A Virgin of Sorts

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It was an early spring day; I was away from home on business and very horny. I am no virgin and when away from home, I enjoy sex with other men. This day on line, I was not able to find any suitable company. I am in my 50s, in very good shape, not much body hair and with smooth and soft skin. I enjoy the submissive and feminine role in gay sex and also enjoy wearing panties and stay up nylons during trysts with other men.

The evening came with no online prospects so I decided to go to the local gay bath house. In my hotel, I showered, shaved everything that had hair and douched carefully. I put on my panties and nylons with only a tee shirt and jeans over them. Around 6 pm I walked over the baths paid and went in.

I left the door open to my room as I wanted other guys passing by to see the panties as I stripped in the soft light of my room. One guy a nice looking guy a bit older than me came in and caressed by ass thorough the panties he told me that he liked what he saw buy unfortunately was also a bottom. I told him that although my cock was small, I was not against a nice blow job. He obliged and used his soft lips to caress my cock it even got a bit hard and I had to stop him or I would have cum. We kissed and he left.

I did not have any poppers and the bath did not sell them, however I had quite a bit of weed and a pipe so I charged the pipe took my lighter and went down to the smoking room still in a nice pair of pink panties and the nylons. I light the pipe and sat on a bench for a nice relaxing smoke, it was not long before another guy about my age came in and light up a regular cigarette. He was looking at me and played with his cock under his towel. It was not long until I saw it start to get hard under the towel, our eyes made contact and I put my pipe aside and moved close enough to touch him through the towel the hardness and size became more obvious so I started to caress him through the towel and pick up my pipe for another puff. After a deep pull and the exhale, I looked into his eyes and lifted his towel off that magnificent cock. It was cut hard and not huge about 6 ½ inches. Another puff on the pipe and I got on my knees in front of him and blew slightly on the underside of the head as I gently ran my fingers up from the root of the shaft to the head.

He told me that he had been there about an hour but had to get home to his wife in the next 30 minutes I decided to move a bit more quickly. I used my tongue on the underside of his shaft as I worked up to the head. Once my tongue was around the head, I quickly plunged my mouth over his cock and right down to canlı bahis the base of the shaft. He gasped and shuddered a bit as I sucked hard as I pulled up back to the head. My tongue swirled around the head for about 10 seconds and then I took it all in again and massaged the head with my throat. I guess he was ready to cum quickly as he exploded deep in my throat and kept cumming as I pulled back, took a few final spurts on my face and swallowed all I could. We kissed softly and I then milked the last few drops out of the softening cock and enjoyed the taste. He said that he had to leave and that he hoped that we would meet again as he would love to fuck me, I would love that as well.

I finished the pipe and went back to my room to leave off the pipe and pick up a small bottle of silicone lube. I started wandering around the halls looking for my next connection but did not find anybody to connect with so I went over to the dark room to see what was up so to speak. I am not a fan of the dark rooms as I like to see the cock that I am sucking or the guy who is fucking me. The room however was full of people fucking and sucking, many hands ran over my panties and my nylon clad legs, a few checked out my cock which was not hard at all as it had nothing to do with what I wanted. A few guys got their hands into my panties and used their fingers on me, enjoyed that but really did not want to get fucked in a dark rook by a cock I could not even see. Then I got lucky, I felt a hard cock rubbing up my back over my panties and hands around me holding and caressing my breasts and my nipples. A tongue went into my ear and a voice said come back to my room. I said yes, we held hands and went back to his room. He was younger about 35 and that cock was at least 8 inches, I was so horny, that my panties were getting we with pre-cum.

We went in he closed the door and we kissed passionately for quite a while until his hands on my shoulder started to push me on to my knees. Here was no hesitation and that cock went into my mouth right to the base I gagged a bit but got it under control and plunged in and out with passion. Finally I pushed right down as far as I could get, opened my lips and took his balls into my mouth as well. He was hot and knew what he wanted, as I was worshiping his cock and balls, his hands pulled me up again. I stood and again we kissed our tongues swirling and lips sucking. He gave me one final kiss and turned me around, bent me over the small bed and pulled my panties to the side. His cock pushed at the entrance to my ass pussy. I reached for my lube put some on my hand and reached back bahis siteleri to find his cock. I spread that very slippery silicone on his head and shaft and that was all that was needed as he slowly pushed into me. I was in heaven, and needed it.

