Accidental Penetrations Ch. 05

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Very important note: I’ve always loved accidental penetration stories even if they’re usually not realistic. And so this is a very lighthearted story. It’s not meant to be an accurate representation of something that could actually happen in real life! On the other hand, around that highly improbable incident, I’ll try to make the story as interesting as I can. If that’s not your cup of tea, find another one of my stories.

Second warning: while there’s no anal in this story, there’s some teasing about it.

Edited by Pope1944. Thanks!


Dustin woke up in his bed on the morning following the ball. He was alone in the room, Emily having already gone out. It was pretty late already and while Dustin was usually an early riser, the late night at the ball and the booze explained his long sleep. After opening the blinds, Dustin rubbed at his face and hair as he yawned. He decided to remain alone for a bit.

Here at the colony, he hadn’t had much alone-time so far. He stayed in his room for about an hour, trying to understand what sort of strange phenomena could explain what was happening to him. Three accidental penetrations in three days. That just couldn’t be coincidence. It was impossible. Dustin loved reading accidental penetration erotic stories, but even as stories they were rare! Real world accidental penetrations were bound to be exceedingly rare! And yet, three times in three days!

But try as he might, Dustin couldn’t figure out why it was happening to him. He wasn’t complaining, of course, but still… He then thought about what Lily had said to him as they entered the ball yesterday. So she knew about him and Emily. Dustin wasn’t all that surprised: he knew the twins didn’t keep secrets from one another.

The way she had grinned after whispering in his ear had led his mind down erotic paths. His slightly perverted and hormone-filled brain had briefly wondered if Lily had been interested in having sex with him. Alas, that wasn’t the case. While she wasn’t shocked to the point of calling the police or alerting their parents, she found the idea of incest profoundly weird. Dustin had come extremely close to telling her that he knew she listened to porn with her sister.

In the end he had refrained. Before they moved to another subject, she had also mentioned that Emily had loved the experience. Dustin had flushed at that comment and had asked Lily to stop talking about it otherwise he would have an erection. Right into his ear, she had then said “An erection about your sister? How perverted!” Despite her joke, Dustin could see that she was troubled by it all.

And it was puzzling him this morning. Sure it was totally normal to think that incest was weird. Wrong even. Yet Lily had always been the wilder twin. Edgier. More outgoing. Maybe it came to be that way because she wanted to prove that she was the older one, by less than an hour of course, by pulling crazier stunts. But when it came to this accidental yet very pleasurable sex between siblings, she was recoiling. Very peculiar.

When Dustin finally came out of his room and walked into the glorious, sunny day, Lily ran to him. Seeing her running completely naked in the sun like this awakened something inside him. Something between his legs. The twins were thin and very fit, and with her long dark hair flowing and whipping behind her, Lily looked remarkably sexy. “Dustin! You’re my savior!” she cried. “You have to come with me to the beach!”

“Uh?” he grumbled before clearing his throat. “The beach is right there,” he added, pointing to the lake.

“No! The real beach!”

“Oh. The ocean?” he asked.

“Yeah! Nobody else wants to come with me,” she said with an exaggerated pout.

“You can drive there yourself now. Why dont—”

“Because it’s boring alone. Please! Pretty please?”

Dustin was pretty sure that Lily wasn’t aware of just how sexy she looked. Her hair were slightly wet from a previous swim and Dustin loved that wild, disarrayed look. She was breathing hard, as had her twin sister a few days ago after her climax. She had also interlocked her fingers together in front of her mouth and so placed her arms against her breasts. Those very round firm breasts, that Dustin happened to know exactly how they felt, were now squashed and looked bigger than they were.

Given that sexy look and the fact that he had thought a lot about the great sex he’d had with Emily this morning, Dustin knew he was in danger of getting an erection. And a day at the real beach with her didn’t sound so bad in any case. “Sure,” he said.

“Great!” Lily replied before hugging him reflexively.

After feeling his cock against her pussy and his chest against her breasts, Lily startled and pulled away. “Crap!” she laughed. “I’m sorry! But thanks!” She then ran back towards the lodge. “Oh!” she said, pausing for a moment and looking like a proud young colt with her long legs and wild mane. “We’re leaving right now!”

