After Work Ch. 01

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The following story is 100% true, it happened to me one night when I was 20.

I had just come home from work, I was pretty tired but felt like watching a few movies. I grabbed a couple of titles from under my bed and went down stairs to release some tension. I’m a tall well built guy, but kinda shy. I live by myself and haven’t had a solid relationship for about 6 months, but have had numerous one night stands with both men and women, although I do prefer women, I will go for guys if they are attractive.

Anyway, I went down stairs and took my clothes off and put a video in the vcr. I sat down and pushed play on the remote, on came the video, it was of two big guys fucking a sexy looking blond woman, one guy was ramming her from behind, and the other guy was being sucked off. This made me extremely horny, so I started to stroke my cock. Then the guy that was being sucked pulled away and walked behind the other guy and started licking his hole, this almost sent me over the edge but I managed to hold off Cumming. He put some gel on his cock and rammed the other guy deep in the ass, as he was fucking the blond. I couldn’t take it anymore, but I didn’t want to come, so I put some clothes on and went to the bar in town.

I was so horny, I didn’t care were I got it from, all I wanted sex. I walked in the door and looked around to see if there were any good looking people, I didn’t really see many there, so I sat down at the bar and ordered a drink. I was there alone for no longer than 10 minutes when I looked across and saw an older gentleman looking at me, he was probably in his mid fifties, so I flirted with him from a far for a while. He waved at me to come over, so I grabbed my drink and sat next to him. His name was Greg and he was pretty solid looking, with good taste in clothes. We talked for about 5 minutes before we started speaking what was on both of our minds, we needed to fuck.

We got up and walked towards his car, he said casino siteleri he lived near buy so we were to go to his house. He had a BMW, so it looked like he earns a fair bit of money and was well off. We got in the car and pulled out of the driveway. It was only 50 metres down the road before I had his cock out and in my mouth. It was a beautiful cock, smooth and fat, and about 8 inches. I have a nice cock, but its only 7 inches, so not as big. But it tasted so sweet. He was hard in seconds as I was working my throat muscles around his big tool. He was steering with one hand and forcing my face down on his cock with the other. I’ve only sucked cock a few times, but by the sounds of his moaning, he was enjoying it, and was close to pumping his cum down my throat. I gripped his shaft hard and sucked his cock head with all my power and it was too much for him, he pulled over and almost passed out with such an intense orgasm. He sent so much sperm flying down my throat, it just wouldn’t stop, and I had to ram my face down on it to get it all. He started driving again as I licked his cock clean and put it back in his pants and zipped him up.

It wasn’t long before we pulled up to his apartment, but the drive seemed to take forever. We got out and walked along the path to get to his apartment. He unlocked the door and we both walked in. It was a huge apartment, very modern looking, but before I had any more time to admire the room, he had grabbed me and pushed me to the floor and was kissing me deep. He was pushing his tongue in and out of my mouth like a dance. At the same time he was massaging the bulge in my pants and playing with my nipples under my shirt with the other hand. He stopped kissing me long enough to say “I want your cock,” so we started undressing each other quickly because we were both ready for it.

Soon we were both naked, so I lay down on the floor and he sits just above my knees. I closed my eyes and moaned as canlı casino soon as I felt his warm velvet tongue engulf my prick. It was like he was an expert, he would slowly go down to the base of my shaft so it was all the way up his throat, then he would suck hard and pull up to the tip of my head, then ram down and come up again. My head was spinning; I was getting the blowjob of my life. He kept this up for about a minute before I was ready to come, so he put the head inside his mouth and squeezed my balls. I started shouting and shaking as the sperm erupted from my cock and shot straight down his throat. He sat there with his head on my cock till it slipped out. Then he slid up and kissed me with some of my come on his tongue.

We layed together for about five minutes touching and kissing before he said get on all fours, so I got up and got into position. He was behind me for a little while before I felt his tongue push into my ass, it felt so amazing. Id never been rimmed before so it was a new sensation for me. He pushed it in and out and licked around my hole for about a minute, then came to look me in the face and said that’s for later. He then got on his back and slipped under me for a 69. My mouth straight away found his cock, but I decided to take it real slow so that it would last longer. A moan escaped my lips as his he pulled my ass down so it would ram my cock down his throat; he was so good at deep throating a cock. I found it so hard to concentrate on sucking him while he was assaulting my cock. He just kept pushing my ass down so that I was fucking his throat. Then I noticed something touching my hole, it was warm and wet, I wondered what it was while I was sucking, I relaxed with the thought that it must have been Greg’s finger massaging me, but then with a ripping pain it drove into my ass with what felt like 8 or 9 inches. I looked behind me and there was another man about the same age as Greg. Greg pulled away from my cock kaçak casino and said I hope you don’t mind I invited a friend his name is Jake, I just pushed my ass back to meet more of his cock and rammed my mouth down on Greg’s prick. They both laughed as Jake said” man you’ve found a live one tonight Greg.”

I was in so much joy; being stuffed in the ass and sucked was such a great feeling. They had it timed so well, Jake would pull out and Greg would go up, and then Jake would push all the way in and Greg would pull out. Greg shuffled up a bit, so I looked back and saw Greg under Jakes balls licking him out. Greg pushed me up and got out from under me, and Jake laid on his back. Greg grabbed me and positioned me over Jakes cock. He pointed it to my ass and forced me down on it by the shoulders, and then Jake reached up and pulled me close to his body. I knew what he wanted to do. They were going to double fuck me. I was worried that it would hurt, but real excited too. I could feal Greg squirting some lube onto my hole and then I felt the head press against my hole. I wondered how they hell they would both fit, they both have good-sized cocks, but I was too horny to care. Greg pushed hard with all his strength as I yelped with a half pleasure half pain feeling. My ass was so filled with cock, I was in bliss. Greg worked his cock in so that they were both in full and then they started to pump up and down.

Every time one they thrust up, it would hit my prostate and send a chill up my spine. I knew I wouldn’t last long, and the force they were both using, I knew they wouldn’t either. Greg wrapped his arms around my neck tightly and Jake grabbed onto my hair as I knew they would come soon, the room was full of the sounds of us three screaming and grunting as I was suddenly hit by jet after jet of both of there come. We were all exhausted and collapsed into a pile of naked wet bodies. As soon as they recovered there breathing, they both sucked on my cock and balls until I was coming over both of their face, hair and chests. They sucked me off until I was soft and we fell asleep together.

Me, Greg and Jake had more encounters together, and I am so glad that I went to that bar.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32