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Chapter 012 � The Phoenix Rises from the Ashes



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This story is an original work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events, locales and incidents are either the products of the author”s imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental. This is a free electronic story. No part of this electronic story may be reproduced or transmitted in any form by any means electronic or mechanical including photocopying, recording or by any information storage and retrieval system, without written permission from the author. If you are not of legal age in your location to view and read adult material, please close out of this story and delete any material you have downloaded or copied to your computer




Randy Best: Colonel, U.S. Army � Alpha Zulu 69

Adam Mann: Colonel, U.S. Army � Alpha Zulu 69

Robert Masters: Major General, U.S. Army Alpha Zulu Security

Gloria Worthington: aka “Mama Bear” Board Chair of Worthington Industries

(a major multi-national defense contractor)

Luke Worthington: CEO of Worthington Industries

John Worthington: COO R&D of Worthington Industries

Doug Meat: Captain, U.S. Army � Alpha Zulu 69

Steven Goodman: Captain, U.S. Army � Alpha Zulu 69

Magnus Savage: Captain, U.S. Army � Alpha Zulu 69 Medical Trauma Surgeon

Connor Best-Mann: Adopted son of Randy Best and Adam Mann

Randy Adam “RA” Worthington: Adopted son of Connor Best-Mann & John Worthington

Liam McIntyre: CFO Worthington Industries & Partner of Luke Worthington

Aiden McIntyre-Worthington: Son of Liam McIntyre and Adopted son of Luke Worthington

Jason Allman: 1st Sergeant, U.S. Army � Alpha Zulu 69 Platoon Leader

Matt Longdick: Master Sergeant, U.S. Army � Alpha Zulu 69 Squad Leader

Billy Bob Vance: Staff Sergeant, U.S. Army � Alpha Zulu 69 War Dog Handler

Beauty Malinois: Master Sergeant, U.S. Army � Alpha Zulu 69 War Dog

Rod LittleFeather: Staff Sergeant, U.S. Army � Alpha Zulu 69 War Dog Handler

Maximillian “Max” Malinois: Master Sergeant, U.S. Army � Alpha Zulu 69 War Dog


I couldn”t believe how lucky we imps were. School break and our fathers were taking the week off to spend with us at our new home “Camp Phoenix”. The three of us had been in “lock down” and “seclusion” since the attack on the Worthington Compound and then on Fort Connor. Worthington Security and Alpha Zulu had designed Camp Phoenix as secure a residence as the White House. If it wasn”t for our fathers joining us it could just as easily been a jail confinement. We loved our fathers and getting an uninterrupted week of their time was truly a gift to be cherished.


As the helicopter approached Camp Phoenix we asked the pilot to circle the estate so we could get a better picture of it from the air. Our fathers and the security detail approved and we got the luxury “from the air” tour of our new home. We were aghast when we walked through the main doors and into the great room. Luxury was an understatement and how they had constructed it in such a short amount of time was baffling to the mind. (Prefab concrete and post and beam construction made the place ultra-strong and secure.)


Our (imps) wing of the house was monstrous and lavish even by our spoiled standards. Three huge bedroom suites of which we only planned on only using ONE. Now the 85″ Ultra High Def TV had us all drooling combined with every electronic game for sale at the moment. I don”t know who picked out the games but it definitely wasn”t our dads… they were something us kids actually would enjoy playing. There were three separate computer stations with high speed internet, 28″ individual monitors and everything on a secure wireless network. (Truly, a nerds “wet dream”!)


Camp Phoenix was totally automated so it only required a minimum of staff, maintenance, cook, housekeeper and of course the ominous security personnel. We know they are a necessary evil but even a young kid needs some alone time to jerk off.


We loved our dads and did everything we could to show them how much we appreciated all the effort they put into building us such a beautiful and wonderful home here at Camp Phoenix. We did missed skinny dipping with the Alpha Zulu men in the pool and working with and learning from the men their skills which they were more than willing to share.