Dustin sighed and smiled. He went back to the lodge after her casino oyna and found the single pair of shorts, t-shirt and swimsuit he had brought. The beach wasn’t a nudist one. Twenty minutes later the two of them were in their parent’s car, on their hour long journey. They talked on the way there, but nothing particularly intimate. Lily made small talk and Dustin um-hummed a lot.

At the beach, as she got out of the car, Dustin looked at his sister stretching. With her bikini on. For nearly a week now, he had seen her naked every day. “Gods, it’s strange to see you wearing a bikini,” he said.

“I know!” she replied gaily. “Same with you and those huge swim trunks!” she laughed.

“I feel very uncomfortable.” Dustin replied.

Soon after that Lily ran to the water, looking once again like a young mare in the prime of her life. And nude or not, that black bikini was sexy as hell. As he swam about close to her, he thought about how nudity and sexiness were two very different concepts. He had seen everything his sister had to offer in the past few days. More if he counted the fact that he had fucked her twin. But his eyes nevertheless kept darting back to that black bikini.

After a while they were back on the beach on their towels. Dustin asked his sister “Ever thought about going full time nudist?”

“Even back home?” she asked. “Yeah. I think I’d be up for that. Of course we’d have to build high fences around the backyard and put blinds over our every windows!” she laughed. “What about you?”

“And get to see you three naked all the time? Count me in!”

Lily guffawed as she slapped him on the shoulder. She said “Pervert!”

“What?” he defended himself. Whispering into her ear, he added “I didn’t say I’d fuck you all!”

“What?” Lily cried, laughing now. “You guys are all the same!”

“Only for very pretty girls…” he replied.

“Oh, flattery will lead you nowhere with me, buster!”

The siblings spent most of the day at the beach, alternating between the water, the sand and the shade of the huge trees. At around 7 pm, there was a loudspeaker announcement that the beach was about to close. To their surprise, the two of them saw a lot of people getting up almost immediately and begin to gather their things.

“My!” Dustin said. “That’s a bunch of obedient people!”

“Yeah… strange. Oh!” Lily said, understanding what was happening. “It’s for the showers!”

“Oh crap!” Dustin said, getting up. “Let’s go! Remember what happened last year!”


Last year nobody in their family had taken a shower before leaving. But the water around here was very salty and their skin had begun to itch madly in the car. And so this time Lily and Dustin dearly wanted to take that shower. So did everybody else! They ran to the closest shower area and managed to beat a lot of families. Nevertheless, as they arrived, there was only one stall left. Lily ran to it first and giggled as she entered and closed the door behind her. Dustin swore out loud. Still laughing, Lily opened the door once again, grabbed his arm and pulled him in.

“Just don’t get any ideas, mister!” she said as she slipped her bikini top over her head. Unable to miss the firm bounce her breasts made after being pulled upwards, Dustin swallowed and said “Sure.”

The stall was very small and they were cramped. It was pretty much impossible not to touch each other. Then again, they had spent the previous evening dancing together and Lily had felt his cock against her all night long. But Lily was in very high spirits, grinning as they tried moving about and soaping their bodies clean. “What will the others think?” Dustin asked. “Seeing a brother and sister together in this small stall!”

“They don’t know we’re siblings!” she replied as she pushed her bikini bottom down.

Doing so mean that she had to bend down and she was surprised to find herself very close to Dustin’s cock. It was still soft, but was beginning to show signs of an erection. She stood up quickly, but was still smiling. “Keep that dangerous thing down! You never know if I’m going to slip!”

“Haha, very funny!” Dustin said, knowing she was talking about his accident with Emily. “But, seriously, I don’t think I can keep it down being so close to you as we lather ourselves. It’s just too much like a shower and showers are… er…”

“I know… Very erotic.” Lily breathed before looking at him more seriously. “I don’t mind, but, again, don’t get any ideas.”

“Fine. Of course.”

But Dustin wasn’t so sure about that. She had pulled him in the stall with her when he could have waited five or ten minutes outside for another one. She had decided to strip naked while they could have kept their swimsuits. And she did keep bumping into his cock. Was this all a set-up? Lily was the wilder one after all.

When she began to wash his back, Dustin was pretty sure that Lily had a naughty plan in mind. Then again, he decided to wait. A minute later she stopped washing his back and turned around. slot oyna “My turn.” she said.

“Lily…” Dustin began, but she cut him off.

“Yeah, I know. You won’t be able to control it. It’s alright. It’s not as if I hadn’t seen it hard on the first day!” she added, giggling.

