Ahh Sin City Ch. 03

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Chapter 3: ‘Impregnating a Stranger’

Knowing that my promiscuous wife would probably sleep most of the day away I decided to shit, shave, and shower and then get some breakfast. On my way down to the casino’s breakfast buffet I called Jenny but there was no answer. I left a message on her voicemail to call me back and then I proceeded to call Johnny, Jack, Alex, and Jack Jr. but none of them answered. I didn’t really want to eat breakfast alone, but I was in such a good mood it didn’t bother me too much.

I grabbed some fancy eggs mixed with peppers and some blueberry pancakes then found a seat. As the waitress brought me some coffee, I noticed what seemed to be a thirty something year old attractive woman eating alone at the table directly across from mine. She didn’t seem very happy. I also noticed the wedding band on her left ring finger which made me increasingly curious as to why she was alone. We made eye contact and I smiled.

When she returned the smile with one of her own I said, “You look like you could use some company.”

She glanced at the wedding band on my finger which I made easily visible to her and then she nodded and said, “Sure, why not?”

I grabbed my stuff and walked over to her table with a caring smile.

She asked as I sat down across from her, “So where’s your wife?”

I responded bluntly, “Well she walked into our room at seven this morning drunk and with another mans semen all over her blouse. How about your husband, where is he?”

The woman was stunned yet amused with my graphic explanation when she said, “Wow, ok then, that’s interesting. Um well, my husband came back to our room smelling like a stripper which wasn’t unexpected, but when I went down on him his dick stunk like a used condom.”

I commented then introduced myself, “Great so we have something in common then! My name is Donald just call me Don.”

The woman smiled at my comment and shook my hand as she introduced herself, “Trish, nice to meet you Don.”

Trish and I continued to make small talk. She told me that she was from Seattle and her husband was a city worker. Trish was a high school physical education teacher. She had two kids, Identical twins Emily and Lisa; they were eighteen year old seniors in high school. She’s half Italian and half German with short dark wavy hair and blue eyes. She was 41 years old and looked great especially for her age. She obviously kept herself in good shape. Trish was a tiny little thing only 5’2″ tall and probably about 110lbs. She has a nice round little bubbly ass and strong legs. The only indication of her age was the short boyish hair style typical of women forty and up. Her body was still tight and youthful in appearance. Trish had tiny tits that were barely perceptible mounds in her blouse. Although, her tiny tits added to her youthfulness so much that if you didn’t look at her face you’d think she were only thirteen or fourteen.

Finally after a short awkward pause, Trish felt comfortable enough to bring things down to a much more personal level, “Don, I can’t begin to explain how confused I am right now.”

I replied, “I’d love to hear about it!”

Trish tried her best to tell me what she was going through, “Well my husband has been staring a women with huge breasts lately. I hate it because it makes me feel so self-conscious about my own chest. Incase you didn’t notice I don’t have much there, so I’m actually thinking about getting breast implants. What do you think? I’m sure the woman he cheated on me with had them.”

“Trish I think that you are silly for being so self-conscious about your breasts. You are gorgeous! Besides you wouldn’t look right with larger breasts, what you have suits you perfectly.”

Trish blushed and said, “Why thank you Don.”

Then I said, sort of matter of fact like, “What I think you should do is get revenge on your husband by cheating on him with me.”

She blushed even more and said, “What? Are you kidding me? I’m flattered, trust me, but I can’t cheat on my husband!”

“Why not? He cheated on you.”

Trish and I were silent for a moment while she looked me up and down.

Then she said, “We have no where to go, your wife is in your room and my husband is in mine.”

“Who needs a room?”

Trish smiled reluctantly and blushed some more as she fidgeted in her seat. She was obviously getting turned on by my candor. That’s when I leaned across the table and kissed her. We kissed deep and passionate yet soft and sensuous as our tongues gently danced and frolicked with each other. The kiss lasted quite a while and it got us both very horny. When we finally broke away we noticed half the people in the eatery staring at us.

Then Trish whispered, “Meet me at the pool entrance in ten minutes.”