We imps found out quickly that a smile, a hug and even an innocent kiss went a long ways toward showing the men how much we appreciated all they did for us. We actually told grandma (Mama Bear) how wonderful it was for her and the General to have made the decision for our protection detail to be composed of gay men. It solved their problem of attrition and staff turn-over and it gave us men to live with who cherished having a child around that they could consider their own if even for a short period of time. Very few soldier left the Alpha Zulu team before they had their 20 or 30 years of military service completed and those who did usually stayed in contact with us. We quickly learned and believed this wasn”t just an assignment to them it was a labor of love and we (the imps) appreciated it greatly. That didn”t mean we didn”t pull a prank every now and then after all we had to live up to our reputation. But, it was all in good fun with the possibility of swapping the lube on Meat and Steven. We never meant to cause them to lose faith in us or in trusting us. We worked hard to earn that trust back and never wanted to do anything to endanger losing it again.


Our first night of vacation at Camp Phoenix we joined our fathers in the hot tub after dinner and it was so beautiful to be ala natural under the stars and being held in the arms of a loving father. We were all treated as equal and we never had any rivalry as to which one of us got spoiled the most. If anyone got spoiled more than the other it was “Beauty” and/or “Max” and they had us wrapped around their tail and had their “poor me” “where are my doggie treats” act down and refined enough to be performed on Broadway.


Billy Bob had a difficult time adjusting to the social world of the Worthington and we imps tried to help make his “stay at home” life productive and rewarding. It definitely helped Connor not being the only father at home all day. When Luke and John came home at night it was like a honeymoon all over again. Even with Beauty being pregnant her cold nose, wet tongue and wagging tail was always a welcome sign for a relaxing evening at home with their lovers in residence. (It is so wonderful to be married to a man you truly love!) The four men were never overtly sexual around us imps but there was little doubt in our minds our fathers had an active and rewarding sex life. They didn”t begrudge us our sex lives so why should we hinder theirs. We all lived together in perfect harmony.


The three of us imps cherished the vacation time we got to spend with our fathers but also were so happy when we were back with the Alpha Zulu team which was our “2nd family”. Meat and Steven were like our fathers and we respected them as such. One or more of the soldiers would scratch our sexual “itch” when we needed it scratched. No red blooded gay man was going to turn down a tight adolescent ass when the other option was the palm of his hand. We three imps were most talented in giving oral sex and loved getting a hard fuck when a horny soldier needed some relief. They were putting their life on the line for us, it is the least we could do for them.


It took the three of us over a year to figure out where everything was located at Camp Phoenix. Billy Bob and Connor were always helpful but sometimes we just wanted to find it ourselves. At least we didn”t have to ask anyone to buy lube for us, there always seemed to be a fresh tube in the nightstand when we opened the drawer.


As great as our widescreen TV was in our wing of the Camp Phoenix compound nothing compared to the home theater the four fathers had installed for their enjoyment. I can only imagine the fun of watching porn on a home theater screen that would rival any commercial theater screen in the country. (I”m surprised they didn”t put in an iMax screen.) The digital projection system they had installed in their home theater was commercial grade and it definitely showed any picture we wanted to see in the same or better quality than a theater. (Something we would miss when we returned to Fort Connor.)


Our first trip/vacation to Camp Phoenix only lasted 10 days and we three wished it could have lasted longer. But, we had plenty of gossip to share with Meat, Steven and the rest of the men about our new “home” but in our hearts Fort Connor is and always will be our home.


