Advice for Ed’s Wife Ch. 02

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Advice for Ed’s Wife, Ch. 2

After some of my friends read Chapter 1 before I published it, they suggested that I write a sequel. Here is a fictional story as an aftermath of the first encounter.

It had been several weeks since Caroline had asked me for advice regarding the lack of sex in her marriage to Ed. I was concerned that we had not heard from them because I know that I overstepped my boundaries with her. Finally, about 4 weeks or so later we received an invitation to come to their house for dinner.

On the appointed day and time we arrived at their lovely home up in the mountains. As we got out of our car, Ed and Caroline both came out on the driveway to welcome us. My wife and I hugged each one of them. We gave Caroline a bottle of wine knowing how much she loves wine. We retired to inside their home and were lead out onto the upper deck where Ed had the BBQ grill going. He put on some steaks and we sat down around a table and enjoyed some hors d’oeuvres. My wife and Ed both drank beer while Caroline drank the wine we had brought to her. Knowing that I don’t drink, they had made a pitcher of iced tea for me. We talked about some recent improvements they had made to their house and also talked about politics, a favorite subject of Ed.

Ed got up to check the meat on the grill and said, “The steaks are getting done. Caroline, I think you should get the side dishes ready.”

Caroline got up and headed into the kitchen. My wife got up and went over to Ed to see to it that our steaks were cooked a bit more. I had drunk several glasses of iced tea while we were talking so I excused myself to go to the bathroom. I went into the kitchen where Caroline was microwaving something.

“I really need to use the bathroom. Which one is the closest?” I asked her.

“Come this way. I’ll show you.” She lead me down the hallway to darkroom with the door open.

“This is the closest one but the light isn’t working. I keep after Ed to fix it. I will leave the door open so you can use the hallway light,” she said.

I went in. I really needed to pee so I hurriedly opened my pants and pulled out my dick. As I started peeing, I looked over my shoulder and noticed that Caroline was still standing in the doorway and was watching my dick. She saw me look at her so she turned around and returned to the kitchen. When I finished, I went to the kitchen and offered to help Caroline carry out some dishes. She handed me a bowl of potato salad and gave me a mischievous smile.

We had a lovely dinner out on their deck and later said our goodbyes and left for home.

About a week later I received an email from Ed asking me to meet him at our favorite restaurant. At the end of the email it said to come alone. Something is up; I hope Caroline did not tell Ed about our encounter.

On the day requested, I arrived at the restaurant a few minutes early, and found Caroline sitting alone in a booth.

“Will Ed be joining us?” I asked.

“No, I wanted to talk to you alone. I hope you don’t mind,” she said.

The waitress came and took our order.

After she left, Caroline said, “I wanted to report back to you about your suggestions but I think I will wait until after our meal. The restaurant is quite full.”

I nodded my agreement and we had small talk while we waited for our meal to arrive. When we were finished with our meal, I told her that I would pay the bill. When I came out of the restaurant, there she was… waiting. She took my arm and started walking me to my SUV which was parked at the far end of the parking lot.

I opened the passenger door and helped her in. I then went around and got in the driver’s seat. I turned in my seat to face her, anxious to hear how things worked out.

“You haven’t told Ed any of this have you?” she asked.

“No, I won’t because I promised you.”

“Did you tell your wife? ” she asked.

“Yes, I did. She had no problem with it and kaçak iddaa she won’t tell Ed either. Let me explain to you about our relationship. Years back we joined a swingers’ club here in Denver. Neither of us has a jealous bone in our body. Swingers are good at keeping secrets, like who they see at the club. So it comes naturally for us to keep our last lunch a secret. You OK with that?” I asked.

” I guess so. Tell me more about the swinging.”

“I would be happy to discuss swinging with you sometime, but now tell me how my suggestions worked with Ed,” I replied.

There was a long pause but then she continued, “The kissing did not work with Ed. The first time I tried it after a nice dinner while we were standing in the kitchen. He just said that he didn’t have time for that. The next time I tried it, we were in bed. He kind of got upset and wanted to know what was with all the kissing stuff. So I gave up on that idea,” she explained.

“I am sorry about that. I was not certain if it work for you guys, but I have to admit that I did enjoy kissing you that day,” I said. I secretly was thinking about the nice erection that I got from all that kissing.

“I enjoyed all the kissing too. I had no idea that kisses were so important and conveyed so much information to the other person. Actually… I think I may have enjoyed it too much,” she said.

