Agent of Change

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This is a work of fiction and may contain scenes of explicit sex. Any resemblance to actual places, persons, or events is coincidental. All characters are over 18 years of age. If you are not of the legal age or location to read adult stories, or are uncomfortable with erotic type themes, please stop reading now and close this document. If you can’t handle sex in a story, why are you looking at this in the first place!

Chapter 1 – Jackson


That’s all that is on my brain! Why? Because I can’t seem to get any! And at 22 years old this is becoming embarrassing!

My names Jackson and I am a reasonably handsome man at least in my estimation. Blond, blue eyed, athletic, and trim. I’d even go as far as to say Hot… Some of my friends have said that about me along with the terms friendly and cute… I don’t quite enjoy those terms as much.

However, when it comes to sex… shy, reserved, maybe even asexual is what my actions show.

You’d think that at 6’5″ tall with a modest 6″ cock, I’d be less intimidated by the people that I’m attracted to. This however is not the truth as it seems that my playful, friendly nature abandons me when I become interested in someone and I just freeze…

It’s like I’m waiting for my brain to function. I can’t speak, I can’t move… I just stand there looking stupid. Is my body waiting for just the right person to come along and sweep me off my feet? It’s weird because afterwards I can fantasize about that person and come up with all sorts of deliciously dirty scenarios but when they’re in front of me… nothing…

Damn, time to get up and get ready for work. AAhhhh… Stretching out my back feels so good. I must have slept wrong again. Well now for my shower. Ow! Too hot! Ahh, just right. Ok now for my routine. Brush, brush, brush… soap, soap, soap… scrub, scrub, scrub… jack, jack, … OH Eddy… AAAHHHH!!! Soap, Soap, Soap… Scrub, Scrub, Scrub… Rinse, Rinse, Rinse… Damn my boss is sexy…

At least I can always trust my day to start off right! Right handed that is! Hehe. I just hope the rest of my day goes this well.

Chapter 2 — 10069

[Report 10069] scrolled across my visual cortex.

Damn, another dry report to my superiors who have yet to allow me to utilize my potential.

[Sir. Subject 10069.1 has shown increases in anxiety as our body shield maintains the subject’s separation from all procreation activities. The subject has been encouraged to maintain an adequate personal appearance, but use of his body has been restricted to minimal levels and only individual activities. Subject began showing extreme stress until minimal personal genital stimulation was allowed. Levels declined to within the parameter range. Subject showed further stress and frustration when presented with external stimuli in the environment. Recommend that the next stage of controls begin immediately.]

As always, my report focuses on the stress and frustration that my subject exhibits. Hopefully not showcasing my own frustration at the lack of stimulation I am experiencing. For 12 years, earth time, I have monitored and regulated .1 or whom I now identify as Jack. In all of this time stage 1 procedures have only allowed for minor modifications to my subject.

Physically, his overall appearance has been altered to have a minimal body fat percentage, increased height from his predestined 5’9″ to a pleasing 6’5″, and a healthy skin quality.

Mentally, he has been modified to be intelligent, increasing his IQ from 110 to around 160. Congruently, over the years I have had to be very careful with my controls so that he does not recognize my oversite.

Lastly, his emotional makeup has been carefully controlled and it is here that I keep a close reign on his sexual growth. Jack has a natural jovial and friendly manner that when combined with his advantageous looks creates quite the stir with other humans. This has caused me to have to start extreme controls when confronted with unapproved relationships… The unintended consequence is that others now sees Jack as shy, gentle, and reserved while in his mind he is exploding with lust and deviancy. Most recently, I have had to start putting him into a feedback loop when he became attracted to others causing him to freeze in place until the stimuli moved on.

With my latest report I hope that central finally allows me to progress to stage 2 where the real training can begin.

Chapter 3 — Jack

Wednesday, hump day, don’t I wish!

Work in the accounting office seemed to start off relatively easy today, only a few files to work on and plenty of breaks before the day is out.

Ed looks smoking today… If only my boss didn’t know that he was attractive! Such a smug asshole.

Now I wouldn’t say that accounting records is the most fun or interesting job, but it does pay for the bills. I just wish that it afforded me more time with other people.

