And Megan Makes Three Ch. 3

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“Does a spanking hurt?” asked Megan in a sweet, innocent little voice.

“Well, I guess you could say that it hurts kinda good,” I laughed, thinking to myself that we had found a golden treasure in this sweet girl.

“What do you mean, BethAnne?” I could almost feel her eyes on my nicely reddened buns.

“Mmm. It’s a bit hard to explain. A spanking or a whipping always comes with a certain amount of pain. That’s normal. But after a while, the nerve endings in my behind start to tingle. That’s when pain and pleasure mix and pretty soon it is all pleasure. After a while, it doesn’t seem to matter how hard Linda spanks me, it only gets more and more pleasurable.”

“Is that why you are so… so wet?”

“Yes, sweetie. A spanking is as more of a sexual thing than you realize. And Linda always makes love to me after she spanks me. I am usually so hot that I cum almost immediately. Sometimes I cum even while she is doing it to me. Those tend to be really intense orgasms.”

“She didn’t make love to you this time,” said Megan, almost sympathetically.

“It doesn’t mean I am not going to,” interrupted Linda. “I wanted you to feel how warm Beth’s ass is. And how hot she is between her legs.”

“She was soaked!” exclaimed our newfound friend.

“The little slut gets hot just at the thought of her ass being spanked. She almost drools at the sight of a paddle or a whip. If I just hint that I am going to abuse her sweet, little buns, she starts dripping. She certainly proves the Pavlovian dog theory.”

Megan’s eyes widened. Her mind was spinning uncontrollably. “Do you suppose you could spank me?” she finally blurted.

Linda sensed the slight hesitation in Megan’s voice, her fear that she was entering uncharted waters. Just as Linda had done when she first introduced me to spanking, her reply was meant to soothe Megan’s apprehension. “Sweetie, I would go very easy at first, just to see if you like it. If you do like it, we can go further. It is important to understand that we never go beyond your limits. I stop when you want me to stop. I take you further and further until you reach the boundary of what you are capable of receiving.”

I turned my head slightly to look back at Megan. She was cute as button, her face blushing a bright shade of red. “Where do you want me?” she asked excitedly.

Linda laughed. “Whoa, girl. We have lots of time. I am not through with BethAnne yet. She needs a little release. Do you want to help me?”

Her face turned a brighter shade of red. She cast a furtive glance at my upturned ass, then looked back at Linda. “What do you want me to do?” she asked. Her excitement was unbridled.

Linda reached into the drawer of the nightstand and located a tube of salve for izmit escort my beleaguered buns. She handed it to Megan. “Here, put some of this on her backside so the sting goes away. While I get ready…”

I closed my eyes. Linda didn’t often use the salve cream on me. She usually preferred to let the pain settle in. I assumed she was letting me off the hook to calm Megan’s fears more than anything else. Megan removed the cap of the tube, spread some of the white cream on her palm, then brought it to my ass.

“Oh!” I cried as the cold salve touched my still hot pumpkin. But it soon started its soothing affect and before long I was arching my hips off of the corner of the bed as Megan’s hand quickly alleviated the sting back there. The affect was so calming that I was almost in a world of my own. I opened my eyes long enough to catch Linda move to a kneeling position behind me. I closed my eyes and smiled. Megan was about to learn another lesson about lesbian love.

Linda placed her hand over Megan’s and followed its relaxing travels over my proffered buttocks. “She has such a nice, tight, beautiful ass,” whispered Linda. “I could look at it for hours.”

Megan giggled. “And I think the salve is starting to make it feel a lot better!” she exclaimed.

“Mmmmm, much better,” I cooed.

“I need to make this little girl happy,” said Linda. “Why don’t you just stand off to the side and watch, and then we can get your ass fired up when I’m done. This is your learning time.”

With my legs straddling the corner of the bed, Linda had easy access to my ass and my honeypot. I felt the palms of her hands on the insides of my thighs. Using her thumbs, she opened my pussy lips and exposed my glistening slit. I moaned softly when she blew warm air over my vagina. When the warm air moved to my clit, I felt a tingle move all the way up my spine.

“Oh, that feels so good,” I whispered.

I wondered what Megan was thinking, watching Linda take care of a deep need inside of me. I knew she would soon lead me to another beautiful orgasm. In our three years of loving, she knew exactly how to get me off, time after time. I was deeply in love with her and she knew it.

“Stand just a bit closer, sweetie,” Linda said to Megan. “In fact, why don’t you kneel next to her while I show you a few things. I’m sure BethAnne won’t mind at all if you watch.”

Megan knelt and now had a bird’s-eye view of my wide open slit. It excited me to have two women back there. “See how her clit is so nice and pink,” said Linda.

“But it turns an even deeper shade of pink, in fact, it gets an almost reddish hue as soon as it gets pleasured.”

“Very nice,” replied Megan. “And I like the way her pussy is shaved like that! I think I need izmit kendi evi olan escort to shave mine.”

