A Vacuum With A Difference

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About two weeks after our fun with Joan and her husband…. My husband brought home a new toy for me to play with. During one of our more intimate parties I was of course naked as were all the other females….

My husband and master told me to get on the exam table …, which I did without asking any questions. He took my legs and spread them, while placing my feet in the birthing stirrups. He took what looked like a small clear rigid plastic tube, attached a yellow piece of tubing to and moved towards me…He slowly grasped the hood that covers my clitoris, slowly and gently spread it to expose my clitoris for everyone to see…. He took the small glass tube and spread the hood covering my clitoris and started to place it over it… Since I was excited my clitoris was a bit erect anyway. He lovingly grasped my clitoris and carefully placed the tube over it. As I watched I could see my clitoris within the tube. Then he attached the other end of the yellow tubing to a small vacuum pump.

As he switched it on, I gasped……………… The vacuum pump started to pull on my clitoris…. I have never felt anything like that before…. My clitoris was being pulled further and further into the tube…. I lay their hardly able to move… then the pump was turned up faster… My clitoris was being pulled about an inch into the tube.

It looked just like a little penis in the tube. He took a strap that had a hole in it and placed the clear tube through the hole in the strap. The strap was then placed around my hips. This held the clear tube encasing my erect clitoris with the yellow tubing coming out the front of me. Two other guys helped me to sit up and then helped me to my feet.

I now stood naked with a small black strap around my hips, holding the small clear tube containing my clitoris. Everyone was able to see me.. I was becoming more excited as the pump did its job on my clitoris. He watched me as did everyone else as I was being pulled further and further into the tube.

Then my master started to walk and pulled me along with the tubing attached to me. I was now being walked around the party led by my clitoris….

As he lead me around I saw most of the men were watching as I tried to carefully walk and stay close enough that I didn’t pull on my clitoris to much. I was getting more and more excited as I was forced to walk naked on front bahis şirketleri of the others at the party, my clitoris being shown off for all to see.

My master stopped and turned to me. On his hand was one of the shinny hand vibrators, they turn your hand into an amazing vibrator. He turned the vacuum pump on high, the vibrator on high and reached between my legs. He grasped only the clear tube…..

I went wild……. My clitoris started to spasm as I tried to cum, but I couldn’t….. master kept holding my clitoris and I continued to spasm, but couldn’t actually cum. Everyone was watching me as I pushed my hips forward to meet masters vibrating hand… One of the masters took me by the wrists, and tied my hands behind my back….. as the vibrator did its job,, I pushed and pushed but for some reason was unable to reach orgasm…. I started to whimper in frustration, still unable to cum………

I looked at my master and whimpered, then to my shock I felt a familure feeling from deep inside my vagina. I composed myself and walked carefully to my masters side and whispered in his ear….

“Master…. My period is starting… please cover me.. please….. I will be flowing very soon, I can feel my flow inside .. please, oh please cover me…..”

He did nothing but looked into my eyes and told me he loved me, and that this would be good for me to be shown off like this…… I had expected my period to hold off for one more day, and that the evening would be “friend free”

My husband hand was still between my legs, but I was now concentrating on what was about to become a very embarrassing situation for me very quickly. I also had to pee, so with all that was happening to me I was almost overwhelmed…..

I again whispered in my husbands ear… “I have to pee.. please help me master….”

But again he did nothing but move his hand from between my legs…..

My clitoris was now pulled a full 2 inches into the glass tube, my period had started and I could feel the flow within my vagina almost ready to flow out of me, and ohhh I had to pee……

I knew what I had to do…. I walked to one of the other women and asked her to put her hand between my legs to cover my vagina I whispered to her that my period had started. I felt my husband tugging on the tube with my clitoris inside, …. I looked into the eyes of the woman who’s hand was between bahis firmaları my legs. Then to my horror, she looked at me and then in a loud voice, said……

“Everyone… come here…. Look at what is happening to Joan….. I think her period has started……. Lets watch her ….. this will be fun…..”

