A Very Shameful Punishment Ch. 40

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This story involves severe physical disciplining and involves bodily functions. If you find this bothers you, please read no further. All characters are over 18. My thanks to Susan Greenway for her kind permission to use one of her characters.

1SG Wendy looked at her master list and saw that the senior of the three classes moving through the Corrections Service retraining unit was almost ready for their graduation ceremony. First, however, she had to brief the entering class.

She had already lectured them and 1LT Kate had also performed the intro function. Now she was checking to see how they had responded to wearing the vinyl panties with the vaginal and rectal dorks. Each of the women was summoned to Wendy’s office and even with just the First Sergeant there, they were all embarrassed when Wendy unlocked the panties and told them to pull them down. She then had them sit up on the worktable in her office.

Then Wendy had MAJ Nancy, the surgeon, come in to conduct a quick pelvic exam of each. This was a surprise to most of them, but they had realized that they would not have any kind of privacy during the retraining program. Nancy had them lift their legs and hold them apart as she probed into each woman’s vaginal opening. She then had the woman move back and hold her legs up so that Nancy could insert a finger into her rectum.

All of the women had been administratively reduced to the grade of PFC during the retraining. They would regain their former rank upon completing the program successfully. After Nancy had finished her exam of one woman who looked a bit older and surer of herself, this retrainee asked Wendy if she might be able to see 1LT Kate.

This was an unusual request. Wendy asked her what the purpose of her request might be. The woman blushed a bit but then managed to tell Wendy in a low voice that she had been a classmate of Kate’s in the officer candidate program.

“So, you’re a commissioned officer and you were sent here?” Wendy asked, as it was quite unusual for such an officer to be referred to this remedial program.

“Yes, First Sergeant,” Helene, for it was she, responded to Wendy’s question.

“I graduated with `1LT Kate and was assigned as an adjutant in a reeducation camp in the second city of the Republic, where I know she is from. I hoped she might at least see me so I could explain my presence here to her.”

Wendy was not sure if Kate wanted to see this already shamed woman, but she told Helene to wait outside and she would check to see if 1LT Kate was available. Then Wendy walked down the short corridor to Kate’s office.

Entering, she saluted as of course, and Kate smiled and told her she didn’t need to do that because they were working so closely together.

“I do want to show you the respect you deserve, Lieutenant,” Wendy said with a smile.

She explained the purpose of her visit: that a classmate of Kate’s from officer candidate school was in the new retraining class and asked if she could see Kate. Wendy described her and mentioned her name.

“Wow,” Kate said, “she’s a commissioned officer like me and she’s been sent to us? I don’t intend to allow her any special consideration based on my having known her, but I do want to see her to find out how she must have screwed up. Do send her in, please.”

Wendy nodded and rose and went back to her office.

“Come with me,” she told Helene, who followed her, and Wendy pointed her into Kate’s office.

“Hi Helene,” Kate said brightly. “I’m going to say I’m sorry you’re here but perhaps you want to tell me how this came about.”

“Lieutenant,” Helene responded “I’m very pleased that you agreed to see me and I’m not asking for any special treatment. I just wanted to let you know I was here and that I have heard how well you have been doing in the service. I wish I could say the same for myself.

“As you may recall,” Helene continued, “I was a lawyer before I joined the service. The powers that be decided that I had good credentials and like you, did well in the program we were in, so I was commissioned as a First Lieutenant, like you. It sort of went to my head. I was assigned to a remote reeducation camp. I hated the whole place. It was nowhere.

“I began to get behind on my work,” Helene admitted. “It seemed so ridiculous. When a required report turned out not to be completed, and it had been assigned to me, the commander took me over the coals and said she should cashier me for my attitude, or lack of positive attitude.”

“I’m wondering if I know this camp and the commander,” Kate suggested.

“You might,” Helene answered, “because the commander has a good reputation. She’s good people and she likes being in such a remote place. No one ever comes to second-guess her because I suspect that they are very happy she likes her job, mainly because no one in their right mind would want to have it.”

“You’re at Helgovia, aren’t you?” Kate asked, “so your commander is CPT Elaine. And you’re right, she has a bursa eskort superb reputation.”

