Amiable Ch. 03

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By the time I crossed the threshold into my small apartment that evening, I was a bundle of nerves. I had always thought the phrase “bundle of nerves” to be quaint and outdated. But in this instance, it was totally on the mark.

I was a bundle of nerves. I felt energy coursing through my veins as if I was on a caffeine high. I wanted to go out for a jog but the idea I might miss her call was frightening. Therefore I remained within my stubborn four walls that seemed to be ever encroaching upon me. I paced relentlessly, wondering if perhaps I had been too eager or not eager enough. It was driving me mad, this waiting.

Oh I know you are thinking please you just met her this morning and called her this afternoon. Give the girl a break! But in this breakneck speed the world seemed to be spinning in, I was unwilling to wait. I wanted our life together (imagine! I was already planning our life together!) to begin immediately. Every moment that we spent apart seemed a complete waste of time.

So what if I was the only one that felt this way? I wanted what I wanted. No one could change that.

I managed to cook something tasteless for my supper and choked it down in front of the television where talking heads were discussing the day’s events. I was amazed no one mentioned “This just in: Paige met the girl of her dreams on the morning bus. Details to follow.” But I suppose my life being mentioned would be a little nerve rattling. canlı bahis şirketleri And since I was already a bundle of nerves, it would probably spook me so badly I’d climb into bed and drag the covers over my head.

Eventually time wound down as time does and 11:00 pm rolled around. I gave a sigh and figured she wasn’t going to call, at least not tonight. After carefully brushing and flossing my teeth, I climbed into bed expecting sleep.

I didn’t expect the phone to ring but it did and I picked it up with a breathless “Hello?”

“Hello, it’s Amy,” said the voice at the other end and I felt a sudden release of knots that had been binding my body.

“Hi,” was the only thing I could think of saying. It took me a few moments of blinking and unbearable silence before I managed anything else. “I’m glad you called. I’ve been thinking of you all day.”

“Have you?” she asked with a laugh that made me melt all over. “I’ve been thinking of you as well. I hope I didn’t wake you?”

“Oh no,” I reassured her. “I just got into bed.”

“Really?” there was a soft lilt in her voice then a mischievous “what are you wearing?”

“Nothing.” It was true, I slept in the nude.

“Nothing?” again that slight giggly laugh I found so enchanting as she continued, “Are you…touching yourself?”

I hadn’t been but as soon as she said the words, my thighs parted and my free hand dived between them, lightly canlı kaçak iddaa caressing my hairless flesh between my legs. “I am now.”

“Nice,” she whispered, her voice fading as if the mouthpiece of her phone was slipping away. “Me too.”

“Ohhhh,” it came out as a groan from my end, picturing her fingers doing to her what I was doing to myself. My pussy lips became damp at the idea and my fingers sped up their journey over my folds.

“I wanna fuck you,” she whispered again. I could hear her breathing speeding up as she began to become more aroused. I imagined her hair falling over her eyes as she lost herself in the moment. I pictured her laying there in her cool bed, the sheets caressing her skin as if a lover. I wanted to be that lover. I wanted to be her lover desperately.

“The feeling is mutual,” I admitted as I rolled onto my belly, giving my fingers greater access as they worked my body up to a feverish pitch. My legs spread eagerly, wantonly, as I moaned against my pillow, the phone headset wedged between my cheek and feathers. I was aching to be held, to be fucked, to feel that sweet release you can only have with another. Self gratification is good and often necessary but bliss is better served in pairs.

“Good,” she purred, “but for tonight, let’s just cum together.”

“Oh fuck yes, fuck,” I whimpered, already so turned on from a day of fantasies about her. My fingers dived inside my wetness canlı kaçak bahis as I grew ever closer to my final destination. My thighs were so widely parted that I could rub my sex against the mattress and I did imagining in my overheated brain that the mattress was her.

“Mmmm,” she purred into the phone. I pictured her own fingers doing what mine were. I pictured her own hairless sex spread open before me, a feast offered for my enjoyment. I closed my eyes and saw her dark hair floating about her face as my lips pressed against her pussy, my tongue glided along her sex, and her juices coated my tongue. I moaned loudly into the phone, knowing she could hear me, knowing I was close. “Now, baby, now,” she ordered me.

“Oh fuck yes!” screaming as I came, as she asked me too, my juices squirting out over my pressing fingers as I heard her own soft sounds of satisfaction filtering back over to me on the always there phone lines. She wasn’t as vocal as me or perhaps it was just the distance between us that made her seem quieter. But I did hear her own release, her own passion as it was spent. And then the phone line became quiet as we both came down from our high, breathing faster, feeling that same sweet bliss.

“That was good, baby,” she finally muttered and I knew she knew I wished I was there with my face pressed between her legs, licking her up, drinking her honey. I didn’t need to say it. She knew. “Now go to sleep, I’ll talk to you tomorrow.”

Then she hung up before I could say another word. A sharp pain stabbed my heart at the sudden emptiness but I knew it would only be short lived. I hung up my receiver and closed my eyes, going to sleep as she had ordered.

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