Alexa Moves In Ch. 02

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NOTE: All characters engaging in sexual relations are over the age of 18.

This story was originally posted a few days ago. I pulled it to correct a number of egregious editing errors, for which I apologize. Please note, I have placed a story within a story, so the narrative shifts from third-person to first person for a while. However, I have placed headings at the beginning and ending of the section and readers should have no trouble following the action.


Mary Stevenson stared forlornly out her kitchen window, watching the raindrops make dimples on the surface of her pool. The day was not at all turning out how she had hoped. Despite the weather, her husband, Allen, had left early that morning for an overnight camping trip with two old college friends and wouldn’t be back until the next evening. And her sister had left yesterday afternoon on a weekend business trip, or so she’d claimed, leaving her niece, Mindy on her own. And since Mindy and Mary were now lovers, both to each other and Alexa, Mary’s college age tenant and their joint mistress, she’d assumed Saturday would be fill with lots of naked bodies, orgasms and cuddling. In other words, a good old-fashioned lesbian fuck fest.

But Alexa had decided that she and Mindy needed bonding time, since she lived in the Stevenson’s guest house and had been with Mary multiple times over the past week. Mindy, on the other hand, had only been over twice and on one of those evenings, Alexa had been unable to make it home in time to join the fun. Mary and Mindy still played that night since Allen, one of Alexa’s college professors, was working late as well. So Alexa decreed that she and Mindy would be spending Friday night and all of Saturday at Mindy’s, much to Mary’s disappointment and consternation.

“It just isn’t fair, I knew her first,” Mary muttered to herself as she rinsed out her coffee cup. Mary had tried not to let her disappointment show when Alexa had told her, but now that she was alone, jealousy and insecurity were running rampant.

She had a nagging fear that 20-year-old Alexa was more enamored of Mindy than Mindy’s aunt. After all, Mindy was a year younger than Alexa, while Mary was almost 18 years her senior. She was still in good shape, and determined now to work her ass off to get in great shape, but she would never be able to compete with girls so much younger than she.

Stepping into the downstairs bathroom, Mary examined herself in the mirror, frowning at her shoulder-length wavy, dark-brown hair, brown eyes and plain features. She unbuttoned her blouse and examined her breasts. They were medium sized and still fairly firm. But her stomach had more padding than she would like and a slight muffin-top swelled over her pants.

“Of course she’s with Mindy, you fool,” she told herself. “You would take the hot, young girl over the frumpy housewife any day of the week and you know it.”

But knowing that didn’t ease her disappointment or her sense of ill use. All week, she had done everything the Alexa had asked: she had refused her husband any sexual favors; she had dropped whatever she was doing to rush over to the guest house whenever summoned, shedding her clothes and dropping to her knees the second she walked through the door; she had even begun drawing up a list of names of other women she thought Alexa could enslave.

But apparently, it had not been enough. And to make matters worse, she was forbidden to masturbate, so that the desperate need between her legs would go unmet today. Still, if she had it to do over again, she would still willingly prostrate herself to her young mistress.

She was still brooding on the injustice of it all when the doorbell rang. Mary’s brow furrowed in puzzlement. It was too early for the mail and she hadn’t been expecting any visitors, especially on a rainy Saturday morning. When she reached the door and looked out through the peephole, she was even more confused. Standing the doorstep wearing a raincoat buttoned up to her chin and holding an umbrella over her head, was Prof. Petra Gabor, one of her husband’s new colleagues at the university.

“Hello Dr. Gabor,” Mary said, opening the door and smiling out at the woman. For some reason, the woman was wearing red fishnet pantyhose and red stilettos, hardly the ideal footwear for such inclement weather. “Please come in. I’m afraid my husband isn’t here and he didn’t mention that you might be dropping by.”

The young woman, who was only in her late 20s and on her first university teaching position, smiled timidly at Mary and shook her umbrella before folding it and leaning it against the wall just inside the door. Her long, dark hair was still dry save for a few clinging rain drops, and she casually ran a hand through it to deal with those.

“Oh, I’m not here to see Prof. Stevenson,” Petra said, with just the trace of an Eastern European accent. She stared down at the floor as if she were afraid to meet Mary’s eyes, then took a deep breath. “I’m escort bayan here because our mistress wishes you to know that she is pleased with you and all you have done this past week,” she blurted out, clearly wanting to get the rehearsed speech over as quickly as possible.