“I’m amazed that you knew that,” Helene replied, “but I saw how sharp you were when we were in the candidate program, Kate. I hope you don’t mind me calling you by your first name.”

“I don’t,” Kate answered coolly, “but please don’t do it in front of anyone.”

“You made a big mistake, Helene,” Kate told her, “but now that you’re here, you can turn yourself around. We specialize in that. Just try to revamp your attitude enough to make things work for you. Do your work. I know that sounds juvie, but if you try while you’re here, and really do well, I’ll get you a certificate that will really turn your career around. Are you game to try?”

“Why would you go to that trouble for me?” Helene asked. “You’re on your way to the big time.”

“It was good being with you and Ginger and the rest when we were in the candidate program,” Kate conceded. “I feel we stuck together and got through that little version of hell. I’m sorry to say that you’ve got yourself into just the same situation, and it may be worse. The noncoms here are going to put you through it and I can’t and won’t interfere. In fact, I’m not trying to scare you, just to prepare you: it will be worse than it was for us in the officer candidate program. But if you stick with it, then I can do things for you.”

Helene was almost now in tears because she felt Kate was being so nice to her, and no one had for quite some time.

“Don’t cry, sweetie,” Kate said very gently. “You will always be a friend, Helene. I just hope you will grin and bear it here, as well as bare it, if you get my drift.”

“Yes, I know that I’m going to get caned and put through the wringer,” Helene said, “but you’ve gotten through to me, and I’m going to take you up on your generosity.”

“What have you been through already here?” Kate asked. “They do know that you have a commission but so long as you don’t act proud or superior, Wendy won’t hold that against you. She’s a real vet and knows everything about the service. Listen to her.”

“I’ve been outfitted with those disgusting panties,” Helene reported. “And that major, the surgeon, just probed my cunt and my asshole. I guess I passed.”

She grinned.

“Don’t get upset and don’t laugh,” Kate now told her with a serious look. “I’m going to take the pressure off you a bit by having you disciplined. Will you trust me on this?”

“Sure,” Helene grimly smiled. “I know I was in for a bad time but tell me what this will do for me.”

“If I have you punished,” Kate observed, “they will also be sympathetic and as long as you behave well, it will take the pressure off them to catch you out. This punishment will be severe, however. It has to be to impress them. I’ve picked up on how this works here.”

“Can you tell me what this awful punishment is going to be?” Helene pleaded. “Is it worse than what we got in the candidate program?”

“Yes, it’s worse,” Kate said. “You’re going to have your panties pulled down and then you will be spanked. After that, you’ll get the nettles.”

“Nettles?” Helene asked with a curious look. “You mean stinging leaves?”

“The very ones,” Kate answered. “You will have them rubbed on your tits and then they will massage your bottom with them after you’re red from your spanking and finally, they will run the stem and leaves through your legs and irritate your asshole and your cunt. It will be excruciating and is meant to be a formidable punishment.”

“And you say this will get me in good graces?” Helene posed.

“Yep,” Kate answered, “they will think you are ok if you take it and sure, scream a little, when they brush your clit with the nettles, but act like you can handle it.”

Helene wanted to kiss Kate or take her in her arms, but she realized this wouldn’t be a good moment for that. She stood up and tried to thank her classmate as warmly as she could.

“I will really owe you for this, Kate,” she managed to stammer. “I really do trust you. You’re the best.”

Kate was slightly surprised that her classmate reacted so positively to being punished so severely. She took a punishment form and filled it out.

“Fortunately, I don’t have to put down why you’re being punished,” she said to Helene. “This will make it better for you because they will wonder what you did to get whacked like you will be. If anyone asks, you can say that you were told not to discuss it.”

Kate put the form in an official envelope and handed it to Helene, who accepted it with a forlorn grin.

“Remember,” Kate said with some emphasis, “keep this to yourself. I won’t disclose anything, and they don’t question anything I do in this kind of matter. Good luck, Helene.”

She smiled and blew her classmate an air kiss. “I may not see you again until you complete the course,” Kate added, “but don’t worry, I’ll be keeping an eye on what happens with you. You’ll do fine.”

Helene left the large office Kate occupied bursa escort and walked back to Wendy’s office. She saluted Wendy and was told to sit down. Then she offered the envelope to the First Sergeant.

