Amber Ch. 02

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I hope you guys enjoy reading this as much as I enjoyed writing it! These characters are becoming real to me and sharing their story with you gives me so much satisfaction. I am already working on the third (most likely last) chapter!

As always, let me know what you think!



The phone rings over and over and over again. The voice mailbox is full and eventually there is no ringing anymore. I check my email but there is nothing. I have sent over fifty emails and yet there is no reply. I decide to buy a small-prepaid phone I can use for emergencies. I have a feeling she knows I try to call from Scar’s landline. The phone rings once, twice: “This is Dani.”

I breathe of relief “Dani,” I haven’t heard her voice in weeks. I want to tell her so much, ask her about even more things. “Dani?” I repeat.

That is all I get to say before she hangs up.


“I meant what I said yesterday.” I say quietly in the back seat.

I still feel the sting of her slight rejection of my declaration of love for her. I do love her and I wanted her to know that yesterday when she was crying in my arms. I wanted to provide her comfort and in return I was met with silence. We cuddled for the rest of the night but we haven’t talked about it since it happened.

Dani is staring out the window lost in thought. At the sound of my voice her expression changes. She turns her head slightly but doesn’t make eye contact with me.

“I wish you didn’t.”

I suck in a breath and wrap my arms around myself. My heart feels tender from the second blow. I feel the tears threatening to overflow. What did I expect? Dani has told me time and time again that she can’t do serious relationships. She has a dangerous past that I still don’t completely understand and her heart is closed off to anyone who tries to get near her. So why am I taking on the role of the loyal puppy who keeps running back to the owner after it has been kicked a couple of times? I know why, I can’t imagine letting go of this so soon. Especially not when I will be in an unknown town, with an unknown person, for the next couple of years

“Well I do.” I say in a stubborn tone. My voice is thick. I want to give her every reason why I think we will be good together and why we need to stay in each other’s lives but I can see she’s just as stubborn as I am. While I am willing to put everything out on the line for her, Dani wants to keep me safe and if that means giving me up, then so be it.

The car makes a final turn and we end up in a quiet neighborhood in front of a small brick house.

A tall Asian girl wearing sweats and a white t-shirt walks out of the front door. She looks like she means business and I’m immediately intimidated. There is no warm smile or even any sign of happiness to see the car pull up.

The driver opens my door and I look at Dani before stepping out. She follows behind me and makes a quick gesture between the beautiful stranger and myself.

“This is Scarlet,” The tall girl barely looks at me “Scar, this is Amber.”

Scar gives me a quick nod but turns to Dani. Dani points to the house.

“Dave will bring in your bags. I’ll be right behind you.” The driver pops the trunk and throws two bags over his shoulder. These are all clothing and things Dani got for me this morning. She gave the sales lady my sizes and the lady kept piling close on top of each other until I was too embarrassed to look. I had not money to pay her back for this. Dani scoffed when I told her so.

Feeling dismissed, I lower my head and walk through the front doors.

The house looks like it has been lived in for generations. There are pictures of Scar with her family from when she was a young girl to her early twenties. The furniture is something my grandmother would pick out in a heartbeat. I’m almost surprised when I don’t see plastic covers on the couches. I walk to the kitchen and lean against the island. I put my head in my hands trying to keep the tears at bay. I shake my head and look past the refrigerator with multiple pictures. I see a phone against the wall.

My feet slowly move to it. I want to call my mom but I don’t think I can hide my fear in my tone just yet. I rub the sweat off my hands before picking up the receiver. After hearing the dial tone I call the only other number I know by heart.

It goes straight to voicemail.

“Hey Stacy…” I take a deep breath and clear my throat. “It me, your best friend in the whole universe.” I feel my smile wavering. “Just calling to keep you posted. There are a couple of changes coming my way…”I bite my lip trying to think of the best way to say this, “I’m going back to school. Yay!” There is no excitement in my voice. “I decided it was about time. I’m tired of showing up to work expecting more out of my life when I’m not actually doing anything to it.” I twirl the cord around my finger. “I got a full ride to a school…in Nevada. I know, I know, don’t kill me. We’ll talk more later, just know that kocaeli escort I’m okay and I love you. And I will see you soon.” I hope the last part isn’t a lie.


