A Visit Ch. 02

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As we walked into the bedroom, I glance over at Nicole as I run a hand gently down her back. It’s one thing to taunt and tease each other over the phone but to stand next to each other… replaying previous wants, wishes, desires, and fantasies. Nerve wracking,….I catch her staring up at me with big eyes… Shy,… even after our interlude on the couch. I slowly track my eyes over her,… admiring her flushed skin and freckles scattered here and there.

My attention makes her even more flustered. I can almost hear the wheels turning in her head. I wanted to see her come undone, lose control… Stop overthinking and overanalyzing. I take a step closer to her and her breathing becomes more shallow, erratic. I love how responsive she is,… that I can cause reactions without much effort.

I wrap my arms around her to pull her in to me.


As Paul guides me into the bedroom, I can feel my heart racing. The nerves were starting to come back. As he runs his hand down my back, I can feel his eyes move over my face and then down my body. My skin flushes. If I had to guess, my face was likely on fire.

Paul takes a step closer to me, and its brings me out of my thoughts, to focus on him. My heart starts racing as it becomes harder to breathe in a steady rhythm.

He wraps his arms around me and pulls me close. My first warning should have been the little smirk on his face. After a moment, he leans down and seals his lips over mine.


With her body leaning into mine, I could feel the heat radiating from her skin. I knew kissing Nicole would be electric. Her mouth was all moist heat while her tongue would tentatively rub against mine. I knew her fantasies as well as my own. I truly love to give as much pleasure casino şirketleri as I can to a woman. That was a fantasy in itself.

Yes, I could see myself shoving her down onto the bed and burying myself between her thighs… licking at her clit in long strokes until she was coming all over my face.

I also could see her naked form stretched out over the sheets with her hands bound over the top of her head and her eyes cloaked in darkness as I traced my tongue from freckle to freckle.

I could imagine a lot of things, but this first time, this was for her.

I released her lips as we both stood there panting for air. I grabbed the bottom of my shirt and pulled it over my head. I reached out and took her hand to place it on my chest. I wanted her to see how much I wanted her.

While holding my hand over the one that I had laid on my chest, I reached out to rub my thumb against her cheek.

“Touch me,…”


“I want you to touch me,” he said, as he rubs his thumb against my face again. With a mind of its own, my hand flexes against his chest. He was giving me control. To drive what happened next.

“Please lay down on the bed,” I whisper to him.

He turns to stretch out across my bed and grips the headboard so that I have full access to his body. I let my eyes run over him as I gently climb next to him. I can feel his eyes studying me in the dim light. I tentatively reach out a hand and run my fingers through his hair. I allow a small grin when his eyes slide closed at the sensation. Without his eyes on me, I feel my bravery growing.

I consider my next move. “Roll over on to your stomach,” as I trail my fingers through his hair one more time.

Once he has gotten comfortable, I reach casino firmaları my hands out to gently massage his neck and shoulders. I loved to give massages, so maybe that’s where I would start. It would give me a chance to touch his body while giving him some pleasure.

I decide to straddle his hips so that I could reach the areas that interested me. This impromptu massage was definitely heating things up. I gently knead the muscles of his back. They occasionally jump at my touch. It reminds me of how on edge I had been while watching the movie earlier that night. Time for some payback.

I lean down and softly kiss just below Paul’s neck. I continue to nibble my lips across his skin as I rub my hands over his skin, exploring the dips and strength of his muscles. All the while, he doesn’t move. Doesn’t say a word.

I gently slide off his back and ask him to roll back over. As he turns over, he places his hands back under the headboard. I can see arms tense up from the pressure. Almost as if restraining himself from touching me. I can feel the flush rush over my skin again. Empowered by the control I feel, I straddle him once more.

I can’t help but moan as I feel the hard length of his cock pressing against me. Yet he doesn’t move, doesn’t say a word… I look up at his face and feel the weight of his stare. His eyes are sending a thousand messages,… lust, arousal, want,…. A hint of wildness.

I lean forward so that I can rub his shoulders. While doing so, it pushes my clit into firm contact with his cock with a slide. I know he can feel the heat through our clothes, the wetness that has been building all evening.

A shudder runs through my body as I drop my forehead onto his shoulder while drawing a raspy breath. A curse hisses güvenilir casino through his lips. Next thing I know, I’m being rolled under him as he roughly thrusts his tongue in my mouth. With a grind of his hips, he strokes my clit again. I rip my mouth free so that I’m able to draw a breath. He runs his mouth down my throat, sucking softly at my skin. He rubs his cock against me again as a surge of wetness slides down my skin.

I’m so close to coming. I can feel my muscles contracting, preparing for the release.

With a gentle kiss, Paul pushes up and away from me to sit on his heels, kneeling between my thighs. I’m breathing heavily and a bit frustrated that he stopped.

He runs his hands up my legs until he reaches the top of my pants. He hooks his fingers into the fabric and starts to pull, panties and all, revealing my skin to him. I could feel hints of shyness returning, but was so turned on by this point I didn’t care.

I loved the roughness of his palm against my skin. I could feel every rough spot as he smoothed his hands down my thighs until he grasped my knees. With no hesitation, he pulls my legs apart baring me to his view. I close my eyes, trying to hide my embarrassment and want that I know was shining in my eyes.

I could feel the heat of his breath on my skin as he blew gently on the curls covering my folds. I reach up with my hands to grab the headboard, mimicking the restraint he had shown earlier.

He runs a finger slowly over my entrance, testing the wetness. Without a doubt, I’m soaked. He splays his fingers over my skin as he uses his thumbs to expose my clit. He blows softly against the sensitive spot knowing its going to cause me to squirm.

“Nicole, open your eyes. Look at me,” he says. I struggle to open my eyes. They are so heavy. I finally make eye contact with him. Staring at him, muscles tense, head hovering between my thighs… it made for an erotic picture.

“My turn,” he whispers as he lowers mouth…

To be continued…

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