All in the Family Ch. 03

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About a dozen cars parked along the beach road. White sand dunes stretched in a long row, like large breasts on women sleeping next to each other on their backs, shielding the view of the turquoise ocean. The day was warm and the sky devoid of clouds. No wind blew across the calm waters as they gently lapped against the shore. A pale skinned woman wearing only a dark red thong bottom strolled along the shallow edge kicking occasionally at the water. A well tanned man wearing a blue spandex swimsuit crutched along with her, his left leg a short rounded stump and plainly visible.

Allison and Leah sat on a blanket; crutches for each lay along either edge. Leah rubbed tanning lotion on her mother’s back. She stopped and added another drop to her palm then rubbed along the stump of Allison’s right leg.

“Mmm,” Allison hummed. “I never would have guessed it would feel so good.”

Leah bounced the stump of her left leg a few times, as she continued to rub the lotion.

“Being so close makes a big difference. Glad we moved here. All my university credits are going to transfer.”

“The attitude is so different. Did you see that topless woman?”

“Yes, but I was looking at the guy more than her.”

Allison gave her a playful slap then giggled. “You’re supposed to be ogling me.”

Leah’s lotion covered hand roamed over her mother’s shapely hips while fingers dragged through the crevasse of the ass. She leaned forward and kissed the small of the back a few times then trailed kisses over a buttock and across the end of the stump.

“I married you because I love you more than anyone else.” Her lips smacked against the stump as her hand massage close by.

Allison rolled over and lay against her elbows. “Another attitude shift I like about being here.” Her stump rose and rubbed along her daughter’s cheek then over her lips. “Nice they support same-sex marriage. It was only a small white lie about our relationship.”

“It’s okay. We know and that is what matters to me. It’s very special.”

Erin strolled along the sidewalk, her peg leg tapping softly with each step. The empty sleeve of her short-sleeved blouse flapped in time with the jaunty strides. The tanned cotton slacks loosely outlined her hips and shapely leg. The sunlight filtered though the thin material of the blouse letting the bare breasts show occasionally.

She worked as the office nurse for Robert, the surgeon that performed her amputations years before. She had seen many other patients having him perform amputations for them, not because they had some illness or trauma necessitating it, but because of a life long need, or for a few, only a desire. She had hers because of the life long need and was pleased with her life since.

The bell jingled as the door to the clothing store opened and the clerk glanced up from what she was reading. “Can I help you find something?”

“I’m just looking.” The door closed slowly behind her jingling the bell again. She made her way between racks and tables full of clothes.

The clerk stood close by and watched as Erin’s single hand moved hangers along the silver metal rod of the circular rack. “Tell me to mind my own business….” she started. A warm-up to the familiar questions Erin had heard a million times before. “Would you mind if I asked about your arm?” Usually people were only curious and rarely did they want she had wanted.

“Ask away. I’d be happy to answer any of your questions.”

“I bet you get this all the time.”

Erin pushed the hangers back together and turned. The woman was older. Salt and pepper hair pulled back in a long ponytail. A cream colored casual blouse, unbuttoned just enough to expose a little cleavage, tucked into a knee length black skirt. Nice legs with feet tucked into shoes with a moderate heal. The clerk noticed her looking.

“I try to look nice. Getting a little older and sometimes it is hard. I could lose some weight.” The woman laughed, patted her stomach, and brushed at one side of her skirt. Her eyes looked down and noticed the end of the peg leg. It was obvious from her expression that she’d not realized it was there and had not seen one before.

“Yeah, what can I say? It’s very functional.” Erin laughed for a moment and held her hand out. “I’m Erin.”

“Kate.” She shook with the right hand and paused realizing how awkward it felt. “Sorry, I wasn’t thinking.”

“It’s okay … happens all the time.”

The woman looked around the store as if to make sure they were still alone then back towards Erin. She rubbed her palms against her skirt again as if she could not stop them from sweating.

“Relax. Just pretend I’m not missing an arm and a leg.” Erin let her chest swell slightly as she inhaled then smiled. The red lipstick nicely covered her lips and highlighted the white teeth. “Would it ease things if I told you it was okay to be interested?” She paused and watched the woman nod. “I’m happy being this way.”

“Happy? Oh, my.” Kate let her hand rest over the center of her güvenilir bahis chest. “I moved here recently and have noticed a lot of amputees, especially female amputees. I thought I’d gone to heaven.” She laughed. “Keep me from making a fool of myself.”