Shortly after the imps returned from their first vacation to Camp Phoenix Randy and Adam conferenced with Steven and me about some unconfirmed intelligence gossip which was “in the wind”. Apparently, with the Russian attacked on the Worthington Compound and on Fort Connor had piqued the interest of the Chinese and the North Koreans. So we had two more communist countries that were now trying to see if Fort Connor was worth their investment of time, material, men and money. We asked Randy and Adam to keep us posted on any news in the wind as soon as they heard anything. We would rather be over prepared bornova escort than risk any harm coming to the imps and/or Connor. Steven and I had seventy six soldiers, Doc, a Chaplain and “Max” we were responsible for and we took that responsibility very serious. Even though Connor was the only death at Fort Connor we never wanted another one if at all possible. We knew with Max as the final line of defense for the imps any intruder would have to kill him before he would let any harm come to our three imps. That was a commitment that all of us at Fort Connor had made and we would gladly put our lives on the line for those three special kids in our lives. Even with the pranks they pulled, they were great kids and we loved them with every fiber of our being.


The holidays were always a challenging time for Steven and me. We tried to give the men with partners and families the opportunity to be off base and spend the holidays with their loved ones. The majority of men were either “orphans” to whom the military was their family or who had estranged families that couldn”t cope with their sons being gay. If it was challenging for us it had to be really challenging for our new Chaplain. The imps were most intuitive and asked us what they could do to help. Steven and I just told them to be their selves and show the men the same respect they did at any other time during the year. A hug or kiss means a much to them as anything you can say, do or buy and it only takes a little effort on your part. If you find someone who is really down and depressed make sure Steven and I know so we can work out a game plan with the Chaplain and Doc. They have the professional expertise to deal with this type of depression but we have to be aware of any problem that exists. I don”t want to know about a problem after the fact and after someone “eats their Glock”. These men will confide in you quicker than they will Doc, the Chaplain, Steven or me. If you really care about someone you think might have a problem tell us before it is too late.


We were very fortunate to never have any men attempt to kill themselves at Fort Connor but we had a very proactive approach to help any soldier that was having any emotional problem at any time of the year but especially during the holiday season. After all, who could say no to Max when he puts his paws on your shoulder and licks your face with a sloppy kiss. Max was our “unofficial” morale “officer”. Even our new Chaplain saw the value of using Max at times. Max always gave of himself freely but he”d never turn down a “doggie treat” if and when offered one. I knew Max had the Chaplain on his side when I walked into the chapel office one day and found a jar of doggie treats on the Chaplain”s desk. (Now you know why Beauty and now Max had a workout on the treadmill every day with their handler. Both of them were solid muscle regardless of how much they were spoiled with “doggie treats”.)


Being responsible for the lives of the men of Fort Connor I took the responsibility seriously. Too many times in the history of the United States Military an enemy had taken advantage of us during a holiday season. Pearl Harbor during a Sunday lull in base activities, the Battle of the Bulge during WWII, the Korean “police action” when we got complacent about having won the “Police Action” and of course our infamous screw ups during the Viet Name conflict. All of these stupid errors cost American Lives. I”d rather be over cautious than have to write to the parents of a deceased soldier in my command.


The Sunday before Christmas we were having a religious service when every intercom went off with an ALERT. Before the tone ended three armed soldiers had an imp each under his arm and were headed for their quarters to get locked down with Ssgt Rod and MSG Max. I don”t think their feet touched the ground until they were unceremoniously thrown into their locked quarters. I locked myself in the imps quarters with Ssgt Rod and that gave us two Uzi”s, two glocks and a set of fangs to get past before anyone could even think about touching an imp.


Fortunately, when the drones intercepted the radar “blip” it turned out to be a flock of migrating geese and the OPS crew didn”t live that down for a while. I met with them during the debriefing and told them they did exactly everything correctly. I”d rather go to alert for a flock of birds than miss a halo jump and cost someone their life. It did show we were at full alert faster than any test we had run in the past year. (Yes, adrenalin does make a difference!!!) The imps were a little sore from being thrown into their quarters and their egos bruised from being picked up and carried by the men. I just told them “LIVE WITH IT”! Everyone did the right thing and protected you. I”d rather have you with a bruised butt and ego than getting shot by an intruder. (The remainder of their holiday the imps spent much time at the shooting range improving their skills with both a Glock and an Uzi. They even asked Colonel Best to talk with the Worthington Security team to let them practice shooting with them while they were at home on vacation.) By the time summer came around Camp Phoenix had a secure dedicated shooting range requested by the imps to their fathers. Luke, John, Billy Bob and Connor made good use of the range year round. All four men had concealed weapon permits and never left home without being armed even with their protection details accompanying them. Frankly, if I was a terrorist after one of the imps I would hope someone would shoot me before I had to face either Max or Beauty. There was no doubt in my mind that either dog would hesitate to rip out an intruders throat if they threatened one of the imps. Both Billy Bob and CPL Rod knew that if they gave the command to “kill” either the intruder would die or the dog would die trying. My money is on the dog surviving and being honored for its heroism.