The woman’s face was a brilliant scarlet as she finally looked up and gave Mary a sheepish look. Mary, in turn, looked absolutely shocked. The color had drained from her face and she stood, staring, mouth agape, at the woman who was still dripping rainwater onto her floor.

“What did you say?” she managed to stammer, her eyes wide as she stared at Petra.

In response, Petra slowly undid the buttons on the beige-colored raincoat and then pulled it open. She was naked beneath, and Mary could see that the pantyhose were actually thigh-high stockings. She also couldn’t help notice that Petra Gabor had a lean, taut body with breasts that put her in mind of fluffy white cream puffs topped with little red cherries. Mary had a sudden desire to suck on those scrumptious little nubs, but was still standing motionless due to shock.

“Our Mistress has sent me to tell you that she is pleased with you, Mary. She wants me to say that you are a wonderful lover and an attentive pet and that since she can’t be here, she sent me. For the next eight hours, I’m yours to do with as you please,” Petra said in a soft but steady voice. “If you want me to go, of course, that is your choice as well.”

“God no,” Mary said, realization suddenly dawning on her. Her mistress hadn’t abandoned her; she still cared and was looking out for her. But her husband’s work colleague, how was this possible?

“How did Alexa and you…?” Mary left the rest of the question hanging, staring at Petra in fascination and arousal.

“It’s a long story, but she said I could tell you if you really wanted to know. You’d be the first to hear it all,” Petra said, then gave Mary is questioning look. “But is that how you really want us to spend our time?”

“Right,” Mary said and reached out to pull Petra to her. Their lips met and they stood in the Stevenson entryway kissing, Mary gently squeezing one of Petra’s breasts while with the other she kneaded her very firm ass. After a minute, Mary led her unexpected visitor into their home and up to the Stevenson’s master bedroom. Once there, Petra kicked off her shoes and then began to unbutton Mary’s blouse, kissing her way down to her breasts as she did so. She undid Mary’s black-lace bra, gently sucking each stiff nipple into her warm, wet mouth. She dropped to her knees and undid the button and zipper on the tan Capri pants the older woman wore, pulling them down and tugging them off.

Mary fell back onto the bed, looking up at Petra. Mary might have thought little of her body, but Petra thought she looked warm, soft and delectable and was so glad Alexa had ordered her this morning to visit the Stevenson house.

“I know I need to work out more,” Mary said, mistaking Petra’s long stare for disapproval rather than lust.

“Are you kidding? I intend to worship every inch of you,” Petra said. “Ever since we met at that faculty mixer, I’ve had fantasies about you.”

“About me?” Mary asked skeptically.

“Yes. You don’t realize it but you are a sexy woman with a hot, succulent body.” Petra crawled onto the bed and lowered herself onto Mary, kissing her deeply and letting her body slowly press down against Mary’s naked flesh. Mary wrapped her legs around Petra’s waist and pulled her tightly to her, loving how her breasts felt as Petra’s pushed into her. They began rolling around on Mary and Allen’s marriage bed, taking turns fingering each other, licking and sucking breasts, relishing the feel of each other’s flesh.

Soon, Petra began to glide down Mary’s body, trailing her fingers and lips across her breasts, stomach and thighs before moving to the main course, Mary’s soaking wet pussy. Petra started with slow, delicate licks, teasing Mary’s clit and just pushing past the outer lips into the pink nether region beneath. Mary arched her back, trying to push Petra’s tongue deeper into her, her hands pressed against the back of the young academic’s head. Soon, Petra’s fingers were working inside Mary while she continued to assault her swollen sex with her tongue and lips. When Mary’s body convulsed and she emitted a deep guttural moan, Petra knew she had done her job well.

It took Mary only a minute or so to recover and then, ever the good host, she quickly moved between Petra’s legs and began returning the favor, licking, nibbling and kissing at Petra’s completely shaved cunt. The younger woman moaned and played with her breasts as Mary’s tongue slid into her and when she moved it to Petra’s clit, the professor came hard.

They lay together, kissing and lightly tracing their fingertip across each other’s bodies, completely relaxed and at ease. Finally, Mary had to ask, “How long have you and Alexa been together?”