My boss, the owner Mr. Denali, however, has other plans. Mr. Denali or Eddy the Ass as I want to think of him is an arrogant asshole, bedava bahis with the cutest ass, who loves to load me up with twice the work as the others. This in turn has made the other workers in the office avoid me so that his attitude towards me doesn’t rub off on them. Today is obviously not going to be an exception.

Did Mr. Denali really just drop off 20 files and expect it done by the end of today. Unreal! I’m supposed to go out tonight with some of the others from work who haven’t ostracized me yet. I haven’t gone out in months to socialize and now it doesn’t look like I’ll ever get done.

Just watching him snicker as he walks off pisses me off. Just look at his ass saunter over to Olivia and flirt. He thinks he’s God gift to women. I know he’d be pissed if I ever even hinted about my attraction to him.

I am a hard worker, I don’t complain even if he is being unfair, and I always get my work done on time. I blame this for keeping me from having a life. If only I could get back at him somehow…

Chapter 4 — 10069

[10069. Your request for stage 2 has been approved. Ensure subject is compliant with all demands within one month. Relocation is possible. Further enhancement is mandated to facilitate the expected work load. Central out.]

Finally! I can get down to more interesting system controls. And not a moment too soon.

For the last two years, Jack has been working at this dead end job that has ensured his easy compliance with my regulations. Now it’s time for him to come out of his shell. I am experiencing high levels of agitation often related to excitement in my subject’s personality.

I need to review my stage 2 changes immediately.

Increase penile size to 9″ soft with 12″ hard, additional changes at next level.

Ejaculation volume increased to ½ cup per 20 minutes

Testicular enlargement to approximately the size of a lemon

Begin the adjustments in the effects of exposure to bodily fluids

Subject’s Emotional & Mental susceptibility to Agent increased

Levels of energy, recuperation, and lust raised

Fertility of the subject’s ejaculation is dependent on Agent’s control, and will remain infertile until otherwise demanded.

I think it’s time to take Jack home and make some yummy changes. It looks like a painful night of growth for Jack but so much more interesting afterwards. But who to test out the new abilities on…

The more I think on it, Mr. Edward Denali is a definite target for my first test. I abhor such spiteful behaviors that I have seen exhibited by this human. If all goes well Jack is due for a promotion.

Chapter 5 — Jack & 10069 – Changes

The last file is finally done. It’s only 6:45 pm. That leaves me a little time to catch up with the crew over at Donny’s Bar and Grill.

Whoa… I suddenly feel tired. I guess I worked a little too hard today. I suppose I’ll just go get some takeout and head home. I don’t really want to go to the bar anyway…


… It’s so nice to… be in… bed…


Damn Alarm! Shut off.

Boy, do I feel refreshed! Thursday is here and for once I have the energy to make it through the day!

Well now for my shower. Brush, Brush, Brush… Soap, Soap, What the FUCK!!!

Am I having an allergic reaction? My Balls are huge and my cock is enormous! Damn, they hurt to touch. What happened to me?

I am making changes to your body to ensure you can assist me.

Who was that? Where are you?

I am 10069 and I am your control agent. I reside in you at a molecular level and I am here to help.

Seriously, in me… help… right… show yourself before I call the cops!

Hehe. Go ahead and try…

Why can’t I move! Let me go!

Not until you recognize that you are in my control and will be doing whatever I tell you to.

Failure to comply will result in appropriate responses…

AAAHHHH! Shit… What the fuck did you hurt my balls for!

I asked for you compliance and you did not respond. You had level one corrective punishment applied. I suggest that you respond in the future or higher levels of punishment will be applied. NOW, do you understand?

I understand.

Good, then go sit on your bed. We are both going to enjoy your life and I expect your compliance. In return I will gift you with powers and pleasure far above what you would expect to ever have. Haven’t you been enjoying a very healthy life? Haven’t you always found it easy to stay in shape?

What do you mean compliance? And as for healthy or in shape. What do you have to do with it?

Everything. I have been in you since you were 10 years old. I corrected your short comings and ensured that you were the ideal physical specimen that you are today. You are mine and will comply. Agree or face the consequences… By the way, I have been able to follow your thoughts since I joined you and there bedava bonus is no way to remove me. As of now, we are one. You just need to accept it so that we can move on. Perhaps I should demonstrate what your agreement would award you…


Well, that was quick… But for a first time and going full blast immediately I guess I can’t expect you to have a better performance.

