Above and Beyond Ch. 02

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Matt slowly opened his eyes, the pillow beneath his head nursing his hangover. Thankfully, it was only mild, and based on experience, would be gone within 15 minutes. Sitting up in bed, threw off the covers to reveal a massive erection.

He’d been dreaming about last night’s events; the dare of giving John a boner that evolved into Matt giving his first blowjob. After bringing John to an explosive orgasm, he’d gone to bed without a word between them, stopping only to masturbate before he went to sleep. John had been left where he was to sleep on the couch, where he usually slept when he crashed after a night over.

Pulling on some clothes, he freshened up in the bathroom before going into the lounge to see John, awake, half dressed, and reading his phone.

John looked up as Matt entered the room. There was a split second look of shyness, before it was quickly wiped, and John grumbled out a “mornin”. Matt looked at him inquisitively; he was *sure* John remembered. He hadn’t drank that much, and based on Matt’s memory of the time they’d tagteamed that girl a few years ago, John’s orgasm last night was *far* beyond a normal one. But he said nothing, other than replying with a “morning” of his own.

The next hour went by same as any other morning after a night on the piss: both men relatively quiet while eating breakfast. The conversation that happened completely ignored the events of the previous night, as if the two men hadn’t shared their first sexual experience with one another.

Eventually, John felt he was fine enough to drive home, and gather his things as he said goodbye. He was almost out the door when Matt was able to summon his courage (or arousal, he wasn’t sure which).

“Hey, before you go. Um, about last night…” he said, looking at John, who went wide eyed at Matt’s words.

“Yeah, uh, what about it?” He looked like a deer caught in the headlights.

“Did you…um”, Matt took a deep breath, then asked the question he had to. “Did you wanna do it again?”

John’s eyes went wide, and he stepped back, stopping only because he came up against the wall, now seemingly ‘trapped’ against it by Matt. “Uh, what? What do you mean?”

Matt stepped forward, pushing his luck. He was now a few inches away from being pressed up against John, who was in turn pressed up against the wall. “You know what I mean. This.” He said, while at the same time he hooked his fingers in the waistband of John’s pants, pulling them down as he slowly dropped to his knees, so he was now directly in front of John’s cock, which he was happy to see was half hard and on its way to full hardness, twitching occasionally. He looked up at his faltering friend, and raised his eyebrow. “Well?”

John tried to back up, but with his back already against the wall, he had nowhere to go. “What the fuck, are you serious?”

Matt just shrugged and leaned forward, wrapping his lips around John’s hardening cock, his hands raising to help the process. One hand on his balls, and another running fingers up and down the shaft, and Matt was in heaven. The instant moan from John assured him that the wasn’t the only one.

Lowering himself as much as he could on the shaft, he massaged John’s balls softly and slowly, while his fingers slid up and down the hard cock. The hard cock, mmm, Matt thought. He was unable to comprehend how he’d missed this his whole life. While soft to touch, as a whole it was harder than steel, and the smoothness rivalled a stripper’s legs. It drove him wild with lust.

Slowly bobbing up and down, he took as much of John’s length as he could, which admittedly wasn’t very much. But the amount he could, he devoured like a professional slut. Sucking like he was trying to drink cement through a straw, swirling the tongue in circles around the head, using both hands to work everything else, he had John going crazy.

Moaning like a whore, John was doing everything he could to remain standing. The blowjob he was getting from his friend was a religious experience, and after only a few minutes he was ready to cum. He was embarrassed about doing it, but he couldn’t help but vocalise a warning, expecting Matt to stop and jerk him off to finish as he had done last night.

Matt had no such intention of stopping. He had missed out last night, he would not miss this time. He continued sucking John exactly the same, to his own surprise. He was straight, and here he was, lips wrapped around the cock of another, *aching* for his cum.

He bahis firmaları sucked, and sucked some more, and within seconds, John’s constant tensing stomach turned into a brick wall of rigid muscles, and he groaned in a hoarse voice as he orgasmed, shooting his load into Matt’s mouth.

Matt felt the first load hit the back of his mouth, then another, and another, and quickly swallowed it, not wanting to be overcome and cause any spillage. The instant he swallowed, he felt his own cock throb in arousal. The taste was devine; salty, but pure, unadulterated SEX. There could be no confusing it. He greedily sucked the rest out of John’s balls, moaning every time cum spewed onto his tongue, swallowing it like it was water and he’d been in the desert for a week.

After a few moments, the flow of semen came to a stop, and John had to cry out “stop! Stop!”, as Matt just continued to suck. He rose to his feet, giving John a quick smile, before heading to the fridge. He poured a glass of water while John recovered and eventually pulled up his pants. Holding it out, he asked “want one?”

John looked up, still rather dazed from his orgasm, before slowly nodding, so Matt poured another glass and placing it on the bench in front of him. Both men drank their waters without a word. John only got about halfway through his before he stopped and simply asked “why?”

Matt shrugged and looked down at his feet, a little embarrassed. “I like doing it last night. I dunno why. I guess I just like dicks, even though I’m not gay. Which doesn’t really make sense. You seemed to like it though.” He said, looking up at John, who raised an eyebrow.

