Adoration of the Vagi Pt. 07

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Adoration of the Vagi. The Exhibition.

This is the final part of a series exploring an artist delighting in the female form. The whole story includes first time, lesbian encounters, masturbation, threesomes and incest. This story is THE climax.

Everyone engaged in sexual activity in this story is at least 18 years old.


Steve, an artist, advertised for models to be part of a project. They were offered $2000 for a two hour session. When they respond they find out that the artist wants to take photos of their pussies for an artistic project. Grace, Steve’s wife was fully supportive, involved and became the model representing women in their 40s. The models who participated came from a variety of ages and backgrounds, including their own teenage daughter.


Grace was distracted still. Steve wondered if it was because, when they had begun to advertise the exhibition of his collection of photographs ‘The Adoration of the Vagi’ there HAD been a negative response from some religious conservatives. They had claimed that it was sacrilegious to mock the painting of the three magi coming to adore Jesus. They had contacted the newspapers and had managed to get a story on the local news. For Steve this all counted as extra, welcome publicity. He wasn’t worried about it too much. If that was what was worrying Grace then she would be fine.

Steve’s idea was way off mark though. Grace was also not worried about the controversy. It was something else completely. Ever since the encounter with Susan Grace had again been recognising that she was drawn, intensely, physically, sexually, to woman. She still loved Steve and their sex life was still magnificent. But something else had been unlocked in her which she had kept safely hidden in her memories from University days.

Women aroused her and the thought of licking and being licked and delighting in sapphic sex kept swirling through her thoughts. That was not all. It had become more confronting than that. Ever since that day she had recognised that she noticed their daughter, Melanie, more. Melanie had developed into a VERY sexy young woman. 18, nearly 19 years old. Ripe. Perfect. Beautiful.

But she was also her daughter and so every time Grace felt herself shuddering as she looked at the hints and glimpses of Mel’s breasts and pussy and her whole figure as she moved around the house it was becoming harder to ignore those thoughts.

Something seemed also to have changed in Mel recently. She had been brought in to help with the preparations for the exhibition after the last model had been found and was deeply involved. Mel didn’t seem at all surprised when the actual content of her father’s latest artistic project had been revealed. She had also not seemed at all embarrassed by all of the photographs of naked women, at least of the parts of the naked women which had been recorded. One reason Grace had not asked more questions about the final model was that her thoughts were far too caught up with imagining what it would have been like to see Mel naked like that.

Now it was the day of the Exhibition. They had wondered where would be the best place to display the photographs and in the end had decided that the studio provided the best place. Usually Steve’s photos had been displayed in one of several galleries in the city centre. This time though the negative publicity and the controversial nature had caused them all to be far more reticent to agree.

It didn’t matter to Steve. Though this was usually his private space in which to be creative it also meant that the income from the exhibition was completely in his control. He had outlaid a lot of money paying the models, which he could easily afford, but he wanted a fair return on the investment as well as being able to bring his artistic project into the open without pandering to the foibles of those who did not see as he saw.

The photographs were arranged, with carefully placed overhead angled lighting, each as a set. Nine large photographs revealing the pussy of each model, showing the full beauty of each. The range of colours and textures, shape and character of each was displayed in the best way Steve had been able to show. Surrounding each of the photos there were several other photographs of ‘detail’: close ups, side angles, the particular elements of each pussy revealed.

He had debated this display with Grace and Melanie. It had been part of his initial idea when entering into the project but he had not finally decided on the exact elements. It was the input from Grace and Melanie together which had helped him to clarify how the photographs should best be shown. One very large photograph in which the pussy of each model was displayed almost 1.5m from the top of the clitoral hood to the lower edge of the perineum.

Four other photographs were also displayed, much smaller but still what constituted a large ‘poster-like’ display, two on either side, revealed the clitoris, anus, lips and vaginal tekirdağ escort opening of each pussy. What could have been somehow clinical, an anatomical presentation, was actually presented as an offering in celebration of the female form in its most intimate place.