“Maybe we can take care of that for you, hon,” laughed Linda. “Now let’s get a better look inside this sweet little honeypot.”

Still using her thumbs, Linda spread my petals as wide as she could. I felt so completely exposed, yet amazingly thrilled at the same time. Megan was getting a good look at my glistening sex and seemed to be enjoying it immensely. And Linda was certainly enjoying her role as Megan’s teacher. Her classroom was our bedroom.

“The entrance to the vagina is one of BethAnne’s most sensitive areas. Watch this…”

Linda drew near enough to my splayed pussy to make me feel her warm breath on it. Using just the tip of her tongue, she circled the edge of my womanhood in a sweet, slow movement that immediately caused me to moan out loud. She kept it up for a several moments, driving me crazy with pleasure. Her tongue didn’t move very far into me, but it didn’t have to. She was right—this was one of my favorite pleasure spots.

Linda eased back. “Do you want to try, honey?”

“Oh, yes!” Megan exclaimed.

I sensed the two girls exchange places. “Just the tip of your tongue,” said Linda in a teacher-like tone. “Remember, in a circle around the edge. The object is to sort of tease her. “

Just like Linda had done, Megan spread me open with her thumbs. I gasped when her tongue found its mark. Her movements were not as smooth as Linda’s, but she was an avid pupil. And her tongue intruded into me just a bit farther that Linda’s, but who was I to argue?

“That’s it, sweetie,” coaxed Linda, “look—she getting even wetter. The little slut loves this!”

“Can I put my tongue in further?” she asked, “I want to taste her.”

“I think she might like that,” said Linda.

Megan brought her warm, soft lips flush with my pussy, then suddenly speared me. Even though I suspected what she was going to do, it took me by surprise and I literally squealed in ecstasy. Not resting on her laurels, she started moving her tongue in and out. Her sweet slurping sounds filled the air. The girl was a natural lesbian if there ever was one.

“Oh, yes!” I cried, over and over.

Keeping her tongue deep inside me and her mouth plastered against my sex, she shook her head wildly. I knew from that moment on I could never get enough of this woman’s tongue. Copious amounts of my juices coated her face, but the more I gushed, the more she seemed to thrust her tongue in and out of me. I gripped the bedspread as tightly as I could with my hands and groaned loudly. I was close to cumming.

“Oh, Megan!” I gasped, “I don’t want to cum yet. Let’s do a real three-some first.”

“A real three-some?” asked Linda inquisitively.

“A circle of love,” I replied.

I turned my head and watched a wide smile grace Linda’s face. She knew immediately what I meant. “Fantastic idea, girl!” she panted.

Megan drew her head back, and looked at Linda. Her face literally glistened with the results of her efforts. I scrambled to the middle of the bed and curled into a fetal position, with my legs splayed in open invitation for the next person on the bed. Linda soon joined me, her head delving into the “V” between my legs. She left enough room on the bed for the circle to be filled, and Megan quickly got the idea. Megan joined us by curling her body into position, giving me access to her hot sex while she began to oblige Linda. We formed a perfect circle, each of us with our own feast of pleasure. I used my fingers to open Megan wide, taking time to enjoy the view of her already wet pussy before I pursed my lips over her clit.

The sounds of sex filling the room was intoxicating. I was doing Megan, Megan was pleasuring Linda, and Linda was literally fucking me with her insatiable tongue. I know I exploded first, and the waves of ecstasy caused me to drive Megan wild. I took long, slow swathes with my tongue flat against her pussy lips, pausing from time to time to circle her clit or spear her vagina. She cried out loudly and gripped my head with her thighs. She, too, had succumbed to pleasure. Linda was last to explode, but by no means least. Her mouth covered almost all of my pussy and she gasped hot air into me each time a spasm hit her. Linda always came hard, but this was the hardest I could ever remember.

The three of us remained on the bed, exhausted, in total silence, except for our labored breathing that slowly subsided.

“Wow!” I said.

“Double wow!” laughed Linda.

“Quadruple wow!” exclaimed Megan.

We all giggled like teenagers. The happiness in the room was obvious. We all rested for a few moments, each of us with our own sweet thoughts.

“Well,” said Megan, breaking the silence. “I do believe that Linda promised to give me a little spanking.”

“Well,” I said, “that’s only half correct.”

“What do you mean?” she asked.

“You are going to get your wish, but you are going to get spanked by the both us. You get two for the price of one.”

“Omigod!” gasped Megan.

I do believe Linda had not envisioned the both of us spanking Megan, but the thought was immediately appealing to her. “Young lady, prepare thyself. The classroom is open.”

We all laughed. We had taught Megan more about sex in just a few hours than she had learned in a lifetime. Somehow I knew this would be only the beginning of a long and wonderful relationship amongst the three of us. We were oblivious to the world turning around us. Nothing mattered at this point in time but ourselves and our kinky friendship. And the world was just as ignorant of us…

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