An Unexpected Encounter

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The weekend had promised so much. It was meant to have been a birthday treat for Karen – my girlfriend of five years – and me, a weekend away in a luxury hotel. We’d been looking forward to it for weeks, ever since we’d booked it. But here it was, barely an hour after we had arrived, dissolving before our very eyes.

It had all started to go wrong a few minutes after we had sat down to dinner. Well actually, thinking back, I suppose it had all started to go wrong that morning – or even two weeks ago when Karen had told Julie, her best mate, of our plans.

Now, Julie and I get along great. In fact, there have been more than a few occasions when I’d thought that something might happen between the three of us, although it never had. Julie’s problem had always been her boyfriends.

For the first few years I’d known her, she had been going out with a mate of mine. The four of us got along great, enjoying each others company whether it was for a night out, or even a holiday. Then, out of the blue, Julie dumped Mark, and that was that. Karen and I never did find out what had happened. Since the, Julie had dated a succession of men, most of whom Karen thought were “unsuitable” for her best friend, and none of whom we really got on with.

The latest boyfriend – Pete – had lasted a few months, which is longer than most. And that was where the problems had started.

On hearing about our plans for the weekend, Julie took it as a wonderful opportunity for Pete and her to join us, so that we could all get to know him better, just in case he was “the one” for her. As Julie had announced this, as full of enthusiasm as ever, Karen and I had just stared at each other, both fervently hoping that the hotel was fully booked. But it hadn’t been – and there was nothing we could do but grin and bear it.

To try and keep at least part of our plans intact, Karen had told Julie that we would drive down to the hotel on our own. We had planned a leisurely drive down, taking our time, stopping for lunch, a relaxing swim and sauna when we got there followed by some pampering – and plenty of time alone before dinner on the Friday night. Even as Karen told me of her plans, my cock had risen up, hard in my jeans, before I’d pulled her into my arms.

But even that didn’t work out. On the Friday morning, just as we were about to leave, Julie phoned. Pete’s car had broken down the night before, so could they have a lift? We couldn’t really say no, but then it had gone from bad to worse as Pete got caught up at work, and couldn’t get away until mid-afternoon. Our leisurely drive then became a tedious, tiring drive through the Friday afternoon and evening rush hour. The journey took twice as long as it should have done, and we barely arrived in time for dinner.

After booking in, I had led Karen up to our room. We sank wearily into each others arms, longing for time together, my cock rising up to press against her as our lips met feverishly. She pushed me gently away, both of us knowing that we had only a little time together before dinner.

Karen went off for a shower. I took my turn after her, coming back out of the bathroom to find her sat at the dressing table putting a little makeup on. She really didn’t need it – her face was beautiful enough, framed by her long, blonde hair. She smiled across at me, at my nakedness, licking her already moist lips as her eyes ran over my strong, muscular body and down to my rising cock.

“Get dressed,” she told me huskily as she stood up and reached for her dress.

I watched her as she slipped into her black mini dress, as it slid over the skimpy, black underwear she was wearing. I sighed, and dragged some clothes on, consoling myself with what was to come later.

I led the way out of the room and to the lift. We were alone as we descended towards the ground floor. We held each other and kissed, my hands running lightly up and down Karen’s back, her hand pressing lightly against my bulging cock, both of us making whispered promises of what would happen once we were alone again after dinner.

But it wasn’t to be. As soon as we saw Julie and Pete in the dining room it was more than obvious that all was not well. Our weekend was about to get a whole lot worse.

Pete and Julie had clearly been arguing. This continued over dinner, the two of them constantly sniping and snapping, with Karen trying to keep the peace. As we drank our coffee, Pete snapped once too often – and Julie slammed her cup down and stormed off. Karen hurried after her, leaving me to brood on my simmering dislike of Pete.

He looked at me a bit sheepishly, and I actually began to feel sorry for him. After all, Julie can be a right bitch at times. He seemed to have shrunk a bit in the last few moments. At a little over six feet, well built and muscular, Pete tended to dominate, but now he somehow seemed smaller. I was about to snap at him, but didn’t. What was the point of making things worse? Except that they were about to get worse anyway.

Or were they?