Quickly my ass started to gyrate and I pushed back to bury that whole lovely cock in my ass. He got more and more aggressive as I got hotter and hotter. Soon I was lying on the bed with him on top of me and he pumped and pushed with increasing enthusiasm. He pulled out and I was devastated, however all he wanted was to turn me over and fuck me with my nylon clad legs on his shoulders. He started to sweat; the sweat was making both of us slippery increasing the superb sensations. The marijuana really kicked in and all I could feel was that cock driving into me the rest of my body was just in heaven. He finally lay down on the bed with me on top and his cock buried in me as I pumped and squeezed. That was when he started to cum. He stiffened on the bed pushed up into me and sent a load of cum into me that seemed to last forever. I lay forward on his chest as his soft cock slide out of me the sweat lubricating our bodies, we kissed for a few minutes before getting up adjusting my panties. I walked back to my own room his cum starting to come out lubricating each step. It was very nice.

I lay down in the room with my door open and that first guy another bottom came into my room and told me that he was watching me get fucked through a crack in the door of the last guys room. We discussed how lucky I was and his hands started to caress my panties. He slipped his hands down the back of my panties and asked me if he could suck my cock and use the other guys cum to finger me. His hands were soft and felt nice so I agreed. It felt nice and I was really enjoying the fingers but wanted more. I asked him if he was interested in smoking a bit of weed with me and he thought that would be a good idea. We packed the pipe again and went together to the smoking room and shared a nice relaxing smoke. When the pipe was finished, we kissed and decided to keep going with the fingers and the sucking as there did not seem to be many tops there anymore.

As I lay down, I took off my panties to allow him better access to my ass and handed him my lube in case the cum started to need help. His finger went back in and his mouth took my small cock again I lay and enjoyed the feeling as the Marijuana started to take hold again. He really wanted my cum and I told him that he would have to use more than 1 finger to get me to cum. He pulled out and lubed his fingers and put bahis şirketleri 2 then 3 then 4 into me, that started to feel nice and he got back to work on my cock. My ass started to move and he started to move his hand some more. I have enjoyed fingers and toys before but have never been able to get a fist into me. I have used big toys and tried to push them into me to open up and prove that I could take a fist but so far no luck. At this pint however, I was totally relaxed and my cock was in a nice soft mouth. I reached back and found his thumb and indicated that I wanted it to join his 4 fingers. He obliged and started to slowly push in and out getting to his knuckles before I tensed up. At one point, he pushed in to his knuckles and I pushed back his knuckle went in a bit further and he held his hand right there as I got used to it. I pushed out a bit as if to take a big bowel movement and his hand slipped in a bit more not out and there was no pain. I tried again and again his hand went in a bit further.

The next try as his hand slipped a little I pushed to him and I felt that glorious feeling of a fist slipping right into my anus and my ass closing around his wrist. After about 10 seconds the thought of a fist in me tensed me up a bit and I asked him to pull out. It was a bit tight but felt nice on the way out. As soon as he was out, I knew that I wanted it in again. I brought his mouth up from my cock and kissed him hard asking him to fist me again. This time I knew how to get it in and it did not take as long to get the fist in again. I managed to keep it in for about 30 seconds making an effort to relax. This time on the way out it felt as if I was losing the best feeling in my Life so as his hand came out I reached and grabbed it and pushed it back to where it had been this time it went in even easier and I was totally relaxed and told him to slowly ball his fist and start to move around a bit. It was just ecstasy. He then on his own stated to pull out and push back in fucking my ass pussy with that nice hand balling and opening his fist when inside me and causing the most intense pleasure that I can remember. I felt my cum start and I burst into his mouth and just kept cumming for what felt like 5 minutes. I bucked and heaved making the fist inside me move even more and my cum just kept up. Finally I was finished and he pulled out moved beside me and started to kiss me as we transferred my own cum back and forth between our lips.

Finally we licked my cum off of each other’s face and promised to meet again. I am no longer a fisting virgin and can’t wait for the next time I have the chance.

I took a shower and on my way back to the room was approached by another guy who seeing my panties and nylons wanted a blow job so I sucked his cock took another shower get dressed and went back to my hotel.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32