That was awesome! I guess that I don’t have a choice, but could you please tell me what it is that you want me to do?

Do? Why enjoy the ride while I takeover your world. My kind has been infiltrating your world for years and we find that your human nature is very pleasurable. You are now mine and I will be enjoying you for many years to come.

Chapter 6 — Jack & 10069 – What’s going on?

Ah… Can you at least explain why my body is looking different? You’re not going to kill me are you?

Oh no, Jack. Not death. We have a wide range of options to try but that is definitely not one. As for your body… It’s mine to change as I see fit. You are going to be upgraded so that our pleasure will be enhanced and your ability to help me with the takeover will be ensured. As you noticed, your balls and cock are bigger but I have also made it so that your bodily fluids will affect other people in unique ways. From now on, you are my agent on earth and you just need to go along for the ride.

… Ok… Wait… you’ve been with me since I was 10 years old… Why have you waited all this time? Are you the reason that I am still a virgin at 22 years old? Have you been controlling me?

Why yes, Jack. How smart of you to notice. Unfortunately, your initial enhancement required you to forgo sex until the second stage of evolution. Now that you have been altered to stage 2, we can proceed. Your next stage of development will require experience first. I have your first conquest in mind but was wondering who you might choose if given the chance? I am looking forward to having all of your virginity taken…

Oh shit! I think… Joanna or Suzi in the office look pretty hot. Maybe that waitress at Donny’s bar that I saw last time we were there.

Wait Jack, you misunderstand. For your first virginity, you are the one sucking cock, not some girl. That decides it. Since you actually think your straight, I will now need to disabuse you of that notion. We are now gay Jack. I even felt that your name was perfect for it since jacking is what you will specialize in. When I came, I was sent to take over the male population. There are others for the women. Sorry if you got your hopes up. Hehe.

But I’m not gay! I like women. I’ve never even thought about a man in that way.

Really Jack. No need to lie to me. Remember, I can and have been reading your mind since you were 10 years old. Trust me when I say that men do it for you. I have had to work the hardest on deflecting men from your life ever since that incident with Robert at your high school football game. Now he was gay, and he so wanted you. You froze for the first time that night. You should be grateful that I was there to help you like that. He would have used you and spit you back out. But no matter, today we are going after your boss Mr. Edwards the ass Denali. Lucky for you, he’s pissed me off with how he treats you.

My BOSS!!! No way! He is so straight it hurts. As a matter of fact I know that he has been banging at least four of the women in the office. He’s almost a cliché on who to use when climbing your way to the top for the women. Not to mention that as an ex-football player, he is stronger than me even at 6′ to my 6’5″.

Hah! You don’t need to go worrying about his strength. I have made some modifications to you that will ensure your domination. To be clear, I dominate you completely, and allow you to have some freedom to dominate others. If at any time I ask, you will submit to those same people if I decide that they deserve a reward. Don’t worry, I’ve made it so that no matter what occurs, if you deserve it you will be well rewarded with pleasure.

Chapter 7 — 10069 Plans

Time to practice Jack. Go into the garage and get some twine. Also, you need to get a present for your boss. It needs to be something that will allow you to get close enough to him to steal a kiss. Hehe. I’m so excited about this.

As I watch Jack leaves to get what I asked for, I am pleased with his compliance. I send him a low level of endorphins that leave a grin on his face and help reinforce his outlook on following my orders. Following Jacks thought I see that he is excited about finally having sex but really nervous about it being with such a macho male of his species.

Jack. Stop moving for a minute. I want you to take your clothes off right now.

Oh ok. I heard him mutter.

I’ve modified your balls to blast vast quantities of ejaculate and you will need to milk yourself regularly if you are not involved with someone. I have also increased the pleasure receptors in your body. I would like you to jack off right now. When deneme bonusu you release I want all of it to be eaten. If you miss any, you will be punished. Be creative Jack and you will be rewarded.

Right now in the hallway? He queried in his head.