“Since my third izmit eve gelen escort day at work,” Petra confessed.

“Tell me the story,” Mary said, curious to know how Alexa had seduced the young professor. She wondered if it had been anything like her own seduction.

“Okay, but it’s a long story, so you better get comfortable,” Petra said.

“Then hold on,” Mary said, getting out of bed and rummaging in her closet for a second. When she returned, she was holding a large black dildo and a smaller, bullet-shaped vibrator. “Want one?”

Petra grinned and seized the fake black cock. She worked it into her pussy and began slowly sliding it in and out as she began to tell her story.


It all happened very fast, both my move to the United States and my seduction by Mistress Alexa. I regret neither; let me be very clear about that. They are the two best things that ever happened to me.

I had first interviewed with the university about a year ago, but hadn’t heard anything for a long time, and then in August, I had follow-up interviews while attending a conference. More time went by and I began to worry I’d blown it, but then, in mid-October, they called and offered me a position. I had to start in December, they said, so I could teach the spring semester. It was crazy, but I did it. I packed up everything, left my temporary teaching position in Romania and arrived here a week before Christmas with two suitcases in hand and five boxes being shipped by my uncle back home as soon as I could give him an address.

I got a small apartment just off campus, reported for work, and was assigned the office just across from Dr. Stevenson’s. The poor man, for the first couple of days I think I was poking my head in just about every hour with questions: where are the bathrooms, how do I set up my phone, what kind of clothing is considered appropriate, where is the closest bus stop. But I have to say, he was kindness itself, always willing to stop and help me. He even took me to lunch my second day.

It was on the third day when, after lunch, I stuck my head in his door to ask yet another question. He was not there, although his door was open. Instead, perched on his loveseat, was the most gorgeous woman I have ever seen. She had long, blonde hair like spun gold, delicate enchanting features, and the most mesmerizing blue eyes. They seemed to look right into my very soul that first day. I think, given what happened later, that perhaps they did.

“Hello,” I said, smiling at her, “I was just looking for Prof. Stevenson.”

Before she could say anything, I heard footsteps behind me and Prof. Stevenson’s voice said, “Ah, Petra, I see you have met Alexa,” he said, coming around me and stepping into his office.

“Actually, we haven’t met yet,” the girl said, then stood up and extended her hand in a strong, confident manner. “I’m Alexa, one of Dr. Stevenson’s students.”

“Not just one of my students, but one of my very best students,” Dr. Stevenson chimed in, chuckling as he did so. “Alexa is only a second year student, yet she’s acing my advanced finance seminar. Best student in the class, I swear.”

I took her hand, so warm and soft, and the minute her flesh touched mine, I swear it was like brushing up against an electric fence. A shock just jolted through me; I may even have moaned a little, I’m not sure.

“In that case, it’s a double pleasure to meet you Alexa,” I said, trying to sound calm and unaffected by her beauty and, for lack of a better term, the raw sexual energy radiating from her. “It is always a pleasure to meet truly talented students. I am Prof. Gabor. I just joined the faculty.”

“Prof. Gabor comes to us from Romania,” Dr. Stevenson told Alexa. “We finally got off our collective asses and hired her, pardon my French. We’re trying to beef up our international business credentials and she’s a very talented up and comer.”

I smiled at his sweetness to me. “Well, I hope I can meet your expectations,” I said.

“What’s your particular area of expertise?” asked Alexa, proving right off the mark that she was no ordinary undergraduate, most of whom wouldn’t have bothered asking me anything, much less such a relevant question.

“Internet commerce in developing nations, as well as cross-cultural marketing in emerging markets,” I responded.

“That sounds fascinating. I definitely will be taking one of your classes, although my schedule this spring is already full.”

I was absurdly delighted by her words. There is something about Alexa that makes you want her to like you, and you end up doing everything you can to make that happen. At least I did.

“How can I help you, Petra?” Dr. Stevenson asked me.

“I was hoping you could point me to a drugstore, ideally one by a bus stop,” I said. “Or, even better, a full-fledged grocery store. I am still looking at an empty fridge.”

He laughed. “Poor Petra here has just arrived izmit otele gelen escort in our country and she’s stuck in a small apartment with no transportation.”

“That’s terrible,” Alexa said. “How hard that must be, with no way to explore your new surroundings.”

