Anal Amanda Ch. 01

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WARNING: This is a FANTASY story. It may contain themes of consensual non-consent, slavery, dominance/submission, and/or extreme pain. Please do not try any of this at home. Do not try ANY fantasy with ANYONE unless you’ve discussed it in detail with them beforehand. Informed consent is fucking mandatory.

Anal Amanda

I’m Amanda, and I grew up rich. It was pretty awesome. My dad made a bunch of money with computers or something a long time ago. I have two older brothers. They’re twins. They graduated college at like, 20 and now they have their own company and own a huge mansion together. They’re SUPER smart. They’ve tried to explain what their business is, but I never quite understood. Something with shipping or something.

I’m not real smart. My third stepmom had me tested and I’m not like…. “special” but I didn’t get any of dad’s smartness. Whatever. I don’t really care. Or at least I didn’t, until daddy cut me off. I dropped out of high school at 17 because it was super boring and I never did well in any of my classes anyways. A couple years later, daddy hired someone to make sure I got my GED. We spent some time trying to study, but then he told me if I sucked him off, he’d make sure I passed. It wasn’t my first time using my body to get what I wanted, so I sucked his cock and two weeks later I got my GED without actually having to work on it. Daddy was really proud of me, and he didn’t need to know that I hadn’t *actually* passed the test. I tried going to community college like he told me to, but I kept failing my classes. Daddy thought I was being lazy, so my fifth step mom finally convinced him to cut me off. I was 19 years old, had no way to support myself, and didn’t know what to do!

The good news is, my brothers told me they would hire me! I had never had a real job before, so I had no idea what I was doing. Billy and Tommy didn’t care, though. They said I could be their personal assistant. They’d help me learn all the hard stuff about working, I could live in their mansion with them, and they would pay me a bunch of money, with bonuses and stuff.

Anyways, I showed up the first day, and brought all my stuff. I spent the entire morning moving in. I had lots of clothes, and some cute stuffed animals, and some cool posters to put up. They had said it was the “servant’s quarters” so it wasn’t as big a room as I used to have in Daddy’s house, but I was trying to be a grown up with a job and stuff, so I didn’t complain. I knew life was going to be tougher now. I had prepared myself. I was just finishing up in my new room, when my brother Billy came in.

“Ok Amanda, when you’re in this house, you’re on duty. When you’re on duty, you have to wear your uniform. Since we haven’t gotten you a uniform yet, you’ll just have to go naked. I hope that won’t be a problem,” Billy said. Well, I had heard people had to wear uniforms when working, so it made sense. I was a little disappointed, since I spent a ton of daddy’s money on cute clothes, but I had a job now and I really wanted to make my new bosses proud of me. My brothers had always been so nice, so I knew they were just trying to help me be good at my new job. I took all my clothes off, and Billy gave me a really big smile as he saw me naked. I was a little weirded out, him being my brother and all, but the rules are the rules, so I let him look as much as he wanted. After a minute or two of looking at me and telling me to spin around for him, he gave me a tour of the house.

I had been there a few times, so I knew most of the areas. Billy had his wing, Tommy had another wing, and there was a lot of common areas like the kitchen and stuff in the middle. It felt weird being naked around my brother and the few other people working in the house, but I got used to it pretty quickly. I didn’t even notice that I was the only naked one that was working there.

The last place Billy showed me was the gym. It was really nice. My brothers took really good care of themselves, and so did I. I really wanted men to find me attractive. It made my life so much easier if I could just ask boys for stuff and have them give it to me. Tommy was on the exercise bike, and it looked like he had been there a while. He was all sweaty.

“Hey bro. Showing the new girl around?” Tommy asked.

“Yup. Just finished the tour,” Billy replied.

“I see you told her about the uniform.” I was a little self conscious still, so I blushed. This made my brothers chuckle. “Have you told her about her duties yet?”

“Not yet. We were just getting to that,” Billy said.

“Well, here’s a good place to start. I was just about to shower, and need some help,” Tommy said as he got up off the bike. “Come on, Amanda.”

“You…. You want me to shower with you?” I wasn’t quite understanding what they were saying. I was really new at this.

“Of course, silly. What do you think personal assistants do?” Billy said, and shook his head. I didn’t want to seem stupid, so I just smiled and agreed and followed Tommy as he walked into his wing and entered his bathroom. I got some onwin giriş clean towels for us out of the linen closet, and turned on the water for him.