Steve had found a way to deal with the protestors who had turned up to try to disrupt the exhibition. He had invited them inside. As they looked around with increasing embarrassment he had also noticed that several were clearly deeply aroused. Steve had arranged for Melanie to stand in the shadows in the corner, where she explored her own budding photographic skills. She recorded the reactions of the potential protestors and their proximity to the photographs.

The ‘opening’ was very brief as most of the protestors became so agitated hat they quickly fled outside again. Steve then went out and explained to them that if they, or anyone else, disrupted the exhibition then photographs of them inside, observing and reacting to the display, would be sent to people who would make sure they were widely seen. Astounded and outraged at being blackmailed like this the leaders agreed to disperse and to do all they could to ensure that there was no further disruption. Before leaving they did call down the condemnation of God on Steve and his outrageous display.

Steve ignored them. Not because he did not believe in God but because, in his own understanding, he felt that God would not only approve but recognise that this was art, not pornography. This was not debasing the female form, made in the image of God, but celebrating it in an extraordinary way.

Outside the studio Steve had decided not to display any of the photographs. That might have been a step too far for the local Council authorities. Instead a large banner across the building simply advertised ‘The Adoration of the Vagi’.

Steve invited all of the models of course. He was not sure if any or all would turn up. He had assured them that no personal details would be mentioned or shown which would have allowed them to be identified. 150 people in total had been invited to the opening. Caterers were engaged. A booklet of the nine main photographs had been prepared, for sale, with a simple explanation of the overall project. Steve did not expect this would end up on many coffee tables, unfortunately, but might be held more privately for consideration.

The doors opened at 8.00pm. The darkness outside removed the light which would usually have flooded through the large windows of Steve’s studio. It was located in an industrial area of the city and so all around was dark and quiet at this time of night.

The lighting was carefully focussed. The bar and catering tables near the door were lit. The lights illuminating each of the nine collections of photographs spilled over in a pool in front of each. In the centre of the room the platform remained. It was dimly lit, hinting at its place in this project but not making it a focus. That would have drawn attention away from the photographs themselves.

Groups of people began to gather in front of each collection. Steve had welcomed them at the door. Melanie and Grace were circulating with the hors d’oeuvres. Melanie had engaged ten of her friends to help waitressing. Steve noticed that these were ten of her most attractive friends too, very sexily dressed in black, short skirts under which they all had wide weave fishnet stockings ending in glossy black high heels.

Steve had noticed most of the men and even a few of the women glancing appreciatively at the beautiful young women offering food and drink, but as soon as they approached the photographs it was the artwork which absorbed their rapt attention.

The attractiveness, sexiness, of the waitresses was only the first spark. Soon the sexual tension, the palpable arousal, permeated the whole room. Groups of people gathered and stood before each set of photographs before, seemingly reluctantly, they dragged themselves to the next place.

Steve and Grace had both noticed that all of the models had chosen to make an appearance. Grace had been among the first, a beautiful woman on her arm, greeting Steve with a smile and Grace with a warm hug. Margaret had sidled in last at nearly 8.30pm. She had decided that none of her friends were likely to come to something like this and so it was safe for her to make a quick appearance.

When Violet and Pearl appeared Steve remembered the story of the golden dragon. Yet he was surprised to see that this exquisite piece of jewellery was being worn by Pearl. Violet explained, “It was for her all the time. I wanted a gift which would truly show the depth of my gratitude. I know I have treated my daughter with less esteem than she deserved. Actually it was her .. performance … here that finally convinced me that she was worthy.”

‘This project had brought SO many unforeseen consequences!’ thought Steve.

At 9.00 Steve decided that it was time for the final revealing. tekirdağ escort bayan As he called everyone’s attention from beside the platform Steve noticed that everyone had stayed. Even Margaret was still there, in the shadows. Her face deeply flushed both from the champagne she had consumed and the unexpected excitement she had felt seeing not only her own pussy displayed but those of the others also.