The imps never tired of running into their fathers bedroom in the morning and unceremoniously jumping into bed and not being too careful at times where their bodies landed. They loved to kiss and tease especially when they knew their fathers were hard and horny. Before they returned to Fort Connor all three of the imps conspired to seduce each of the fathers. They were all surprised when they successfully seduced Billy Bob to end up with him balls deep in their ass. He was well endowed and didn”t hesitate to share his sexual prowess with any of the imps. R.A. remembered how wonderful it was to be double fucked and his plan was for Luke and Billy Bob to have his ass at the same time. It wasn”t as difficult as he thought it would be. Logan and Aiden were off to seduce John and Connor which didn”t take much effort either. Luke and Billy Bob were shocked to only have one imp bounce into bed with them and then burrow himself under the covers. The shocked look on Luke”s face and the gasp from his lips combined with the obvious head under the covers between his legs made it clear to Billy Bob that R.A. definitely had an “itch” that needed to be scratched.


Billy Bob was aware of the sexual antics of R.A. with the soldiers at Fort Connor and that R.A. like his ass fucked hard and deep. This was his first opportunity to show this little imp that his new father was well versed on how to scratch that “itch” he had deep in his ass. As R.A.”s talented mouth was driving Luke wild with passion Luke could see Billy Bob lubing his cock, throwing the covers back and kneeling behind R.A.”s beautiful buns. R.A. could feel the greasy cock head slide over his ass cheeks and nuzzle at the opening to his ass. One sharp thrust and he knew at least six inch was buried in his ass which made his gasp in both shock and pleasure. Before he could catch his breath Billy Bob was balls deep in R.A.”s ass and he could feel the ass muscles clamp down on his intruding hard cock.


Withdrawing two thirds of his cock, Billy Bob looked into Luke”s eyes as he slammed his full length up R.A.”s ass. R.A. released his lip lock on Luke”s cock and screamed his approval of the powerful thrust up his ass. Luke just held R.A. in his arms and told him any time he wanted them to stop just let him know. Otherwise, the two of them were going to send his mind and ass to Nirvana. It didn”t take Mt. Meat to pleasure his ass as he would quickly learn.


Luke and Billy Bob put R.A. on his back, legs pressed against his chest and every inch of Billy Bob”s cock fully penetrating R.A.”s ass. The two fathers kissed as Billy Bob started the fuck which would only end when his balls erupted and filled R.A.”s ass with his hot seed.


The attack on R.A.”s ass was brutal and R.A. was screaming in pleasures he had never experienced before. Even when John and Connor had double fucked him… nothing could compare to Billy Bob. R.A. quickly knew how lucky Luke was to have such a fantastic lover in his life and in his bed every night.


As Billy Bob and R.A. came down from Nirvana, Billy Bob rolled onto his back and lifted R.A. so he still had his cock deep in his ass as he straddled his hips. Luke got the hint and straddled Billy Bob”s legs, applied copious amounts of lube to his cock and slowly, ever so slowly forced inch after inch of his hard flesh along side Billy Bob”s cock in R.A.”s ass. R.A. never asked or indicated he wanted either of his fathers to stop and a few minutes after Luke was totally inserted in R.A.”s ass the fuck of the century started deep in this imps tight ass. R.A. was screaming gibberish as this fuck was giving him an out of body experience. He lost count on how many orgasms he had bostancı escort spraying his sweet boy cum over Billy Bob”s chest and face. When the two fathers orgasmed within seconds of each other they slowly came back to reality and felt remorse that there was a small amount of blood on their cocks when they pulled free from R.A.”s ass.


