Adam and Steve Ch. 05

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I know it has been a long time, I’m trying to get my Fireman and Librarian Series reworked, I’m adding new things and changing small details to chapter 1 and 2. 3 just keeps getting longer, I just need to end the chapter and finalize it. My health is semi stabilized (ha ha), mental health is in the crapper.

Please keep reading, I pray it won’t take me near a year to get another chapter out. Leave comments and check my bio for updates.


A Lie and A Break?

Adam walked into Steve’s home, he was tired, the drive took forever and all he wanted to do was use the bathroom, shower and drop into Steve’s bed. He was able to achieve the first two objectives and started to do the third when an angry Teddy burst through the door.

“You’re going to leave us?” Teddy shouted and Jeff came up behind him.

“Why are you screaming?” Steve asked. “And who is going to leave who?”

“Because the Coach is going to leave us?”

“Where did you get that idea? I’m not leaving you.” Adam responded, looking confused between Steve and Teddy.

“You had an interview today at the university in San Francisco.”

Adam chuckled with relief. “Yes, I interviewed at the request of a friend of mine, but I’m not taking the job. I’m not ready to travel around the country from game to game. How did you know?” He knew Steve knew why he was out of town for the night.

“Kevin Michaels called. He was in the stadium when you walked through and overheard the Coach asking if you were taking the job. If you’re not taking it, why interview?”

“Because the head coach asked me. He would really like me to be his assistant coach, but I’ve told him and have continued to tell him, I like high school football and baseball.” Adam laughed. “Plus it keeps my pay at a good level.”


“It is a bargaining chip, Teddy. No, right now, I’m not taking another job. But if administration thinks I am, then I have a reason to ask for a raise.” Adam looking at Teddy then Jeff. “I have no plans on leaving the High School sports level right now. Okay?”

“Okay, but I still don’t see why you went up there.”

Adam just shook his head and Teddy and Jeff left the room. “You know you are going to have to fend a ton of calls tomorrow?” Steve warned.

“Yeah, probably. ” Adam responded as he dropped into bed with Steve. “It took me over seven hours to get home; it has been a long day.”

“Sorry about Teddy, I didn’t know why he had been fuming since I’ve been home, I just knew he was irritated about something.” Adam lay on his back; Steve covered him and kissed him. “Why don’t you really consider the job?”

“Honestly, I was telling the truth, I really don’t want to travel from city or state to state for games. I would be a football coach only, and I do like coaching baseball.” Adam chuckled and hugged Steve to him. “And it would be a little far away, considered I have this wonderful boyfriend and new relationship I’m just not ready to give up or strain just yet.”

Steve kissed Adam and smiled. “Thank you it is very sweet of you, but there are ways of seeing one another but I can understand you are not ready to give up the highschool level.”

“Thank you for understanding.” Adam hugged and kissed Steve.

“Do you mind if I continue reading this case I’m working on?”

“Not one bit if you don’t mind me sleeping.” They kissed a few more times and Steve sat back up against the headboard, reopened his case file and notebook to continue taking notes. Adam rolled to his side away from Steve so the light wasn’t directly in his eyes and fell right asleep.

Teddy lightly knocked on the door a little while later he could see the light was still on. Steve told him he could come in. “What is it Teddy?” When Steve saw Teddy look around the door.

“Is Adam asleep?” Teddy could see he was turned away from the door.

“Yeah, he is tired, remember he drove over seven hours today.”

“I still don’t understand why he would go for an interview when he doesn’t want the job.” Teddy said as he sat at Steve’s side.

“He was doing it for a friend, you will understand one of these days when you get a real job and want raises. You have to always keep your options open.”

“Do you think he will ever take a job somewhere else, and really leave us?”

“Who is us, the team or you and I?”

“You and I?” Teddy looked at Steve.

“Teddy, I’m glad you like Adam, but do I know what the future holds, no. Do I hope he never leaves, yeah.” Steve smiled when he looked over at Adam, he knew he was sleeping still because Adam was lightly snoring.

“You really love him don’t you?”

Steve smiled, “Yeah Teddy, I do.”

“Then why don’t you two get married, so he can’t leave us.” Teddy was seriously asking.

Steve smiled. “Maybe one day, Teddy. Maybe one day.”


Adam woke the next morning, Steve had already left for work, it was late in summer vacation. He looked over at the clock and he was amazed he didn’t wake sooner, it was almost ten. He could tell Teddy and Jeff weren’t up because there was no sound in the house, canlı bahis he was sure when Steve left, he had turned off their game and tv.