“I think I know where you’re going. Are you only interested, or perhaps you might want to be one?”

She gasped still clutching her chest. “I’m fifty-seven and have always known I … I, ah….”

Erin reached out and rested her hand on Kate’s shoulder. “We should talk, maybe over dinner one day. A few stiff drinks even.” Her hand slipped along the cream colored blouse then rested over the upper part of a breast. “Two women … girl talk.”

Kate did not attempt to move the hand, only made a pleasant sigh and smiled. “Yup. A shot of whiskey would be good.” She laughed and walked towards the counter and scribbled her phone number on a piece of paper. “I work weekdays, but any evening is fine. My squeeze walked out on me last month for someone with a younger and tighter body.” Kate glanced at Erin. “Fuck her,” she scowled.

Erin leaned close and pecked Kate’s lips letting their chests brush. “Tonight?” she whispered as she pulled back. “Talk about deep dark feelings.” Kate closed the distance and returned the kiss.

Casey’s breasts bobbed as she slowly moved along Robert’s erection, taking the full length inside, while staring down into his face. “Oh darling,” she groaned. The stump of her left leg rested beside her husband’s hip, a knee on the other side. Her hands rested on his shoulders. Her head rocked back slightly and her mouth dropped open as she gasped. “Oh darling,” she groaned again unable to say much more.

He massaged a breast then held her hips. His left leg ended below the knee and slipped back and forth across the bed. “Fuck daddy,” he begged and slapped her on the ass. It was a game they often played – him the daddy, her, the little girl. “Bad girl.”

“Ah, ah,” she gasped ridding him a little quicker. You weren’t supposed to see me sucking Jack’s nasty cock.”

He slapped her ass again, this time the whack was loud. “Slut!”

“Oh daddy, I’ll be good.” Her strokes were long almost letting him fall out then back down until his balls filled her ass crack. “I’ll suck your stump. I know how you like that.”

“Maybe I’ll watch you eat Jack’s wife … get your face all covered with Thelma’s cum.”

“Yeah daddy, anything to make you happy.”

“Shower with me?” Allison called as she crutched into the bathroom then dropped the crutches against the wall by the tilled shower. The water warmed quickly and steam began to fill the room.

Leah stood behind her and dragged a hand up the inside of a thigh and though her cheeks. She kissed the nape of her neck and down the spine. “Is that all you want me to do?” Her words were slow and inviting.

She turned and looked deep into her daughter’s eyes and let their lips become one. Nipples rubbed against nipples, they pressed closer together. “Anything your heart desires.” The stomachs pressed close and soon their pussy grounded together. Moans drowned out the sounds of the shower.

Casey hopped from the bathroom, her stump swinging for balance with each. Her long hair, still damp but brushed, nicely framed her face. A hand steadied a breast while the other flopped. She landed on the bed with a small bounce and sat for a moment then sighed. She pulled a faded t-shirt on before crutching towards the kitchen wearing nothing else.

“Have I ever told you that is one sexy look,” Robert said crutching towards her wearing only a pair of khaki shorts. His knee bent letting the short stump point back. He stood behind her and rubbed her ass then kissed the side of her face.

She reached down and cradled his balls in one hand. “I still like to hear you say that.” She let her hand rise and the fingers wrap around his slightly firm shaft. “Hmmm,” are you just thinking about me?” She giggled and let go then turned back to the counter. She pulled some plates from the cabinet and silverware from the drawer. “Are you hungry?”


“Me too.”

That girl Janet knows is coming next week.”

“Holly? She’s the one that wants to have her arm mostly gone … like Amy.”

“That’s the one … maybe all gone. She’s coming alone.”

“She’s over twenty-one, she’s old enough to travel alone.”

“It’s not the travel part. I just think it is nice when people bring someone for support. Even when you want the amputation, it is still major surgery.”

Casey handed him a glass of Merlot then lifted one to her lips. They both sipped for a moment in silence.

“Thelma, Erin, and I will take care of her.”

“You are all close. I’m glad … and fun to watch in bed.” He laughed then sipped more of the wine.

“Dirty old man.” She giggled. “I must say it is fun to watch you and Jack together too. I’m glad he and Thelma are both married. Do you think they’ll move out of the guest house?”

“They’re güvenilir bahis siteleri family. They can stay as long as the want. I think Patty and Nick are coming for a visit later in the summer.”

