Anita Welcomes Michael Ch. 02

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“What did you and Michael get up to yesterday?” Ted asked me as we lay in bed sipping our morning coffee.

“We just got to know each other a bit better that was all” I replied with a smile as my mind was filled with all the images from the afternoon before – Michael’s strong arms, tight ass and, of course, his satisfying cock.

“Danielle wants me to take her out today to start pricing things up. Marie was delighted to be bridesmaid and she said she would ask her friend…” Ted continued but I wasn’t even listening. My mind flashed back to all the things Michael had done to me the day.

“Then we could go and see Belinda, and break the good news. I think it’s fair for her to know as soon as possible” I zoned back in to hear Ted break this piece of news about his ex-wife and I spotted an opportunity quickly.

“Well, what about Michael, are you just gonna turn up with him?”

“I thought we may go over and announce something but arrange some sort of dinner so we could meet as a family”

“Sure, so Michael will be here for a while then? I mean you are not going to do that today, are you?”

“Me and Danielle will be gone for the morning and for lunch probably but we will leave the Belinda thing till later. Is that ok with you? I know you’re the only one entertaining him at the moment but you seem to be getting on”

Oh Ted, if only you knew!

I had a quick shower, brushed my teeth, slipped into my robe and I crept out of my room to see Danielle shutting the guestroom door very quietly.

“Oh Anita” she whispered and beckoned for me to come closer “I have left Michael sleeping, he is really tired for some reason. Perhaps the drive down took it out of him yesterday. My dad and I are…”

“Yes I know, you are both going to town to start getting some ideas. How exciting?!”

“Yeah that’s right I can’t wait! Is my dad downstairs?” Danielle asked.

“Yeah he is waiting in the kitchen I think. I will come down with you and say goodbye” I was keen to make sure they were both out of the way and that I had the house, a bedroom and Michael all to myself.

I watched them get into Ted’s car and then raced up the stairs to my bathroom. I brushed my long blonde hair and massaged my breasts a little in anticipation. I took off my toweling robe and slipped into a short black satin teddy that just skimmed my buttocks. I grabbed a pair of feathered slippers and hurried across the landing. I eased the door open and walked into the room casually, standing with my legs shoulder width apart with my hands on my hips and waited for some comment but Michael didn’t respond – he was flat on his back and still fast asleep! I took a long hard look at that body once more. One arm was resting casino şirketleri above his head, exposing the underside of his massive bicep. His sinewy body was laid out on the white sheets: that muscular chest I had stroked so keenly yesterday was completely exposed but then it eventually dawned on me: Michael was naked underneath the bedclothes! I crept towards the bed and knelt on the edge of it, I lifted up the edge of the sheet and let my eyes feast on his enormous manhood. Danielle didn’t know what she was missing. I peeled the rest of the sheet off his body quietly and leant down towards my prize to wake Michael with a good morning ‘kiss’ but then…ding-dong! The doorbell went!

I quickly slid off the bed and raced down the stairs impatiently and opened the door with only my head peering round it.

“Congratulations Anita!” My neighbour Marcy greeted me warmly, with open arms. My usually pleasant but now annoying neighbor that is.

“We are so pleased for you and Ted. Congratulations!” She continued.

“Oh Marcy, hi. Thanks for stopping by – it’s really sweet of you, I take it word travels fast – but now is not a good time, I was just about to take a shower. I am so sorry” I had to think of something to get rid of her and explain why she could only see my head.

“Oh ok no worries Anita. We just wanted to say we are so pleased for you and of course, Danielle”

“Thanks Marcy, that’s really great, we must meet up soon and discuss things. Can I catch up with you tomorrow?”

“Yeah, ok…sure” Marcy seemed a bit stunned by my eagerness to get rid of her “I’ll pop round tomorrow, about eleven?”

“That would be great, really great, sorry to dash, bye!” I waved her off and pushed the door closed as politely as I could.

I slumped against the door with the relief of getting rid of Marcy. Finally Michael and I were alone again but before I could even move…

“Good morning to you too” Michael announced from the top of the stairs.

I opened my eyes quickly to see him wearing that broad, brazen grin but thankfully not much else. He had grabbed a white pillow to cover his modesty but left the rest of his body on show.

“Sometimes Marcy has the worst timing. I was hoping she wouldn’t wake you”

“Really, why was that? Planning on having your wicked way with me again Mrs. Walker?” Michael kept on grinning smugly – such an arrogant bastard.

“Danielle wasn’t impressed that you were still sleeping when she left”

“Well…” Michael started to jog down the stairs towards me and I watched as his powerful chest bounced up and down as he quickly approached me. “Like I said, it’s been a while since Danielle took care of things back home so there casino firmaları was plenty of frustration to get rid”.