Adam pulled out jeans and a t-shirt from his drawer, Steve was going to clean out half of his dresser but Adam told him he didn’t need much room, just as long as he could hang some of his clothes in the closet.

When he was dressed he walked out to the kitchen and could see the boys were asleep in the living room. He doesn’t know how the hell they can sleep the way they do. Jeff was half propped up by the sofa, laying on the floor and Teddy was on the sofa, but half off of it. They each still were holding their controllers, Adam just shook his head and walked into the kitchen.

Steve had left a note on the coffee maker saying it was all set, just needed to press the button. Adam smiled, he wasn’t use to being treated this way. Even when he was with Ben, he took more care of Ben then Ben did him. He hit the switch and looked over at the table and the newspaper was sitting there. He sat down and started looking through it, of course looking more for the sports section.

When he heard the coffee pot finish brewing he got up and poured him a cup. He sat back down to finish reading the sports section. He was on his second cup of coffee and the main section of the newspaper when Teddy came stumbling into the room. “Hi.”

“Good morning Teddy.” Adam smiled at him, Teddy’s hair was standing on end and he had sleep marks across his face.

“Coach, can you take me and Jeff to McDonalds or something?”

“It’s only a mile, why don’t you two run there?” Adam was trying to hold back a chuckle.

“Adam please, it’s not football season yet.”

“Yeah, I’ll take you, just remember when it is offseason, I’m Adam and not Coach.” Then Adam thought about it. “Okay, when we are in school you have to call me Coach, even if it is offseason.”

“Deal, so you will take us?”


Adam went home for the day, he had to fend a few calls from angry fathers but after explaining to them, he was just interviewing for a friend’s sake, it squashed others for calling, word must had spread. The afternoon quieted down and Adam decided to lounge in his bed, since no one was home.

Steve stopped off at home and found Teddy and Jeff fooling around in the family room. When he cleared his throat they sat up. “Adam at home?”

“Yeah he took us to lunch then left for home.” Teddy responded.

“And I assume he paid for you heathens.”

Teddy smiled, “Yeah.”

“Okay, I’m going over to Adam’s, will you two please behave.”

“Yes, Steve.”

Steve drove over, parked on the street and walked up to the house as Matt and Sarah were leaving. “I think he is in his room, Steve.” Matt said as he held the door for Sarah to come out and Steve to walk in.

“Thanks.” Steve walked down the hall, opened Adam’s door and found him sprawled out on his back asleep. Steve decided to see if he could curl up next to him without waking him, but of course because Adam was not expecting the bed to move it woke him. “Sorry.”

Adam stretched. “It’s okay.” He put his arms around Steve and pulled Steve up to kiss him.

“All your roommates are out of the house.”

“Is that so?” Adam squeezed Steve to him. Then they turned into teenagers, they couldn’t get their clothes off fast enough and were laughing so hard when Steve fell into Adam when he was taking his pants off.

Once they were both naked Steve became the aggressive one. He pushed Adam down onto his back, covered Adam with his body and they kissed. They both were rock hard and grinding their cocks together. Steve was holding Adams wrists to the mattress on either side of his head. Steve started kissing down Adam neck, he released Adam’s wrists as he went lower. Steve took Adam’s cock all in as Adam let out a loud moan.

Not letting Adam’s cock out of his mouth Steve just barely reached over to the bedside table drawer and pulled out some lube. He repositioned himself between Adam’s legs and continued to slowly lick and suck his cock and balls while he opened Adam up for him. All the while Adam was moaning and pushing his cock up as much as Steve would allow into his mouth.

When Steve had Adam ready, he lubed himself up and let Adam’s cock fall from his mouth as he crawled up his body pulling Adam’s legs up as he went. Adam smiled he couldn’t wait to have Steve inside him, he had enjoyed every time they reverse roles, since the time in March when Steve had taken him to the cabin.

Steve pressed his hard cock at Adam’s entrance and pushed, pushing the head through Adams muscle ring and stopped for him to adjust, which it doesn’t take as long anymore. When Steve felt Adam push towards him, Steve started out slow strokes and built up to fucking Adam faster and faster. The way they were going at it you would have thought they hadn’t had sex in weeks and Steve was close to cumming. He lifted as much as he could off of Adam so he could rub Adam’s cock as he was fucking him and Adam pushed his hand away. “I’ve got it, just fuck me Steve.”