She continued, “A couple of weeks after our meeting, Ed and I were laying in bed reading, so I reached over and put my hand on his dick. He didn’t say anything so I pulled it out of his pajamas and started giving him a handjob, as you call it. He put the book down and said what are you doing? I told him that I was showing him how much he meant to me. His dick began to get hard so I continued. So he picked up his book and continued reading. However, I felt his dick get really hard and I saw him put down his book. He closed his eyes and grunted. He squirted all over my hand and even got some on his pajamas. I got up and went to the bathroom to wash my hands. I brought back a warm, wet cloth to clean him up. Afterward, we turned out the lights and went to sleep. I felt like I had made some progress.”

“Several days later, we were laying in bed reading and Ed put down his book and asked me if I remembered what I done for him. I told him I remembered. He asked me if I would do it again. So I put my hand under the covers and felt for his dick through his pajamas. I played with it and it got hard. I pulled his dick out of his pajamas and began to stroke him up and down. Ed laid back and closed his eyes. After a bit, he grunted and squirted all over my hand and on his pajamas. I went to the bathroom and washed my hands. I brought back a warm, wet towel to clean up Ed. He almost immediately went to sleep.”

“That is amazing, Caroline. You were successful at being the aggressor and initiating sex. He is responding to what you have started. Maybe your sex life will improve,” I said.

“I had never done anything like that before. In fact your dick is the only one I have seen besides Ed. I had never played with Ed’s dick before but it was very interesting when I did it. It felt really good to handle him. The skin was so soft and it is interesting how it gets hard. Afterwards, I felt a sense of accomplishment when I could make him squirt.”

“I was concerned that I might have gone too far to show you how to give a handjob,” I said.

“At the time I was shocked that you would take down your pants, but there was something inside of me that was curious. I was so shocked and excited that I did not pay much attention to what your dick looked like. I do remember how it felt in my hand. I think I recall that you are longer and much firmer than Ed.”

“All guys are different and that is what makes life so interesting,” I replied. “There are many variations on how to give a handjob. I had showed you just the basics but it seems it was enough for you to be successful.”

“What else is there kaçak bahis to do?” she asked.

“Well, I assume that you did it this way.” I made a fist and moved my hand up and down with the thumb pointing up.”

“Yes, I did that. That was what you showed me to do.”

“One thing you can do is to grab his dick with your hand inverted, that is with your thumb on the bottom. Like this.” I made a fist in turned my hand down to demonstrate. “It feels very different to the man; however, I think it is hard to do this for very long as the hand gets tired.” Caroline nodded. “Another idea is that you can use a lubricant such as a warm, scented oil that you slowly rub on. The oil makes it easier to slide your hand up and down on the shaft. Some women use a move that resembles polishing the head. Personally, I do not like this as the head of my dick is way too sensitive to be touched. It kills the mood. Another thing that you can do is to rub his balls with your other hand while you give him a hand job. Some couples also use a form of prostate stimulation during a handjob.”

“Wow, that is a lot to remember. I had no idea that a handjob was so complicated. Can you demonstrate some of this for me?” she asked.

“It has just occurred to me that you scheduled this brunch so that you could see and feel my dick again.” I said jokingly.

“I know I should be embarrassed and ashamed, but my curiosity seemed to take over. Yes, I did think about that when I asked for this meeting,” she replied.

I smiled and was inwardly pleased. “Well, maybe I agreed to come today because I wanted to give you another orgasm.”

Caroline became very red in the face. She looked down and away from me. “I think I got too wound up from all the kissing. I have never been kissed like that. I probably should have stopped you but it all was so exciting.”

“What would you do if I did it again?” I asked.

Caroline looked at me and said, “I really don’t know.”

I thought a second or two then I put my hand behind her head and pulled her to me. I kissed her with parted lips and I brushed her lips with the tip of my tongue, She responded warmly. She had her eyes closed and was relaxed with kissing unlike the first time when she was nervous and a little scared. When I was certain that she was going to allow me to kiss her, I put my left hand on her blouse over her right breast. Caroline put her hand on the side of my face and pulled me closer. I knew that my hand on her breast was OK. I massaged her small breast and played with her nipple through the cloth. Her breathing became a little faster. I moved my left hand down to the crotch of her slacks and pushed against her mound. She continued with the kiss so I knew that I could continue. I massaged her crotch for a bit then I put my hand inside the elastic waistband of her slacks. Her eyes were closed, her face was very red and her breathing was almost panting. I pushed my hand inside her panties and moved downward. Her pubs were covered with a full bush of hair, most likely black like the hair on her head. Her mound was quite wet. I moved my middle finger between her lips. I felt her spread her legs farther apart to give me more room. I rubbed her clit with my index finger. She broke the kiss and fell back in the seat. She had her eyes closed and she pushed her head back. She was panting now. I used my middle finger to slowly penetrate her vagina. I felt upward where I had found her G Spot last time and I massaged the area. I felt her hips began to move as though she was fucking. I could feel her orgasm building. Soon she arched her back and pushed her hips forward.

