Adventures with My Daughter Pt. 01

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Erica looked across the dinner table to Summer, her nubile 20 year old daughter. It had just been the two of them for the last 12 months, since her husband had left.

But Summer seemed to be coping, playing soccer on the weekends and doing well in college. Although Erica did think she was spending too much time at home, especially on Friday and Saturday nights.

Whenever Erica raised the subject, Summer always had the same answer.

“Don’t worry about me mom, I like spending time at home, with you.” With a sigh, Erica always accepted Summer’s words.

And one night, Summer had told her mom that she was “definitely not” sexually active.

“But what about hugs and cuddles, Summer?” asked Erica.

Summer walked up to her mom and fell into her arms and said, “I can always get those from you, anytime, right?”

“Of course, sweetie,” she said and held Summer close.

But Erica was conscious of her daughters breasts pressing against her, which felt comforting in a motherly way. They were full and firm she thought.

As the two woman finished their hug their eyes met briefly. Erica blushed, aware that her nipples had hardened as a result of the embrace.

That night, lying in bed, Erica thoughts wandered to her daughter. She was a young woman now, with long dark hair, full breasts and a lovely smile. Popular with the boys, despite Summer’s protestations of virginity.

Erica realised her hands were wandering over her own body, pleasuring herself. Fondling her breasts and nipples, then spreading her legs and fingering herself gently. She was wet and her fingers were soon saturated.

She was happy with her own body. Full breasts, a nice figure; she thought guys probably liked her arse. But she wasn’t much into guys, women were more loving, and sensual.

With a start, she removed her fingers – she had been thinking about her own daughter; casino şirketleri wondering what her breasts felt like, to kiss and lick. To undress her.

“No…”, she told herself and willed herself to sleep and forget. But moments later, the image of her naked daughter filled her thoughts once again before she drifted off to sleep.

Over the next few days, Erica focussed on her job, her friends; anything to keep her mind off the growing physical attraction she felt for her daughter. But she sensed the attraction was not to be denied, and allowed herself occasional masturbation sessions thinking about her daughter and and her young, fresh body.

The following Saturday night, unable to sleep, Erica wandered down the hallway, past Summer’s bedroom.

She always slept with the door open, so Erica stood at the doorway just watching her beautiful daughter. She had thrown off the bedclothes and was lying prone on the bed, wearing a nightshirt and knickers. Her shirt was mostly undone, and Erica had a glimspe of her daughters breasts.

Summer began to stir, possibly from a bad dream.

“Mom, Mom…”, she cried softly and Erica noticed her hand was between her legs, gently touching herself.

Erica softly walked to the bed and sat beside her daughter. “Moms here, baby”, picking up her hand and stroking it. Was her daughter having the same thoughts of physical attraction?

Summer dreamily looked up at her mom, and said “Mom sorry I was dreaming…you were in my dream.”

Summer took her mom’s hand and held it tight to her bare bosum under her shirt.

Erica found it hard to breathe as her hand was resting on Summers bare breast. She knew it was not a sexual act on her daughters part, but a sensual one, like a hug.

Erica allowed herself to gently move her fingers over her daughters breast.

Even in the dim light, she could see the casino firmaları hardened nipple on her daughter’s breast; Summer seemed to be aroused by her mother’s touch, moaning softly. Her breasts were so soft, and yet firm she thought.

But Erica knew she had to stop and did so. As her daughters grip on her hand tightened she pulled away, and kissed her daughter goodnight. Later that night she thought she could hear soft moaning from Summer’s bedroom.

For the next few days, things were oddly distant between the two women. A touch here and there, but no real sign of anything developing further. Summer still slept with her door open and wandered around the house at night in her gown and flimsy nightshirt.

Erica knew that it had to be this way; slow and at her daughter’s own pace. She fantasised about the time she might even introduce Summer to her own lesbian friends, and in particular, her occasional lover Stacey. But not yet of course.

One evening, a few days later, Summer seemed unusually restless.

Watching a movie together, Erica ventured “What’s up, Summer, you seem distracted tonight?”

Summer looked up, and frowned, “Ok, well I feel like you are ignoring me a little, Mom.”

“Baby, come over here.” Erica patted the sofa and Summer came and sat beside her mother.

“I’m not ignoring you, maybe just giving you some space, you know why.” She put her hand on her daughter’s neck, gently massaging it.

“Let’s watch the movie,” Erica said. Summer slid down and lay her head on her mom’s knee and stretched out on the sofa.

“Can you dim the lights please Mom?” requested Summer, and using the remote, Erica set the lights to the lowest setting.

With Summer’s head on her lap, Erica had a nice view of her daughter’s body. She lightly touched Summer’s arm and they just held hands for a time. Now and then Summer would run her fingers up güvenilir casino and down her mom’s forearm.

“I’m just getting comfortable,” Summer said, and undid her robe, and then the top buttons of her shirt. Then she slid her mom’s hand under her shirt onto her chest, just above her breasts.

Erica tentatively ran her fingers over her daughter’s breast, before stopping.

“That’s nice Mom, please don’t stop”, whispered Summer, and undid the rest of the buttons on her shirt.

This was the moment thought Erica: we’re moving things to the next level. She continued to explore Summer’s breasts, taking a moment to run her finger gently over her erect nipples, squeezing them gently. She fondled her daughter’s breasts with her hand, softly and then more firmly.

Feeling her lust grow, she listened to her daughter moan softly with every touch.

“Oh Mom,” Summer whispered.

By now, Summer had fully opened her gown and shirt, totally exposing her breasts to her mom.

“I love you touching my breasts Mom, is that ok for you?” Summer asked.

Erica smiled, and thought to herself, have I just seduced my own daughter?

She replied, “Yes, it’s ok Summer. Believe me, I love touching you.”

“But I think we should stop now, to give you time to think, ok,” Erica said to her daughter.

Summer replied, “Alright, but just a little bit more, please!”

Her mom smiled and continued to fondle Summer’s breasts, playing with her nipples, even running her fingers over her tummy.

Erica helped her daughter up from her lap, and they just lay in each other’s arms for a while.

Summer said to her mom, “You can touch me anywhere you like Mom.”

“Baby, believe me, I want to touch you everywhere,” she replied. “But now I’m going to bed ok”.

Her daughter looked a little sad, so Erica said to her “Honey, I’m just down the hallway if you need me ok?”

Summer smiled and said “I’m glad Mom.”

The two women climbed the stairs holding hands and went to their separate bedrooms.


With thanks to lilbit_kittykat011 for turning me on.

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