Wendy opened the envelope and quickly read it.

“You’ve really got yourself into the soup, darling,” Wendy told her. “I don’t know why this has happened and I’m not allowed to ask, but all I can say is that I hope you bear up during this punishment you’ve been awarded. If you do, you will be surprised but it will likely redound to your benefit.”

Helene was so impressed that what Kate told her seemed already to be working but she maintained her impassive front.

“I’m ready for whatever is going to happen, First Sergeant,” she said. “I do want to make it out of here in good spirit.”

Wendy decided not to try to figure this one out. She was thinking that Kate was as clever as Wendy had figured her to be. And this woman had been a lawyer, so she definitely was no dummy, either. Why, she thought, was Kate subjecting her to such treatment?

Then Wendy picked up her phone, dialed a code, and was soon speaking to SFC Denise.

“Sergeant,” she said, “please come in here now. I have a retrainee who has been awarded a severe punishment, which I would like you to handle.”

It didn’t take Denise long to report to Wendy’s office. When she entered, Wendy said only, “Sergeant, this is PFC Helene. I’m giving you a punishment order. She needs to receive Treatment SN1.”

Denise tried to control her surprise and succeeded.

“Yes, First Sergeant,” she said, “I will handle it. Shall I escort her to the training room now?”

“Yes,” Wendy said without emotion. “Complete the form when you have finished the procedure and bring it back to me.”

Denise looked at Helene and told her to stand and follow her. Denise saluted Wendy and Helene realized she should too, so she did.

Denise knew that this was one of those situations where she needed to do just what she was told and what the regs required for this particular Treatment. She knew Helene was a commissioned officer and likely would get her rank back, so she remembered to go strictly by the book. Even so, she felt herself aroused as a noncom by the prospect of disciplining a commissioned officer.

She brought Helene into the training room, which had walls adorned with all kinds of disciplinary implements. She picked up a wooden hairbrush and took a glassine envelope which had a set of nettles in it out of the refrigerator.

“Take off your uniform skirt, PFC,” she ordered crisply, and when Helene had complied, Denise unlocked Helene’s vinyl panties and the dorks popped out of her bottom-hole and her cunt. Denise then reached out and pulled the black vinyl panties down and off.

She took an electric razor out of a desk drawer.

“You’re getting a haircut, PFC,” she told Helene. “Sit up on the table there and get your legs apart. I have to shave off that red-haired bush of yours.”

Helene was surprised but recalled that many punishments, especially the severe one she had been awarded, began with shaving off pubic hair.

Denise turned on the razor and expertly shaved Helen’s mons and removed all her pubic hair. Then she ran the razor through her legs to remove as much of her hair that trailed down through her legs to her bottom-hole, to which she applied the razor to clean it up.

Once she had finished, she put some soothing aftershave lotion on Helene’s bare pussy and found her now visible slit quite attractive. Helene felt a little sore from the shave but also was turned on by Denise’s running her hand through her legs.

Then Denise told Helene to stand as Denise sat on an armless chair and ordered her to lie across Denise’s lap. When Helene moved toward that posture, Denise placed a cloth over her skirt as Helene lowered herself across Denise’s lap. She would not be surprised if the spanking generated some wetness between Helene’s legs.

Then Denise began spanking her, hard, all over her bottom, and on her upper thighs. Helene took this well and only began to groan and scream lightly when Denise picked up the hairbrush and began spanking with it.

When Helene’s bottom was quite red, Denise finished the spanking and told Helene to stand. She told her to remove her uniform blouse and Helene now stood in front of her in only her bra, hose, and shoes.

Denise now told her to unhook and remove her bra and to face the table, with her legs well apart. This was a lewd position in which Helene’s private spots were on full display.

Denise put on the plastic gloves she had in the desk drawer and opened the glassine envelope. She took the nettles out and holding them in her hand, she began rubbing them lightly across Helene’s red sore bottom. Helene reacted after a few moments and felt the incredible stinging seemed to burn up her bottom. She cried out but said nothing. Denise was impressed by her fortitude.

