Aaron’s Absolution

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Well, let me tell you a little about myself so you may better understand my story. My name is Aaron and I am 35 years old. I have been divorced for the last 2 years. I am 6 feet tall and have a fairly slim build. I work as a financial services advisor for a Fortune 500 company here in the Midwest and have held this position for the last 10 years, ever since I received my Master’s degree in accounting. When I began my career I had the privilege of working for a woman named Jan who became a mentor, and later, a close friend. Jan and I no longer work closely together, but remain within the same corporation.

Jan is the consummate professional. She, after a short marriage to someone who died young in a car accident about 25 years ago, has devoted herself to her work and become quite successful. Her appearance and manner in a professional setting is immaculate – designer suits and a bearing that can best be described as regal.

Jan is 55 years old, and rather stocky in build. This does not imply, however, that she is overweight, but simply that she is short (5’5″) and built like the farm-girl she formerly was. Jan goes to the gym 5 days a week, and, while somewhat heavy in appearance, has a body that is as solid as a rock! She has short, nicely styled salt and pepper hair, very substantial breasts, and a big, beautiful round ass. Very, very delectable, according to my tastes. Again, in a professional setting she carries herself in a manner befitting the CEO of a large, successful organization, which, indeed, she is. Here, actually, our story begins.

About six months ago our company underwent a series of reorganization processes during which the respective departments of Jan and myself were closely involved. After one particularly trying meeting on a Friday afternoon, chaired by Jan, we went out for a sort of victory cocktail. This celebratory meal lasted throughout most of the night and served to rekindle, in a rather intimate way, the close relationship we had enjoyed over the years – which had, in a way, become a little more distant of late due to our disparate divisions and schedules.

After a fairly long evening, filled with reminiscences of our close relationship and career interactions, I picked up the check and we started to leave.

“Aaron, sweetheart, this has been a terribly long week and I still need to unwind some more. Would you like to come over to my house for another drink or two?”

“Of course Jan, I’d love to” I replied, “shall we take separate cars, or go together?”

Jan thought this over for a moment, then said “Well, if we each take our own cars you will be able to leave at your leisure, and, we wouldn’t have to make arrangements to retrieve the other vehicle later on.”

“Perfect,” I agreed, and we proceeded to leave, but not before Jan leaned close and lightly brushed my cheek with her lips.

This, of course, set my libido on a red alert, as nothing of this nature had ever happened before, but I essentially brushed it off as a figment of an over-active imagination. After a short 30 minute commute, Jan and I arrived at her townhouse in the nicer section of town, and, as I got out of the car, she greeted me in a rather special manner, namely by kissing my cheek again!

I must indicate, indeed, that up to this point, and, for quite some time afterward, I simply considered this as a rather intimate exchange between two very close friends.

We hung up our coats in the foyer, and after a little light-hearted banter, we proceeded into the dining area to mix some drinks. To my surprise, sweet Jan settled upon a Manhattan (a little powerful for this time of the evening.), and had all the ingredients on hand. I helped her mix two, and we settled down on her settee and toasted one another, “Here’s to a job well done and great company,” Jan said, and I replied, whole-heartedly, “Here’s to you, me, and, the end of this reorganization.”

“Here, here,” Jan replied, “and, to much better things in the future.”

After sitting there in front of a roaring fire for a half-hour or so, Jan stretched luxuriously, pulling those magnificent breasts of hers tightly against her blouse, and said “Aaron, sweetheart, would you mind giving me a backrub, I’m a little stiff from all the work we’ve done over the last week and think I need a nice massage.”

Well, I quickly agreed, and so Jan went and retrieved a blanket and pillow and placed them on the floor in front of the sofa, then, somewhat turning away, quickly stripped off her shirt and bra, while carefully facing away from me. As she lay down I just caught the briefest glimpse of her huge boobs slightly swaying as she settled into a comfortable position.

Jan, at first, was leaning upon her elbows, and, occasionally would stretch up a bit to sip her cocktail. When she leaned back into a prone position her breasts would push slightly out to the sides, and I was treated to the sight of those glorious curves! I slowly and gently massaged her broad back, casino şirketleri lingering here and there at areas such as her neck muscles and lower back just above her waistline. Jan, in the meantime, sighed contentedly as my hands slowly roamed over her lovely skin. As the massage progressed, it was extremely hard, if not impossible, to not (at least unobtrusively) brush my fingers against the sides of Jan’s sweet, sweet rack.