They held, cuddled, kissed and thanked R.A. for such a wonderful experience and gift. There words were music to his ears and meant more that the multiple orgasms they had given him. The three of them adjourned to the shower and to no ones surprise Camp Phoenix came equipped with both a high end bidet toilet and a shower bidet in the huge showers of the fathers bedroom suite.


R.A.”s ass bleeding was minimal but they all knew he was going to have one sore ass for a few days. As he kissed both of his fathers he closed the door to their bedroom so they could have some privacy to consummate the love and hard state he had left their bodies in.


R.A. collapsed on his bed in the imps quarters and had no more than slipped under the sheets when Logan and Aiden came running in to share the adventure they had with John and Connor. R.A. just smiled at them as he shared that Luke and Billy Bob had double fucked his ass. Logan and Aiden didn”t believe him till he threw back the sheet, spread his buttocks and showed them his ass which was still dilated with a trickle of blood running from it.


“If you want to do something constructive, grab Doc”s super gel and lube my ass as deep as possible to help numb my pain.” Aiden got the super lube but didn”t want to go any deeper than his small fingers could reach. When R.A. told them that Billy Bob”s cock was over 12 inches Luke knew Aiden”s fingers wouldn”t be able to do what was necessary. Logan (being as sexual secure as his father was at his age) took the lube from Aiden, squeezed half the tube onto his fingers and started working it up R.A.”s ass. R.A. felt the immediate relief and begged him not to stop and go deeper. Logan now had four fingers fucking this sloppy hole and was hesitant to go any deeper. R.A. begged as Logan squirted the balance of the tube onto the area where his fingers were deep in R.A.”s ass, tucked in his thumb and started to finger fuck him without mercy. R.A. was in heaven!!!


It shocked both Logan and Aiden when suddenly R.A.”s ass sucked Logan”s fingers into his ass and clamped around Logan”s wrist. R.A. was convulsing shooting rope after copious rope of his semen destroying the sheets on the bed. As his body returned and his ass relaxed Logan began massaging his ass from the inside and his fingers reached places he never thought possible. With a complete tube of lube in R.A.”s ass there was a sloppy sucking sound with every movement of his hand in R.A.”s tight ass. R.A. was begging him not to stop and go deeper. Logan made a fist and forced all the lube he could deep as possible in R.A.”s ass. When he had gone as deep as he thought possible, Logan straightened his fingers and slowly started to pull free of R.A.”s ass. As R.A. was begging him not to stop you could hear the sucking snapping sound of R.A.”s ass closing as Logan”s hand pulled free. Yes, there still was blood but not of a quantity to concern them. They all knew virgin boys can bleed as well as virgin girls. Billy Bob had definitely conquered virgin territory in R.A.”s ass. Logan and Aiden would have to discuss if this is something they also wanted to conquer but at the moment they were happy that Billy Bob could keep his lover well satisfied in bed. It would be some time before R.A. approached Luke and Billy Bob for a double fuck again. For the moment he just wanted to sleep, relax and let Doc”s super lube do its thing. His ass hurt like hell but he had wonderful memories that would last his lifetime.


R.A. was a “no show” for lunch and when John and Connor asked what he was up to Luke and Billy Bob choked on their food when the two imps told them he was recovering from a hard workout this morning. They were certain he would be OK by our evening meal. Luke and Billy Bob were going to have to confess to John and Connor but everyone knowing how sexual the imps were and are, it wasn”t going too much of a shock to them.


