A Year in the City Ch. 03

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This is a continuing story, and should probably be read with the other chapters…


A couple of weeks later we finish our project and it’s rolled out to great fanfare and even greater success. I’m happy about the large bonus check, but even happier about the three days off I’m given before we start the next project. That’s one of the great perks about working for a big tech firm.

I spend most of the time in bed, with Mason. I made a promise to him to be present when we’re together. It’s an easy promise to keep; I just make sure we’re alone most of the time. He knows I have feelings elsewhere, but he demands nothing of me other than my attention when we’re together. I can live with that, and he does a great job of keeping my mind occupied.

He’s doing that now, under the covers, gently taking my cock into his mouth, pushing it further down until it reaches the back, tickling his throat. He’d told me he can’t deepthroat, but he’s been practicing. I feel him take in a deep breath as I lay back with my arms crossed behind my head, then he moves down further, popping the head into his throat. I jump in shock, my arms and legs flying, and he pulls the covers off, laughing and spluttering.

“You have to stay still when I’m doing that!”

“You could have warned me,” I laugh and pull him up to kiss him.

“Consider yourself warned,” he announces, and ducks back down to try again.

He bobs back down and I watch as he breathes again, before sliding me inside his throat. I clutch the bedspread as I focus on not moving as he works his throat muscles, massaging the head of my cock. It feels incredible and I throw my head back and enjoy the sensation.

He comes up for air, and I open my eyes, only to realize Jay is standing in my doorway with a grin on his handsome face and a hard-on in his pants. I glance at Mason; he’s noticed at the same time and seems unfazed.

“Don’t mind me, guys, just enjoying the show.”

“No boundaries in this place,” I huff, jokingly, “sorry Mason, we can get rid of him if you want.”

“No need,” Mason smiles, almost shyly. “You can stay and watch if you want,” he says to Jay.

Jay doesn’t need to be told twice and plants himself on the Eames lounge chair in my bay. It doesn’t bother me. Jay and I used to do stuff like this all the time in college, although it’s been a few years.

Mason gets back to it, putting on a show for Jay, slathering my cock in moisture before swallowing in down; his deepthroating skills truly improving by the second. I notice he’s carefully angling himself so Jay can see what he’s doing with his mouth and get a good view of his perky little bubble butt too. I chuckle to myself – looks like we have an exhibitionist to rival James here.

Jay has his smooth cock out and is lazily stroking it as he takes in the sight. I watch appreciatively as he works his seven inches, rubbing a drop of pre-cum over the tip. He sees me looking and I nod with my head, gesturing for him to come to me. He comes over, stripping his t-shirt and trackpants as he does, standing naked by my head within seconds.

I reach over and take his stiffness in my hand, running my palm over the soft skin before wrapping my fingers around the shaft. I glance down and see that Mason has paused, my cock still in his mouth and eyes wide, as he watches to see what I’ll do next. I take the head into my mouth, swirling my tongue over the tangy salt of the pre-cum. Mmm, still tastes good after all these years.

I reach my hand up to grasp Jay’s firm muscled ass cheek, pulling him closer so his cock slides further into my mouth. Suddenly my cock is cold with exposed saliva, and I sense Mason has climbed up my body and is watching closely. For his sake, I make a show of accepting Jay into my throat, causing him to grunt in pleasure as I swallow with him inside. Mason puts his head close to my ear, still watching.

“Will you suck him till he cums, while I ride you?” he’s a little breathless, excited sounding.

I pull off Jay and kiss Mason gently.

“You’d like that?” I ask. He nods, biting his lip.

I twist on the bed until I’m laying across it, my head at the edge. Mason rolls a condom and lube onto me and slowly lowers himself down. I tip my head back and Jay kneels, reentering my mouth. I can feel Mason; he’s leaning forward as he slides up and down, watching Jay’s movement.

As Jay pushes forward I allow him into my throat, keeping my mouth wide until I feel his balls pressing my nose. I tip back a little further so my nostrils aren’t blocked and I feel Mason’s soft hand gently stroke my neck, feeling the stretched area where Jay’s cock is nestled. I get that; I’m always fascinated by the way our bodies adjust to accommodate intrusion too. I gulp on Jay’s cock and he pulls back, recognizing my need for air.

I feel him leaning further forward as he pushes back in, and feel Mason grind on me, taking me as deep as possible. I think Jay has his hand on Mason’s cock, stroking him while I’m buried deep inside him. It’s a hot thought, and I can feel myself building as Mason keeps up his rhythmic canlı bahis şirketleri shifts.