I wake up yelling her name. Calling for her. My eyes have tears in them and I sit up hyperventilating.

Scar rushes to my room and turns on the lamp light on my nightstand.

I sit up and hiccup a couple of times before crying more loudly. The first couple of times this happened I was mortified and didn’t want Scar to even see me like this, it is pathetic. But by the third month, I didn’t care anymore.

“I’m here.” She hugs me tight and runs her hands through my hair.

I hug her back and calm my breathing.

“I have to see her.” I tell her again. It is a constant conversation we have every time this happens. “Scar, please tell her to come see me.” I sound like a child.

She shushes me and rubs my back to calm my tears.

Six months of not seeing Dani is driving me insane, which is ridiculous considering I lived my life just fine before I even knew she existed. But on nights like this, I just want to feel her arms around me. Giving me the comfort I need. Being homesick makes this whole ordeal almost too much to bear.

“Why can’t I talk to her?”

Scar sighs and pulls back. This is another question I ask every time but don’t get a response. She brings up her hand and brushes a tear from my eye.

Scar is beautiful. She is Asian American with beautiful, flawless tan skin. Her silky, black hair is kept at chin length. Her gray eyes hold so many secrets, they remind me of Dani’s. She’s taller than I am. She also has a very conservative demeanor. Does not show too much emotion but is always here when I need comfort. Her silence and mysterious history is a constant reminder of how I ended up in the mess, falling for a girl just like her. She also works out all the time to stay in really good shape and has the perfect body… and yet I don’t feel anything when she touches me. I don’t think she has any feelings towards me but I do wonder why I can’t just fall for someone like her. But I know the answer my body would revolt. It only wants Dani’s kisses and Dani’s touch.

All of a sudden my bedroom door slams open and Scar jumps up to stand in front of me. She looks like she’s ready for a fight.

I turn my head to look around her and see Dani standing in the doorway with the hall light illuminating behind her.

“What the hell is going on here?” Her tone is deadly.


“Amber, where are you?” The concern in my mother’s voice is too much for me to handle. I try to push past the lump in my throat.

“I’m fine mom, sorry to scare you.” My voice is shaky and the tears are rolling down my cheeks.

“I’ve been trying to call you for days!” Her voice is becoming shaky as well.

I pull the phone away from my ear and take a deep breath. I can do this. I have to do this for Dani. When I speak again my voice sounds close to normal. “Sorry mom I broke my phone and haven’t gotten a new one yet. I’m just calling to let you know…” That I will be in Nevada for the next two years because my current girlfriend (if I can even call her that) has a crazy step dad that threatened to kill me if she did not work with him. That is probably not the best way to break the news to her so I decide to be somewhat honest. “I decided I wanted to go back to school and work on my master’s degree.”

I look out the window and see Dani near her car talking with Scar. They both have been standing there for about thirty minutes. Neither one of them are giving much emotion or any indication about their conversation. The room that I am in will become my place for the next two years. I look around again and try to push away any thoughts of panic.

“Well, that’s wonderful news honey!” My mom is all about getting a higher education; she is a biology professor at the local university.

I walk back to sit on my new bed. The room is nicely decorated and reminds me of my mom’s house. There are knitted blankets, pink and white curtains and dressers, it is very girly. I wonder if Scar has kids.

“Yeah, the only thing is,” I sigh and make myself spill it all before I get emotional again. “I got a full ride to a university in Nevada and will be living there for the next two years.” I am here already but I can’t tell her that. She would freak out immediately.

There’s a long pause. “Why Nevada?”

I play with my strawberry blonde curls. “It was the only school that gave me a full ride.” I answer lamely.

“Is everything okay, honey?” The concern is back in her voice.

“Yes, mom.” I hear the front door open and decided to end the call. “I gotta go, I have to start packing and stuff.”

“Already? Well am I going to get to see you before you leave?”

I have a sad smile on my face. “I don’t know. If anything, you can come down and visit. It would be nice for you to take a short vacation.” I hope that Dani can make that happen.

I know she is suspicious by kocaeli escort bayan now but she doesn’t say anymore.

“I love you, mom.” I hang up.

I’m sitting in bed looking down at me hands trying to keep a grip on my emotions.