Next, Denise bursa escort bayan reached around her from the rear and brushed the nettles across Helene’s breasts. When she pressed the leaves into Helene’s pointy nipples, Helene began to shake and try to ignore the stinging sensations she now felt.

Helene decided that the best thing was that she knew what to expect, based on what Kate had told her. When Denise now moved the nettles she held and refreshed the bunch she held with a few new ones, she then ran the bunch slowly around Helene’s bottom, covering all of it, and then down Helene’s anal crack and pushed them into her bottom-hole. This did rouse Helene, who screamed, and then screamed much more as the nettles were taken right down Helene’s furrow and touched her vulval lips, were pushed into her vagina, and then applied to Helene’s peehole and lastly, to her clit, which elicited the strongest screams.

Then Denise took the nettles and disposed of them in a trash container, along with the glassine envelope. She now had to get Helene back into the vinyl panties and knew that this would really hurt over the nettle-stung private parts and bottom.

She told Helene to stand facing the table and to put her legs into the panty openings. Then Denise pulled them slowly up over Helene’s sore bottom and inflicted true pain when the dorks pressed into her ravaged vagina and anus.

When Helene had stopped screaming from the pain, which did subside when the panties were back on and locked, Denise told her to put on her bra, blouse, and skirt, and then follow her slowly back to the classroom where Helene’s class was hearing a lecture by SSG Barbara.

As they reached the classroom, Denise turned to Helene and told her she had taken her punishment like a star.

“You screamed, which is natural,” she said, “but you didn’t resist or fight me. That will go in my report. Good luck, sweetie.”

Denise left Helene to sit in the back row of the class and made a signal to Barbara that Helene’s late arrival was authorized.

She was gone before Helene could thank her. Denise went to the staff workroom and filled out the punishment form. There was a place for her to comment and she wrote that Helene had performed very well during punishment and deserved whatever remission of penalty that her good behavior earned.

Denise then brought the form back to 1SG Wendy, who quickly reviewed it, signed off as reviewer, and added her own comment that she hoped the excellent way Helene had behaved would be recognized. She took the form and brought it to 1LT Kate.

Kate looked at the form, was very pleased that Helene had followed her advice, and thanked Wendy for her usual efficiency. Wendy knew not to ask any questions. She already regarded Kate as a highly adept officer and deputy to LTC Rachel.

Kate waited for Wendy to depart and then walked over to LTC Rachel’s large office. She told Rachel after she handed her the completed form which she had signed off on at the end that she wanted her to know what this was about.

“This is a commissioned officer who was sent here for showing a bad attitude and not performing well,” Kate began. “I decided to give her a chance to prove she could change by awarding her Treatment SN. And yes, I do know her because she was a classmate of mine in officers’ school. I felt that we can try to save a commissioned officer’s career if at all possible. As you can see, she took the punishment well, and we both know that SFC Denise and 1SG Wendy are highly reliable in their reporting.”

Rachel quickly looked the form over.

“I’m glad you subjected her to the full treatment,” she said. “I see that you checked off the box to have her shaved. I’m interested that she was sent here by CPT Elaine. I know you’ve met Elaine and I assume you are as impressed as I am by her. She must feel this officer has potential or she would have just put her in to be cashiered.”

“I know that my doing this was extending this opportunity to the officer,” Kate said. “But I also figured that Elaine thought she could be reformed and that’s what we want. This gave her that chance to prove herself.”

“You did well, Kate,” Rachel said with a smile. “I’m proud of you and I know you understand as well that I do need to punish you, too.”

Kate had expected that she would be punished just because she had extended an opportunity to someone with whom she had had a personal relationship.

“I’m assuming there was no romantic relationship with Helene,” Rachel observed, “so this is a nonjudicial punishment for which I do feel you appreciate the need. I’m all right with handling this myself because subjecting you to being punished by anyone else here would vastly increase the shame factor and word would quickly get around that you had been disciplined.”

“I do understand, Rachel,” she replied, “and I’m ready for what you determine necessary.”

Rachel then lifted Kate’s uniform skirt and told her to hold it above her waist. Then she lowered her deputy’s Goose Cooker uniform panties to her knees. The Colonel then picked up her favorite punishment cane, only slightly thicker than a teacher’s thin cane, and told Kate to bend over the desk and grasp the other side.

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