We play like this for a while until I know I need to focus before I lose it. I increase my intensity on Jay for a moment and sense him becoming upright as I use my tongue around the shaft as my throat works on the tip. I reach between Jay’s legs, massaging his perineum and balls, pushing him to the edge. To tip him over I use my other hand to pull him in roughly, so he’s as deep inside me as he can be. His balls constrict and he unloads directly down my throat.

I sit up, pulling Mason down so I can kiss him deeply as I jerk his eager cock. It’s what he needs and he keeps moving on me as he throws his head back and cums, coating our bellies with his juices. I scrape my teeth across his skin as I cum in three rocking spurts, pinning his hips to me to feel his passage stretch around me.


We’re given a new development project at work and I’m in the busy midst of the set up when my boss approaches me one day.

“Grayson, I want you to work with the physical research team on this project.”

I’m confused. We normally get projects only after the various research teams have done their work.

“Your project is fine, but they need to monitor your work in order to complete the research for stage two,” he told me. “You’ll be working alongside Spencer Roberts – you know him don’t you?”

“Yeah, he’s a friend. It will be fine, I’m sure we’ll be able to work well.”

Spence joins our team, along with one of his team members, Gina. It’s pretty apparent that Gina is more than a little bit in love with Spence, although he is adorably oblivious. Join the club, sweetheart.

They spend time helping and being involved in our development meetings as they are gearing up for their own project based on ours. Spence and I discuss working improvements to what we’re doing and I’m impressed by his skill and his enthusiasm.

It means we are spending almost every day in each other’s company, and it’s not helping me at all. Previously, I think I’d managed to get my feelings for Spence in check, but now, when he’s always there… he’s in my thoughts constantly.

It doesn’t help that Mason and I cool off our friends-with-benefits situation soon after. I don’t hear from him for a couple of weeks, which is fine, as I am under the gun at work. But then he messages one day, asking me to meet him for coffee. This is unusual, so I already suspect I’m getting the brush off, but I agree anyway. He’s sweet, and I’m happy to do things his way.

As I enter the coffee shop and order an Americano I see Mason sitting in the corner with a cute younger guy. I join them and give Mason a brief hug as he stands to greet me. I don’t kiss him and I see a shadow of relief cross his face.

“I’m glad you could make it Gray,” he says, and he’s grinning excitedly, “I want you to meet Xander.”

I shake Xander’s hand and sit. Mason tells me how he met him in this very coffee shop, and they hit it off straight away. As we talk, Mason doesn’t mention our connection at all, simply talking as if we’re friends and nothing more, and I do wonder what he’s told Xander about us, and about why he feels this meeting is necessary. But I don’t let it worry me. It’s nice to see Mason so obviously happy, and his smile is broad as he sits, with Xander’s hand in his.

When I leave, I give Mason a hug and take one last inhalation of his apple-fresh scent.

“Thanks for everything, Mason. And I’m happy for you.”

I leave him with his eyes shining with happiness.


After we’ve worked together so closely on the project, my friendship with Spence settles down. We’re back to normal, but better, with an added layer of honesty and relaxation. The fact that he knows I find him attractive, and is undaunted by it, means I mainly stop acting like an insecure idiot around him. I can tell him he looks adorable in his black-framed geek glasses, which he does. Or tell him his ass looks amazing in his new jeans. He laughs, thanks me for the compliment and never seems anything but pleased.

Of course, the honesty doesn’t stretch to how I truly feel about him. All those weeks we spent working on the project together meant we are even closer as friends. Now, I have moved from being generically attracted to him as a person to being full-blown in love. It’s not ideal, but I’m keeping it buried in the ‘don’t go there’ chest.

Additionally, I feel more comfortable talking to him about my lifestyle, in ways that my own close-mindedness had made me shy away from before. It means he has become more included in the group as a whole, and he fits right in.

I still wonder sometimes if something might be brewing between him and Vic, though I don’t think they are actually involved yet. They spend a lot of time together and are definitely developing a strong bond.


Things change after one late November Wednesday gym session with Jay. The three of us are in the café drinking smoothies and doing some training planning. Suddenly, Spence stops.

“I need to canlı kaçak iddaa ask you guys some advice,” he says out of the blue. We nod for him to continue.

“Stacey wants to throw a big party. Is kind of insisting on it actually. She wants all my ‘new friends’ to come,” he’s referring to us. “All her friends are coming, and I don’t know what to do.”