“Ten minutes, great, I’ll be there”

I left enough cash on the table to cover both meals and probably an obscenely large tip. Then we both walked very quickly out of the buffet and up to our separate rooms to change into our swim kaçak iddaa suits. Patty was still lying in the same exact position except this time she was snoring loudly. I quickly and quietly changed into my swim suit then made my way to the pool. I got to the entrance of the pool exactly ten minutes after leaving the buffet and there was no sign of Trish yet. So I waited. Five, ten, fifteen minutes went by and still no sign of Trish. I was beginning to think she had changed her mind, but still I waited longer just incase she may have had a problem. Finally after a half hour I began to walk back to my room slightly disheartened. Then as I was walking back into the building I saw her. She was literally running with sun block in one hand and sunglasses in the other. She was wearing a blue bikini and white sandals. When she saw me she smiled brightly and waved. I waved back and Trish slowed to a walk.

Trish was mildly out of breath, “Hey sorry I’m so late Don. I couldn’t get rid of my husband.”

“No problem, I’m glad you made it!”

She continued, “I’m surprised you waited so long, I didn’t expect you to be here.”

“Well I was on my way back to my room.”

“I suppose I got here just in the knick of time then.”

I nodded and we walked out to the pool. When we got there we agreed that there were way too many kids around for us to do what we wanted to do. There was a solution. However it required Trish to concur her insecurities over her tits. There was an adult pool where women were allowed to go topless. It was our only hope and it took Trish some talking into to go through with it.

The topless pool was called ‘Bare’ and all the advertisements for this pool pictured beautiful women ready to take off their tops. However when we arrived, the scene was much different from the ad. It was a bit of a sausage fest with a male to female ratio of 11-4 including Trish and me. The three other women who were there didn’t make it easy for Trish either. One of the women was incredibly beautiful; tall and thin, long thick wavy brown hair, smooth tan skin, huge tits (nice implants), she wore only a thong, high heels and big movie star like sunglasses. I instinctively thought she was one of two things; either she was getting paid by the casino to hang out by that pool all day so it becomes true to its advertisement or she was a hooker. The second woman was a slightly over weight middle aged cougar, also with long brown hair and tan skin. She also had huge tits and she didn’t look half bad considering her age. Although her tits were noticeably saggy and pancaked way off to the sides as she lounged by the pool. The third girl was not topless, but she was very pretty. She was strawberry blond and very thin with light skin. She was actually in the pool making out with her boyfriend. They were both very young and seemed almost too young to be at this adult pool, but they did have to prove their age before entry. The young adults were putting on the best show despite the girl having her top on. They were quite obviously manipulating each others genitals under the water, as they were sucking face above the water. That was a good sign for Trish and I who were looking to do the same thing. The rest of the people at the pool were sloppy middle aged men, with the exception of one younger nerdy looking college guy, all of whom looking for a cheep peep show.

Other than the background music the pool had an eerie silence. No one there, with the exception of the young couple, really knew each other. I held Trish’s hand as we walked over to the pools edge. I could feel the eyes of every one at the pool upon us. Right before entering the pool we decided instead to go to the bar table and get some drinks. We both needed them and as we approached the bar table I noticed every one quickly lost interest in us. I was beginning to doubt Trish’s willingness to participate in my little idea of public sex, but after a two stiff margaritas she loosened up quite a bit. We were making small talk about the décor of the lounge and types of people there, when all of a sudden she removed her top. The two men sitting at the bar with us quickly turned and glared at Trish. She leaned back against the bar table confidently showing off her little goodies as if she were the hottest woman at the pool.

Trish was flat-chested by all means, although the tiny mounds were cute and perky with absolutely no sag, a quality rarely found in forty year old women. Her little nipples pointed straight out and the skin seemed tight and smooth. Her areolas were also very small which prevented that fried egg look that I was expecting. I was impressed and it showed on my face.

Trish said, “Wow Don, this is exciting! I’m getting a lot of attention especially from you.”

“Yeah, Trish you look great!”

“Thanks. You can touch them if you like.”

Before I could speak, one very tan overweight fellow in a Speedo sitting next to Trish at the bar had the balls to ask, “How ’bout me, could I touch?”

