Afterwork Playtime

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Alex had been on the force for more than 20 yrs. He’d been married and divorced twice thanks to his love for the job. For the past 6 months he’d been in charge of breaking in the new cadets in the field.

He’d been on ride-a-longs with Maddison several times this month, and it never failed to shock him at how strikingly beautiful she was. She had an amazing body. Her squared shoulders were strong, yet feminine. She had perfect 36C tits, a small waist and nice curvy hips. He played off his closeness as being a good teacher, but it was more because he found it hard to be away from her. He spent his time with her imagining what she was like in bed. It was her naked body that he conjured while pleasuring himself.

Maddison loved her job. Especially when she got to be in the field with Alex. He was so big. His arms ripped with muscle. To say the least he was built. She had once got a peak of him coming from the locker room without his shirt and she melted right there. Since then she couldn’t keep her eyes off him. He’d caught her starring a few times and answered with a coy smile. When she caught him starring she would blush, swearing that he was undressing her with his eyes. Not that she minded.

Maddison made it a point to be close to Alex whenever she could. Slightly bumping his arms as she passed or accidentally letting her hand brush his when they were standing close. She would deftly pretend she didn’t get the concept of detaining a suspect knowing he would show her by putting his hands all over her. She thoroughly enjoyed that. His big hands groping her. He was rough, like you would be with a suspect. But that was ok with her, she liked it rough. She could only imagine what sex would be like with him. So strong and controlling. She wanted him to control her, to punish her, to man-handle her.

Since they had to be professional on the job, their likeness for eachother was never brought up. Strictly business. Neither one knew of the others desires.

While running a standard patrol one day they began discussing a new case. Maddison was really into it. She touched his leg to express her point.

“I wish you wouldn’t do that.” said Alex

“Do what?”

He waved her off “Uh nevermind, it’s my problem anyway.”

“NO! What did I do?” asked Maddison.

“Well it’s just when you touch me……eh forget it.”

“You mean like this?” chuckled Maddison slowly walking her fingers bahis firmaları up his leg.

Alex sucked in a sharp breath. “Don’t tease Maddie, I can’t take it.”

“Oh sorry. Professional right. But ya know we’re off in an hour, do I have to be professional after that?” she asked fleetingly.

“What are you saying Maddie? Is there something I should know?”

“Well I think you get the idea, but yeah Alex I guess you should know.” She coughed out the words I WANT YOU hoping to hide her embarrassment.

“Are you serious?” Alex asked trying to hid his elation.

“Yeah I’m serious. I’ve wanted you since we first met. But ya know with work and all that BS about being professional I didn’t know how to get my point across.”

“Oh well, I think you’ve done a fairly decent job.” Alex said while trying to hide the growing mass between his legs.

“So tonite then? Let’s say my place at 7?” begged Maddison.

“Uh uh well…wow…yeah t-t-tonite sounds um perfect.”

“Don’t be nervous Alex…I’m not.” she nearly squealed.

Alex showed up at her door at five minutes to seven. He was nervous. He’d imagined this a hundred times and couldn’t control the racy pictures that flashed in his mind. With each one he could feel a tightening in his pants. With shaking hands he rang the doorbell. She answered before it stopped dinging. The door opened to her perfect smile. He was floored. She looked even better out of the uniform.

She checked him up and down and her smile widened when she saw the reaction in his pants. “Are you glad to see me?” she teased.

“Uh damn you look gorgeous! Yeah”, he cleared his throat. “Yeah I’m glad.”

She had dinner waiting on the table. It smelled delicious. She must have been cooking for hours. There were candles lit and a bottle of wine chilling next to 2 glasses.

“Well aren’t you just the prim and proper hostess?” chided Alex

“Everything is ready, except well I will definately need you…I..I mean need your help with dessert.”she said blushing.

They ate in silence both eagerly anticipating the direction the night had taken. Though no words were exchanged there was definate electricity in the air. The flirty looks she was giving him across the table made it hard for him to enjoy his meal. He wondered to himself how she knew that he liked lasagna. It was his favorite. He could tell he was about to find a new favorite kaçak iddaa meal. Devouring that luscious body one nibble at a time.