“Curse that first day!” Dustin said theatrically.

He couldn’t see her face and so couldn’t judge her frame of mind. When he began washing her back, his erection simply surged. When the tip of his rising cock touched her ass, she jumped in surprise but laughed. Dustin said “Sorry sis… In a few seconds it’s going to be out of your way…”

“What? You’ll be able to make it go soft?” she whispered.

“No, no… It’s just that it’s going to be so high that it won’t touch your ass anymore!” he replied.

When Lily began giggling at the thought, Dustin decided that she was teasing him and that she wanted what Emily had gotten. Which would be par for the twins: what one got, the other had to have as well. It seemed only logical that she had brought him here and had pulled him in here with her for that very purpose.

But Dustin knew enough about himself not to wholly trust his brain when he was this excited. And so he wasn’t about to do anything like grabbing her ass. He dearly wanted to, but… In any case, if Lily wanted something to happen, she would make the first move. Otherwise, life would go on without him putting his foot in his mouth. Or his cock where it wasn’t wanted!

“Hmmm…” she moaned. “You’ve got good hands Dustin.”

Dustin felt bad for a moment as he noticed that by now he was caressing her body a lot more than he was washing it. “Yeah… Thanks.”

“Did Emily enjoy that?”

Dustin swallowed when she asked that. “Er, I guess…”

“Regardless of what I think about this whole thing, she was a lucky girl.” Lily said as he ass touched his cock again. She giggled again. Reaching her hand back to him, she said “Give me the soap, will you?”

At this point Dustin was grinning like a fool, knowing what was coming. And sure enough, Lily dropped the soap. “Fuck!” she said, but she was already laughing, fully aware of the irony. “Don’t you dare do anything!” she said as she bent forward. If she hadn’t said that, Dustin would have pushed his cock inside her. But he managed, somehow, to resist.

A second later though, Lily slipped on the wet floor and lost her balance, impaling herself upon his cock all on her own. She gasped but didn’t cry out. It was the signal Dustin had been waiting for. He grabbed her hips and began fucking her sweet pussy. Once, twice, three times and more he fucked her delicious pussy. But to his shock and horror, he suddenly felt his sister slapping his hip with one of her hand before pushing herself off of him. “Fucking bastard!” she said as she turned around to face him, a look of outrage on her face. “I told you not to do anything!”

“I didn’t!” Dustin replied, stunned.

Lily closed her mouth, as he was right. Then, breathing very quickly, she said “Then why did you grab me and… Oh fuck it… Forget about it.”

But Lily put on her bikini in record speed and walked out of the stall. “Shit!” Dustin thought. “She really slipped! She really fucking slipped! For real! Four in four days! This is insane!” He finished his shower as his cock still twitched and as his mind still reeled with this impressive dose of pleasure. He put his swimsuit back on and wrapped his towel around his waist to hide his erection. When he arrived at the car Lily was already inside, looking very angry. She had tears in her eyes. “Fuck!” he thought for the hundred time in the last minute.

He sat in the car with her and said “Lily… I’m so sorry. I don’t even know who to begin to apologize.”

“It’s fine…” she replied in a low tone.

“Obviously it’s not fine Lily. The last thing I wanted to do was to hurt you. Think about it from my perspective. You pulled me into the—”

“Stop it. Just stop talking and start driving.”

Dustin sighed. It took all of his self-control not to keep talking and trying to explain himself. He had tried doing that with Niemira before their relationship fell apart, and it had never helped. Sometimes people needed some silence and space to think. It was a very long drive back to the colony. When they arrived, Lily went directly to her room after asking him to send for Emily.

When he found her, she immediately saw that something had happened. Before he could even give his side of the story, Emily went to see Lily. She came back to his room twenty minutes later, looking somewhat angry. Dustin was surprised, as he had been expecting something a lot more intense. Ten minutes later, when he explained his side of the story, Emily wasn’t angry anymore. Not even a little bit. She repeated what he had thought earlier “Fuck… She really did slip right onto you!”

“Did she say that I grabbed her forcefully?”

“No!” she replied quickly, trying to smother his worry.

“But you did grab her… even canlı casino siteleri though now I understand why you thought she had been playing with you.” She sighed. “Let me go and talk to her again.”

Once again Dustin found himself waiting anxiously for his sister. When Emily entered his room fifteen minutes later, he got up and asked “Is she better?”

