After Hours

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Big Tits

This story was inspired by a brief sexting session I had with the lovely Vivienne Rose on Twitter several months ago.


“This isn’t right” was all he managed to sputter out as she took a seat on his desk, legs spread open and bright pink silk panties there for all the world to see. “I mean, I’m your boss.”

If she heard him, she didn’t seem to care, and the more he thought about it, neither did her. Frank had honestly dreamed of a moment like this ever since he had first laid eyes on Rose two years ago. At the time, he hadn’t understood why a woman as stunning as she was- with thick thighs, large breasts, and an ass that made itself known no matter what she wore, was working as a cleaning lady for the office, but he’d never questioned it.

After all, it meant she was always around, and he could sneak glances at her to his heart’s content.

Frank had lost track of how many days he’d watched her work, then when it was time to clock out, rushed home to jerk off to thoughts of her. But now that she was here? He wasn’t sure what to do.

The night had started out rather normal. He was working late- a project had gone over budget and he was trying to figure out what to do, and after losing track of time realized he was probably one of the only people left in the building. The sound of squeaking wheels on tiles told him he was wrong, and that was how Rose had wound up outside his door.

After that?

Well, he wasn’t sure. They spoke for a few minutes and the next thing he knew, she was there, sitting on his desk like she’d stepped straight out of one of his fantasies, and he was helpless to do anything about it.

“It’s okay sweetie,” Rose said with a devilish smirk that made him blush, “I know you want this as much as I do.”

Her hand moved down her chest, gliding its way through her tits and along her stomach, his eyes following it the whole way, and nearly bulging out of his head when it made its way beneath her skirt and began to rub along her panties.

Rose leaned back, her free hand resting on the top of his desk while the other moved all around the soft, silk fabric. Frank was practically mesmerized by the sight, and he could feel his cock begin to strain against his pants. A part of him knew he should say something- she was an employee after all, and he was one of the highest-level executives in the building. They could get into a lot of trouble.

But he stayed silent, and instead watched as a damp spot started to form on the front of her panties. He couldn’t help but stare,

“I see this pleases you,” Rose whispered seductively, right before a moan escaped her red lips. Her head tilted back as her fingers danced along, and Frank could barely believe what was happening. He pinched himself to be sure it wasn’t a dream and shivered once he realized it was real. Rose was sitting on his desk and playing with herself.

She looked his way and smiled at the expression plastered all over his face, as well as the growing bulge in his pants. “Should I…” she said, moving her fingers to the edge of the panties, teasing him with just the briefest glimpse of her already wet pussy.

Frank nodded, unable to speak. Her fingers moved around slowly before her middle finger slipped past the panties and into her waiting lips. She gasped, then let out a whimper that made his cock jump against the crotch of his pants. He wanted to pull it out then and there but he refrained. He had something else in mind first.

“Take them off,” he said, though less of a command and more of a plea. Rose smirked, fingering her pussy a few minutes longer before gently slipping the panties down her thighs and legs. She stepped out of them without tandoğan escort issue, but once she did, Rose kept them dangling off the end of her finger.

Frank watched as she stretched out her arm so her hand was mere inches from his face. “These?” She asked, her grin wicked as could be as she slowly swung them back and forth. His eyes were glued to the damp, pink fabric, and followed them even as the scent of her wet pussy wafted off and into his nose.

Now it was his turn to moan. “Yesss.”

Rose grinned, then looked at the clock. Without warning, she slid off the desk and slipped the panties into his suit pocket. “I still have a few more rooms to clean. But if you’re a good boy, I’ll come back and play when I’m done.”

Before he could say a word, Frank watched her walk out of his office, cleaning cart in hand as if what had just occurred was the most normal thing in the world. And maybe to her, it was. But to him, it was a dream come true, and one that did not seem to be over.

Still, he tried to get a handle on things now that she was gone. He closed the files on his computer- knowing there was no way any more work was getting done tonight, then took a deep breath.

He’d intended that to steady himself, but the moment he did, the scent of the panties in his pocket entered his nose, and Frank shuddered.

There they were. Rosie’s damp panties. Just waiting for him. He knew he shouldn’t do anything, but his cock was begging and his mind was more or less ordering him to do what something he had up until then only dreamed of.