“Oh God, Oh God. Ohhhhh,” she said loudly.

I continued my movements until she collapsed back in the seat. I then removed my hand. For some time she was very still and was just staring at the roof of the car.

Finally she looked at me and said, “Deep down I wanted that to happen. I have thought about it since the first time with you. I have illegal bahis never felt like that….ever. I know it is wrong but God I needed that.”

We sat quietly for a bit then Caroline said, “I see that you enjoyed my orgasm too.”

I looked down and saw a tent pole in my pants. I replied, “Yes, I did enjoy your orgasm. Sexually I am a pleaser. I cannot fully enjoy a sex act without my partner having a great orgasm. I have tried to improve my techniques over the years so as to give the best climax possible. I will get out and adjust myself if it bothers you.”

“No. Why don’t you show it to me. I was so upset when you showed it last time that I really did not pay much attention to it,” she said.

“You are sure about this?” I asked.

She nodded her head yes so I undid my pants and pushed them down to my ankles. My hard dick stood straight up, the head touching my belly.

“You said that you wanted to see it so describe to me what you see,” I said.

“Well, I see that you are quite a bit longer than Ed and bigger around also. The head is bigger than the shaft. You also shave all around the area,” she replied.

“I would not know much about Ed as I have never seen him naked. I was on the swim team in college. The coach made us shave everything and he checked us once a week. I like the way it looks so I have kept doing it. I know if I were a woman, I would hate to give a blowjob to a guy with a hairy crotch. It seems to me to be very unsanitary. I also like women who shave because I don’t have to eat hair when I give oral sex,” I explained.

“Oh, I see.”

“Now feel it and tell me what you feel.”

She put her right hand on my dick. I noticed that her hand was shaking. She was either very nervous or turned on. Hopefully the later. She tried to grip it but her fingers could not get fully around the shaft. I felt her squeeze the shaft a couple of times, then she took two fingers and explored my dick. She slowly pushed my loose fold of skin up on the head a couple of times.

“You feel a lot firmer than Ed. It feels hard like a broom handle. I cannot get my hand all the way around it like I can do on Ed. I think I can put both hands on it and the head sticks out above it. The skin is very soft and it is interesting how that loose skin goes up on the head, not all the way but maybe 3/4 of the way. I don’t think that I would not want to have intercourse with it as it is bigger than I can accommodate.”

She looked up at me and I saw that her face was again turning very red. We didn’t say much but just stared at each other for a while; however, she did not let go of my dick.

Finally she said, “Should I finish this for you? I have a lot of experience giving a handjob,” We both laughed.

“I have never turned down a handjob. It is one of my favorite things to do.”

And with that, she started to move her hand up and down on the shaft. She was pushing the loose skin up on the head. I laid back in my seat and closed my eyes. It felt really good.

“I don’t cum very quickly,” I explained. “If your hand gets tired, we can quit. No problem.”

I looked at her and saw her smile. After several of minutes of stroking I began to feel an orgasm building. I guess giving her an orgasm had really gotten me turned on. I felt my dick get bigger in anticipation of cumming.

“I think I am going to cum. Go a little faster.”

Soon my dick was pulsing in her hand. I shot 4 good ropes of cum all over my shirt. I was very vocal while cumming which I think surprised her. I put my hand on her hand so that she would stop giving me a hand job.

“Sorry, I do get noisy when I cum. It is so intense for me.” I opened the console between the seats took out a box of tissues. She took a couple and cleaned up her hand. I took several and started mopping the cum off my shirt. Caroline leaned over and kissed me softly. She had a big smile on her face. I am sure that she felt that she had once again initiated sex and had created a successful ending.

She grabbed her purse and got out of my car. I watched her walk across the parking lot and get into her car. I left and headed home for a shower and a clean shirt.

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