It was a huge shower. All nice tile and warm colors. There were like a MILLION shower heads, so you could get covered in water no matter where you were standing. Tommy stripped out of his workout clothes and climbed in. I hesitated, not sure what I was supposed to be doing.

“Come on Amanda. You need to get in here with me. How else are you supposed to help me get clean?” That made sense, so I got in the shower too. There was plenty of room. We just luxuriated in the warm water for a few minutes. It was really relaxing. Soon, I had forgotten that I was naked with my own brother, and just felt all nice and comfy.

“Ok, time to wash me. Get the soap, dear,” Tommy pointed to a collection of bottles within easy reach. I looked at them all, found the soap, and put some on a loofah. Tommy turned around and I started washing his back. He let me wash him all over, then turned around and I washed his chest. It was all muscley and I may have spent some time admiring it up close.

“Come on, Amanda. There’s a lot more to wash…” He had caught me admiring his chest, and I blushed again. I knelt down, and washed his legs. His cock was just… right there in front of me. It was so big and veigny. I had seen a lot of cocks in my life, but this one was really nice. One of my teachers at my college had a weird cock that was all bent to the left, and it felt weird when he fucked me. That fucker had only given me a C on that test, too. Bastard.

Anyways, Tommy’s cock was really nice. It was right in front of my face as I was kneeling there, and I guess it was my job, so I washed it. It felt really nice in my hands as I got it all soapy, then washed it off. It got all nice and hard as I washed it, too. I reached behind him and washed his ass and taint as well. He let out little moaning noises, so I guess I was pretty good at my new job.

When he was all clean, I stood up. Once again, I didn’t know what I was supposed to do at this point, so I just stood there, looking at his wet, naked body. His cock was all hard and throbby…. I had the weirdest desire to do more with it, but I wasn’t sure if that was what Tommy expected, so I just stood there, nervously.

Tommy looked at me like I was supposed to be doing something, but when I didn’t do anything, he sighed and said, “Turn around, Amanda. You’re a personal assistant now.” I have no idea what that meant, but I turned around and put my hands on the wall.

“Ok…. now what do I do?” I asked.

“Just stand there, and stick that beautiful ass of yours out.” I leaned more and pointed my butt at him.

“Like this?”

“Perfect. Now just let me finish this shower for us….” Tommy picked up another of the bottles and squirted something in his hands, then he put a finger on my butthole. It was all lubed and slippery. It went in my butt and felt really good. I was no stranger to butt sex. Some guys wanted to make sure they didn’t knock me up, and I hated condoms, so I had let a few guys fuck me there. Tommy got me all greased up with one finger, then two. I heard him squirt some more lube, and he got his cock all slippery, and walked up right behind me.

“Wait… Tommy… isn’t… isn’t this incest?” I felt so good and really wanted him to fuck me, but I didn’t want to like, be weird or break a law or anything. I was a very good girl.

“No Amanda. It’s only incest if I fuck your cunt.” Tommy said as he put his cock right at the entrance of my asshole.

“Oh… that makes sense” I said, as I felt the tip of his cock enter me. It was really big and thick, but it felt so good. Tommy was really slow at first. His cock went in just a little bit, then back out, then in a little farther. My brothers were always really nice to me, so it shouldn’t have been a surprise that Tommy took the time to make sure my asshole was all stretchy. They were so good to me.

“Fuck you’re tight… I’m so glad we hired you. You’re doing so good at your job, baby…” His cock was finally all the way in me. I was getting that lovely tingling feeling in my cunt, so I took one hand of the wall and started playing with myself. I didn’t know if that was allowed, but Tommy didn’t say anything to stop me, so I played with myself as he slowly stroked his cock in my ass.

“Tommy… Fuck…. so good… Is this really part of my job?” I moaned.

“Of course Amanda. You’re our personal assistant. That means you do whatever we need. I need to fuck an asshole, so it’s your job to provide one. You’re our pretty little whore while you’re on duty.” That made sense to me, and it really did feel good.

He was really pounding me now. I was grunting and moaning, my brother’s cock was hitting all the right places. My fingers were rubbing my little clit really hard, and I felt myself getting close to an orgasm.

“Tommy… fuck…. so good… oh fuck, am I allowed to cum?” I was so close….

“Only if one of your bosses lets you. You have to onwin yeni giriş be a good slut” he said as his cock pounded me.