Ten days with the imps off base was the time Fort Connor had for some major “refits” and maintenance that would have been too invasive while the imps were in residence. All three squads worked together as a team and the three squad leaders plus the First Sergeant worked with Steven and I do finalize a game plan on what projects to tackle and the time plus manpower required to accomplish our goals. We always tried to coordinate our project time with Luke and John so if they needed to have technicians on base tinkering with systems this was the best time to do any of those projects that effect base security. Everyone knew that Worthington was on base doing their thing when the order of the day was side arms and Uzi”s. One death was one death more than I ever wanted with this command. I never wanted to face another mother and tell her she lost her son regardless of the rationale.


Refits and Maintenance went flawless the ten days the imps were off base. They did complain about the quality and size of their big screen in their quarters. They wanted to see an 85 inch 4k Ultra High Def flat screen in the next maintenance cycle. Steven and I told them to talk with their dads. (It wasn”t coming out of my budget!)


It was always a pleasure when Mama Bear flew in to visit her grandchildren and full military honors were always shown to the Major General (her husband). Leave it to the imps to hit “granny” up for their new big screen which she assured them would be installed the next maintenance cycle. Mama Bear just whispered when I got the bill to send it onto her. (Hey, the President of the United States doesn”t argue with her… I sure know when to admit defeat!) The imps had their new high end TV before the holidays and it kept them occupied for a few weeks and they then took it for granted. The Fathers and I have to have a chat about upgrades to the imps quarters at Camp Phoenix and how it effects my budget here at Fort Connor. Even with the money this family has it isn”t endless and the imps need to learn money management.


Seeing how they coerced Grandma (Mama Bear) out of a new high end TV they could plan and budget for any new electronic components and games out of their monthly allowances. (I actually saw a tear in R.A.”s eye. The fathers were making a good start.) They always had the guilt of not being able to spend as much time with their sons as they liked so I knew they would cave in when the imps tearfully begged for a new “whatever” for their living accommodations.


The imps seemed to be growing out of their clothes every other month and we were making continuous trips to Washington to either have them go Shopping with Grandma or off to the Tailor for a new suit or clothes of some form. (They even hit the tailor up for new Kevlar armor for both Beauty and Max so they had a spare set. [Grandma was an easy touch]). I don”t know who was spoiled more… Beauty, Max or the imps. It would probably be a photo finish in that race.


I always breathed easier when we were back on the Jet and headed to Fort Connor. That was until the plane took an immediate dive and bank sending all of the passengers against the side of the plane. As we forcibly crawled back to our seats and strapped the imps in I knew whatever was happening it was up to our two experienced pilots to bring us home alive. When we finally settled into a normal level flight the pilot came back and told us someone had fired a ground to air missile at us. I immediately used my Alpha Zulu clearance and within five minutes we had two fighter jets escorting us to Fort Connor.


We made a fast high speed landing at Fort Connor and an even faster trip to lock down the imps. I had Doc check over their bumps and bruises from the wild air ride but other than “bumps and bruises” their bodies came through with only a few scratches. As for their minds: “They were scared shitless”! When we arrived the base was already on high alert and the imps didn”t question the necessity for the super fast trip to their quarters and being locked down. We were under attack and until we knew by whom and could neutralize the threat the base would remain on high alert. The drones were rotated landing and fitted with a complete armament of missiles and ammo. One apache helicopter was kept aloft fully loaded and the second fully fueled and loaded with the pilots at the airfield to go aloft within minutes of an intrusion. Yeah, the fuel bill was going to be high this month but I can justify every dollar of it. A ground to air missile fired at us on United States soil wasn”t acceptable to Worthington Security, the Pentagon or POTUS (President of the United States). The Pentagon kept two fully armed jets flying high cover over Fort Connor 24 hours a day till further notice. They were available to support us as needed. (I”d rather have overkill than lose any man or imp!!!) In addition, we had an Arleigh Burke Class destroyer dedicated to patrol the waters around Fort Connor.