Karen ultrabet yeni giriş came back a few minutes later. She whispered to me, glancing over at Pete from time to time, explaining how Julie wanted to go home, how Karen had persuaded her to stay as the next train wasn’t until the morning, how Julie was refusing to share a room with Pete. And how Karen had agreed to share with Julie that night. Did I mind sharing with Pete? I couldn’t believe what I was hearing, so I only took in half of what she went on to say.

“It’s a twin room … Julie messed up the booking … that’s what they started to argue about … it’s only one night … she is my best friend … we’ve still got tomorrow … I’ll make it up to you … as soon as they’ve gone …”

Half an hour later I was stood outside Pete and Julie’s room, her key card in my hand. I had said good night to Karen, my cock hard as I held her, despite the circumstances, despite our weekend being ruined. I swiped the card angrily, opened the door, and stepped inside.

The room was almost in darkness. Pete was already in bed, but had left a bedside light on. Glancing around, I saw that it was a twin room, although the beds were much bigger than you would normally expect. After going to the bathroom, I switched the light off, and undressed in the dark before slipping into bed in my boxers.

I lay in bed, my eyes gradually adjusting to the darkness. I wasn’t sure if Pete was asleep or not, although his breathing seemed very regular. I rolled onto my side, my back towards him. I thought about Karen, about what we should have been doing together.

Without really thinking about it, my hand strayed down under the covers. I cupped and squeezed my cock and balls, feeling them harden as I imagined Karen next to me. I could almost smell her, taste her. I eased my boxers down onto my thighs and pulled my cock and balls upwards, above the waistband.

I stroked along my length, feeling my shaft thickening and hardening until I was fully erect, my balls tight beneath my thick cock. I slid my hand slowly up and down, peeling my skin back with every stroke, half listening out for Pete. I closed my eyes, a picture of Karen in my mind, my hand moving faster, my cock and balls getting harder, tighter.

“Can I help you with that …?”

My eyes flew open the words sunk in, as I became conscious of Pete behind me. He was kneeling at the side of the bed, his face close to my shoulder, his hand resting lightly of my hip. I froze as his hand slid over my hip and under mine to squeeze my cock. I instinctively pulled away, rolling onto my back and trying to sit up, pushing him away as my cock wilted. I stared at him, my eyes wide open with shock.

“Just thought I could help …” he told me, giving my cock another squeeze.

I jumped – I hadn’t even realised that he was still holding me. I watched him as he stood up, a smile, a knowing smile, on his face. I watched as he crossed the room and headed for the bathroom, as he walked slowly between our two beds, across the bottom of mine before pausing and reaching for the light switch. His body was bathed in light from the bathroom before darkness descended again as he stepped into the bathroom and closed the door behind himself.

I watched all this closely, unable to drag my eyes away from him. It had only been when he had let go of my cock and stood up that I had realised for the first time that he was naked. I caught only a fleeting glimpse of his cock before his back was to me. Pete seemed somehow taller and broader, his waist slimmer, as he walked slowly away.

In those few seconds, my eyes locked onto his broad, muscular back and shoulders, on how they tapered into his waist. I stared at his firm ass, the skin pale in contrast to the rest of him. I looked at his strong legs, the muscles rippling as he took those few steps, his ass rocking gently.

As he reached the end of the bed and turned sideways to me, I could see him in profile. I could feel his eyes on me, looking down to where my hand was still holding my cock. My eyes were drawn to his cock, standing out semi hard from his body, curving away, bobbing lightly as he walked, promising so much.

As Pete switched on the bathroom light, the bedroom had been lit up for a few seconds. He was bathed in light as he turned towards me. In that fleeting second I drank in the sight of his jerking cock, of his strong body. My mouth was dry, and my tongue felt swollen. As the bathroom door closed, I flopped back onto the pillow, gasping for breath.

I listened to Pete in the bathroom, thinking of his cock, of his touch, only then realising just how hard my own cock was in my hand. My mind was a blur of confusion as I realised that for the first time I was turned on by the sight, the thought, of another man.

It didn’t even feel like it was me doing it as I reached down and slid my boxers off. I moved as if I was in a trance, an image of Pete, of his naked body, of his cock, burnt ultrabet giriş into my mind. Naked, my heart pounding, I lay back in the bed, the covers thrown to one side, my rock hard cock on my belly.

And I waited.