“Seemed to? It was fucken incredible. My legs are still a bit wobbly. I was kinda only joking last night, but you went ahead and started doing it, and it actually felt really nice. Then you got right into it, and well, you know the rest.” He looked at his phone before continuing. “Look, we should probably talk more about this, but I gotta run.”

Matt nodded, and they said their goodbyes. Shutting the door behind him, Matt took a deep breath, before letting it out slowly. He’d just experienced the greatest sexual experience of his life, then followed it up with another that was just as good. Had he ruined his lifelong friendship? It was certainly changed, but ruined? Time would tell. As for now, his erection hadn’t gone down since he’d first put his mouth on John’s dick, and he had to take care of it.


The rest of the week went by as usual, until Saturday rolled around again. As they normally alternated whose house they would drink it, it was now Matt’s turn to go to John’s. Normally, he would just go there, but owing to recent events, he wasn’t sure if he should follow standard procedure. After some consideration, he decided to follow suit. Stopping to buy the beer, he went straight to John’s after dinner.

Taking a deep breath, he knocked on the door, before walking inside as he usually did. John was sitting at the table reading his phone. He looked up and greeted Matt in the usual way, easing Matt’s troubles. Everything was fine.

The two men got stuck into the beer and the conversation, catching up as they normally did, until about an hour in John held his hand while Matt was mid-sentence. “Ok look, we gotta talk about it.” He said no more, only looking at Matt, as if expecting him to say something.

Matt just nodded, had a swig and said “alright,” then waited for John to continue.

After a moment’s pause, he did so. “Ok, well you said you watched a video where a guy got hard, and it got you off, then I dared you to get me hard, and it apparently made you so horny you went ahead and sucked me off? So like, are you actually gay?”

Matt slowly nodded, taking in what John said, before he responded. “No. I don’t think so anyway. I’m not attracted to guys at least. There was just something about doing that to you that turned me on. I honestly don’t know why. I guess maybe it’s like a foot fetish, but I just have a dick fetish? I dunno, it sounds stupid when I say it like that.”

John shrugged. “Well I don’t understand it, but I don’t care either way. All I know is when you…y’know…sucked me off…fucken hell it was good”. As he said this, Matt noticed a slight bump in John’s shorts, as if his cock had throbbed and knocked against the fabric.

He turned towards John on the couch, inching towards him as he did, while attempting to remain subtle in his movement. “Really? How good?” He kaçak iddaa wanted to press John into talking about it. Work had been busy this week, and he hadn’t had time to spare any thought toward last week’s actions, so now was his chance.

John squirmed in embarrassment, inadvertently moving toward Matt. “Well, really good. It kept popping in my mind all week and I’d get a hardon like I was a teenager at school.”

Matt looked down quickly. The bump that had happened earlier was now a slight tent; John’s dick had grown harder. He looked directly at John. “You want me to do it again, don’t you?” He shifted closer again, not hiding it this time. They were now right next to each other.

John looked down, not wanting to hold eye contact. “Well…I dunno. It was amazing, but…” he words trailed off as Matt placed a hand on his thigh, his shorts being high enough above the knee to expose some amount of bare skin.

Matt’s fingers trailed around the hair on John’s thigh, before sliding upwards, disappearing up the leg of the shorts. John’s satin boxer shorts allowed easy access, and within seconds, Matt’s fingers were lightly massaging John’s balls. A sigh and a soft “oh god” told Matt he was not going to be stopped from his current action.

Sliding off the couch to the same position he was in last week, he undid John’s shorts and tugged at them. John quickly lifted his hips to allow them to come off. As Matt pulled them down, John’s already-hard member flopped out of the shorts. Matt couldn’t help but pause to take in how sexy it looked – rock solid, veins throbbing, and a red hue at the head. He suddenly had an idea.

Leaning forward, he stuck out his tongue, and ran it up John’s cock, flicking it as it came to the head, causing a gasp. “You want me to do it, don’t you?” He asked cockily.

“Please” was all John replied, but the lack of hesitation and the begging in his voice told Matt he didn’t want it, he *needed* it.

Matt smiled. He had him. “Alright then, I dare you to take what I give you. You have to let me do what I want, and you can’t stop me no matter how horny you get.” The dare that had gotten them into this last week had now continued to Matt turn.

John nodded quickly, not aware of what he was getting himself into. “Fine, yes, just please suck it.”

Matt say back. “No.” He replied, and reached out his hands and began the same stroking and tickling he had done last week. John had looked up in horror at being denied, but lay his head back down and closed his eyes, sighing in bliss as the fingers worked his tool.

Matt leaned forward and put his lips around the very tip of John’s cock, holding it in place while his fingers worked the magic. His didn’t move his lips at all, but he sucked it like a lollypop, causing deep moans from John. After a few moments he stopped and told John to lie on the floor. After a brief look of confusion and annoyance at stopping, John quickly rolled off the couch until he was lying flat on his back on the floor. Matt wasted no time in starting up again, but this time he changed the routine of his hands.