Dani walks in without knocking and my heart flutters at the sight of her. She looks like she needs to lay in bed for the next couple of days but even the dark circle around her deep blue eyes don’t hinge their effect on me. When she looks at me that way, an unsettling hunger starts to spread throughout my body. The sun is close to setting but the blood orange light makes its way into the room. It matches Dani’s somber mood. I know she is about to leave. She shrugs off her black suit jacket and begins unbuttoning the cuffs on her white shirt.

“I have to leave soon.” She walks closer to me. “Scar is going to take care of you while I go back home. Please do what she says. She knows how to keep you safe.” Her eyes look concerned. “I’m going to make sure you’re mom and Stacy are safe. And we won’t be able to talk much while you’re here.”

There is a mixture of thrill and dread moving through my body as she steps closer. I try not to think of the fact that this is probably the last time I will see her in awhile or of everything else she is mentioning. If I think about my mom or Stacy for too long I know I will cry.

She unbuttons the rest of her shirt and pulls her white tank top from inside her pants. I bite my lip when she throws the shirt over her head and her bare breasts greet me. Her nipples are erect and I feel mine tighten up in response. My breath quickens. I get up from the bed and rush into her open arms. We kiss each other frantically and I feel the panic rising in my chest. She is tearing through my clothes and manages to take off her shoes and pants in the process.

Once we’re both naked she pushes me back against the bed and lands on top of me. She grips my hands tightly and holds them over my head. I feel my juices soaking into the bed. We kiss again as our bodies slide against each other. I moan out loud when her lips make their way down my neck. She nibbles and bites and I know I’ll have bruises tomorrow but at the moment I don’t care.

“Dani,” I sigh.

Her lips take my nipple and I feel her warm tongue flick against it. She kisses it over and over again. When I least expect it she bites down, my pussy clenches.

I yelp and push my body against hers.

She moves onto the other nipple and is just as rough. My head thrashes from side to side and I’m panting like I just sprinted a marathon. We’re both sweating and wrestling against each other. I want her to release my hands but she holds them tight making me squirm. Her display of dominance makes me feel hot all over.

She finally lets go of my hands and moves her lips down my stomach. I run my fingers through her hair.

Once she reaches my lower body she makes herself comfortable. She pushes my legs wide open and places one of then over her shoulder. She concentrates on my pink, hairless lips for a while and groans. “So beautiful,” She coos and latches her soft lips against my clit. I jump at the abruptness but my body melts when I feel her tongue dips into my wet hole. Then she assaults my clit and I find myself grinding against her face. Tears of satisfaction are on the brim on my eyes and I moan again. She digs her nose and lips and covers the whole lower part of her face with my juices. I look down and see her eyes are closed. She looks completely content. I fall back when two of her fingers push themselves inside of me. She hooks them and I feel myself tightening up.

I buck a couple of times but her other hand pushes my pelvis down so she has complete control. Two more pumps and I’m yelling her name feeling a wave crash into me. I convulse and push against her head as she continues licking. I look down at her, she has a determined look on her face and I continue to ride through my orgasmic wave. When I’m finally too sore, she notices and backs off. Both of her fingers lightly pet my pussy. She brings both fingers into her mouth and smiles at me.

“You’re the most beautiful sight I have ever seen.”

I’m too spent to reply but I’m gushing inside.


I’m in the library listening to music through my headphones. My last appointment just left from our tutoring session a while ago and I decide to work on some more index cards. I’m waiting for Scar to pick me up. She’s usually here on time so I try not to worry about her being over 20 minutes late. It’s only been a month since I moved in with her and everything so far has been easy to get adjusted to. Classes keep me busy. If I’m not in class I’m studying and if I’m not studying I’m tutoring. Anything to keep my mind occupied. It’s the long nights in bed that have slowly been chipping at my patience, that and the fact that Dani refuses to talk to me. I know Scar keeps in contact with her and it is tearing me up know she wants nothing to do with me.

Just izmit sınırsız escort when my thoughts are starting to get dark Scar walks through the doors. Her cheeks are slightly flushed and her eyes are excited. Her demeanor takes me aback. Scar never looks anything but bored and that’s on a good day.

“I’m sorry I’m late.” She helps me pack up and I get scared of her urgency.