During the course of her backrub we had had time to casually finish our drinks, and, while I was working on her shoulder muscles Jan spoke for the first time since I had begun; “Aaron darling, that feels simply magical, but could I beg you to take a short break and mix us another drink?”

“Sure,” I replied “would you care for another of the same?” “I think that would be perfect,” Jan said, with a slight giggle, “just don’t be too long!”

Well, that was easier said than done, as a nice Manhattan takes a little while to concoct, but I finished up and hurried back to the living room to Jan. When I reached the doorway I stood stock still in surprise, for, from where I was standing it appeared that Jan was completely nude! I gathered my wits, and proceeded in to set down our drinks.

As I neared the blanket Jan rested upon I could see that Jan was not nude, but rather was wearing a very brief pair of thong underwear. And, I do mean brief, the center strap looked to be nothing more a tiny strand of string nestled between her glorious buttocks! I sat down beside Jan, and we again toasted our accomplishments over the last weeks, and, to our friendship.

“Aaron, you did such a wonderful job on my back, would you mind massaging my legs also?” Jan asked. “Of course not, Jan,” I said “you have such lovely legs it would be a pleasure!”

“Thanks dear, you have such a sweet touch! I haven’t felt this good in ages!” she replied. I took a short sip of my cocktail, and slid down a little further toward her feet to resume her massage, and, while doing so, let my eyes roam over her luscious ass. Indeed, what a beautiful ass it was: rather large, but perfectly rounded with firm, proudly protruding cheeks.

I have to admit, at this point, that I was starting to develop a strong erection, and I was a little relieved to be working out of Jan’s direct line of sight! I began down around her ankles, and, because of Jan’s earlier comments, and my own arousal, tried to make the massage as slow and sensuous as possible! I gradually moved to her calves, gently kneading and rubbing her beautiful legs. It was quite apparent that all of Jan’s time spent in the gym had certainly paid off, her leg muscles were perfectly toned, and somewhat hard to the touch (not unpleasantly so, however, just very, very firm).

As I worked my way further up toward the thigh area, Jan slowly, and gradually, spread her legs further apart so that there was a space about a foot wide between her knees. Of course, my eyes were now locked onto Jan’s crotch area as I strained to get a closer view! Her brief thongs had somewhat pulled into her pussy, but only enough so that I could barely see the beginnings of a very prominent cleft! As there appeared to be no pubic hair obstructing my view, I could only surmise that, at the least, kept her puss nicely trimmed, a definite turn-on!

I massaged her lovely thighs for 15 minutes or so, taking my strokes almost up to her still-hidden lips, then sliding outward just under the sweet rounding of her buttocks before sliding back down to the back of her knees, all the while accompanied by gentle sighs and murmurs of contentment from Jan.

“There now, Jan, how’s that?” I asked Jan, as I rather assumed (much to my disappointment, I might add…) that that would be the end of our little massage session. Jan looked back at me over her shoulder and said “Oh no, sweetheart, go higher!, After all, it’s just another muscle, well, two to be exact… Unless, of course you don’t want to massage that big butt of mine!” she said with a little smirk.

“No, no, not at all, Jan, I just wasn’t sure if you wanted me to go any further,” I replied. “Oh Aaron,” she said “if you stop now I’ll feel just like a kid who had all her birthday presents taken away!” “Ok, ok,” I joked “the pleasure will certainly be mine!” I reached down, grabbed my drink, and finished it in one huge gulp (as did Jan), and slid up a little further to better focus on the task at hand…

As I slid my hands on her big beautiful ass I felt my cock harden further, and didn’t think things could possibly get any better than this! I was wrong, however, for as I softly massaged Jan’s lovely solid cheeks she gradually spread her legs even further apart. Her thong strap was now even more tightly pulled over her crack, but unfortunately her lips still remained concealed, but, the thin string of the strap did little to conceal her sweet asshole!

I gently separated her cheeks while massaging her, and was treated to an even better view of this luscious sight: casino firmaları Jan’s asshole looked to be about the size of a quarter and was just a shade or two darker than the surrounding skin, delicately wrinkled and tightly puckered, certainly one of the most delightful things I had ever seen!