Frank unzipped his pants and slipped his cock out. Then, he pulled the panties from his suit pocket and held them over his nose.

The scent of Rose’s pussy filled his nostrils, and he moaned as his free hand started to stroke his cock. Slowly of course- he didn’t want this to end too soon, much as he wanted to cum. Frank had no idea if she would return, or if this would ever happen again. He had to make it last.

Sitting there, lost in a haze of pleasure, he almost didn’t hear the wheels of the cleaning cart return, but he did hear Rose’s voice from the doorway. “Couldn’t wait for me?”

Frank stopped stroking his cock, but didn’t move her panties from his face. He needed them to hide the massive blush of embarrassment that had overtaken it. “You’re hard to resist.”

Slowly, Rose made her way back to the desk, her eyes locked on his cock. “I see some other things that are hard as well.” She knelt by his chair, so close he could feel the warmth of her breath on her cock as she spoke. “Poor thing looks like he’s aching for a soft touch.”

In an instant, Frank froze. There was something he had always dreamed of where Rose was concerned, something he never thought would happen. Of course, he’d never expected any of this, so he might as well shoot his shot. “Wait..”

Rose looked up at him, a curious look in her eyes.

“Could you…” Frank stammered. He had never done anything like this. Never admitted this particular fantasy to anyone. “Could you use those?”

He pointed over at her cleaning cart. Specifically, to an unopened packaged of yellow rubber gloves. Frank had a massive fetish for gloves, especially rubber ones, and every time he’d seen Rose wear a pair on her cleaning rounds he’d nearly melted.

With a grin, Rose rose and headed over to the cart. She took the package and returned to the desk. Slowly, she opened it and slid each glove on, making sure to take her time. Frank was practically drooling at the sight.

“Pants off,” she ordered, and Frank nearly fell over in his zeal to do so. Rose tried not to laugh at the sight, but in an instant, they were off tunalı escort and he sat on the chair half-naked, his erection free for her to play with. Kneeling once more, Rose rubbed her gloved fingers across his inner thigh, and Frank shivered at her touch.

Almost as an afterthought, he recalled the panties. “What about these?”

Rose’s hand gently glided along his crotch, stopping short of his balls. “You looked content with them before.”

Frank nodded, then returned them to their place over his nose. The scent, along with the sensations of her fingers teasing him, was driving him wild. He sniffed the panties and moaned at Rose’s soft touch. This was Heaven.

“Imagine it was my pussy, instead of my panties,” Rose whispered, her fingers just barely touching his shaft. The thought sent jolts through his system, and Frank did as he was told. He thought of her wet pussy resting over his mouth and nose, the scent and taste of her juices filling him as she came on his face. He moaned and instinctively thrust his cock towards her fingers.

In an instant, one of Rose’s hands pushed him back down. “Don’t get greedy” she said, her tone reminding him of a strict schoolteacher even as the feeling of her rubber-clad hand on his body sent shivers down his spine.

“Sorry.” He said and returned to sniffing her panties. Rose watched him with a smile and lightly rubbed her hand along his shaft. His cock was aching in her grasp, but she was far from finished with him. He gripped the arm of the chair with his free hand, the feeling of Rose’s hands driving him wild.

Just as he was getting used to her soft, teasing strokes, Rose’s other hand cupped his balls and began to rub them. “Fuck!” He said through panties, the feeling of her gloves running across his cock and around his balls better than he had ever imagined. But he wanted more.

“Stop,” Frank said, surprising even himself. Rose did, looking up at him curiously. “I want you to finger yourself with those… I want those gloves covered in your juices.”

Rose smiled, then stood up and plopped herself in his lap, straddling him so that she could play with herself and him at the same time. One gloved hand slipped into her already wet pussy and continued the fingering she’d started earlier, while the other one rubbed his still-aching cock.

Frank put the panties on his desk, and slid a hand under her shirt, cupping her breasts and she pleasured them both. It felt so good- all of it did, and he couldn’t help but keep going. “Get those gloves drenched in your juices..”

He wasn’t sure if she’d done this before, but Rose’s ability to multi-task was incredible. Her rubber-clad fingers slipped in and out of her glistening pussy lips even as their twin stroked his cock for all it was worth. Frank could feel her nipples in the palms of his hands, relished in the opportunity to rub her tits. Her moans were music to his ears, and though she was keeping him on edge, he didn’t care. Frank didn’t want this moment to end.