“I sure get turned on by her lack of legs.”

“Will you ever do the other leg?”

“I’d probably have to stop with the prosthetics work.”

“Yeah, surgery keeps me from doing the other leg or more of this one.”

Erin sat in the booth, the tip of her peg leg extending slightly into the aisle. Her fingers slipped though the condensation on the glass of whiskey on the rocks while watching Kate across the table. Erin had changed into a white sleeveless blouse with denim jeans, the cuff rolled high enough to show most of her peg leg. Kate had come from work.

“You’re going to make it hard for me to do much more than stare,” Kate teased. She held the glass of rum and coke inches from her lips and let her eyes roam over Erin’s shoulders and the short arm stump. Erin teased her by moving the stump a few times while smiling. At last, Kate sipped the drink. “I’m going to need several of these to calm me down.”

The male server stood by the booth with a pad of paper and a pen. He glanced at Kate then Erin then back at Kate’s cleavage. Still staring into her blouse, he asked, “What can I get you lovely ladies tonight?”

“Filet Mignon, medium, and baked potato with just butter. A garden salad with blue cheese.” Kate recited her order as if she’d said it many times before.

Erin nodded and said, “Same.” She glanced up at the younger man and smiled. “And two more drinks.” He glanced down Kate’s chest again then walked away without comment.

“I think he was taken with your chest,” Erin teased. “He never seemed to have noticed my arm.”

“That’s a shame. It was the first thing I noticed.” She giggled then sipped her drink. “With that peg leg, you should be drinking straight rum and wearing a bandana.”

“Arrg. Shiver me timbers,” Erin teased holding her drink high in the air.

“Was it difficult to find someone to make your peg leg?”

“Casey’s a dear friend. She’s missing a leg too but either goes on crutches or wears a fancy prosthetic leg. Her husband makes amputees and she makes prosthetics.” She laughed and finished her drink then sat it down a bit hard. “Arrg,” she roared “The bar winch needs to hurry with our drinks.” She laughed and held her fingers over her mouth as she looked around. “Guess not everyone will understand.” She giggled and straightened in the seat.

Kate laughed loudly and held her glass up. “Arrg, shiver me timbers.” She sucked down the rest of the drink and slammed the glass down. “Arrg.” She was laughing as the server placed the new drinks on the table.

He glanced down at the peg leg. “Arrg.” He snickered. “Don’t get to talk like a pirate often. Arrg.” He walked away laughing.

Erin studied his walk then looked back at Kate and whispered, “I think he’s missing a leg … the right leg.”

“I’d have never guessed.”

“Some of the prosthetic legs have a computer in them to control the knee making constant adjustments in the tension. They call them ‘C-legs’. Even people missing both legs can often walk well with them. They’re VERY expensive though.”

“A month ago I was alone with my thoughts….” Kate sipped from the new drink and watched Erin. “You’re introducing me to all the things I have dreamed about.”

“And what are they?”

“Arrg,” she said softly. “I want to have only one leg. I lust over all kinds of stumps on other people, but for me having my left leg gone would be my idea of heaven. Wearing a prosthesis would be nice too.”

“Robert and Casey could make that happen with no problem.”

The server arrived at the start of the sentence and waited for her to finish. He put a plate in front of each woman, cleared his throat, and softly said, “I can attest to that.” He looked at each and then at the center of the table. “Will there be anything else.”

Erin shook her head. “I thought you had that kind of stride.”

“Yes ma’am. A few years ago.” He turned and walked away.

Kate watched more closely this time. “I’d have never noticed. Would I walk that well?”

“Piece of cake … even with half the thigh.”

“Oh, my. How much would it cost?”

They watched each other, ate their food, and sipped their drinks for a while without speaking, just enjoying their newfound company.

“When you moved here, didn’t you know this was becoming the amputee capital of the universe?”

Kate shook her head and put the drink glass down. “Lucky me it seems.”

“Roger and Casey are reasonable about what they charge. After all, they understand how ‘we’ feel. There are benefactors who help as well as men and women who desire to be with people who chose to be amputees … straight and gay.”

“You don’t seem to be pulling my leg.” She stabbed the last bite of steak and pushed it into her mouth as if she’d not eaten in months. “Any tests? How do I prove iddaa siteleri I won’t regret this?”

Holly sat on the edge of the hospital bed, her bare feet dangling just above the vinyl floor. The hospital gown fell down her chest exposing the bandaged left shoulder where the arm used to be. The door pushed quietly open and a nurse walked in.