Oh no….. I muttered to myself, but it was to late…. everyone started to gather around me… Then I could feel someone placing another strap around my waist… then to my surprise, my arms were drawn back behind me so I could not cover myself. I hung my head, and there I stood, then it started… I felt the first flow of my period as it flowed from my vagina down the inside on my legs….. It was slow as first, but with no one to cover me and no way to cover myself I could only stand in front of everyone.. and flow….

Oh I had to pee badly….. then I saw my husband, he was caring a small bowl.. it took only a second for me to figure out what he was going to do….

He walked to a friend of his, a very good looking young master, and gave him the bowl, and talked with him quietly. The master walked up to me and whispered in my ear that I was to pee into the bowl…. I looked at him and then at my husband….. They both could tell I was very embarrassed with what was happening, but I could do nothing about it. The vacuum pump was still tugging at my clitoris, my period was now flowing down the insides of my legs, my arms were tied behind my back, and I had to pee……. At least 30 people were watching me…..

My husband walked to me, facing me and was beside me so as not to block anyone’s view of my front. He placed his hands on my shoulders looked into my eyes and placed his lips on mine. He bagan to French kiss me and I just melted…….. he helped me stand and continued kissing me….. I could feel myself having to pee, and I started to relax, and let some of my pee out… the other master saw this and placed the bowl between my legs, and I started to pee…. And pee I did, I felt myself peeing and could hear everyone saying how much fun it was to watch me pee……. My husband whispered in my ear “that’s a good girl” I finished pee’ing and I felt the bowl being pulled from between my legs.

My husband continued kissing me, and I felt him once again place his hand over my now bleeding vagina. I spread my legs and he turned on the vibrator, and I pressed against kaçak bahis siteleri him. I started to cum, and cum, I couldn’t control my orgasms, I melted in his arms, I pushed and pushed as the orgasms flowed from between my legs…….. he made me cum at least ten times, but I lost count soon after the fourth one. “ oh .. I love you”

He picked me up in his arms, and walked to a large table and laid me on it. He put a pillow under my head, and moved to between my legs. He spread my legs wide apart for everyone to see. He took a wet cloth and began wiping me. He slowly and carefully removed the vacuum tube from my clitoris, and continued cleaning me up. He asked one of the other subs for a tampon which she gave him. She stood beside him, he opened the tampon and gave it back to her, then her master took it from her, spread my vaginal lips, slid the tampon guide into me, and pushed the plunger into me. I was embarrassed to have another male other than my husband handling me during my period, but I now felt secure that I would not be leaking down my legs. My husband took me in his arms again and I sat on his lap and soon I fell asleep……..

We decided to go out for the evening with some friends to a local bar that has a dance floor and a few other vanilla games. My husband helped lay out the clothes he wanted me to wear that night. He picked out a very, very short mini dress, made of silk. It was all black and low cut in back, but very comfortable. I noticed he chose nothing else except shoes and some new panties, no bra, no stockings. Just the little black dress and some new black panties. I took a shower and dried off, stood naked as usual so my husband could watch me get ready. As I finished I reached into the cabinet and picked a tampon off the shelf, opened it and put it inside me.

My husband was dressed and ready to leave when I came into the kitchen. “It’s time to go..” he said our friends should arrive about the same time we do….

We drove to the local and went in. We were not the first to arrive but not the last. Soon all five couples one of which was new to our group, had arrived and we were in fine tune. Lots of drinking, dancing and talk. My husband was as usual handling me and had his hand on my thigh. He slowly slid his hand up my leg until it was just at the bottom of my little dress. I felt him push me forward from the back of the seat so I was sitting up stright, and then he mostly lifted me off the seat. As he lifted me, I felt the little silk dress being pulled back so I was sitting directly on the leather seat. It felt nice to me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32