We stayed at full alert for seven days and then reassessed the situation. It was decided we would have a fighter jet escort any time we had to leave the base to which I was most grateful. (Making certain they had air to air and air to ground missiles at the ready.) In addition two fully armed drones would escort us as far as their fuel would buca escort allow. The pilots of our jet would now fly random flight paths to and from Fort Connor. We reminded the men “the use of deadly force was authorized”. Till further notice, if we left the base it was with a full security detail and I do mean fully armed: Visible side arms, Uzi on a shoulder sling, ankle backup pistol, extra clips and definitely body armor. (A show of force is a deterrent!)


I teleconference with Luke and John and suggested they also take the same precautions. Also, I”d like them at Fort Connor at their earliest possible moment. I wanted and needed to know what was protocol if anything happened to the two of them. As a precaution, until further notice I asked that they not fly on the same plane together. If someone from Worthington Intelligence would join us I”d appreciate it and I”d be making the same request of the Pentagon. Forty Eight hours later this “brain trust” was together in our secure conference room and no one had any idea of whom or why this attempt on the imps had been made. Our best conclusion was it being a test to see our reaction to a threat to the imps. No one left this meeting feeling secure. The Navy increased its patrols off our coastline and with the high cover provided by the Air Force Jets there wasn”t much more we could do proactively. The imps were holding up well but we could all tell how scared they were. Even Max couldn”t get them to relax but he did get an over abundance of doggie treats from them for trying.


As Luke and John were the last to leave Fort Connor from our mini summit, I locked us back in our secure conference room and asked what options I had in using “Connor”… after all he didn”t come with an instruction manual. I was told to talk to him as I would any soldier and if it were possible he would do it. He was programmed to protect the imps at any cost including his “life”. (I didn”t think I could lose Connor a second time!)


We stayed on high alert with every man armed 24 hours per day for a week. We then went to an alert status where one squad stayed at high alert, one squad did the necessary maintenance and the third squad had some down time to “recharge”. I had no idea of how long we would be facing this possible incursion so I had to plan for a long term program.


Ssgt Rod and MSG Max had the roughest duty… guard duty with the imps 24/7. I had him move his basic necessities into the imps quarters and told him I knew that two of those rooms had never been used by the imps so don”t be shocked when the three of them crawl into one bed together. I”m certain you can remember going through puberty and they are no different. If we have to stay at this lock down status for any period of time I”m going to have to figure out a way for our three imps to release their sexual energy. Also, I want you and Max to see Doc and get chipped. This is a security program well beyond your pay grade so you”ll tell no one about it ever. Do we understand each other? He indicated he did and would see doc as soon as he got the imps locked down for the night. As armed guards as well as Rod and Max accompanied the imps where ever they go I wasn”t concerned about Rod and Max being gone long enough for Doc to chip them. I brought Doc up on a secure com line and advised him of Rod and Max being chipped as soon as possible.


I also conferenced with Luke and asked him to make sure Billy Bob and Beauty got chipped if they hadn”t already. We had no idea of what the next attack would be or where it would be coming from. Luke said he”d have a tech fly home with him for the night and chip Billy Bob and Beauty. I just added to make certain the tech had an ample supply of doggie treats before and after they attempted to chip Beauty. (You know how hormonal pregnant mothers can be?)


I had no more than crawled into bed with Steven and the obvious sound of motor rounds landing resounded around Fort Connor. OPS put the base on full alert and the drones located a high speed “cigar” boat off our shore in restricted waters lobbing us with motor rounds. Two passes with the mini gun literally cut the boat in half. Although the Navy destroyer claimed the kill with the missiles they launched. Someone was testing our defenses and our resolve. The Navy picked up the survivors which were mercenaries who had no idea of who hired them for this job. We were back to square one… No idea of whom or why this was happening.


I knew the heaviest mortar round wouldn”t penetrate the defenses of the imps quarters but it did have the effect of exacerbating the fear they still had from the attack on their plane. There was a good side and a bad side to this incursion. The good side is all our planning and defenses worked as planned. The bad side is that we confirmed to someone there was something worth defending at Fort Connor.