Steve smiled and bahis siteleri grabbed ahold of Adam’s ankles pushing his ass further up in the air, giving him better access to it. He started going in and out faster and faster he could feel Adam rubbing himself because he would graze his stomach while rubbing his cock. Steve was trying hard to hold out for Adam, but when he felt Adams muscled ring tightened around him, he grinned and pushed up inside of Adam and came hard. They both were grunting and panting.

When Steve let go of Adam’s ankles and collapsed onto Adam’s sticky wet chest, Adam wrapped his arms around him. “I love you, Steve.”

Steve smiled, “I love you too, Adam.” He knew Adam loved him and he love Adam so much. He had been thinking all day about what Teddy said to him the night before about marry Adam, but they have not even known one another officially a year.


As summer went by Adam and Steve went out on weekly dates. They would set a budget for the dates, so Steve couldn’t be spending six hundred dollars like their first date. The max Steve was allowed to spend was one hundred dollars. Adam found was very hard for Steve to abide by, and would laugh at the different ways Steve tried and failed miserably in hiding.


Near the end of summer Teddy and Jeff decided they would take off to Santa Barbara for the day. They wanted to hang out as a couple and just be away from everyone they knew. They knew if they’d asked for permission from Steve he would say no, so they waited for him to leave for work and not long after he left Adam did too. So they thought it was perfect timing, Adam and Steve will just think they went to the mall or something all day.

The drive up didn’t take too long, Steve had given Teddy a car to use, but since Jeff was a better driver he always had let Jeff drive. They first started out on the main strip just looking around they didn’t really know what to do, they saw other shoppers out and about. They really wanted to hold hands but because they’d never done it in public before were a little afraid to do so.

They had lunch and afterwards continued walking around to the different shop. Jeff wanted a White Chocolate Mocha Frappuccino, so they stopped off at the Starbucks. While sitting and drinking outside watching all the people and laughing at different things, Jeff spotted something which made his mouth drop.


As the week had gone by Teddy started worrying more and more about Adam and Steve. Adam seemed irritated about something and Steve would get mad at Adam easily, which would make Adam stay at his house at night. He wouldn’t want to deal with Steve, but what Teddy didn’t know is Adam and Steve usually ended up fucking at Adam’s the next morning.

Teddy stay out with Jeff on Saturday night, Monday football practice was to begin and Teddy was discussing with Jeff if he should talk with Steve about what they saw or not. Jeff told Teddy the only way he would feel better was to get it off his chest. Teddy knew it, but still didn’t want Adam to be mad at him. When they finally came home not knowing Adam was over, Teddy paced outside Steve’s door then finally tapped lightly on the door.

Steve had been up late reading over a case and everything pertaining to it and Adam was out cold. When Teddy tapped lightly on the door, Steve told him to come in. Teddy was amazed to see Adam. “Oh, I didn’t know, ummm, is Adam asleep?” He whispered.

“Yes Teddy, can’t you tell?” As Adam was snuggled around a pillow, he was breathing heavily almost a light snore.

“I just didn’t want Adam to hear is all.” Teddy sat on the edge of the bed next to Steve.

“Do you want to talk later?” Steve looked over at Adam then at Teddy.

“Yes and no, I just saw him last week and well I was wondering.” Teddy looked over at Adam, Adam was still slightly snoring and he looked back at Steve. “Are you two, ok?”

“Yes Teddy we are. What did you see?” Steve looked a little concerned. “Let’s go to my office.”

Teddy stood and Steve gently got up from the bed and they went into the office, Teddy still spoke low he didn’t want Adam hearing if he did wake and came looking for Steve. “Well first I should state, I wasn’t where I was suppose to be last Tuesday. Second I saw, Adam and Ben leaving a little outdoor restaurant diner and they hugged and kissed, before they walked toward their cars and drove away.”

“Okay, there could be a good explanation for it, and where exactly did you see them?”

“Santa Barbara.”

“One, we’ll discuss why you were in Santa Barbara, later.” Steve was speaking low as well, he was very interested in what Teddy had to say. “Now what all did you exactly see.”

“Jeff and I were walking out of Starbucks when we saw them sitting at an outside restaurant. We watched them, and Ben was touching Adam’s hand and face. Adam would take Ben hand from his face every time and hold it in his for a few minutes. When they got up to leave, Ben handed Adam some keys and they hugged, kissed and walked in the same direction for a bit. We followed Adam from a distance he was bahis şirketleri going to his car. We didn’t follow him after that, it would be impossible on the freeway.”

Steve was thinking and didn’t respond right away. “Steve, really are Adam and you okay?”