“We’ll come to a party,” Jay says, enthusiastically, “unless you’re worried we’ll embarrass you.” But he’s joking.

“It’s not that,” Spence is serious, “she found out the other day that Vic is a girl…”

“How did she not know that Vic is a girl?” I ask, slightly incredulous.

“I don’t know. I haven’t hidden it, honestly. There’s no reason to,” he looks right at me.

“Stacey has never really asked me that much about you guys. I think she’s just happy it keeps me out of her hair. I guess I’ve just always called her Vic when I mention her, and then the other day I must have said Victoria for some reason. Stacey jumped on it and went crazy. Accused me of hiding it, accused me of all sorts that just isn’t true, never could be.”

“Okay,” I say. “We’ll be there, and we’ll sort it out.”


Later, I’m at Vic’s. Troy is at work, but James and Vic look up at me with rapt attention as I explain Spence’s problem.

“Hmmph,” Vic says, “I’m not sure what the real problem is. Their relationship is a shit-show anyway.”

“What do you mean?” James and I ask together.

“Listen, it’s not really my place to discuss. Spence has told me stuff that’s definitely confidential – you know we get on pretty well?”

We nod.

“Well, I think he values me as a female opinion. So, I’ve heard a lot of stuff about his home life that just makes me think he deserves so much better than her. She sounds awful, and I don’t think it’s because Spence puts her in a bad light on purpose – you know how fair minded he is – I think her own behavior puts her in a bad light.”

“That might be the case, but we all know he’s the only one who can truly make a judgement on it.”

I’m trying to be unbiased and fighting my gut feeling at Vic’s words. I know very little about Stacey, other than Spence met her when he was twenty-four and she was a junior member of the legal team at his firm. He has told me that he was blown away by her intelligence, elegance and warmth when they met, but he changes the subject when I try to ask him anything else, so I have given up.

“We have to support Spence in this. If he needs help we have to give it to him.”

Vic nods but doesn’t look happy.

“Well, I don’t know about you, but this sounds Shakespearian to me.”

James is thrilled and I silently curse his drama.

“Spence needs the Wicked Witch of the West to not see Vic as a threat. I’m picturing… a fat suit. And a stringy wig. And latex boils.”

We all laugh, the tension dissipates.

“Maybe something less dramatic, and less room for farce. We’ll definitely need to glam you down, Vic. Maybe even slightly frumpy. But I’m thinking the most obvious thing is to make sure you’re taken.”

“Not sure how we’ll make that happen. I’ve been dry as the Sahara for weeks.”

I screw my face up jokingly.

“Gross, babe…but that’s not a problem anyway dummy. You’re best friends with five hot guys, pick one. Andy, I assume.”

“Hmm, I’m not sure he could pull it off,” James interjects, “he’s way too laid back to inject the necessary drama. I’ll do it!”

“Oh sweetie,” Vic laughs, “that is never going to wash.”

James pouts, but he’s laughing too.

Jay is rejected for being a very, very bad actor (Andy had taken great pleasure in telling the group all about Jay’s extremely cringeworthy attempt to audition for the high school drama production because he’d had a crush on the, totally straight, male lead). Troy is also rejected for being bad at subterfuge.

Vic grins at me.

“You’re up, Butch.”

“You want me to do it?”

“Well, other than the fact that you’re the only one of the ‘five hot guys’ starting line-up left standing, I think you’re the best option. You’re not particularly camp… well not often…”

I fake punch her shoulder in what is, admittedly, a pretty camp way.

“And I’d totally date you in real life if you weren’t so into fucking guys.”

“Awww, you lub me?” I joke back.

So, we have a plan. Vic and I will ‘date’ for the duration of the party.


We arrive at Spence’s house pretty nervous. We all brought wine, even though only Vic actually drinks the stuff. We don’t really do ‘grown up’ parties and don’t know the etiquette. The parties we throw, and attend, tend to be more anything-goes house parties. I stop everyone before we head up the path.

“Listen, we can’t fuck this up for Spence. He needs us to be utterly norm. Stacey needs to think that when we hang out with him we’re just playing backgammon and smoking cigars.”

“Is that what straight people do?” James asks in horror, but he’s joking…probably.

“No,” Andy says with a smirk, “straight people hang out with their friends canlı kaçak bahis and watch Netflix just like everyone else, but Gray means we need to be normal. James – don’t be sexual. If you dance, dance like the people around you, not like a horny snake.”

James looks affronted at this, admittedly unfair, description of his dancing technique.