“Why yes, I am.” Lily replied, a small smile on her lips.

Dustin could almost alway tell his twin sisters apart, but he was so nervous that he missed the subtle differences. He had also expected Lily to have red eyes. But she did not. He knelt on the floor and apologized again. “Lily, I don’t even know what to say…”

“Shhhh. I’m alright now. Come here and sit with me.” Once they were on the sofa, Dustin could see that she was still very nervous. She said “Look. I need to apologize Dustin—”

“No you don’t. I’m the perverted monster here!”

Lily turned to him and looked him in the eyes. “Do you really believe that?”

After a pause, looking away, he said “No. But I do feel absolutely awful.”

“Well, stop it. It took me a while, but with Emily’s help I managed to understand why you may have thought that I was… doing that on purpose. But I wasn’t.”

“I know, I know…” Dustin said, refraining from apologizing again. “Can you believe how hard it was for me to believe that in a matter of day, both of my twin sisters just happened to fall on my cock and impale themselves?”

Lily looked up, a small smile on her lips. “Yeah. It does look strange. Especially given that I was aware of that first time…” She sighed. “So. I’m ok. You don’t need to apologize. And I did tease you a bit in the stall. But, nevertheless, it’s just too weird. Incest.” She stood up and walked towards the door. “I know Emily liked it, but I just can’t.”

Standing up as well, still near the couch, Dustin suddenly thought that he understood what was happening. She was fighting herself. Taking a risk, he said “And what about when you do it with Emily?”

Lily’s face fell. “You knew?” Dustin nodded.

She turned around, covering her face with her hands. She remained like this for a long moment until she took a deep breath. And to Dustin’s eyes, she seemed to transform. She dropped her hands and stood straighter. She shook her hair free from her ponytail before taking a second deep breath. “Fuck it…” she whispered very faintly. And then she looked up at him.

Dustin had no idea what was going on, but he could see a difference in her eyes. As clear as day. Something had changed. She came back towards him and stood very close to him. “Oh, how strange we are. The three of us. A trio of incestuous siblings…”

Dustin refrained from mentioning that he had also fucked their older sister and mother. He wisely judged that it wasn’t a good moment. “Listen Lily…”

“Oh gods I feel so bad!” she interrupted him. She didn’t look like she was feeling bad though. “I’m sorry for making you feel so awful earlier. Here I was blowing things out of proportion. You know, I was indeed shocked that you had begun to fuck me. But… not that much. And your cock did feel fucking good!” She swore. “I’m such a bad girl!”

Dustin tried to get a word in, but Lily wasn’t done. “Since Emily told me about you two, I just couldn’t stop thinking about it! I even wondered if I could switch places with her one night and just fuck you without you being the wiser!” Lily laughed as she stared at Dustin.

Dustin was reeling from everything he was hearing. And Lily wasn’t even close to being finished. “And it wasn’t the first time I thought about fucking you. Emily and I sometimes even roleplayed doing it as we fuck! I’m sorry… I should have told you all of that earlier instead of playing the shocked virgin saint. As if I were a saint! My pussy was dripping wet, wasn’t it?”

“Lily, I—” Dustin tried to say something despite his shock.

“Wait, I’m not done. If I have to come clean, I need to tell you everything. It’s not easy, and quite shameful, so don’t interrupt me. I love fucking Emily so damn much! You have no idea! But some part of me feels bad about it. Really bad. My head knows it’s not morally right. Heck, it’s even illegal! Part of my heart even knows it. There’s something wicked in there…”

Lily paused for a moment, her eyes scanning the room without really seeing it as she searched for her next words. “Then again, many wicked things are also deliciously good, right?” she looked at him, fire in her eyes. “So I was torn, even with just me and Emily. And now this incident happens between the two of you and it sets my mind afire! Shit! Can you believe me when I say that even when I was pissed earlier in the car, I couldn’t help remembering just how good your cock had felt inside me? Had you noticed that I let you fuck me quite a few times before slapping you away?” She paused for a moment before asking him “So, am I a monstrous little bitch?”

Dustin was surprised at her outburst, but right now all he could think about was that she actually wanted to fuck him. And his cock was thinking the same thing. As it was rising from between his legs, Lily noticed it in turn. “Oh…” Looking up into his eyes, she said “I’m guessing you’re not pissed?”

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32