As arranged, a large section of blank wall became illuminated as the data projector was engaged. The rest of the lights in the studio were dimmed, though not entirely extinguished and a single spotlight still shone so that the semi darkness around the crowd was populated by each ‘vagi’, sentinels, reminiscent of Stonehenge or some other ancient circle where adoration had occurred.

Steve thanked everyone for attending. He especially thanked the women who shared their bodies and their amazing stories and backgrounds, stories which must remain private but which revealed to him the character and depth in each of their lives. Near the front of the gathered crowd Steve noticed Sparkles. She had also imbibed plenty of champagne, but there were tears in her eyes. Without worrying who saw she brought her hand to her lips and blew Steve a kiss.

Steve went on to thank those who have supported him in this project especially his wife and daughter. He smiled both but the full meaning of those exchanged smiles was really only known to them.

Steve went on to explain that the project not only included stills but also a video recording of each woman. Not everyone had known or been expecting that. Even, more, he promised that after the presentation which he was about the share there would be an extra artistic display at each place. “But first,” he announced dramatically “the climax!”

The lights dimmed further and almost the only light in the whole studio was the image being projected onto the wall behind Steve.

From shadowy darkness the image began to resolve. It was a close up of a young woman’s upper inner thighs. Squeezed between her thighs were the full outer lips of her pussy. A perfect and beautiful image, suggesting perhaps the way a woman’s pussy first appears.

Then, slowly, the young woman spread her legs and the beauty within was revealed. Like a butterfly opening its wings. Throughout the studio there was silence, as if (or perhaps in reality) each person held their breath. They had already seen the photos of each pussy revealed. But this … this was more personal, The was more engaging, more riveting, even more arousing.

As the video continued the movement and stimulation by the fingers has been removed. All that was seen is the slight quivering of the pussies as they are stimulated. The transitions were not only through the ages but as each stage of arousal was reached the different pussies were shown, quivering, lips engorging, becoming wetter, opening more.

Then, having moved through the range of colours and ages the final climax. When Melanie squirted a little there was a gasp but even more so when Cheryl gushed. Before the show Steve had regretted that he had not arranged with a friend adept at chemistry to create the smells of arousal in the room. That was completely unnecessary. Those in the room had provided that almost tangible aroma of deep arousal, which had increased significantly as the video progressed.

What Steve had arranged was that the actual sounds which the women had given when being aroused, moans and cries, had been set as a soundtrack to the video. Soft, barely heard but, especially when the room had been so quiet, the subtlety of this had finessed the whole experience.

The lights came up again gradually. As Steve looked around he noticed that there were many hands which were quickly removed by the guests from their own or partner’s groins, though by some not quickly enough that they avoided notice. Earlier in the evening he had noticed a striking blonde woman wearing an extremely short dress and her tall handsome partner in a very stylish suit.

As he scanned the crowd, most of whom were red-faced with embarrassment or excitement or perhaps just the alcohol which had been consumed, he spotted that couple in the semi-darkness at the side of the room. He was standing behind her and, from his slightly raised position looking out over the crowd, Steve could tell that they had been thoroughly enjoying what they had seen. She quickly pulled her lacy thong back up from between her knees and flattened her skirt. He reached down to return his cock to his pants and zippered up.

The crowd began talking again, softly yet with intense urgency in their voices, as they shared reactions to the video. Taking another drink and tasty bite snack from the ready waitresses the crowd dispersed again around the room where now, alongside the photographs, each prepared video was being shown revealing the journey to climax of each of the models.

Those videos were wonderful in themselves but the composite escort tekirdağ video and its dramatic presentation had been spectacular! Steve thought so and that was certainly the impression he got from the guests who thanked him enthusiastically as they departed. He did wonder how far some might get once they got to their cars.

The women who participated were all there and some were among the last to leave. Before leaving each came to thank Steve both for the experience and for maintaining their anonymity. They had all been touched, not just in the obvious way, and each in different ways by having responded to this opportunity.

