After Work Release

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This is my first try at writing a story. It is based on my experiences, fantasies and on me, a trans gay guy in his 40s, 5’7, 150 lbs, short dark/graying hair. Muscular, hairy, but trimmed around the crotch. Five years of hormones has given me a 2 inch clit always hungry for a blowjob. Comments are encouraged. Bear in mind that English is not my first language.

* * *

You sit there waiting, as instructed. On your knees, on the hallway mat. It is 5.28pm, meaning that you have been waiting there for at least 28 minutes. Your knees are parted, your hands are on your back. The mat is rough under your skin, after spending 28 minutes your skin is smarting a little. You’re wearing a jock strap only and you have not been allowed to come for four days now.

I open the door and enter the hallway. It’s dimly lit but I can see you clear enough. You are sitting there waiting, and as you hear me open your door, you open your mouth, stick out your tongue, and remain so. I take off my jacket and put it on a hanger, adjust my tie. I walk around you in a circle, to make tempobet yeni giriş sure you have followed my instructions. Your tight little ass is resting on your heels. I see the butt plug is in place. I can feel my junk stirring in my pants, getting harder by the sight of you and by anticipation of what is to come.

I get back in front of you. Your mouth is still open and now saliva is running along your tongue, dripping onto the floor. Your eyes are wide open, looking up at me. I open my zipper and pull down my pants and briefs. I grab my two-inch clit, stroking it. My cunt is flowing with juices and I rub my dick clit in the wetness. It’s glistening, as it is hard and pointing straight at you. I move closer to you and have my glans touch your tongue. Your warm wet tongue feels so good and my hips moves in circles to have my erect limb move all over your face. I come back to your lips and open mouth, I shove all my junk in. You know what that means and immediately start sucking me. Using lots of saliva and commitment to pleasure me, I moan as I grow tempobet giriş harder still. Your tongue dances around my glans, lapping my juices, your lips pulling back the foreskin. Your head is moving back and forth, sucking like your life depended on it.

My hips thrusts toward you, toward your bobbing head. Going all the way in, my dick clit reaches the back of your mouth. I grab your head to remain buried in your mouth, grinding against your mouth and nose. You are gasping for air but I pay it no mind. I hold your head and push myself even further in. Your tongue is swirling and your mouth is sucking me so good. I keep my hands on your head and control every move. I move your mouth away from me and you gasp for air. I direct my glans at your lips and move your head against me again.

With your hands on your back, it is hard for you to keep your balance. I point to the armchair behind you. You move to sit in front of it, using it as support behind you. Your head is pressed against the chair and you open your mouth for me again. Your face is covered tempobet güvenilirmi in my juices and your tongue is licking your lips for more.

I put my legs on either side of you. Now I’m so horny I can’t wait anymore. I reach for the back of the armchair. I’m so hard now, wanting to explode. I start to fuck your mouth relentlessly, using the weight of the armchair to push deep in to your hole. Your head is trapped between my frantically thrusting hips and the armchair. Your only option is to let me use your hole as I wish. I move in and out of your sucking mouth, faster and faster. I grunt with each thrust, getting closer and closer. I finally explode in your mouth, letting my throbbing dick clit stay at the very back of your mouth. My clit is pulsating in your throat and my groin covers your nose. You are still looking up at me and I see your eyes tear up. I take my time pumping your mouth to the very end of my orgasm. As I let you go you gasp for air and you sink back to the floor panting.

I take a step back and put my clothes back on. I turn for the door as my eye catches the puddle beneath you. Cum is dripping from your jockstrap. As you see me notice it you flinch. You know you are in trouble now. I take my coat from the wall and head for the door. We both know that next time will be a totally different story.

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