Moments later, Pete emerged from the bathroom. He paused in the doorway, looking at me, seeing my nakedness, my hardness. Leaving the bathroom light on, he crossed quickly to my side and dropped to his knees beside me where he had been only minutes before. Nothing was said as he reached for me, as he took my hard cock into his hand.

He lifted my cock away from my body, one hand sliding gently along my shaft as the other reached for my balls. I groaned as he slipped his hand down to the base of my cock, pulling my skin back tight, exposing the red, throbbing head of my cock, already slick with pre cum.

I watched, my eyes wide open, hardly daring to breath, as he moved his hand up and down, as beads of shiny pre cum rolled softly down my cock head and onto his hand. He leant forward, his body hot against mine, and flicked his tongue over me, wiping the pre cum away with his warm, wet tongue. I cried out at the feel of him on me, just as he sighed at the taste of me on his tongue, at the feel of me in his hands.

We both moaned out loud as he dropped his mouth over the tip of my cock and sucked slowly on the head, his tongue swirling around my sensitive skin, his lips wrapped around the ridge of flesh that separated my cock head and my thick, throbbing shaft. I twisted slightly towards him as I moved for the first time. I reached out a hand to him, reaching out for the back of his neck as my hips pushed upwards off the bed, driving my cock into his mouth.

His lips slid down my shaft as I drove into him, his teeth grating along my length as I began to fuck his mouth. My hips bounced off the bed as his tongue lashed across my cock head, both of us moaning.

His hand on my balls squeezed harder, his fingers probing lower. I pulled my knees up, his fingers sliding over my balls to rub gently but insistently at my ass, his finger tips scratching lightly over the sensitive ridges of flesh he found there.

Pete’s other hand was on my belly now, pressing down lightly on my hot skin, feeling the tense muscle below. I was pumping quickly into his mouth, my balls hard and on fire. His mouth plunged up and down, swallowing more and more of my shaft each time, sucking me deeper into him each time as his fingers continued to probe at my ass.

The muscles of my thighs and belly were tense, rock solid as my ass tightened and lifted off the bed as I came, as I cried out and pumped my thick cum into his mouth. Pete grabbed my cock, pumping my shaft wildly as he sucked my cum from me, his moans muffled by my hardness.

Gradually, I relaxed, not quite believing what had just happened. My ass sunk back down onto the bed, my cock softer in his hand, his lips and tongue moving gently over me. Pete looked up at me, a grin on his face, but my mind was still confused, a blur of conflicting emotions. Pete saw my confusion, but still he leant over and kissed me quickly, the taste of my cum on his lips and tongue.

I moaned against his lips, wanting more but still not understanding. And then Pete moved to kneel beside me, his cock long and hard in front of me, his meaning, his need, obvious.

I reached out to him, slowly, tentatively, wanting to touch him but still not sure. His cock felt hot, the taut flesh throbbing under my hand. Pete moaned as I touched him for the first time, as I touched any man for the first time. I looked down at his cock, looked at him closely for the first time as I stroked along his veiny shaft, feeling the blood feeding his erection. He stood up, my hand still on his cock. I eased up the bed a little so that I was half propped up on the pillows.

I looked at Pete, seeing for the first time how hard and flat his belly was, how the hair above his cock was short and curly, how smooth his balls were, how long his cock was, how it curved up slightly at the end. His skin was tight over his bulbous head as I eased it back. I glanced up at him as he let out a deep sigh, his eyes closed, a look of intense pleasure on his face.

As if in slow motion, Pete moved. Stepping forward, he rested one knee on the edge of the bed. Before he moved again, I knew exactly what he was going to do. He swung his leg over me so that he was straddling my chest, his cock bouncing only inches from my face, from my mouth.

I reached out to him again, my hand finding his hardness just as he rocked himself forward. His cock brushed against my lips, his pre cum smearing sweetly along them. Suddenly, I wasn’t sure. I pulled my head away, turning sideways for a second, Pete’s cock dragging against my cheek. I felt him move, and looked back towards him. For a moment I thought he was going to try and force his cock into my mouth, but he didn’t. He took my hand and wrapped it around his shaft. As I held him he spoke softly.

“Later,” he ultrabet güvenilirmi told me, “when you’re ready.”

