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Aidra Fox

I wanted to take a moment to share my recent experience where I was able to experience a very erotic and arousing situation earlier this week. While I often do not write of my experiences, this experience was so thrilling I really feel the need to share. Now, two sentences into recounting the experience, I am already erect and my penis is building pressure in my dress slacks and boxer briefs at work so let’s get rolling…

I am a tall and slender man in my early 30s, married with a child, and curious about men. I really enjoy exploring ways to get myself more aroused and ways to have more intense orgasms with an incredible amount of cum spewing about. In general, I prefer to be a bottom who services the other man and his stiff cock to orgasm, but, I do not mind returning the favor and sharing my cum with others. I have been lucky enough to suck a few cocks and even swallow a load of sweet cum or two. I have also been able to receive a real cock driving in and out of my tight ass until he burst. I must say that with each experience, I get a little more comfortable and a little bit more adventurous in exploring the things that really turn me on in this secret part of my life. I really enjoy riding on my assortment of dildos and always enjoy the intensity of a prostate massage orgasm. I have what I would consider to be a nice 7″ cock that I shave regularly and often keep hairless basically from my belly button to my ass. I am also extremely turned on by wearing lady’s underwear and dressing up privately.

I have went out wearing panties and even with a butt plug in during a few visits a local adult store which houses about 12-14 adult video viewing booths. The place is hit and miss, but recently has been a great experience every time I stop in. During this particular encounter, I knew when I left for work in the morning I might have time after work to drop in and get off prior to my scheduled evening activities with friends. Knowing this, I reached into my secret toy box, I pulled out my rubber cock ring and a cute pair of white and blue panties that I stole from a friend’s underwear drawer a year or two ago. It is about an hour trip from my employer to the store so when traffic was cooperating and timing looked good, I swung into a gas station to change out of my boxer briefs and sliped into my panties. I also put on my cock ring which fits comfortably around my cock and my balls. I returned to my vehicle, already pinbahis yeni giriş aroused and curious about what the day’s adventures would include. About 20 minutes or so later, I arrived at the store.

The store was particularly busy today with several people including a couple milling about the video and toy sale’s section of the store. After checking out a few of the DVDs and considering a few toys to expand my collection, and listening to the sounds of videos playing in the booth section, I realized that I had about 20-25 minutes before I needed to be back on the road to make it to meeting my friends on time. I paid the $5 for tokens and set off into the back with an already semi erect cock held tightly by my panties. After I entered the back I noticed one other gentleman milling about and saw a couple of red lights on a few booths with their doors closed. The sound of both men and women fucking in the videos playing made it sound like I was walking into a wild pleasure party. The store currently has three gloryholes. Two are customer made holes, of which one is difficult for my cock to fit through both due to diameter and height. The third is a precut 8″ diameter hole, and is the first booth I normally check simply because of accessibility.

As I walked by the one side of the buddy booth the door was closed and upon turning the corner I saw that the other side’s door was wide open. I bent over slightly and eyed a beautiful, partially erect, and rather large cock in the dim light of the booth. I immediately entered the open booth, closing and locking the door behind me. I squatted down to get a better look through the large hole in the booth wall. A gentleman that I would guess to be in his late 50s or early 60s was sitting on the adjoining bench with his pants at about knee level stroking himself to a man on man blow job video. Wearing glasses and a ball cap backward I glanced up at him, licked my lips, and rubbed a few fingers around the hole inviting him to let me suck on his lollipop of fun.

He immediately responded to my request by standing and allowing his pants to fall all the way to the floor. He pulled his button down shirt and white undershirt up over his average belly pressing his cock through the hole. I took it into my hands as it entered my side of the booth and guided his now mostly erect cock toward my eager mouth. I gently began to taste the tip of his smooth white pinbahis giriş skin and then slide it down my throat allowing my lips to wrap around his member now filling my mouth. I bobbed up and down at a regular pace and felt him become completely hard in my mouth. After a few minutes of steady sucking, he pulled away from the hole and began to stroke his cock again maintaining focus on the video screen.

