Alex in Wonderland

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Thanks in advance for any and all feedback and votes. I welcome all sent me.

Please, 18 years old and up only allowed. Characters in this story are at least of that age as well, even if not indicated.

I put this in the gay category though I am really not sure. Its a slow developing tale, unlike my other stories. It will again develop into a transvestite/transgendered story, but no cross-dressing yet. Only gay scene is kissing and hand-job, but I thought that qualified. Again, I hope you enjoy.


My name is Sandra McAdams, though my friends call me Sandy. I run a small modeling agency as well as a talent search company which only employs a modest 4 scouts who are sent out to theatrical events and acting showcase events when I feel they are worth our time.

I don’t have any big name stars, but I have made a number of women *and* men richer and more famous than they once were (and as a result myself as well, allowing me to afford the rent I pay on this small two-bedroom bungalow I currently reside in here in the beautiful city of Santa Monica, California.)

I really love it here because it is only one block from the beach, and the one thing I love to do besides make people rich and famous is lay on the beach. It’s also only a half hour drive from Los Angeles and Hollywood which is also a plus for someone like me. Yes, for this girl life was good.

It was just about 8 pm when the ringing of the phone stopped me from continuing my perusal of the current list of prospective clients sent me by Joseph, one of my scouts. I actually appreciated the interruption as I’d been looking at their portfolios and resumes for three hours now and was getting quite a headache. Looking at the caller ID, I saw that it was my parent’s number.


“Hi, Sandy.” It was my Dad. “Got a minute to talk?”

“Sure Dad, what’s up,” I inquired.

“Your Mother and I were wondering if you could do us a favor regarding your brother Alex.”

“Sure, if I can,” I said. “Just what kind of favor were you talking about?”

“Well,” he said. “You know he just graduated high school last year and has been really keen on getting into this acting thing. Its all he’s talked about for the last couple years and he really wants to give it a try.”

“Actually Dad,” I said somewhat guiltily. “I don’t remember, Dad. I mean, I remember years ago when I was still living at home he always loved dressing up in his Halloween costumes and playing make-believe, even when Halloween was long past, but no, I had no idea he had taken his love for acting to such a level.”

“Well he did honey,” he said. “And I figure if he doesn’t get this acting bug thing out of his system he’ll never mature or grow up into anything resembling an adult, you know what I mean? Plus he’ll forever be thinking there was something in his life he missed out on and then never forgive himself or anybody who prevented him from trying to attain his goals for the remainder of his life.

“I’m not saying he’s a brat or baby or anything like that. He just sees the world from such an innocent and naive point of view and until he gets beyond this acting thing, I don’t think that will ever change. Because of this I’ve agreed to let him try it out and see what happens just so he can see how much he likes it, hoping he’ll learn eventually how much a pipe dream can cost, and what kind of real chore it actually is.

“Trouble is, well honey, you know Ojai. There’s nothing up here to help him in that way. My request of you is this: could you take him in down there for a while until he finds a place of his own and also help him find an acting school to go to, as well as some auditions? There’s nothing like that up here. You know this place, Sandy. Ojai is the boondocks. A place to come to retire, not a place to go to to grow rich. And don’t worry, I’ll gladly help pay for his room and board.”

“Sure Dad, I’d love to have him,” I said. “I mean, we are talking just for a little while right, until he finds his own place?”

“Yes, yes,” he assured me. “But I want him to get a job first before he gets his own place. Not an acting job. No, I don’t mean that, because I know that would be impossible to happen so soon. But he needs to get some kind of work – as a busboy, a waiter, anything to show he can handle the responsibility of hacking it in the cold, cruel world all by himself, even if you are only a short distance away. Once he does that and gets his own place, if his job doesn’t pay enough to cover all his bills, I’ll make up the rest.

“So I was wondering if you could help out with that, if maybe you have a few friends or contacts who could help him find his first job. Like I said, it doesn’t have to be a great job because I’ll pick up the remainder of any outstanding bills he has. I just need him to learn to take responsibility for his life away from the old homestead.”

“Well Dad,” I said a bit apprehensively. “It will be a bit rough going bahis firmaları for me at first here – as you know this is the busy season for the fashion industry and I’m up to my neck with requests for models – but I really love you all and will be happy to do what I can for you, and for Alex. So go ahead and make the necessary plans to send him down. I’ll start checking into near-by acting schools. I’ll even call around and see if there are any jobs available and open apartments close at hand.”