“Yes, it’s very frustrating. I have heard about some really great places but can’t go see them. Plus, I haven’t been able to find a good gym” I told her. “I don’t like to criticize my new employer, but that faculty gym is kind of dirty and run down. I used to have a very nice gym in Romania and I love to exercise, so it’s hard to work out in a cold, damp place like that.”

“Chronic underfunding,” Dr. Stevenson said. “It’s been like that for years.”

“Well that’s easy to solve,” Alexa said. “I’ll get you a 30-day pass to my gym, and you can ride with me. We can go this afternoon. Do you do yoga?”

“All the time, but I can’t impose on you,” I said, secretly dying to see her in yoga pants and a sports bra. “Really, the faculty gym is good enough for now.”

“Nonsense,” Alexa said in a tone that brooked no disagreement. “We’ll go to my afternoon yoga class, it starts in about 90 minutes, and then I’ll take you grocery shopping. It’s the least I can do for someone who came half-way around the world to help educate me.”

What could I do? I thanked her profusely and returned to my office. An hour later, she gently knocked on my door and I quickly packed my things and followed her out to her car.

“I really do appreciate all this,” I told her once we were seated in her very nice sports car. “Surely a beautiful young woman like you can find someone better than a new professor to hang out with.”

I admit, I was kind of flirting. I couldn’t help myself, but I didn’t think she’d respond in kind.

“The hot new professor, you mean,” she said laughing. “You better be careful, Dr. Gabor, that accent combined with that body and you are going to have a lot of horny students in your classes.”

My face felt like it had been blowtorched I blushed so hard. And that wasn’t the only part of my body that suddenly felt very warm. I don’t consider myself a lesbian, but I’ve been with women, none as striking as Alexa, of course. But I knew I had to resist this growing temptation. If I were caught sleeping with a student, my career here would be over before it started.

When we got to the gym, Alexa had no problem getting me the free month-long pass, and she even talked the manager, an attractive brunette in her 40s, into skipping the introductory tour and sales pitch. She and Alexa seemed to be on very good terms, I noticed, but thought nothing of it at the time. Now I know better.

Once in the locker room, we picked side-by-side lockers and for the first time, I saw that incredible body. It was, is, flawless. She has long, toned muscles, a slim waist with cut abs, a picture-perfect ass as smooth and hard as marble, and her breasts sit high and pert with dark, succulent nipples. I had to turn away so she would not see how hard my own had become, but from the way she was smiling when I turned back around, I had the feeling she knew exactly how I felt.

We trotted up the stairs to the class room and found spots near the front of a full yoga class, attended mostly by attractive women of all ages and a few men as well. Several greeted Alexa by name as we entered and I thought I saw a few cast looks of longing and desire at my companion. The instructor was a tall, lithe 20-something named Linda, whose flaming-red hair was pulled back in a pony-tail.

Linda’s class was tough, I’ll give her that. My arms and legs were burning when it was done, but I felt wonderful. I was also horny, since I’d spend the entire class just two feet away from Alexa, clad in skin-tight shorts that barely covered her buttocks, and a sports bra that covered even less of her breasts. I knew I wasn’t the only one who’d noticed. I caught several women staring at her and Linda was constantly walking by, pretending to check people’s movements but always finding a reason to pass right behind Alexa, and always telling her “looking great, Alexa” or “that’s perfect form, Alexa” throughout class. When it was over, she came up to us.

“Wow, great class, Alexa. Did you find it challenging enough for you? I know you like a hard workout,” she said, looking and sounding like a little girl trying hard to please a more popular playmate. “If you need any one-on-one help, please don’t hesitate to call me.”

“Oh, don’t worry, Linda, I will. I have your number. I probably will need you to walk me through some of those more complex balancing poses we did last week,” Alexa said.

Now Linda looked liked that little girl after the most popular kid in school agreed to come to her slumber party. “Anytime Alexa, I’m always available,” she said breathily.

I wondered how that could be the case, but just stood off to the side, ignored by Linda and feeling oddly jealous that she was taking so much of Alexa’s attention. But I got the last laugh, because Alexa suddenly told her “we’ve got to go,” and then reached out and took my hand, pulling me out the door. I was thrilled at the touch and more so because she held on to me all the way to the locker room.

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