To my surprise Trish agreed kaçak bahis with a big smile and we both reached out to the tit on our own side. The small mound of flesh was firm and I realized her tits were more pectoral muscle than mammary gland. I rolled her hard little pink nipple between my thumb and pointer finger as did the nearly naked man on the other side of her. Trish moaned softly and she seemingly loved the attention as we were gaining more and more onlookers. I wasn’t fond of this other guy moving in on Trish considering I had done all the work to get her into the mood for this. However I never voiced my opinion and Trish seemed to like him despite being obscenely out of shape.

Trish finally said, “Let’s get in the pool and show those kids how it’s really done.”

Trish grabbed my hand and the hand of the other guy and confidently strutted over to the steps of the pool between us. We walked into the chest deep water and Trish quickly jumped on me wrapping her arms around my neck and her strong little legs around my waist. As she began to kiss me deeply I felt her little tits pressed against my chest. Then while we were still kissing I could feel the beer bellied tan man reaching his fingers into the bottom of Trish’s swim suit from under her leg. Trish felt his fingers and broke her kiss with me.

She whispered into my ear, “This is so exciting! I’ve never done anything like this before. Thank you Don.”

I replied, “This is a first for me too Trish, thanks to you.”

Then she reach out one hand and quickly put it down the Speedo of the other guy standing next to her and asked him, “So what’s your name?”

He replied, “Frank.”

Neither the bartender nor the life guard seemed to care about what we were doing, but the rest of the people at the pool were staring at us. My cock stiffened quickly and throbbed against the front of Trish’s swim suit. Unfortunately Frank had his fingers in that exact spot which sent an uncomfortable shiver down my spine when he didn’t move them. Trish quickly noticed the issue and pulled Frank’s hand out.

Then to my great satisfaction she said to Frank, “I’m sorry Frank, but I think I should tend to my husband first. When I’m done with him I’ll help you out. You don’t mind right Don?”

I replied, “Nope, Frank you could do anything you like with her once I’m done.”

I could sense other men fidgeting with jealousy as I happily offered up my so called wife to some stranger.

Frank nodded with a grin and said, “Sure.”

Then he leaned back against the wall of the pool next to me and patiently waited. Trish placed her tiny soft hand in my swim suit and wrapped it around my cock.

She commented, “Wow Don you’re bigger than I expected.”

I smiled and Frank butted in once again asking, “You two aren’t really husband and wife are you?”

Trish smiled at him and shook her head in response. Then she used her hand to pull the waist of my swimsuit down far enough to unleash my cock. Next she pulled the crotch of her swimsuit off to the side.

She whispered heavily into my ear, “Go ahead Don, put it in me.”

With out any hesitation I used one hand to guide my cock to her muff. Then she lowered her hips and engulfed my meat with her pussy. Her pussy was loose by comparison to what I had experienced the night before, but it was still hot and plush. The pool water changed the feeling slightly as it mixed with her pussy juices. It was nice, different but nice. We were trying hard to be subtle, but it was obvious what we were doing.

Then Trish whispered softly into my ear, “Don, I have to tell you. I haven’t taken birth control in three months and this is the most fertile time in my cycle.”

I felt a sudden rush as I realized I had the opportunity to impregnate this woman, but I wasn’t sure she wanted it. I assumed she was telling me that because she wanted me to pull out. I didn’t say anything to her about it and instead I just nodded. I was going to cum inside her weather she wanted it or not. Impregnation is one of my top five fantasies evident by my six children (Johnny 22, Jenny 19, Tina 17, Tonya 16, Don Jr. 15 and Alyssa 11).

Suddenly the studly young lifeguard was standing over us at the edge of the pool and he stated in a firm yet empathetic tone, “I’m sorry but you two are getting a little carried away. If you’d like, you can rent one of our private cabanas. The bartender can help you out if that’s what you’d like.”

We agreed realizing that the muscular young man was ready to call security on his radio should we refuse to comply. As we made our way out of the pool, leaving Frank behind, Trish was blushing with embarrassment, but that didn’t stop her from checking out the young man guiding us over to the bar stand. However she wasn’t the one pitching a tent in her shorts with a sturdy unrelenting erection, which was more embarrassing in my opinion. I noticed that Trish had left her top sitting on the bar and she quickly put it back on when we arrived at the bar counter.

The illegal bahis lifeguard spoke to the attractive blond bartender who coincidentally reminded me of and older version of my daughter, “Cindy this couple would like to rent one of our private cabanas.”