“Thanks Sandy,” he said. “You’re a real sweet heart. I’ll give you a call when he’s about to leave.”

Wow, I thought. That phone call had me recalling almost a lifetime of memories. Well, not that many, I guess. I’ve only seen the family two or three times since I moved out seven years ago and those times were maybe four or five years ago. We email, text and talk on the phone a lot, so we’re always able to keep in constant contact. However, not knowing about Alex’s acting desires made me think that maybe I hadn’t been asking very probing questions in my talks with the folks.

Mom once told me about four years ago that Alex had played this angel in a Christmas play and suddenly got interested in letting his hair grow out a little longer. Back then she said it was just below his ears. I remember thinking then “Wow!”


Three days later I got a call from my Father. “Sandy,” he said. “I just wanted to say that Alex will be taking the 11:00 AM bus down there to the Santa Monica Bus Terminal tomorrow. The guy at the station says its a three hour ride, so he should get there about 2:00. Alex will give you a call once he arrives.”

“Okay Dad,” I said. “I’ll wait for his call.”

“And Sandy,” Dad said. “Thanks again for doing this.”

“Sure Dad,” I said. “No problem.”


“Alex, Alex, come on,” Betty cried out. “If you don’t hurry now you’ll miss your bus, and you don’t want to do that, do you?”

“Be right down, Mom,” he yelled from the top of the stairs. “Its just I’m havin’ a bitchin’ time with my hair here. Do you think you can you give me a hand for a moment?”

“Sure, Alex,” Betty said, as she moved into his room. After she started to brush his hair, which was almost as long as hers, hanging down to the middle of his shoulder blades, she found it was all matted and tangled up in knots. “Geez, Alex! Didn’t you use *any* conditioner when you shampooed this morning?”

“Aw Mom,” he moaned. “You know I hate that crap. It makes me smell all girly and shit. I can’t stand it.”

“Well then,” she said as she worked at it the best she could. “Let me see what I can do. You know sweetie, if my baby wasn’t planning to condition her pretty hair this morning, she should have let me braid it last night before beddy-bye time. She knows the braids would have at least kept it from getting all tangled up like this after they were taken down. Then we wouldn’t have this mess to deal with.”

“Yeah, yeah,” he grumbled, annoyed because his Mom always talked to him like a little girl when she chastised him about the lack of proper care he showed his now long tresses. “Okay, I’ll remember next time. Just don’t hassle me about it now.”

“Well, I got it pretty good right now,” she said, taking a step back to look it over. “Here, let me tie it into a nice ponytail for you. That will at least keep it neater looking and the remaining tangles won’t be so obvious.”

“Okay,” he said. “I don’t mind a tail. It helps keep it out of my eyes.”

His Mom usually did this for Alex when she worked on his hair as it worked well for him. Usually though she tied it low, as men usually wear their tails. This time though, she put it up high, on the crown of his head, like a girl would wear it, just to please herself and piss him off and to teach Alex a lesson because she was pissed that he just wouldn’t do what was required to keep his hair neat and clean ever since he’d started wearing it long.

“Here’s your suitcase dear,” Mom told him as she handed him his bag. “I finished packing it for you. Carry it down to the car, okay?”

When they finally got downstairs, Mom rushed Alex out the door and into the car so he wouldn’t have a chance to view himself in the mirror by the front door. She knew, when he didn’t see himself there, that he probably wouldn’t for quite awhile, as he really didn’t care how he looked. After putting his bag away, he sat down in the car. He saw his Dad mowing the lawn so realized it would be only he and his Mom going to the bus station.

“I’m taking you to the station, Alex,” Betty told her son. “There’s 3 days of rain coming up so your Dad wanted to get the lawn mowed before it started. Otherwise he’d have driven you, but you know if it doesn’t get done the lawn will be a jungle by the time the next dry spell comes around.”

Alex said he understood although he wished he could have had a chance to say goodby. After some small kaçak iddaa talk about Alex’s upcoming trip, they got to the bus station with about 20 minutes to spare.

