on her hair and untied her wrists, letting her slump onto her knees on the floor. He stood in front of her and tilted her chin up at him with one hand.

“Take my cock out and suck on it. Now.”

Her eyes grew wide and she did as she was told. She reached up and unzipped his pants, pulling güvenilir bahis siteleri them down with his boxers to reveal his raging hard shaft. She felt the length with one hand while he stepped out of his clothes. She stroked it gently and licked her lips, wanting it so bad.

“I said suck it, bitch!” She felt a hand on each side of her head suddenly pull her toward his cock and all she could do was open her mouth and take it in. Her tongue brushed against the bottom as the entire length of his cock invaded her mouth and pressed lightly against her throat. Amazingly, she did not gag at this but her pussy got even wetter at this treatment. His hands were holding her head while his hips moved, effectively fucking her mouth. She reached on of her hands down inside her panties to rub her clit while he forced her to suck on his dick.

Suddenly he took one of his hands off and applied the other to her hair. He grabbed a handful of hair at the back of her head and used that grip to move her head back and forth on his cock. She started to cum when he pulled her hair, her pussy juices dripped out against her soaking panties as he continued to slide her mouth onto him. She moaned around his cock until he couldn’t take it anymore. With one last pull of her hair he left only the head of his cock in her mouth as he began to moan and spray is cum against her throat. He pulsed over and over again into her mouth and she could not move.

“Swallow it, you fucking slut.” She moaned her ascension and did as she was told. The hot cum slid down her throat as he released his grip on her hair. She applied a hand to his cock and gave him a few last strokes to make sure she got all of the cum out of him. She made him moan a bit this time but if she was going to be a slut then she was going to be his slut and she wasn’t going to play it easy. She wanted it all and this was just the beginning.

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