I continued to sweetly massage her magnificent ass, letting my hands drift down to her inner thighs, then lightly brushing close to her pussy right where the legs join the pelvis, then even more gently brushing the area around her sweet asshole, before continuing the same movement over and over again.

After what seemed an eternity (although a very pleasant eternity), Jan spoke: “Aaron, honey, that feels so good I wish you’d never stop, but I think we both could really use another drink right now.” “Yes, Jan, I think you’re probably right, would you like me to mix them?” “Sure, love, but this time I’ll help!” she said, and, with that stood up and faced me, with those glorious tits fully exposed to my hungry gaze!

Her tits were absolutely stupendous,DD’s at least, with very little sag (thank God for the gym). Her areolas were large and dark red, covering an area about the diameter of a saucer, the nipple itself seemed the size of my thumb, thick and jutting out proudly! I slowly stood up and reluctantly tore my gaze away from her breasts, only to see Jan grinning widely at me! “Come on, babe, let’s get that drink!” she said, while grabbing my hand and leading me into the dining room.

I hoped my erection was not too noticeable as we walked through her house, but decided not to be too overly concerned, after all, a hard cock seemed to me a quite normal reaction to the sights I had been treated to! As we casually mixed our drinks, Jan’s lovely boobs delightfully standing out from her chest, I could see her glancing very frequently down at my waist area.

The thought of Jan checking out my manhood made me swell even more, and the reaction I received was a smile of pure delight from her. Of course, I had also been busy in the meantime, checking out her barely-covered pussy, as up until this point I had only had the opportunity of seeing her sweet backside. Now I could see, due to the little her thong did to cover her, that she had a quite prominent pubic mound, with just the hint of a deep cleft peeking out above the top of the thong, and, a beautiful thick camel-toe winking up at me! Due to her exposure, it now was quite plain to me that Jan’s cunt was completely bald, something which had always turned me on immensely!

While mixing the cocktails, Jan had, once or twice, reached across my body for a missing ingredient, causing those lush tits to push against my chest or arm, with those stiff nipples poking into me as if begging for attention.

Finally, Jan said “There love, I think we’re finished in here for now,” and, turning to face me directly, lifted her lips to mine! This was the first time we had, directly, touched in a manner befitting lovers (although the massage had certainly had sexual undertones.), and I made the most of it, kissing her full lips hungrily before sliding my tongue gently into her mouth to dance with hers. After what seemed like hours, we broke this tender kiss, and Jan said “Come, Aaron, let’s go back to the living room…”

Upon entering the room, Jan immediately sat down on her blanket and motioned for me to sit beside her. We hungrily kissed again, and when we finally broke our embrace, Jan said “Well, you really did do such a lovely job massaging my back, do you think you could do as well on my front?”

“Jan, dear, I’m sure I can outdo myself,” I replied “this time I’ll be able to look at your beautiful face, along with your wonderful body while I massage you!” She blushed slightly, and then slowly lay back against a stack of 2 or 3 pillows she had gathered from the couch. These extra pillows had the effect of her sitting partially upright, but still reclining backwards comfortably.

I began slowly but firmly massaging her neck and shoulder area, but it wasn’t long before I let my hands stray down to those huge boobs of hers, almost if my hands were magnetically drawn to such beauty! I gently squeezed and massaged her tits and then began making slow circles around her areolas, watching them become an even deeper red as I teased around the nipple!

Jan had become somewhat red-faced herself, giving low moans of encouragement as I alternated my gaze between her face and her sweet tits. I now paid strict attention to her stiff nipples, gently rolling them between my fingers and stretching them slowly outward, while they became longer and thicker under my tender ministrations. I massaged those luscious nipples for a solid 10 minutes before I let my hands drift down to the lower globe of her tits, and, after gently kneading this area for a few minutes (watching her tits slowly rise and fall with each delicate squeeze), I then softly and smoothly began work on her upper ribcage and stomach area.