“Did something happen? Is she okay?” I pack up and throw everything into my bag.

She shakes her head. “Yeah, everything is fine. We just have to get home.”

I pick up my bag and she follows me. As I walk through the doors I stop as soon as I see her. Shrieking, I run towards her at full speed.

“Stacy!” Her long arms wrap around me and her familiar lavender scent fills my nostrils.

She is giggling and swaying my back and forth. “Don’t ever pull any shit like that again!” She pulls back to look at my face and I notice tears in her eyes.

“Aw, Stacy, don’t cry!” I hug her again and feel my own tears of happiness. This is the longest we’ve ever gone without seeing each other.

We hold hands as we pull back.

She’s wearing blue jeans and a baby pink blouse with black sandals. A pink headband holds her hair back. She looks adorable.

“You didn’t tell me your roommate was hot!” She whispers so only I can hear.

I roll my eyes. Leave it to Stacy to be in search of a good lay even when we haven’t seen each other in so long. “I’m so happy to see you! How did you plan this?” She shrugs and looks over at Scar who looks bashful.

“I thought you might need a pick me up.”

I lay a hand over my heart. “Thank you so much, Scar.”

“Let’s get you ladies home, I ordered us a couple pizzas that should be there soon.”

I turn my head to the side and feel my heart expanding. Scar has just won me over.


“So, is she single?” Stacy is super focused on not messing up my nail polish. She sticks her tongue out to the side and dips the bloody red polish back into the bottle before adding on a second coat to my right hand.

I snort. “I missed you too, best friend!” Stacy is such a horn dog, and with Scar being around us a lot, she had her eye on the prize.

It is only her second day here and She is already stirring up the pot. I thought she would bombard me with questions but so far she has been very laid back and listens to me talk about nonsense. I know she will get most of it out of me before she leaves but I know I can’t be completely honest with her. I want her to be safe and the more she knows about the situation, the greater danger she can put herself into. Stacy, like Dani, will make it her life mission to kill anyone who would ever hurt me.

“I don’t think she’s seeing anyone” I blow on my other finger nails and debate on if right now is the best time to ask her about Dani.

“Oh, I am totally going to sleep with her before I leave.” She has a determined look in her chocolate brown eyes.

We’re in Scar’s living room sitting on the carpeted floor like we always did back at my place. There’s Chinese food and cosmetics all over the floor. I decide to stick to beers tonight while Stacy is going in hard with the dark liquor.

“Please don’t.” I groan. In reality I am protective of both Stacy and Scar. Scar is closed of and emotionally unavailable. I am pretty sure the last thing on her mind right now is getting laid. And even though Stacy won’t admit it, she has terrible luck in the romance department. She sleeps with girls first, finds out they are really bad for her, and then moves on to the next one. At least she knows when to walk away, but I also know she is a hopeless romantic trying to find her soul mate. If she sleeps with Scar and it ends badly, things will get awkward.

“I thought I was your best friend! You should be rooting for me.” She sits back when she finishes with my nails. She takes another shot I make a disgusted face.

“Is your goal to get super drunk tonight?” I take another sip of my beer.

Just then Scar walks through the front door. She is wearing her sports bra and sweatpants. Her gym bag is hanging off her shoulder. She takes out her ear buds and gives us a nod as she closes the door. Her hair is up in a small bun and her body is slick with sweat. Her abs are very apparent, I look away and blush.

“Hey Scar,” Stacy is using her flirtatious tone and I want to swat her arm but don’t want to be too obvious. “Want to join us? We’re moving on to massages next and I have been told I have magical hands.”

Scar’s cheeks turn a light shade of pink but she silently declines with a shake of the head. “I have a long day tomorrow.” She heads across the hall to her room.

Stacy pouts and takes another shot.

“I thought you said she was single!”

I laugh. “She is! That doesn’t mean she likes girls or is looking to hook up.”

“I have never had someone turn me down that quick.” She crosses her arms and pouts again. Then there is a gleam in her eye.

“Stacy, leave her alone.” I am still smirking. “Scar is not the one.”

She shakes her hand and turns her attention back to me. “I am sleeping with her.”

I chuckle and shake my head. There is no way I could take the challenging twinkle out of her eyes.

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