A Unknowing Loving Step Mom

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Daniel Keller’s life was moving on apace. He was happy, he was at the top of his particular tree. The job he had been offered in Sweden was just what he had hoped for when he had accepted it a year ago. He was long divorced from an unfaithful wife whom, he had to admit now, had been a blessing in disguise. He was now very glad she had gone.

She had left him with their young son of barely thirteen, Jeremy was now a fine young man. A star sporty lad, he was aptian of the rugby team, he played football when he could fit it in, and in the summer he was into athletics. Mainly the shot put, javelin, and discus. He wasn’t a runner, he was too big for that. Jeremy was now 6ft 4″ and 220lbs.

He easily outstripped his dad, who was a mere 6ft and 185lbsDaniel was a noted physician. The position he had been offered was head of his own department, and once settled in he ran it his way, and very successfully. He also insisted on seeing as many patients as possible while running the show. His employers were more than pleased. The only fly, if that was what it was, was, Jeremy had flatly refused to leave his life behind. He would be attending college in his home town later.

So his dad had organised a cleaning lady for him, and to cook a dinner each day. She did all the laundry, and took care of Jeremy in all ways. This included in the 45 year old wifely neighbour, a mother of two children, being seduced and regularly fucked 4 or 5 times a week, by her employer’s rangy, powerful, good looking son. This was an arrangement she loved now. She was getting all the sex she needed that she was no longer getting from her husband.

Jeremy loved to talk to him in the garden just after she had been and gone, (and cum!) It was even better when his wife was close by. Jeremy would smile at him, and his wife would too, both knowing she had just been over the washer, table, on the stairs, in bed, up against a wall, bent over the sofa, or where ever. In Jeremy’s pocket would be her panties, and his cum even sliding down her legs sometimes as he chatted away.

He had made a play for attractive woman only a week after she began her job. And only a week after that, she had succumbed. Now she could not get enough, and Jeremy was happy to oblige, as long as it suited him and not her. She was well aware of who was calling the shots and it wasn’t her. Jeremy had her right where he wanted her, she was an avid addict for his big fat cock, powerful body, and his determined mind.

Jeremy was a bit of a paradox, and enigma. He was a really nice lad, very popular, good at school, straight A,s. He had a regular girlfriend and had regular sex with her, which was why he fucked his neighbours wife at his choosing and not hers. She never knew when she went across to his house whether she would come home to her husband barely able to walk, or complaining to herself because she was.

Jeremy had scared the life out of her one day by telling her he was going to let his girlfriend have her. That she was a little bi sexual, and for a coloured girl, that spelt danger to another woman. Jeremy was toying with her clit, keeping her up in the air magnificently when he had whispered the words- “My girlfriend would love to fuck you Rose, she really would, love to!” Then he had made her come while ordering her to imagine Stella having her, she did, and she did!

Afterwards he had screwed her head off, and Rose had told him that sooner rather than later she would need a wheelchair. Jeremy had laughed, then said off handedly, “Just wait until Stella does get you, you will need a stretcher!” Rose was in fear of it happening, and also in fear most of the time that it wouldn’t. Jeremy had the ability to keep her head in the clouds. She also knew that if the day did arrive, she would do it for him. She had never been with another woman, but had often wondered what it would be like, so in reality, she was half way there anyway.

Daniel, his 40 year old father, would come home once a month on a six day weekend, Thursday through Tuesday. He had half guessed that there was something going on between his rascally son and ‘his’ cleaning lady. But he left it alone, “High jinks, youthful exuberance, sowing his wild oats, finding his feet,” he told himself with a smile. He was right too, Jeremy was an animal in bed, or wherever he screwed his neighbour’s wife

Daniel had also met a woman 8 months ago. She was a classic Swedish beauty, she had come to his clinic with a minor problem, and had been extremely impressed with his Doctor, patient manner. She was 35 years old, divorced herself, and her husband, despite having her at home, could not keep his cock in his trousers.

Helga was only 5ft tall, but she perfectly built in every way. Her legs even appeared long and slender, she weighed 105lbs. Her hair was long, it was silky, it was thick, and it was healthy it was silvery ash blond. Her eyes were also silver grey blue, which stabbed you in the heart when she fixed you with her gaze.

Helga had set her klasbahis güvenilirmi sights on him, purely for sexual reasons. She was a very sexual woman, but like a lot of women, beautiful or not, she never seemed to get enough. She was not promiscuous, she didn’t ‘put it about.’ So she had found out about the doctor quietly, and on learning he was a divorcee she asked him to dinner at a suitable restaurant.