“Tommy… please… I want to be a good girl… so deep…. fuuuuuuuck!!! Please can I cum?” I wasn’t sure what I’d do if he said no.

“Go ahead, honey. It’s your first day, after all.”

“FUUUUUUUUUUCK MEEEEEEE” I came almost instantly. My cunt squirted out a bunch of liquid, but we were in the shower so it was ok. My ass and cunt were clenching so hard, and it must have been good for Tommy, because he was moaning really hard, too.

When my orgasm was done, I put my hand back up on the wall and just let Tommy pound me for a few more minutes. He really had staying power. It was starting to get uncomfortable when Tommy finally started doing that pre-orgasm short quick strokes that so many men do. I wanted it to be nice for him, so I said “That’s it Tommy, please cum inside me…. I want to feel it!” He grunted one last time and I felt it all warm and gooey up inside me. His cum shot out of his cock and deep into my bowels. It was so nice.

When he was done, he pulled out of me, and I could feel my asshole gaping open. I reached back, and could feel all his cum running out of my asshole. It was so nice, but the shower water washed it clean really quickly.

I turned around, and Tommy was standing there, his cock still mostly hard. I had a brilliant idea at that point. If it was my job to clean him in the shower, and his cock had just gotten dirty in my bottom, then it was also my job to clean him now! I felt really smart, and got down on my knees in front of him. I took the loofah and washed that beautiful cock all clean, just like I had before he fucked me. He acted like it was what I was supposed to do, so I felt like I had done the right thing. I felt like I was slowly getting the hang of this new job.

“Ok Amanda, shower’s over now” Tommy said. Before I stood up, I took a chance and did something I would have never considered before today. I leaned forward and took my brother’s cock in my mouth, and sucked it. It wasn’t all the way hard anymore, but I still had trouble fitting the whole thing in my mouth. I sucked it once, then stood up.

“It’s my job to make sure you’re really clean, right?” I winked at him and turned the shower off. He was smiling really big, so I figured I had done the right thing. I dried him off with one of his big fluffy towels, and then dried myself off. I was getting the hang of this job.

A couple hours later, I went into Billy’s office to see if he needed me. He was at his computer, typing away at something. Probably some business thing. “Billy, can I ask you about my job? I want to make sure I’m doing what I’m supposed to be doing….”

“Sure,” he said. “Come sit by me and we’ll talk about it.” There weren’t any chairs, so I just knelt on the floor next to him. “Are you confused about something?”

I wasn’t sure how to say what I wanted to say. Sometimes words are hard for me. “Well…. I just had a shower with Tommy, right?” Billy nodded. “Well, I wasn’t really sure what I was supposed to do as a personal assistant.”

Billy said “Well, you’re supposed to wash him of course.”

I nodded. “I did that part. I get that I should be assisting you two with things like that, but then….”

“Then what?” Billy sounded confused.

“Well then he told me to bend over, and he put his… his…” I didn’t know what to call it. I was talking to my brother, not like, a friend or anything.

“His cock?”

“Yes.” I guess I was supposed to talk to him like I would talk to anyone else. “He put his cock in… in my bottom.” I was a little flustered, talking to my brother about how I had let Tommy fuck me. It was really weird.

“Well of course. If he had used your cunt, that would have been incest.” Billy sounded like it was the most normal thing in the world for a man to put his cock into his personal assistant, even if it was his sister.

“So that’s like… part of my job then? To let you put your cock into me?” I was kind of hoping I had that part right. It scared me, but it also made my cunt really wet.

Billy just sighed, like he was tired of hearing my dumb questions. “Of course, Amanda. Personal assistants are there for whatever their boss needs, so if he needs to cum, it’s the assistant’s job to make sure that happens.”

“Oh….” That made sense, and if both brothers were telling me the same thing, then it must be true. They wouldn’t lie to me. I know most people would find fucking their brothers weird, but for some reason it didn’t really bother me. They were really hot, and they knew lots more than I did about jobs and stuff, so I just decided I would ignore the taboo stuff and just go with it. I got my courage up, kneeling there next to Billy.

“So like…. do you need to cum?” I looked into his eyes, so he could see how brave I was being.

“Well, I have a date tonight. I have to leave to pick her up in an hour and a half, but I suppose I have the time.” He unzipped his fly and took out his cock. It was onwin güvenilirmi just as big and pretty as Tommy’s. I should have expected that, I guess. They’re twins and stuff, right?