She rose to take the dishes to the sink, but he was more interested in something else.

“Leave those. They’ll be there when we’re done.” he said tugging her towards the bedroom.

He kissed her gingerly and she responded by tangling her fingers in his hair. As soon as they reached the bedroom her intensity incresed as if she was trying to distract him from something. He was surprised to see how prepared she was. There on the bedside table was a bottle of lube and an array of strange gadgets. This excited him even more.

“What are those?” he asked between kisses.

“Well those are my toys. I haven’t done this in awhile and I thought these would help losen me up. I was hoping you would help with that. You don’t mind do you?”

He smiled impishly and laid her back on the bed. He kissed her deeply as he started unbuttoning his shirt.

“Get undressed my pet.” She moved quickly to lose every article of clothing.

It only took a moment of admiring her body before his pole was standing at full attention. He knelt between her legs and began exploring her warm mound with his tongue. She moaned and ground against his face when he plunged his tongue into her. He reached for a vibrator hoping to send her over the edge. But as he got close to her wet hole her shaky hand grabbed his wrist. She was shaking her head.

“No, please. I want it somewhere else first.” she panted.

He froze. He couldn’t hide his excitement. “You mean…..?” She was blushing again.

“Oh holy shit Maddie! You’re too perfect!!!” His cock grew harder than he thought was possible. He used to lube to make the vibe nice and slick then slathered Maddie’s round ass. He turned it on and slowly inserted about an inch into her. He felt her stiffen and then relax as she became more comfortable. He inched it deeper little by little enjoying the moans it produced. His strokes stayed pretty shallow so he didn’t hurt her.

“MMMMMMmmmm that feels great baby, but I think that’s enough of that for now.” Alex’s heart sank. “I want YOU to fuck my tight ass now.”

In the blink of an eye Alex’s pants were at his ankles. As he stepped out of them Maddie could see the bulge under his skivvies. It sent shivers through her.

“My god Alex, you’re huge!!”

“It’s only 9 inches kaçak bahis love, it’s not huge.” smiled Alex

“I don’t know if I can take it baby.”

“Don’t worry. I’ll be gentle and slow while I stuff your ass.” he said winking.

He coverd his dick with lube and began probing his way around her hole. He rocked and gently pushed at her opening until his bulbous head broke through the tight ring of muscles. She let out a cry of both pleasure and pain. He eased himself deeper and deeper relishing in the hot tight sheeth surrounding his cock. As she relaxed he started girating and moving further in until he was buried to the hilt in her constricting sphincter.

Her hands were clenched so tightly in the sheets he feared they might rip. Her jaw was clenched tight and her eyes nearly screwed shut. He could tell she wasn’t in pain though. Her face was flushed and every once in awhile his movements caused a deep gutteral moan to escape from her lips. She met his every thrust with a thrust of her own, their hips meeting with a slap in the middle. She purred and bucked against him while he rubbed her sweet spot.

He could feel his load building from his toes and it made him pump harder and faster. It was exhilerating to be fucking her tight round ass. The more he focused on that the closer his heat got. He rocked faster and harder until he felt her body go rigid.

“AHHHH I’m cummin baby! M-M-More. MORE!!!! She screamed as she reached a deep orgasm.

With that he had no more. He lost control and felt his body spasm and convulse against her, releasing his sticky white spunk deep into her bowel. He rocked a few more times to make sure she was finished. With a final shudder the were both spent. He collapsed beside her breathless and sweaty. She curled herself into his side and whispered “No one has ever taken my ass before.” He couldn’t help but feel a bit smug at that.

“Hey hunny?” Alex whispered.


” I didn’t hurt you did I?” He got no response so that could only mean he had.

“Maddie?” She sighed deeply and started snoring quietly.

He layed awake for awhile replaying the events of the night. He had wanted so long to “know” her and now he did, in the most intimate way. He smiled and curled up behind her. He knew this wouldn’t be the last time he would be with her like this. They both slept soundly until dawn broke thru her window. They dressed in silence knowing it would be hard to hide the previous nights encounter. They drove to work seperately and showed no interest in eachother once they got there. It was the only way not to let the whole presinct in on their steamy desires.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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