A Walk in the Park

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I grabbed my backpack from the trunk of my car, take your hand and head on down the trail. It’s a beautiful day for a hike, the sun is shining and the birds are chirping. We hike into the park for a few miles, leisurely walking and talking, building up a bit of a sweat. After an hour or so, it seems like it’s a good time for us to take a break, so I lead us over to a patch of grass a few hundred yards away from the trail. I pull a blanket from my backpack and spread it out on the lawn. I brought a little speaker with me, so I take that out too and I turn on some music. We lay down on the grass and relax. We cuddle and kiss, just enjoying each other’s company. The sun feels good on our skin. We kiss more, holding you so close to me. Just being with you makes me so happy.

The wind starts to pick up a little, so I pull another blanket from my bag, covering the two of us. You smile, and it makes all my planning worth it, you are so beautiful to me. For some reason, I get in my head that I’d love to feel your body on top of me, just to feel all of you pressing on down on me, so I kiss you, squeeze you and playfully roll you on top of me.

“Help I have the sexiest woman in the world on top me!!, somebody save me”

I kiss you some more, It feels good when you lay on me. I gently bend my knee, lifting my thigh between your legs. Super slowly and gently at first, I rock my hips. Soon we are slow dancing to the music coming from the speakers. I just think you are so amazing. As we dance laying on the ground, we rock our hips more, gently grinding into each other.

We kiss more and more, our playful kisses become more passionate.

Our crotches grind against güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri each other harder and harder.


Soon the kisses become very intense, we are rubbing against each other faster, nearly fucking with our clothes on.

“Oh baby”

“Yeeeeeeees, that feels good”

I’m kissing your neck, then I make my way up to your ear and whisper, “Baby you make me so hard! I’m so hard for you right now!”

“I know baby I can feel you! I’m so wet, I want you so bad!” You tell me and it turns me on even more!!



“Baby, I need to feel your wetness!”

“Oh yeah?,… do it”

I roll you back on your side, so I can slip my hand inside your pants. I pull them down a bit to make it easier to touch you.

With my other hand I undo my belt and zipper so I can have you touch me too.

We lay on the grass under the blanket, a couple of hundred yards from the trail with people walking by now and then, no one noticing us playing with each other.

You’re rubbing my cock, and it feels so good. My fingers are tickling your swollen clit, I slide your panties down so I can easily touch more of your pussy.


I slide a finger inside you, you are nice and wet. “Aaaaaaaaaaaaa”

Then I slide another finger inside

“Yeeeeeeees that feels good,” you tell me.

I start to move my fingers in and out, gently fucking your wet cunt with my fingers.


You start stroking me faster, and I start fingering you harder, when your eyes get really big and you give me a look that makes me think you are going to cum!


“Yes güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri baby”

“I have to pee, and I can’t hold it any longer!”

“Oh baby I love you!! Hold it for one more minute!!.”

I roll you over so that we are spooning, I pull your pants and panties down to your knees, and bend you into a little ball. I pull my pants down a little farther too. I take my hard cock and start to rub your pussy lips with it.

I whisper into your ear, “Piss on me baby, piss all over my cock, get my balls all soaking wet with your pee, honey”

You close you eyes and concentrate on peeing, it takes a second because you are so horny and it feels so good to have a cock between your pussy lips, but finally a hot stream of pee shoots out of your cunt, covering my cock with pee

“Oooooooooooo yes”

“That feels so good!!”

Your hot piss is all over my cock and running down my balls. You have lots and lots of piss! It gets everywhere, all over my thighs, all over your ass cheeks, my pants are soaked. There’s a stream of pee dribbling down your thighs.

As you start to run out of pee I gently slide my cock inside you, the last bit of piss splashing against my balls. We slowly start to fuck on the wet blanket in the sunlight.

“You feel so good to me baby,” I whisper in your ear.

It feels good to you too, but you had you eyes closed while you were peeing opening them you realize where you are and what you are doing. Fucking underneath a blanket in a public park!! And it turns you on!!


You see people walking in the distance and wonder güvenilir bahis şirketleri if they know my hard cock is sliding in and out of your swollen wet pussy lips


You reach down and start to rub your big, hard clit

“Oh yeah! Oh god!”

You want everyone to watch you fuck!!



I start to fuck you a little faster, your pussy feels so full.


You see an attractive couple in the distance walking towards us. You imagine him naked stroking his hard cock.


You imagine her with her legs spread and her pussy wide open.


You imagine him pushing his cock inside her!


Your pussy feels so good!!

You wish you could take off the blanket so they could watch us fuck!! Watch my cock slide in and out of your pussy

“That feels so good, baby”

You feel your orgasm building deep inside you.

“Ooooooo fuck!”

“Baby, I’m gonna cum,” you whisper.

A few more thrusts of my cock is all it takes. “Fuuuuuuuuck!!”

You start to cum.

I feel your orgasm take over your body, your pussy is pulsating, squeezing my cock over and over. It feels so good. I want to cum too. I fuck you harder, faster. “Yes baby, cum in me, I want you to cum, cum in my pussy, please!” you tell me, as quietly as you can.

“Oooooooo God!!”

I push myself as deep into you as I can.


I cum.

My cock fills you full. I keep thrusting as my pulsing cock shoots load after load into you, there is so much. You always make me cum so much.


I collapse on top of you. You turn and give me a deep kiss, “I love you.”

We kiss more, my cock softens and releases all the cum and pussy juices from your cunt, it makes us even wetter, dirtier. “Aaaaaaaaaaaa”

We both feel so good, so relaxed, we end up falling asleep in the sun on the lawn.

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