All because of my sisters panties, part 2 , 3

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As I finished my ice cream, my mind was in a bit of a whirl, “hold still Jo, you have a piece of chocolate on your lip”, I heard Ali say, she leaned forward and her lips touched mine, not a peck and long enough for me to hint the taste of vanilla, a tingle started in my toes and rushed through my body and then the kiss disappeared. She grabbed my hand and we walked slowly back to our bikes.

“You ok Jo”? she asked as we rode our bikes back to hers , “are you going to sleep over tonight” she added before I had the chance to answer. “I would like to if it’s ok with your folks” I finally said, replaying that kiss in my mind and discovering I wanted to feel that sensation again. “Oh, they will be ok with it, they are going out to dinner tonight anyway” Ali said, and I could hear the mischief in her voice and I knew she was smiling.
When we arrived we stashed our bikes in the garage, grabbed some juice and cookies from the kitchen and headed up to her room, she started to load the photos, that she had taken on to her PC and we studied them. “How do you make me look so good when you take my picture”? I asked, “Well that’s easy Jo cat, it’s because you are seeing you through my eyes, add to the fact you are very beautiful”, she replied. The next photo was of me in my tee shirt, “OMG, you can see my nipples poking out” I exclaimed “You have got to delete it”, yeah Jo, like that is going to happen. You look wonderful and we really need to post these pictures on your face book page” she responded.

The next few photo’s also showed my nipples poking out and the last one she had zoomed in really close, so they looked like little hills, Suddenly she turned and took my face in her hands and brushed my lips with hers, quite gentle at first until I was kissing her back, I felt her tongue against my lips and open enough for her to run it against my teeth, and then I sucked on it, wanting izmit rus escort and needing it further in my mouth, then were kissing harder, both opened mouth. I felt her hands leave my face and held my rib cage, but each thumb was caressing a nipple, the feeling of her touching me was fantastic, far better than touching myself.
I was disappointed when she broke the kiss; she looked me deep in the eyes and said, “let’s take a shower together”. She took my hand and guided me to the on suite; to be honest I was walking on air and probably would not have found the way on my own, once inside she smiled and asked if I was going to shower with my clothes on, she was naked in a flash, she looked fantastic, she had bigger ones than me, but not as big as Jasmine’s her skin was so pale and her nipples were so pink, and pointing out, but it was her pubic hair that made me gasp, so red and wispy, that it looked like she had a flame between her legs, which I guess she pretty much did!

She turned the water on, so I quickly scooted out of my own clothes and she took my hand again and led me into the cubicle. The water was just right and we held each other tight under the torrent until she said “turn around Jo and I will wash you” she soaped me all over, spending more time than necessary on my boobs and even more time between my legs, so much time that I could feel an expectant tingle way off in the distance. Then I washed her and felt her nipples harden as I touched them and I nervously washed down her belly until I got to her kitty, I made it clean and then washed the soap off and as I did I accidently ran my finger over her lips and she groaned in pleasure.
We turned the water off, got out of the shower and wrapped a huge fluffy towel around us, she whispered in my ear that we had to go down and see her parents and would have to wait until they went out. We always izmit escort keep spare stuff at each other’s houses, so I pulled on a fresh pair of trackies and a sweat shirt, I never wear a bra and I also decided to dispense with panties.

When we got downstairs I saw that her parents were dressed pretty smartly, her mum smiled at me and said” Hi Joanne, you are pretty flushed and sparkly eyed today, what have you been up to”? I thought it best not to say I had been naked with her daughter and instead replied,” I think I caught some sun today, at the park”. “OK” her dad now added, “we will not be back until tomorrow lunchtime, you both know the rules, lock the door after us and no going out or inviting people round and no sitting up all night” we both nodded our agreement, like a pair of innocents, and they were gone. I was just so ready for what was going to happen, somewhat nervously I moved towards Ali, kissed her on the lips and just said, “get your clothes off bimbo, you’ve pulled”.

For the second time today, we were naked with one another, she moved close to me and gently kissed my lips, then she turned me and as she caressed my neck she cupped my titties and gently squeezed then, all the time whispering how much she loved much in my ear, she took my nipples between her thumbs and fingers and gently rolled them, making them hard and sensitive, like electricity was passing through them. Then her right hand started tracking down my belly in one long stroke.

“There are so many things that I want to do with you”, she whispered all I could reply was “yes”. As she kissed my neck again her finger found its target, and she stroked my pussy from front to back and then back to front and then again, slightly harder so that she parted my lips and could feel my wetness. Her finger started to enter me but was stopped by my barrier. “OMG Jo, you are not broken” she exclaimed, as she kocaeli escort gently tested my hymen, with that she withdrew and found my clitoris, I could feel it harden and tingle under her touch, all the while her left hand was caressing my breast.

She had me lay on the floor and kissed me with so much passion that I nearly lost myself, then she started to kiss her way down my body, stopping to suck on first my right and then my left nipple, then downward until she found my pussy, she stated to lick me there and it felt like a warm little animal invading me and giving pleasure, sucking on my hard clitty and biting it as well, but not too hard, we soon found ourselves in the sixty nine position, with her on top and i greedily found her honey pot with my tongue, she was so wet that she was dripping into my mouth, the taste overwhelmingly musky and sweet, as my tongue found my way into her she shuddered and stirred by her own feelings or arousal, doubled her efforts on me.
I could feel it building, deep inside of me, and from nowhere came the biggest orgasm of my young life, and i know that I screamed into her pussy, over and over.

As I was finishing, I felt her body tense and her breathing change, she pushed herself into my face and exploded into her own orgasm. Her wetness engulfed me and as she got off something hot and wet dribbled into my mouth, salty and bitter, not sweet like her girl cum, I didn’t know what it was, but I did know I liked it.
She rolled off me finally and once again we were face to face, As I kissed her I could taste me on her lips and face, my tongue was in her mouth and then hers was in mine, I moved my hand between her legs and let my finger feel her deepness, my finger was all the way in her tight slickness, and she felt like velvet.
“Jo” she mumbled into my mouth, “would you like me to break it for you? It will hurt like hell, but it is so worth it, and we can do so much more with it gone”. I felt her finger up against my hymen, probing it, stretching it inwards. “Yes, do it now” I responded, with fear in my voice

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32