His six-foot frame looked even more impressive as it stood over me on the bottom step of the stairs.

“So I take it you were looking forward to your wake up call then MIchael?”

Michael smiled at me but changed the subject quickly. “Where is everyone?”

“Danielle and Ted have gone to the mall to pick out wedding stuff and tell Danielle’s mother the good news”

“Why didn’t you go with them?”

“I couldn’t leave you all alone now could I? And besides if they aren’t here, I can have you all to myself”

“Oh I see! Seduction part two was already planned was it Mrs. Walker? You are certainly determined to get your hands on me no matter what. Well there’s plenty of me to go around but I am an impatient man Anita and if Marcy robbed me of my wake up call, I need to get my fix myself”

Michael dropped the pillow and I watched with delight as his fat cock slowly began to get erect.

“Looks like you still need some satisfying Michael”

“Too right Mrs. Walker and you are the one to do it”

Michael held my head and we kissed like honeymooners besotted with each other, we must have stood there for ten minutes just devouring each other unashamedly.

Michael lowered his fingers and brushed them across my neck before running the back of his hand down in-between my pert breasts until they reached my stomach. He knelt down and kissed my stomach through my lingerie before he took his hand and slid it gently up my thigh and then inbetween my legs. For a second my breath was completely taken away.

“It looks like Ted hasn’t been taking care of things either”

Michael didn’t stop there. He lifted up the edge of my lingerie to reveal my pussy and then eased back the hood of my clitoris and let his hot lips fall so tenderly onto it that my knees went weak. His lips started to do all the talking we needed! He slowly kissed and licked my clit, tasting me like I had him yesterday. He rolled his tongue over my moist mound like no man had and like I certainly wasn’t the first to receive this treatment. He left my clit for a second and eased his tongue past my moist lips before licking my pussy shamelessly.

“Oh Michael yes! That’s it, taste me, love me, eat me like you should. Your mother in law needs it!”

Michael thrived on the encouragement and I felt his lips and tongue deepen into me, his tongue finding every possible spot that would arouse my pussy deep, deep inside and it was working. He worked his lips on my clit again, kissing it so softly and seductively. His hands reached up my body towards my breasts and he took them in his hands güvenilir casino whilst still going down on me.

“God yes Michael…oh Michael…eat me baby. I’m your slut, eat me!” I didn’t know what I was saying but words couldn’t describe it. My pelvis started to rise, forcing Michael onto my pussy even more.

“That’s it Michael!”

I felt a hot wave build inside of me and it grew as Michael slowly stirred me to the boil – his tender touch knew all the right spots. His lips continued to service me until the pleasure intensified more and more until I thought I was ready to explode but Michael suddenly stood up and I instinctively pulled off my lingerie. With my pussy almost on overload, he lifted me up around his waist before easing the spongy head of his cock into me. That moment I could savour forever but now inside me, Michael quickly worked up a satisfying rhythm and our lips met as he let out all those frustrations.

He fucked me like some whore that maybe I was! My body was banging against the front door as he pistoned my pussy like I was half my age and I only wanted more.

“Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me Michael, fuck me hard “

The words flew from my lips uncontrollably and unexpectedly. My breasts were pressed into his pumped chest and I could feel the heat from his body as he rammed his cock into me. I didn’t realize how strong he was – to hold me up and fuck me like he was doing – he was an animal in heat.

“Oh fuck Anita….oh my god” Michael groaned deeply and I knew it was affecting him too, knew this fuck was what he wanted, knew my pussy could satisfy him.

“I love your pussy, love your tits, fuck I need them”

Michael pressed me against the door and owned my pussy unapologetically! His cock was getting harder, deeper, stronger, his whole rhythm was racing through my body as I clung onto his strong shoulders with my nails, digging into his gym-honed physique – I was just clinging on but I could take no more.

“Oh Michael I am coming, am coming”

“Come for you new son-in-law Anita, let me fill you up”

Those words tipped Michael over the edge too and his cock exploded into my pussy. Our bodies shivered as the release finally came, his cock pumping stream after stream of cum into me, his body flexing with the passion. Michael whimpered under the strain of his orgasm and I rested my head on his shoulders to cope with mine, my heart thumping in my chest even faster than yesterday. After a few final thrusts Michael let me legs go and I rested against the door to catch my breath. He stood pressed against me for a moment before we kissed and he pulled his cum-covered cock out of me.

“You’ve done it again Anita..” he said breathlessly, “made me cum like a mother-in-law should”

I stroked Michael’s chest before kissing his cheek.

“Isn’t it time for your morning shower…” I teased his chest with my finger, “or how about a nice hot bath with me?”

Michael grinned.

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