“Hi honey. Do you need something for pain?”

She shook her head and looked at the older woman in the white nurses dress with the white running shoes. She pushed at the gown and the nurse helped to retie it. “No. I wish I could walk around for a while.”

“Wait until tomorrow.”

“No. I’m feeling good. I’d like to wear my own clothes too.”

“Wait here. Let me talk to the doctor. You shouldn’t rush.” The nurse shook her head all the way to the door then turned around. “Don’t get up without someone with you. I’ll be right back.”

Holly pulled the armhole of the gown to one side and looked at the bandaged shoulder. It had a rounded shape in line with her side. She moved the armless shoulder and watched. “Nice-e,” she drawled quietly.

“So you want to get dressed,” Robert said as he walked towards her. “Don’t you think it is a bit premature?”

“No sir. A few hours ago I was still a little light headed, but now … well now I feel great. I need to pee. I’d love to just walk across the room to use the toilet. Then when I’m done, just putting on my t-shirt would make me feel like I was making progress.”

“Young lady, you don’t want to be a pain in my ass, do you?”

“No sir.”

“Well, okay. You can hold my arm or I can get a nurse to help you.”

Robert waited by the door not pulled shut. He listened to her stream fall against the water and imagined what she looked like sitting on the toilet, wandering if her legs were apart so she could watch. The toilet flushed and he held her arm again helping her to the bed.

“That felt good. Almost wet the bed,” she said and snickered before adding, “Thank you.”

He looked at her sitting on the edge of the bed. “It’s none of my business, but if you’d like to meet someone I know who lives nearby, I’d be happy to arrange it.” He paused to see the reaction, if any. There wasn’t. “He’s nice and about five or so years older than you.” He shrugged his shoulders. “Maybe you aren’t into men.”

“No, no.” she mumbled looking at his face. “Men are fine. Sure.” She stopped for a moment. “There sure isn’t anything back home other than the last year at the university.”

“He’s missing a leg, ah, for the same reason we all are missing something.” He chuckled. “I understand the university here is a good one … should you two hit it off.” He turned and walked a few steps, then turned back. “Aaron is his name.” He looked at her face. “You’re staying with a friend here, ah, when you leave the hospital. I think you can probably leave here tomorrow and stay there.”

“Yes, that would be good … Leah and Allison. I’ll leave you their number. He can call me there.”

Kate tossed and turned, alone in bed with her thoughts. Naked with the sheet tossed to the foot of the bed, she sat and glanced around. “Damn-n,” she drawled. She walked through the darkness to the bathroom and swallowed a sleeping pill. “Doubt this will help,” she said aloud leaning on her outstretch arms, hands resting on the counter, as she stared at herself in the mirror. She straightened and cupped a hand under a pleasant breast pulling the nipple to her lips. Her tongue dabbed at the dark erect nipple then she sucked it for a while. A hand roamed though the trimmed hair between her legs and a finger found the entrance.

She pleasured herself to a mild release then leaned against the wall pulling a foot behind her hip. “Really?” she mumbled aloud and continued to watch the image in the mirror. The knee spread slightly to the side and again her fingers toyed between the thighs. “Fuck me, fuck me,” she said gleefully.

Robert walked along the short aisle of the office, the white doctors coat flapping as he moved. “Hey Erin,” he said as the door closed behind her. “Want to close the office and make love,” he teased with a huge grin on his face.

“Sure is tempting.” She let her hand brush against the front of his pants and her lips pecked at his. “I’m saving myself for Lent.” She laughed and sat at the desk by the check-in window then flipped the appointment book open.

He stood behind her looking over her shoulder. “What’s on tap for today?”

Holly has a check up and her bandage changed … hard to believe it’s been five days. And Kate comes in for her first discussion.”

“Yes, Holly is a remarkable young lady. You know, she was begging me to get dressed and walk around the afternoon after the amputation.”

“We have had particularly good results with the younger patients.”

He reached down and rubbed the top of his prosthetic leg then stood. “What does Kate want?”

“Left leg, above the knee. She wants to be fitted with a C-leg later.”

“How old?”

“Fifty-seven … slightly overweight, about ten pounds. I feel like the pied-piper sometimes.”

“I bet five percent of the people are ones you’ve found.” They both laughed. “I need to get you a sandwich board to wear.”

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