“Great! Thanks Brent.” She gleefully replied as I handed her my card. Then she handed us a couple of white towels and said, “Ok you’re all set with a double occupancy cabana. Its cabana number four right over there.”

The girl pointed at the large white tent like structure in the corner shaded by a group of palm trees. Trish and I hastily made our way over to it with all eyes starring us down. I immediately closed the curtain after walking into the cabana. It was nothing more than a tent with two cushioned lounge chairs in it. Trish sat on a lounge chair and laughed off her embarrassment as I sat next to her with my cock still standing at full attention in my shorts. I push Trish back against the lounge chair and she purred as I began to lick and kiss her neck. I speedily kissed down her neck to where her top covered her tits. I used my mouth to lift the cup of the swimsuit top and move it above her tiny tits. Trish cooed as I sucked her right nipple into my mouth and twirled it with my tongue. Then I made circles around her other nipple with my tongue teasing her as she purred and cooed.

Finally she couldn’t take it and she begged coyly, “Nibble on it Don. Please! Just give it a soft little bite. Pretty Please!”

I with held for a few seconds longer as she continued to plead and beg for me to nibble on her nipple. Then as I gently rolled her tiny nipple between my teeth, I slid my hand down her swimsuit and began to massage her furry pussy. Trish was moaning sensuously, but also trying to keep her volume at a minimum to avoid others from hearing. Next I put both hands on her small tight waist and kissed my way down her wet stomach to her bikini bottoms, where I pulled the wet fabric slowly off her hips. I continued to kiss her legs several times as I slid the swimsuit off them. Finally as I pulled the blue bikini bottoms from her little feet which wore a fresh French pedicure, I gently suckled on her left big toe. She giggled coyly and then removed her top completely. I stood and pulled my swimming shorts down past my solid pud making it spring up and bounce as it was released.

As I stood fully nude in front of Trish she whistled her approval and commented, “Wow Don you must work out quite a bit! I wish my husband looked like you!”

The comment boosted my ego tremendously as Trish lied back in the lounge chair and spread her lean legs wide. I got down with my face between her legs and my arms wrapped under and around her small thighs until my hands could reach her pussy. Trish had a relatively big triangular bush of dark coarse pubes. However it was neatly presented and her bikini line was freshly shaven making her bush an acute triangle with the point stopping at the bottom of her slit. The narrow flat top of the triangular bush was only a thumbnails distance from the top of her slit. I burrowed my tongue through the forest and quickly found her clit. I used my fingers at either side to part the hair so I could wrap my entire mouth around her vulva. She had a small pussy; the lips were both narrow and short. Trish wiggled in the chair as she glared at me lapping at her clit. She began to beg for me to fuck her but I continued to lick her clit at a furious pace until I felt she was on the brink of orgasm.

Then as I mounted Trish and placed my oozing dick tip at the pink between the dark hairs, she whispered with passion, “Yes Don fuck me! Ravage me! Ruin me!”

I slid in to her lovely little cunt and rapidly built up a quick pace. Her silky wet little pussy was loose for its small appearance, but that turned me on even more. It made me think she was some sort of common slut who wanted a pussy full of life giving sperm, which I’m sure was hardly the truth. I leaned over her for better momentum placing my hands on the chair at either side of her head. Although, as I continued to pound away at her sloppy cunt she began to moan loudly, so I used my left hand to cover her mouth.

I whispered into her ear, “I’d really like it if you played with your clit while I fuck you.’

Trish eagerly rubbed her finger tips over her clit with a swift side to side motion as I thrust forcefully into her. The lounge chair was beginning to creek and squeak and I feared it would break. Then Trish screamed into my hand and wriggled her little body underneath me as a potent orgasm washed over her. Her pussy grabbed at my cock trying to milk it and suck the life juice from it. Watching this little woman cum underneath me had me rapidly approaching my own orgasm, but I held back as much as I could while Trish flexed and contorted to the will of her pussy spasms. Luckily her climax began to subside long before I got too close to shooting off inside her too soon. She had completely relaxed by the time I was at the brink of cumming. I pulled out very close to the point of no return. After a couple seconds I dipped my throbbing manhood back into her warm fertile pool of lust and I felt my balls tighten very quickly with impending cum.

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