They had wined and dined, and Daniel too was impressed, so much so they had started a relationship, and it had grown from there. Helga was utterly beautiful, he often wondered what she saw in him, she could have any man she wanted, her complexion was like porcelain china, flawless. Her cheekbones were high, her soft blond arching eyebrows swept over her eyes majestically.

Her nose was straight, and her mouth was like no one had ever had one, she was full lipped with straight even teeth behind a winning seductive smile. Helga’s breasts were a sight to behold, once he had got to see them, high nipples, protruding about half an inch when excitedly erect. Both sat on soft, yet firm rounded breasts. Helga was easily excited when attention was paid to them, which Daniel did as often as he could. But it wasn’t often enough, not for Helga. Daniel sadly, had his limits but Helga forgave him for that.

Helga was into keep fit too, she loved jogging, and home exercises, she had joined a gym, but never cared for it. It also kept her toned and super fit. Daniel was happy with his sex life, and Helga was happy for him too, she just wished he could last a little longer, but she never detracted from it or him. The number of times she had been ready for him, but regularly he pleaded tiredness, over work, busy schedules.

Helga’s voice was haunting, her command of English was perfect, but the lilt in her voice was awe inspiring, her accent, it sounded, in her breathless, husky, and little school girl way so positively seductive. There were not many, if there even was one man who could have resisted her. She was a much sought after woman.

Then it was time for Daniels annual holiday, he would go home for a month, and Helga would go with him to meet his son. Daniel also wanted to let his son Jeremy know, and hopefully get his approval to marry Helga. He knew he never needed it, but he wanted it never the less. He had not asked her yet, but he had hinted at it and was happy with her positive responses.

They packed and left, Jeremy was waiting for them, and looking forward to meeting his dads gorgeous girl friend. He had seen photos and it was obvious she was a real beauty. “How the flip did you catch her dad?” he asked himself, “or has she caught you?” That was probably the right answer he had thought, a well to do, and well connected guy.

Jeremy watched as they drove on to the drive, he went out to greet them. There was a loving hug for his dad, and a jaw breaking drop of his chin, when he looked at Helga for the first time. He had never seen a more beautiful, serene looking woman in his life, short though it was up to now. She smiled at him, put her hands on his upper arms, that was as far as she could reach, he bent his head and she kissed his cheek. She smelled wonderful, and Jeremy, despite himself, fell immediately in lust with her.

He carried their luggage in and took it up to his dad’s room. His dad made some tea, and they sat and chatted. He asked Helga about herself, and she Jeremy about him, soon they were all like old dear friends. The only difference was, Jeremy had got a hard on for Helga that would not subside and Jeremy knew there was only one thing to do so he did it.

“I need a shower dad,” he said and smiled at Helga, he stood and left. Helga, being the woman she was, knew what his problem was, and it made her feel like a woman, and desirable, which she was. Jeremy jacked off in the shower and watched his cum slither away. He was wishing it was slithering away into Helga! Helga felt right at home, she explored the house and loved it, it was like the type of house she was comfortable in and could actually see herself living in it permanently.

Jeremy would have cheered had he known that. They settled in and went out to restaurants, and did family things. Daniel insisted Jeremy take her into town for shopping trips and the like, while he kept up with his work on the internet. She wanted to buy keep fit items, so he took her and she bought a few, which Jeremy happily loaded into his car.

A week later, and Jeremy was jacking off on Helga, he had not seen his cleaning lady since his dad had come home so was feeling neglected. His girl friend was away on annual vacation with her family, so he was cut off from very much needed fuck sessions.

Jeremy was feeling hornier than he had for a long time, he wished he could screw his dad’s girl friend, upcoming bride maybe? He hadn’t actually said anything, but he had hinted. He did this without knowing or realising it, and Helga was on the ball. She enjoyed klasbahis yeni giriş having this handsome young guy around her, with his tongue, metaphorically speaking, hanging out.

She knew, and his dad never, he wasn’t even noticing, he probably wouldn’t notice even if a letter dropped on the mat to tell him. Jeremy’s hormones were just about out of control, he knew though that even his thoughts about Helga were over the top. But his cock was ruling him now. Helga, wasn’t teasing him, her natural beauty and grace was all it took to fire Jeremy’s imagination wild.

Her voice when she spoke mesmerised him, it haunted him, she waxed lyrical, husky wasn’t the word for it. He remembered seeing a film with an actress in it called Suzanne Pleshette, and he had wanted her right then and there. Helga had the same breathy tone, and an accent to match!