I was pretty experienced at sucking cock, so I started doing what I normally do with boys. I leaned forward and licked his cock first. I put my hand on it and lovingly stroked it a little. I used just the tip of my tongue to tickle his balls. They were all wrinkly and hairless. I really like playing with balls. They’re super fun, but you gotta be gentle cause guys get hurt there really easily.

I thought I was doing a good job, but Billy didn’t, I guess. “Not like that. I’m not some boy you’re making out with in the back seat of his dad’s car.” He grabbed my ponytail and pushed his cock in my mouth. “You have to learn to suck cock like a whore.”

A whore? I didn’t know if I wanted to be a whore. I mean, I loved sex and stuff, but being a whore was bad, right? Anyways, Billy pushed my face down on his cock. It was really big and I almost gagged, but luckily I had worked really hard over the past few years to teach my throat that cocks are SUPPOSED to go there, so I was able to take it all the way.

Billy really took over. He kept pulling my head up and down. I just let him control me. My mouth was just open, and I let him fuck it. I was getting drool all over, but I guess he liked it, because he was moaning and grunting pretty loud. I kept my hands on his knees as he fucked my throat.

“It’s so nice having a live in slut like this. I knew you’d have no problem sucking cock. You’ve always been such a slut, walking around in those tight little outfits, teasing us every day, then going off to suck and fuck those dumb shit ‘boyfriends’ who were just using you for sex…” Billy said as he kept pumping my head up and down on his cock.

Was that true? Was I really teasing my brothers all those years we had lived in Daddy’s house together? Thinking back, I did wear a lot of really sexy clothes. I wanted boys to fuck me, I just had never considered how it would have affected my brothers… Maybe I really was a slut. His words were mean, but they made my cunt wet, so they must be true. If Billy wasn’t being so forceful, I could have taken one of my hands off his knees and played with my cunt, but he was being so violent.

“We’re going to have to make up for a lot of years of frustration. We’re going to use you as much as we want, and now it’s your job to let us. You’re going to be our personal little fuck toy, aren’t you?” I tried to say yes, but obviously I couldn’t, as his cock was fucking my mouth. He was going so fast and hard, but I wanted to be a good personal assistant, so I let him just pound away.

“Yes….. our own personal cum dump…. Get ready for my first deposit, cum dump!” He fucked into me a couple more times, grunting really hard, then held me all the way down and shot his cum down my throat. I was kind of upset, because I really love the taste of cum and I bet I would really like Billy’s, but he’s the boss, so I don’t get to decide things like that.

“Good whore….” he said as he finally released me. I was gasping for air, as it had been pretty hard to breathe while he was fucking me. I was covered in drool and tears. I hadn’t even realized I had been crying, but having your face fucked really hard can be super distracting. I didn’t want to be a whore, but Billy seemed to think it was a good thing, so maybe I should, too.

“Oh, honey, that was really nice. You’re doing really good for your first day. I’m sorry I made you cry…” Billy was back to being my big brother. I lay my head in his lap and he stroked my hair. “You did such a good job on my cock. I’m proud of you, sis.”

“I did?” I was kind of embarrassed that he had to take over because I wasn’t doing it right at the beginning.

“Yes, you did great. It’s your first time, you couldn’t know the right way to suck your boss’s cock. You’ll learn soon, I know it.” He smiled down at me, my head still laying on his thigh.

“Thank you… I want to do a good job. You guys are so nice to help me like this.” I was really feeling close to him. Closer than we had been as kids, even.

“We’ve always been here for you, and we always will be.” I felt so loved. So comfortable. So taken care of.

“Ok, I have to get ready for my date. Be ready for more work tonight, we’ll buzz you when it’s your turn.” Billy acted like it was perfectly obvious what he’d need me for, but I was lost. I didn’t want him to know it, though, so I just agreed, stood up, and left his office.

It had already been a really long day, so I decided to go into my new room and take a nap for a while. Moving into a new house, starting a new job, getting butt-fucked,and then getting face fucked can really take a lot out of you.

As I started drifting off, I thought about being a personal assistant for my brothers. They had called me a slut and a whore and lots of other nasty names. I mean, was that what I was now? I know they love me, so why would they call me those things if they were bad? Also, why did my cunt get all wet when they said them? I couldn’t figure it out. I thought about rubbing my cunt before I fell asleep, but I remembered Tommy had told me I wasn’t allowed to cum without permission, so I just fell asleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32