As güvenilir casino I brushed lower and lower over Jan’s sweet abdomen, her cleft became more and more apparent, a valley of desire to be sure! Still, I kept up a somewhat circumspect manner, and simply teased Jan (and, myself) by gently circling her belly button (an “inny”) before tenderly caressing the sweet top of her cleft that marginally showed over the top of her thong. I slowly half-sat up, and moved down to work on her lower legs, as I did so, Jan rewarded me by spreading her legs, all the while looking me straight in the eye! I (sort of) calmly massaged her ankles, and, while doing so, had the supreme pleasure of Jan, ever so slowly, spreading her legs even wider. As I slowly worked my way up her legs, Jan’s sweet mound was less than a foot away, and, every time I let my eyes drift upward, seemed to be winking at me in temptation! Given this mesmerizing goal, I, gently, inched my way upwards along Jan’s ever-so-muscular thighs, every slight movement an exercise in delight, as, for every increment higher toward her love-muscle I moved, so Jan spread her legs even wider!

By the time I was tracing small circles around her outer lips her legs were splayed wide open, all the time with that sexy thong becoming more and more a tease rather than a barrier! I gently rubbed all around her cunt, then, deciding to take matters “in hand,” as it were, slowly and sensuously began massaging her cunt itself through the miniscule covering of her thong. Up to this point, Jan’s reaction had been simple sighs of comfort or arousal, now she signaled her delight with outright moans of pleasure!

I kneaded and kneaded her love-mound, and was rewarded with the distinctive sight of her thong becoming wetter and wetter, all the while my cock becoming ever-harder… Just at the point when I was nearing a total loss of control, Jan lifted her sweet ass in the air and made a small gesture signaling me to pull down her panties. This, for me, became a gesture of pure love (and, lust) as I slowly inched her thong down away from her lovely shaven mound. Inch by inch, as Jan was revealed, I simply marveled at her beauty, her pubic mount swelled out grandly, with no trace of her inner lips revealed.

I made a perfunctory sweep of her lower legs and inner thighs before concentrating on the center of her (our) desire, then slowly swirled my fingers around her outer lips before even trying to enter her cunt. This was a truly inspired move, as, when I eventually did try to insert my finger into Jan’s sweet pussy, I had to gently work my finger in rather than simply slide it in. Jan, although 55 years old, was as tight as a young virgin (she later told me that she, other than an occasional “solo” session, hadn’t had sex in over 10 years)!

“Jan, darling,” I said, “I only want to make you happy, and this seems to me to be the perfect way, my sweet!” I then leaned further down and, slowly and sweetly, began to lick her luscious cunt from the very apex down it’s terminus in the region of her oh-so-sexy asshole. Licking and licking again, I gently eased my tongue into her cunt, and was rewarded with the taste and smell of a lovely woman coming, coming, coming over my face, as Jan, by this point, had thrown all discretion to the winds and simply moaned her pleasure: “Aaron, Aaron, Aaron, baby, lick me, baby, I’m coming, Oh YES, baby, I’m coming!”

I gently reached up with my right hand and spread her cleft further. I was rewarded by the sight of a cute little button of a clit peeking out at me, up to this point well hidden by Jan’s very tightness and tight, smoothly rounded of outer lips! Fully distended, as it was at this point, Jan’s clit jutted outward, pencil-thick and as hard as my own cock! I gently lowered my head and began to start licking and nuzzling this glorious appendage, and was rewarded by Jan’s heroic proclamation of another orgasm, “Oh God, sweetheart, please, please suck me there… BABY, I can’t stand it! Don’t stop, please don’t stop!” her voice softly trailed away as her orgasm eased down to a series of erratic twitches and gentle contractions…

I slowly slid my way up her lush body and we again kissed longley and languorously, sensuously and deeply. As we broke our kiss Jan gave a short, lazy chuckle and said “Aaron honey, I think that maybe now YOU need a little release!” “Jan, dear, you have no idea how bad I do,” I replied, rather raggedly. “Well, baby, just let me get up and sit on the couch so I can watch you get undressed,” she said, “and, by the looks of things, I think we’re both going to love the next few minutes!”

I stood up, helped Jan to her feet and over to the settee, and then stood in three quarter profile as I began to strip off my clothes. I tried to be as casual as possible, but wasn’t having much success as I was unbelievably eager to get naked! I quickly stripped down to my underwear, and then, still in profile, eased my shorts down over my throbbing cock! Meanwhile, Jan was reclining back with her muscular legs spread wide, her lovely cunt glistening in the firelight! I pushed my shorts down to my ankles, with my rock-hard cock jutting straight upwards and bobbing up and down in my arousal!

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