The tidying up was quickly accomplished, especially with Melanie’s many willing helpers on hand. Finally just Steve, Grace and Melanie were left. They gravitated to the centre of the room and sat on the edge of the platform.

“Ok,” said Grace. “Time to spill the beans. That dramatic addition to the beginning of the video was astounding!” Turning to Mel she asked: “Was it one of your friends who was helping who you got to be that final model? I have to say, whoever she was she certainly has a very beautiful pussy!”

“I can tell you this, Mum. The model for that section was here tonight. You are right about that.”

“Was it Danielle? She has always seemed to me to be a bit wild and from the outside with clothes she is certainly a sexy young woman! Or Cherie? It could have been her.”

Melanie looked across at Steve, gave him a conspiratorial wink and when he nodded that it was time Mel said “Mum. It wasn’t Danielle or Cherie. Either of them might have agreed to do it. But it wasn’t them. It was me!”

“You! Seriously?!”


Grace turned to Steve with an eyebrow lifted and he just smiled and nodded. Still looking at him she said “Then who … who … ‘helped’?”

Without waiting for Steve to answer Mel said “Dad did. Dad was the one who touched and stroked and caressed me until I came. Oh it was SO lovely!”

Grace’s earlier thoughts came rushing back. She looked past Mel to the wall where her pussy was still displayed, open, beautiful, ripe. The other adjective which came to Grace’s mind was ‘delicious’.

“Mum, there is something else we need to tell you. This might be even a bit more shocking but we all love each other and we want you to know and to be ok. After making the video Dad and I made love. Here. Right here on this platform. He was my first. I don’t need to tell you what an amazing lover he is. I could not have asked for more for my first time.”

Whatever reaction Steve and Mel had expected from Grace it probably was not this. Grace turned quickly towards Mel, took her in her arms and began to kiss her. Not a mother-daughter kiss but a full passionate embrace, lips and tongues locked together, holding Mel’s face in her hands and pressing their bodies together. As Steve watched his wife and daughter he saw that Mel quickly melted into the embrace and all that was happening. Both of them began to let their hands roam over each other’s bodies, caressing arms and legs, holding and rubbing each other’s breasts, letting their hands caress each other’s inner thighs then cradling each other’s pussies.

Grace was wearing a sheer, tightfitting deep purple pant suit which looked almost as if it had been painted on her body. Mel had been dressed as one of the waitresses, in a short skirt and fishnet stockings. So for both of them there were layers between their hands and the pussies they were cradling, but that was not going to last long.

Steve continued just to watch as his two women undressed each other. They stood and Mel was first to slide the long zipper from behind her mother’s neck down to the base of her spine. Grace stepped out of the pant suit as Mel stripped her, leaving only her brief purple thong. She had not worn a bra, because she felt she didn’t need to and it would have been too obvious under that sheer suit. Even the thong was so sheer that it would have been barely noticeable.

Mel’s eyes widened and seemed to glow as she looked at her mother’s near naked form. She could keep looking as Grace unbuttoned Mel’s dark shirt and tossed it aside. Steve was not actually surprised to find that Mel had also gone bra-less tonight. He had noticed her nipples poking out, trying to escape through the fabric. He hadn’t been the only one either and several men and women had glanced at Mel’s chest in appreciation as she had moved through the crowd this evening.

Grace unclipped her daughter’s short skirt and tossed that aside to join her shirt. Kneeling in front of her, Grace put her hands on Mel’s hips and rolled down the fishnet stockings, being careful to take her brief underwear as well along the way. When the stockings were half way down Grace could not resist any longer and she leaned in, planting a kiss on her daughter’s pussy and letting her tongue run up between her lips. Mel had to put her hands on her mother’s shoulders to steady herself from falling.

As soon as the stockings were removed and Mel stood totally naked she quickly knelt in front of Grace to return the most recent favour. Mel quickly removed her mother’s thong and also leaned in, letting the kiss on Grace’s pussy become long. Her tongue explored as far as she could in the way they were standing.

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