After Alex got out and pulled his luggage from the car his Mother pulled her cell phone from her purse and called out from her window, “Alex, why don’t you pose for me there for a couple pictures. It could be awhile before your Father and I see you again and it will be nice to have some mementos to remind us of this day.

“Plus I need to send one to your sister because she has no idea how much you’ve changed or any idea just what you look like. At least now she’ll know who her brother is when she searches the bus station for you. Good, good, Now, hands on your hips, chest out and big smile. That’s it. Now turn around and bend over backwards to let your tail hang down behind you. Good. Good. Okay, that’s enough, Alex.

“Now, get along. And mind you, you be good for your sister once you get there. You mind her and do what she tells you. Sandy will call later to say you got in. Give us a call or send us a text or email occasionally to let us know how things are going. Who knows, maybe we’ll see your name up in lights soon. And please, try to behave on the bus ride to her beach house, at least as well as you can. Its not a really long trip, so please try, okay?”

“Yes, Mom,” he said. “I will. I promise. And tell Dad I said bye, and thanks, both of you. Oh, and send me a couple copies of those pictures too, okay?”

“Sure Alex,” Betty said, laughing as she drove away. “I’ll do that sweetie, I’ll do just that.”


“Yuck,” Alex groaned spitefully to himself as he looked over once more to see the two guys on the bench across from him hugging and kissing each other. Then, speaking to the girl sitting on the bench next to him, “That is so gross.”

“What’s that,” she asked him, although knowing just what he was speaking of.

“Those fairies making out over there,” he said, pointing to the two men sitting together and making out with each other uncaring who could see. “You think they’d at least find a hotel room or something. I mean, what? Do they think this is New York City or something? The least they could’ve done was take all that smoochin’ and shit back to their apartment or the men’s room or somethin’ and done it there instead of broadcasting their love to the whole world here in the station. God! Its just so wrong and perverted, you know?”

His fellow passenger was growing weary of Alex’s grumbling and rambling and all, going on and on with his homophobic reactions to seeing the two young men showering each other with their…their..well, yes, their definite over the wall affections for each other as from what one could hear one of the men was about to take off, leaving the other one here behind at the station.

Alex had never learned to keep from revealing his shock and dismay for anything he termed “unnatural” and spoke up against it whenever the opportunity arose. This cause the girl to grow more and more impatient as she had to stay there and continue listening to his tirade.

“Look,” she said in a tone indicating her dislike for him and his attitude. “If it bothers you so much, just turn away and don’t look at it. There are other things and people you can look at that won’t make you feel so …so…ucky? Go to one of the stores in this terminal and buy something to take your mind off what you’re seeing here.

“In fact, see if you can find a souvenir to buy whomever you’re going to visit, something you think he or she might like. I’m sure that would make them quite happy if you did and make you happy too just to get away from here for a bit.”

“Yeah, right,” Alex said as he got up and moved toward the stores. “That’s a good idea. I just hope I don’t run into even worse stuff out there. Sheesh! I tell you, I’ll really be happy to get out of here.”

Just getting back in time to board the bus, Alex was actually acting kind of happy for the first time since he left today.

“Wow,” he said in a tone of amazement. “Well, at least that place wasn’t so bad. I mean, you wouldn’t believe all these guys coming up to me while I’m looking around and complimenting me on how nice my hair looks, how handsome it makes me look…although, I don’t know, but one guy said I looked really pretty.

“I thanked him anyway because I didn’t want him to feel embarrassed that he’d made a mistake. It was funny though how they all kept squeezing my butt while they were coming up to me. That made me feel really funny. I mean, I was literally blushing with all the nice things they were saying and the friendly way they were acting.”

“Well, see,” the girl said with a hand over her mouth holding back a laugh while looking at his really nice, feminine ponytail and long hair. “Was I wrong? Didn’t I tell you? There are some nice boys in this world after all, aren’t there? And just imagine how many more compliments you’d have received kaçak bahis if you actually start taking proper care of you hair too. By the way, I think you look really nice too. Oh, I’m sorry. I never introduced myself. My name is Julie.”

“Hi Julie,” he said, as he offered her his hand. “I didn’t either. My name is Alex.”

“Alice!” I said very emphatically. “That’s a very pretty name. I wish I had a name as pretty as that.”