Jacks pain increased a little and he got the point. Right away he got naked, showing off his newly enlarged balls and prodigious penis. With long smooth strokes Jack worked his cock. Stopping at the tip, Jack smoothly swirled his hand around the frenulum. Next he slid his hand down cupping his balls and squeezing them gently. Going back to his shaft, he started pumping with hard deep strokes that sent shivers down his spine. Keeping him at level one, his penis grew from 9″ to his large 12″ monster. Pleased with Jacks compliance I added more stimulation to his body by attaching all of the nerves on his skin to the pleasurable sensation from his penis. Suddenly the simple breeze on his bare skin caused his pleasure to skyrocket. I enjoyed Jack’s moaning and decided to push him a little harder. I blocked his ability to orgasm and yet had him continue to jack off both harder and faster. His moans soon turned to screams pleading for an orgasm that I wasn’t sure if he would have. At this point I monitored his body levels and noticed that he might die without an orgasm. His balls were not the size of grapefruit and he easily had three loads ready for delivery.

Have you figured out how to drink down your ejaculation yet Jack? Until you’re ready, I will not allow you to have an orgasm. Notice, I control your pleasure completely…

Jack was even more resourceful than I thought. In a blink of an eye he was on his back, hunched over with his penis in his mouth ready for delivery.

Good job Jack. You have my permission to orgasm. NOW Jack!

Hehe. I’m sure that scream would have been heard around the world if his mouth wasn’t so full of ejaculate. I easily saw 1 ½ cups of thick creamy cum swallowed down his throat. Just enjoying the sensation, I was wondering how life could be better!

Chapter 8 — Jack Commits

Oh My God! I can’t believe the pleasure that is coursing through my body at this moment. I am faint. I am flushed with pleasure. I am confused. Damn do my balls feel sore but good…?

Is it right that this agent controls me so completely? Shouldn’t I feel like fighting back? But damn. That felt awesome. Easily the best orgasm I have ever had. I literally feel my resistance crumbling. I can’t believe that I am so weak.

I hear 10069 reply in my head that it’s not weakness, simply what’s right and that his control isn’t going to change.

Can I do this? Yes I can. Is that pleasure I am feeling? I can do this! More pleasure?

Ok 10069. I will help you take over my asshole of a boss! MORE pleasure surges through my body…

I carefully sit up from the floor and without thought start to finish the assignment that 10069 gave me. Twine and return. Getting twine was easy as it is sitting in the garage but I really do wonder what he wants it for. I happened to have two different gages of thickness so I brought both. I return to my bedroom to wait for further instructions.

10069’s voice is like a whisper in my mind as usual as he orders me to pack the twine into my bag for work. He also instructs me to begin my day as if nothing unusual has happened and get to work. He reminds me about the “present” for my boss. I don’t know if he likes ties but this present meets the requirements that I can get near Ed’s face. I am nervous about this task but starting to feel pleasure whenever I tell myself that I can do it. Already, I’m thinking I can do anything that 10069 asks.


Arriving at work, one of my fellow workers starts whispering and pointing at me. I can only guess it would be the large bulge in my pants that is entirely obvious that has induced the staring. To top it off it is no other than Olivia of the beautiful boobs that snickers the most. I just ignore her as I walk by.

10069 is silent right now but that’s fine as I know my objective is to corner Mr. Denali in his office. I don’t quite understand how a kiss is supposed to subdue him but I am listening. Slight pleasure forms… happy me…

Going to my usual desk, I notice that I haven’t received my work for the day. This is perfect! I head straight to Mr. Denali’s office. I know it’s unusual for me to ask for work but this does afford me the opportunity to get to him alone. Passing Olivia once again, I ignore her as she licks her lips and keep on going towards my target. I don’t actually even feel enticed by Olivia’s blatant display… Pleasure flows throughout my body gently…

Excuse me Mr. Denali?

He abruptly askes what the hell I want, which helps me feel less guilt at what I’m about to do. I inform him that I have a present for him for bosses day, in addition to needing today’s assignments. He looks confused at first about it being bosses day, since it really isn’t, but quickly relents as his greed overwhelms him. I ask him if I can fix it for him and he says to do it quickly so I can get back to work. As I pass the tie over his head, I quickly lean in and kiss his lips with a wet kiss as 10069 directed. Backing away quickly, I see Mr. Denali’s sudden shock at a kiss and his instant anger towards me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32