Now he had one hand gripping the base with his fingers, forming a cock ring, while the other ran its fingers across John’s balls, all the while he licked up and down the shaft. After a a short while, he changed it up again. Now one hand was rubbing John’s precum all around the head while the other tickled the shaft, and he licked the bottom of the balls.

John’s moans and grunts has now turned to whimpers, and the red hue that had adorned the head had grown in intensity. Matt looked on at his best friend’s uncontrollable lust, and listened to his begging and pleading. But he didn’t give in. For the next 20 minutes, he teased and edged John, sexually torturing him so well that he looked as if he would start crying. All the while, John remained true to his dare.

Taking his hands off John, he placed his tongue at the base of his balls, and licked his way up, sliding along the skin, then up the length of his cock, stopping for a moment to envelop the head for a quick suck, before continuing to pick up John’s stomach toward his chest, crawling along the whole way, until his tongue met John’s left nipple, and began to scrape across it, causing a gasp. As he licked and sucked the nipple, he threw his leg over John, so he was now straddling him.


Unbeknownst to John, he’d quietly removed his pants and underwear while pleasuring him, and eventually his shirt, kaçak bahis so he was now wearing exactly what John was: nothing at all. The feel of skin made John open his eyes and look up, but Matt was quick to shush him with a rapid change to his other nipple, which had thus far received no attention. John lapsed into the feeling, allowing Matt to continue his barrage of sexual pleasure, which included a new method: grinding against John’s cock.

The saliva coating it combined with the precum provided enough lubricant for it to glide with ease through Matt’s crack and he raised and lowered his hips, stopping every so often to rub is against his hole. After a few passes, he stopping the grinding, and simply started pushing back against the rigid cock that was pointed directly at his anus.

John’s eyes popped open, and he looked up at Matt. Matt just kept twirling his tongue around the nipple, smiled seductively, and pushed back onto the cock, wincing in pain as the head popped inside him, causing John to let out a hoarse groan. Matt took a deep breath, doing his best to ignore the pain, pushing back as slowly as he could. The pain was bringing tears to his eyes, but this action was turning him on so much he couldn’t stop.

After several moments, he bottomed out, feeling his balls press up against John’s stomach. John broke from his trance and spoke. “What are you doing?”

“What I want.” Matt replied. “Remember your dare.” As he said this, he lifted himself forward along the cock, causing the eyes in John’s head to roll into the back of his skull. The pain was still there for Matt, but it was accompanied by more sexual bliss than he thought was possible.

He fucked himself on John’s cock, and soon the pain began to dissipate, paving the way for more focus on the pleasure, until eventually it didn’t hurt at all. He began to fuck faster, no longer licking John’s nipples, in fact no longer caring about teasing John at all. He’d made

Himself more horny than he could explain, and crossing into new territory when he slid the hard rod inside himself paid off, and he wanted this to last forever.

Placing both hands on John’s chest, he pushed himself up, changing the angle. He thrust forward, as he is was fucking someone right in front of him, but it was just the cock in the arse. A pressure began to grow inside him, and it suddenly burst as an orgasm exploded within him, causing him to spasm.

It was unlike any other orgasm Matt had ever had. Not only did he not ejaculate, but rather than hitting a peak straight away and then dropping off, the feeling grew and grew until it reached a plateau, then stayed at that level for the longest time. The feeling eventually subsided, but never fully vanished, and Matt found that he was not finished. He was still horny, his dick was still hard. He wanted more.

Leaning back, he continued the rampage, this time John’s cock hitting new places, causing precum to pour out of him like a leaking tap. His moans matched with John’s, and the two men fucked with wild abandon. Matt started to spasm, another orgasm approaching, and again he experienced the dry orgasm he had before that made him nearly pass out.

He began to fuck John slower this time. He’d experienced two life-changing orgasms, it was time to return to John’s pleasure. Rising all the way up, then coming all the way back down, he tried rolling his hips to make to feel better for John, but he couldn’t ignore how good it felt for him, so he went back to the way he way before. However, it wasn’t long before John’s voice rose in pitch, and the moans that had never stopped grew louder.

Matt lifted himself up and fucked John’s dick like a bar girl rides the mechanical bull, and within seconds Matt felt the cock inside his arse grow thicker, before spitting out wads of cum deep inside his colon. The added feeling of John’s cum, and the fattened, throbbing cock on top of the fucking drove Matt over the edge, and he came harder than he thought was possible. Cum shot out of his cock like a bullet from a gun, the spurts never seeming to stop.

Eventually, Matt slowed his pace until he came to a stop, his dick occasionally spasming, along with his leg muscles. He felt John’s softening cock fall out of him, soon followed by the cum draining out the same hole. Matt’s cum had mostly pooled onto John’s stomach, but there were streaks all the way up to his neck from when it had shot out.

Not having the strength to lift his leg over John, Matt simply lay down next to him, both men breathing hard, as if they’d just run a marathon. Neither men spoke. Neither men *could* speak. They just lay there, in post-coital bliss, until the fatigue took hold, and they both fell asleep.

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