“Yes, Teddy. I’m sure there is a reason for Adam meeting up with Ben.” Steve knows Adams doesn’t have to tell him every move he makes but he would think Adam would have told him he had a meeting with Ben. But again Steve thought about it, he did get home pretty late all last week from the office, which is why they weren’t getting along. Steve even missed the date with Adam on Monday and on Tuesday Adam had dinner waiting in the refrigerator for him and was lying in the bedroom with a ballgame on half asleep.

“Are you going to bring it up to him?”

“Don’t worry Teddy, I’ll find a way to keep your name out of it. I’ll see if he brings it up on his own.”

“But it’s been almost a week now and you two have been fighting.”

“About something not related to this, Teddy.”

“Are you sure?”

“Yeah Teddy, I’m sure, I fucked up on Monday. We were supposed to go out on a date, he was waiting for me at the restaurant, I kept telling him just a few more minutes and I never showed.” Steve looked at Teddy and frowned. “It’s okay Teddy, play your games with Jeff, I’m sure he’s waiting.”

Teddy went to the livingroom where Jeff was playing his game and plopped down. “Well?” Jeff asked without even looking over at Teddy.

“I think Steve is worried.” Teddy looked down at this hands. “I don’t know if I should have told him now. What if it was nothing?”

“Adam didn’t tell Steve he was meeting with Ben? Jeff ask loudly.

“No, and quiet down please, Adam is here.” The two talked just a bit longer and then they just decided to drop it and started playing their game.

About thirty minutes later Adam came stumbling out into the living room fully dressed and walked out the front door. Both Teddy and Jeff looked at one another and the door as it closed and jumped up and run down the hall to Steve’s room.

“Steve?” Teddy questioned.

“Teddy, Jeff just go to bed.”

“But Steve, what just happened, Adam just walked out. Did you two just break up?” Teddy felt so bad he didn’t know what to do. He wanted to fix everything and put it back to the way it was.

“Maybe, I don’t know.” Steve sat down on the corner of the bed. “Just please, leave.”


Adam was pissed he walked for a bit before he finally walked home. He turned off his phone after the tenth call from Steve he didn’t want to hear anything from Steve right then. When he rounded the corner to home he saw Steve’s car sitting out front and he knew he would have to deal with him now. But as he approached Steve drove away he must had not seen Adam approaching, which was find with Adam. He walked up to the house went in and went to bed.

Adam found out from his roommates Matt and Sarah that Steve came in for a bit and waited. They inquired to what happened but he just shook his head and headed back to bed.


Football practice was normal to Teddy and Jeff, other than they knew Adam and Steve weren’t talking. Steve left Adam alone for a few days, which the longer he did the harder football practice became.

Teddy finally came home on Thursday and told Steve he had to go and talk to Adam, telling him maybe it was all a misunderstanding. Steve already told him he had planned to, but he couldn’t get Adam to answer his calls.

“He will answer mine.” Teddy smiled as he pulled his phone out before Steve could protest, dialed Adam’s number and handed him his phone and walked out of the room.

It rang two times then Adam answered and Steve heart melted, he missed hearing Adam’s voice. “Yeah Teddy!”

“Um, it’s me.” Steve wanted to say so much but didn’t know where to begin. “Please, don’t hang up.”

Adam verbally blew out and rubbed his forehead. “Matt and Sarah are gone for the weekend, so we won’t be talking in front of Teddy and Jeff, why don’t you come here. I’m currently out, so how about coming about seven.” Adam really wasn’t he just wanted to make Steve jealous.

“That’s fine, I’ll be there.” Steve was wondering where Adam was he couldn’t hear anything in the background. He started to wonder if he was at Ben’s, did he drive him back to Ben?


Steve paced through the house for the four hours until it was six forty-five and he could go to Adams. He pull up outside, walked up to the door, Adam open it and held it for him to come in.

Steve looked at him as he walked by. “Adam, I should have asked you what happened not just assumed, I didn’t let you say anything. I’m sorry.” Adam just stood there staring at Steve. “I miss you. Please tell me nothing went on?” Adam sat down on the couch and continued to stare at Steve. “Adam, please.”

“Steve you walked in the room early Sunday morning and accused me of cheating. You didn’t want to even hear my side, you just believed what you were told. I’m not mad at Teddy and Jeff before you start to say something, I know they were the ones that saw me. I’ve told you before, Ben will have a special place in my heart but.” Adam looked at Steve and put his hand up to stop him. “But, I’ve told you, I can never and will never take him back.”

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