“Jay, you can talk about training stuff and healthy eating, straight people love that. Troy, you’ll be totally fine just be yourself, they’ll love ER horror stories if you want to step it up. Vic and Gray, you’ve got the hardest job. Did you practice making out?”

We look at each other, slightly horrified.

“Er, no,” I say.

“Do it now,” Andy instructs, “and Gray, it’s just like kissing a guy, but softer.”

How he knows the distinction is a question for later.

I turn to Vic and gently take her head in my hands. This is because I then close my eyes and don’t expect to open them again until it’s over. I guide our faces together and our lips meet. Andy’s right, it’s softer.

I press my lips to Vic’s and we both part our lips. Vic’s tongue meets mine and we wrestle, sliding and tickling, tasting each other. I pull Vic’s head closer to me and the intensity increases. We finally pull apart and I open my eyes, to see Andy is standing there in shock.

“Um, guys. You’re not going in there to do the opening scene from a porno. That was hot, but Vic, you’re meant to be demure, and you’re not supposed to be making Stacey impressed that you’re so sexual, quite the opposite. Kiss like you would if your grandma was in front of you.”

He could have said that from the start. After the first one, this is easy, I don’t even close my eyes. I tip my head to Vic, gently pressing my lips to hers, no tongue.

“Much better. Like that.”

We’re ready to enter the lion’s den.


We enter the living room and Spence rushes over, hugging each of us in turn. He stops to look at Vic. She’s playing it down, but unfortunately there’s just no hiding how beautiful she is. Her hair is pulled back, with soft tendrils framing her heart-shaped face. The weather is wintery, and she’s wearing thick black tights with a simple A-line mini dress with long sleeves and chunky knee-high flat boots. It’s simple and classic, and she looks impossibly cute. Not sexy, maybe, but I suspect cute will go down almost as badly as sexy here. It’s up to me and her to sell our ‘relationship’ to save Spence.

Suddenly, a tall willowy woman appears at Spence’s side. She’s very attractive, in a patrician way, all sharp features and emotionless brown eyes.

“Spencer, these must be your friends,” I didn’t like the way she said that, her tone was off. I saw some of the others bristle too, but we had to play nice for Spence’s sake.

“You must be Stacey, it’s nice to meet you,” Troy holds out a hand and Stacey looks down her nose at it for a moment, before reluctantly shaking it.

The rest of us follow suit. Vic is last and Stacey looks at her for a long time after they are introduced.

“So, you’re Victoria?” she says, finally.

Vic gulps and nods.

“You spend a lot of time with my fiancée.”

“Oh, I don’t think so,” Vic is speaking nervously, she doesn’t want to mess this up for Spence. “No more than any of the others.”

Stacey turns to me and glances at my arm, which is around Vic’s waist.

“You’re her boyfriend, are you?” I nod. “I’m surprised you think it’s okay, all the lunches and the trips to the movies.”

“Why wouldn’t I?” I shrug, playing it naturally. “I’m there too most of the time. And well, when I’m not… when you have a good one you know you can trust them.”

Vic is watching me, impressed by my fake adoration, and I take the opportunity to bend and plant a gentle kiss on her lips. We smile at each other and I turn back to Stacey.

“You know what I mean. You have Spencer, after all.”

I smile at her in what I know is a patronizing manner, and I don’t care. She can fuck off; once she’s done unfairly judging Vic.

“Well… it was nice to meet you all. We must mingle. Come Spencer.”

Spence shoots us a grateful look over his shoulder and follows her.

“Why is she acting like this is the fucking Met Gala?” Vic hisses.

I know she’s feeling unnerved by having to pretend to be someone she isn’t. We all grab drinks and set ourselves up in the living room. A few people approach us and make polite conversation but quite a few are shooting daggers and having whispered conversations that clearly relate to us. I suspect Stacey has been passing around the poisoned chalice about us for a while for some reason.

After a while I’m sick of this.

“C’mon Jay, we’re at a party. Let’s ‘mingle’.”

I’m mocking Stacey’s pretensions and Jay laughs.

“We’ve got this. Split up guys,” he whispers to the others.

Jay and I schmooze round the room with practiced ease. After thirty minutes of being urbane and charming I know we’ve turned a good portion of the room to our side. I can see Andy on the far side talking animatedly to a handsome brown-haired man about the best places to snowboard, with Vic now by his side, joining in. I am pleased to see her relaxing but I hope she doesn’t switch to flirt mode with a couple more drinks, as that may undo our previous good works pretty rapidly.

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