When he realized she’d misheard him, Alex turned to correct Julie. But just then the bus driver started loading the passengers onto the bus. Alex, being one of the first and ahead of her, turned to board the bus.

“Ticket, miss,” the driver said.

Julie just couldn’t help but continue chuckling until she finally broke out laughing because as they walked to the back of the bus Alex got whistled at 4 times, and one of the guys came out with statements like, “Baby, love your hair!”, and “Shit babe, you are one hot chick!” That line alone made Alex stop and fume at the guy, but he just looked back at him and shrugged, then said, “Hey, can I help it? It’s not my fault that you’re a hot looking babe”.

Treating the boy and his remarks with great disdain, Alex turned his nose up at the boy’s comments and, hands on his hips, stamped his foot in disgust and walked away. When the other boys saw this they roared with laughter.

“Oh, oh look,” one cried. “The kitty can scratch!”

“Don’t worry, Alice, just ignore him,” Julie said. “That big hunk was talking to me. It was that other big hunk who was lusting after you. You’re lucky, though. At least you got the kinder and more sincere compliments. You should be grateful for that.” He just moved on with a grunt.

Once Alex was seated Julie sat next to him. “Julie,” he cried as softly as possible so as not to attract attention. “I’ve got to make sure you know. I said my name is Alex, not Alice.”

“Really,” she said in amazement. “Alex? Well, you’re much too pretty to be an Alex, so you simply must be an Alice. Besides, what do you think those boys over there would do if they found out you let them call you, a boy, a hot looking babe, and afterward you didn’t correct them, but let them keep thinking that. Why I bet that first guy’s still got a hot, hard luscious tasting rod growing there in his pants just thinking about you. A rod that he’s wishing you’d take care of. What do you think he’d do if he found out he was hard for Alex, not Alice, huh?”

“Oh shit, Julie,” Alex groaned miserably. “I never even thought…”

“Of course not, girl,” she said. “Most girls don’t until they get some experience under their belt. When they’re still young, pure and innocent, like you, little sissy, they don’t think beyond their own needs.”

“But Julie,” he cried. “What am I going to do? When he finds out, I mean, if he finds out, I’m dead, for sure. He’s big, really big!”

“Yes, isn’t he though,” she said in a rather dreamy voice. “I’m sure, in fact, that he’s big in all the right places, if you know what I mean.”

Alex could only gulp in nervous anticipation as unfortunately, he too, agreed that the guy who seemed to lust after him, or rather Alice, would probably be big *all* over. The thought made him shiver.

“Look, tell you what,” Julie said. “Why don’t I go over there and talk to him. I’ll tell him all about you, that you’re a guy who didn’t realized what he was getting caught up in, and that you don’t want any part of this. Okay?”

“Would you Julie,” Alex asked with relief. “That would be so great and I’d be so grateful if you would do that..”

“Sure honey,” she assured. “Anything for my sweet cupcake. I’ll head over there now.”

The boy in question was sitting alone, 1 seat in front of them and on the other side of the aisle. He looked nervous when Julie asked to sit there next to him and could not seem to keep his eyes on her at first until after awhile he seemed to get interested in what she was saying and then they talked animatedly for almost 15 minutes, both occasionally looking back at Alex who could only look down with a blushing face, although Alex noticed too that the boy did the same when their eyes met.

Finally Julie finished her conversation with him and came back over to her seat with Alex.

“Well, what happened, what’d he say,” Alex wanted to know.

“Oh boy,” Julie said. “Are you in trouble, kiddo.”

“Whaddya mean,” he asked in a panic. “What did you tell him, and what did he say?”

“Well Alex,” she started. “He, his name is John, by the way, just wouldn’t believe my story when I told him you were a guy. He said you were just too fuckin’ hot to be a boy, especially wearing a ponytail like that.”

“But that’s ridiculous, Julie,” said a shocked Alex, still unaware of the way his Mother changed his appearance. “A lot of guys wear ponytails. Its really cool, you know? It doesn’t make them girly.”

“I know, I know,” Julie said in a voice that seemed to try to reassure him, though she could hardly stifle her giggle. “Look, before your ass is grass in this bus, I’d go over there if I were you and try to set things straight with him. He might start spreading rumors around that you are as you appear to be, at least to him.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32