In conferencing with Luke and John I was very candid about wanting to know specifically what happens if both of you are killed. Mama Bear is still Chairman of the Board and chief stockholder so control of the company would revert to her. At her age and health she is no long up to the job so I would imagine the board would appoint my Chief Operations Officer as the Chief Executive Officer. It would be a cut throat blood bath of competition among men in Research and Development for John”s position. Nothing would surprise me with some of those egocentric egg heads but murdering the two of us isn”t something that would have been high on my list of possibilities.


Luke commented that the four fathers, Mama Bear and the General need to sit down and have a long discussion and draw up the legal papers necessary in the event of any of our deaths. “I”ll contact her as soon as I hang up and I”ll make this happen immediately.”


Luke was true to his word and within days the four fathers, Mama Bear and the General had met and decided on a course of action. They met with the attorneys the following days, had the necessary papers drawn up and signed. Worthington Industries was too important to the security of the United States and to our Military to take any chances with having its “head cut off”.


I was starting to wonder if this might be a hostile takeover attempt of Worthington Industries. It would be another 12-15 years before any of the imps would have the knowledge to run the company. And I hated to think of a scenario where Luke, Billy Bob, John, Connor, Mama Bear, the General and the imps were all eliminated. It would create a worldwide vacuum and an arms race among the major military powers. If Liam could embed himself within Worthington there could be other moles within the company also. It sounds like Worthington Security and Worthington Intelligence would be earning their pay checks for a while. I knew working with COL Best and COL Mann… we all had the same goals. We were dedicated to the Worthingtons (Individually and collectively) and the security they provided to the United States of America and its military.


Now comes the most difficult part of any military action… WAITING!!! We all wished this enemy would just go away and life could return to normal but we all knew there was little chance of that happening. I used to feel very secure flying but after the rocket attack on our jet I talked with Luke and John about adding defenses to our jet in case of another rocket attack. We had the equipment required on base within 48 hours and our maintenance people had it installed overnight. (They worked over 24 hours straight without sleep to refit our jet. In their own way it was their commitment to the imps and their safety.) Our pilots all had experience with anti-missile technology and they were happy to see it added to their jet for every ones safety and security.


The imps needed some stress relief and we all know sex is the best relief in any high stress situation. I met with our squad leaders and our patrol leader and let it be known if anyone ever wanted to invite an imp to their quarters for the night NOW was a good time to invite them if they didn”t mind armed guards locking them down in a VIP suite. There was an abundance of volunteers not just to help the imps with their stress but also the soldiers with their individual stress management. I knew Luke and Billy Bob would take care of their stress as much as John and Connor would also. Those four horny fathers didn”t need a reason to enjoy sharing sex. I do have to admit I left Steven with a sore ass frequently during our long sieges and BASE ALERTS.


I mentioned to the Sergeants to be understanding if any incidents of consensual sex came to their attention with any of the men. Being on a constant alert (even with alternating squads) made even enjoying a “quickie” difficult. I needed our men at 100% and sometimes Pentagon guidelines don”t address every unique situation. Fort Connor was a unique situation just by being in existence. If I was going to make an error it was going to be an error that had a positive effect on and for my men.


My stress level reached the point where one night after a stressful exhausting day Steven walked into our quarters and knew I was close to the breaking point. He held me in his arms as we kissed passionately. I looked into his eyes and he heard the words I rarely shared with him: “Take me to bed and fuck my brains out”!!! Steven knew what I needed and gave me a good hour of hard ass fucking. It didn”t cure my stress but it definitely took the edge off. Combined with a long hot romantic shower with my lover, passionate post orgasmic cuddling in our liberated Marriott robes combined with our favorite 20 year old Scotch Whiskey (in moderation)… I would live to face another day to lead this “Band of Brothers” and protect the imps we all loved.





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