I squeezed his cock, happy to hold him, to stroke his swollen shaft, wanting to feel him in my hand. I held him awkwardly, the tip still inches from my face. Pete eased backwards a little, his balls trailing over my chest and belly. His ass was level with my thighs when he stopped, his cock still in my hand – until he reached down and pushed by hand away.

He reached for my semi erect cock and held it against the hot, hard flesh of his own erection. He moved his hand slowly, wanking us together, my cock growing hard against his. I could feel the heat of him throbbing along my cock as I thickened and lengthened, recovering more quickly than I could ever remember.

I pushed his hand away, and took his cock from him, reaching down to cup his hard, swollen balls in my other hand. As I pulled on his cock, he eased forward until my cock was beneath him, resting under his firm ass. Then he began to push down against me, rocking slightly, my cock sliding between his taut cheeks.

I stroked him slowly at first, but then faster as he rocked against my cock, as my hand became a blur. I could feel his cock throbbing in my hand, the heat coursing through him. He leant back, his hands behind him, on my thighs, his ass pressed down harder against my cock. He threw his head back, a deep moan escaping from between his lips as I felt his orgasm approaching.

I pumped him harder, faster, my own cock painfully hard, my eyes now closed as I savoured the feel of Pete’s cock in my hand, as I listened to his groans of pleasure. I could feel the tip of my cock rubbing against his ass as he moved, against the tight puckered entrance to his body. I groaned at the thought, at the feel, of my cock against him, and I knew I wanted more, that I was ready for more.

I opened my eyes to find Pete staring at me. It was if he could read my mind. But then with a deep sigh he came. There was no warning, just jet after jet of thick cum gushing from his cock. I watched wide eyed as he threw his head back again. I watch the cum spurting from his cock, thick wads of cream that splattered onto my chest and belly.

Pete rocked his body, his ass grinding down onto my cock as I carried on wanking him, spraying more and more cum over me. His belly was taut, the muscles rippling tightly until at last he relaxed, the last of his cum dribbling from his softening cock onto my hand.

He knelt up, his breathing hard, grinning at me.

He told me that I’d “done great” as he climbed off me and came to lay beside me, before adding “but what about this?”

He held my hard cock in his hand again, running his fingers along my shaft, tracing the thick ridge on the underside of my cock from my balls up to the tip and then back again, tracing every vein, every contour. His touch was so intense I could do nothing but sink back onto the pillows and let the pleasure wash over me.

His hands and fingers moved further, probed lower, running lightly over my ass before moving back up over my balls, along my shaft, and onto my belly and chest to trail through the drying pools of his cum. He twisted his head, and I felt his strong, agile tongue flicking across my nipple. I could feel it hardening even before he wrapped his lips around it and sucked on me, gently at first and then harder, more insistently. He moved then, his tongue flicking through the pools of his cum on my body.

He lifted his head and looked at me. I could see his cum glistening on his lips and tongue. And then he was moving towards me. My lips parted to welcome his. I felt his tongue dancing lightly against mine as I tasted his cum, tasted him, for the first time.

As our lips parted, he whispered to me.


I nodded, not trusting myself to speak. I wasn’t sure exactly what he meant, but at that moment I was ready for anything, wanted everything.

Pete looked at me closely, and then dropped his head towards my cock. He licked quickly along my length, leaving me gasping for more, my cock twitching. He scooped up what was left of his cum with his fingers and rubbed it along my cock before rolling onto his front, his meaning obvious.

“Quickly” he told me.

I climbed behind him, kneeling between his legs, my cock huge in front of me. I moved slowly, uncertain despite my desire. Pete moved, arching his back and raising his ass towards me. I reached for his ass, holding his firm cheeks and pulling them apart. Pete pushed back against me, exposing his ass to my gaze. I ran a finger tentatively over the puckered entrance, feeling his heat, feeling him throbbing beneath my touch.

I rubbed a finger against him, feeling him squirm with pleasure as my finger eased into him, rubbing against a thousand sensitive spots as I pushed deeper inside him. I felt him moving beneath my touch, and looking up I saw him reaching out to the bedside unit. Pulling the draw open, he felt around blindly, before grabbing a tube and passing it back to me.

I looked at the tube of lubricant he had given me, and quickly squirted some on to my fingers. Seconds later, he was pushing back towards me again, urging me to fuck him with one finger, then two, as he began to relax.

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