I am by no means what I would consider an expert cock sucker but I was just hoping he was enjoying himself. I reached through the hole, cupped his enormous balls and carefully placed my hand between his legs. I guided and turned him, pulling him toward the hole again. He returned his rock hard cock now glistening with my mouth juice and some of his precum to my side of the booth. I kindly licked the tip of his cock clean, tasting a bit of his semen for the first time. It was quite sweet and tasty. I gently proceeded to lick his shaft and take his somewhat hairy balls into my mouth. I then returned my mouth to the tip of his cock and carefully took him as deep as I could gagging slightly as he hit the back of my throat. By now, I realized that if I did a good job, I would be rewarded with his cum. I wanted it BAD.

The taste of his precum was turning me into a total slut, eager to please this older man who could be my dad. That thought alone still makes my cock jump and had my dick dripping with precum, soaking my pretty panties as I continued to worship this amazing cock at the glory hole. As I loosened my belt and pulled my jeans off my hips exposing my panties I considered showing him my pussy to see if he wanted to fuck me. I touched my own penis through my panties as I could taste more of his precum entering my mouth while noticing that my dick was leaking so much precum I could feel the chill of the air on my cock. As I only touched myself lightly I almost made myself cum in my panties.

I removed my hand from the area of my cock and enthusiastically tried to obtain the reward of cum I wanted from this stranger. To my disappointment he again removed his cock from my mouth and the hole, returning to a steady stroking. I could tell he was close to cumming as he began vigorously stroking and grunting and I wanted him to give it to me. I reached through again, reaching for his cock so I could redirect him back into my mouth but caught his first jet of cum in my hand. I immediately smeared pinbahis güvenilirmi my hand over my lips and tongue tasting his sweet sex juice. He must have noticed my enjoyment of his cum and turned his cock to spray my face with at least two or three more nice thick jets of cum!

While I wanted him in my mouth, this was my first facial from another man and it was an amazing turn on. A lot of cum was on my face and glasses but a lot also splashed onto my tongue and lips. I have only tasted my cum and a few others and his was by far the best ever. As he stroked his shaft a few more times dripping the last of his cum on my nose and cheek, he willingly gave me the first few inches of his cock which I was happy to clean off. After a few second, I could tell his cock was very sensitive as he removed his dick from my mouth and began to pull up his pants. I continued to squat with my cock still fully erect cleaning off my lips and face with my tongue. My new man bent over, thanked me for the relations and opened the door walking out of sight.

I stood up, now with my jeans at knee level to put my first coins into the machine to watch a video wondering if anyone else wanted to feed me their cock only to realize that the booth I was in was out of order. I pulled my phone from my jeans’ pocket and checked the time along with a quick check of a couple social media sites. I startled as I was surprised by a hand touching my panties and cock through the hole. A nice sized hand began to pull my still rock hard from my panties. As his fingers entered my panties, the intensity of my previous experience and surprise of his hand caused me to cum, a lot! Mostly soaking the inside of my panties and then spraying randomly around the booth. The hand quickly retracted as I also surprised my new friend. After stroking my cock a couple of more times to finish the orgasm, I knew I was running short on time and had to leave in order not to be late to my other engagement.

Tucking my now mostly limp dick back into my flooded panties, I quickly pulled up my jeans and made my way for the exit. As I passed the store attendant he smiled and wished me a happy evening. Only after arriving at my care did I realize the amount of cum still on my face! I made it to the bar a few minutes later but did not have time to change out of my panties before meeting my friends! I spent the rest of the evening in cum drenched women’s underwear until I went home.

In case you are wondering, I jerked off again when I got home after the odor of cum smashed into my nose when I was getting changed and am going to go cum again before I finish uploading this story. Hope you enjoyed hearing about my experience!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32