Rose’s moans increased, she was panting even as he held her there. Frank watched her fingers fuck her pussy faster and faster, then nearly jumped out of his seat as her other hand gripped his cock while she came. Waves of pleasure coursed through her while she gushed all over her glove, his lap, and his cock. Frank didn’t mind.

As she came down from her orgasm, however, he stopped her from returning her full, gloved attention to his cock. Instead, he moved his hands out from under her shirt and grabbed at her pussy-juice soaked gloved hand, brought it up to his lips, and stuck each finger in his mouth. He sucked every drop of her cum off the glove, loving every bit of it while ankara türbanlı escort Rose watched him.

“That was so hot sweetie,” she said when he finished, “Such a good boy.” Frank smiled, then watched as she slid off his lap and back onto the floor. “You wanna cum for me?” Rose asked, and he nodded feverishly.

The feeling of both her gloved hands- one still wet with his saliva and traces of her juices, stroking up and down his cock was incredible. Frank knew he wouldn’t last much longer, but he gripped the arms of the chair anyhow, in some vain attempt to hold back just a little bit longer.

But Rose’s hands were good at what they did, and with a few slick strokes along his shaft, he was ready to burst. However, that wicked grin of hers returned, and she immediately stopped stroking, though her hands stayed on Franks cock. “Beg.”

“What?” Frank asked, his sweat-drenched face twinged with need as he stared down at the cleaning lady kneeling before him.

Rose looked up at him, her expression betraying nothing. “Beg. Beg me to let you cum.” She slowly let one finger glide along his shaft, and Frank shivered.

“Please let me cum.”

She shook her head. “Not like that sweetie. Say ‘Please Miss Rose, let me cum.”

Frank’s mind was frazzled. The power dynamic had shifted throughout tonight’s events, and he was no longer sure who was truly in charge. But a part of his knew if he did as she asked, it would be clear to them both. And her boss or not, it wouldn’t matter.

He also knew he needed to cum.

“Please Miss Rose, let me cum.”

Another finger slowly slid across his cock. “Again.”

“Please Miss Rose, let me cum.”

One hand now, stroking him ever so slowly. “Again.”

He was practically feral with need now, this temptress keeping him just close enough to exploding that he could- would, do anything she asked. “Please Miss Rose,” his voice stuttered as he struggled to speak. “Let me cum.”

Rose smiled, drinking in his words and the submission that came with them. “Okay, sweetie. Cum for me.”

Both her gloved hands went back to work, stroking his shaft and rubbing his balls with such ferocity that Frank knew he was going to burst. He felt his balls tighten beneath the grip of the slick rubber fingers, felt his cock start to buckle in the palm of Rose’s hand.

And then, he came.

His cock exploded, streams of thick, white cum poured out with every stroke, and the glove that played with his balls was there to catch every last drop. Rose expertly milked Frank’s cock, draining his aching balls until she was certain her gloves had gotten it all. She smirked as he collapsed in his chair, then got to her feet and pulled the gloves off.

Frank watched her head back to her cart. Watched as she tossed the used rubber gloves in the trash, then skipped back over to his desk. Without warning, she kissed him, long and deep, and her red lips overpowered him to the point all he could do was sit there and let her do it. He had always dreamed of something like this, but somehow, the real thing felt different. Rose wasn’t simply kissing him.

She was marking her territory. Her lipstick stuck to his lips, letting him know in no uncertain terms that tonight, she had taken ownership of him. And right then and there, Frank understood why Rose remained a cleaning lady. She was good at it for sure, but it also gave her opportunities other positions wouldn’t.

Like staying late to seduce and conquer men like him.

“That was fun sweetie,” she said after breaking the kiss. “Guess I’ll see you tomorrow.”

Frank nodded as Rose picked up her panties. She stared at them for a moment before slipping them back into his pocket. “Consider these a present… And a reminder.”

“Of what?” Frank managed to say as her deep blue eyes stared into his.

“Of who owns you.”

Then she blew him a kiss and walked away, leaving Frank alone, spent, and owned.

He wouldn’t have it any other way.

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