Helga had not once thought about Jeremy in the way he was thinking about her, her sleek beauty wouldn’t allow it. She was a woman, she was the desirable being, not him, a mere man, or boy, in her eyes, even if he was, to her, extraordinarily good looking. She was horny too, she had got Daniel last night but it left her wanting more, not less. This was frustrating, and if he wasn’t the man she knew, she would be looking elsewhere by now. Helga was on a keep fit apparatus on the floor of their bedroom. Daniel had gone into town for a tele conference at the local hospital.

She was actively trying to eliminate her horniness on the machine, work it out. She was wearing a bright red singlet top, low necked, no sleeves, and no bra. Helga didn’t need one. It showed her magnificent cleavage. Her silky thick ash blond hair was up in a bun on the top of her lovely head, and she was working up a sweat. The red lacy top was almost transparent. On her lower body, from waist down she had on a pair of flimsy see through exercise tights.

It was so thin her skin could be seen though it, and she knew her bare pussy would be on view from the back. Knowing this challenged her efforts to work it all out of her. Jeremy was outside the closed door of her bedroom listening to her on some machine or other, he had heard her from below and wondered what she was doing. He had gone up and was now bent with his ear to the door thinking about what she could be doing.

If he could have seen her right then, he would see her with her back to the door, on her knees on a spreading machine, she was doing sideways press ups. Helga was also kicking out one leg high up behind her, then going on to the other one. She was alternating high backward kicks and leg straightening.

When she rested, head down, she was sliding her arms out wide and taking the strain. Her ass, Oh her ass, superbly rounded, tight as a drum and perfectly sexy was eyeing the closed door. That was when Jeremy silently opened it and peeked in. What he saw nearly had him coming in his shorts. His gaze fell on her ass and he groaned when he saw it. His cock tried to jump out and stab her.

Without thinking of any possible consequences, he approach her silently from behind. Jeremy knelt down stared wildly at her ass, and slid his hand between her ass cheeks and stroked her hot wet pussy. He could see the wetness on the flimsy tights. His fingers glided over her clit and his thumb stroked her ass hole.

Helga gasped out loud as the hand slid inwards, stroked her pussy lips and pronounced clit, then she felt his thumb, though she didn’t know it yet press on her ass hole. Her body jerked forwards, her hands tight on the slide bars pushed the machine forward as well. Helga ended up flat on her face and Jeremy quickly repositioned himself by straddling one luscious clad thigh. Then putting his hand in the small of her back he went at her pussy.

A finger tore the flimsy material, and he took the unexpected opportunity to get his fingers into Helga’s hot undeniable pussy. Helga twisted her head, and in her super excitingly sexy accent said. “Jeremnry,” she called him Jeremnry instead of Jeremy. “What are you doing, stop it at once.” She accentuated the letter T in her words like an explosive. The word ‘once’ came out like Wonths. It all added to her allure.

Jeremy was not in control of his senses, otherwise he would have obeyed her. He was obeying the laws of nature instead. The primal need to fornicate was on him, the alpha male, of which he was one, and he knew that. His girl friend, and the wife of the guy next door informed him of what he was regularly. His hand was in the middle of her back and Helga was unable to flip herself over, he outweighed her by a115lbs, and was at least thrice her physical power.

And now he was hell bent on having this wonderful beautiful sexy woman at all costs. His fingers, and now his thumb, were damaging Helga beyond repair. She was already horny, her pussy was already hot and wet and now ‘Jeremnry’ was heating her up to where she was to fail klasbahis giriş her allegiance to ‘Jeremnry’s’ father. He saw before she, had realised what had happened. Her hands had let go of the slide rail handles, and now her arms were on the carpet outstretched, crucifix style.

Helga had submitted to him, or rather her body had. Her inners, and definitely her pussy, was already in tune with the songs his fingers were strumming on her pussy and clit. It was singing to her. “Here I am,” here I am, I’m yours.” Jeremy still not fully understanding what was taking place, undid his shorts and trousers, then he mounted his dad’s sexy stunning girlfriend and lay over her, his chest pressed into her. Helga found out immediately that what was in her was a master at work. There would be no going back from this, no redemption, no return to normalcy for her ever again.

“Jeremnry, Jeremnry, Oh Jeremnry,” she cried as he filled her juicy fabulous hot loving pussy with all the cock he had. Her face buried and wormed into the carpet, her finger nails tried to grip it. Her heels and lower legs rose and fell in time with his very first out and in thrust. And Jeremy gave it to her with al the unadulterated sexual love he had to give.

“Oh God, Oh Jeremnry, please darling, Jeremnry, Uggggh, Oh oh oh oh Hmmmmm, Oh Noooooo Oh Jeremnry!” He heard her but didn’t hear it, he banged in and out, this quieted her. Helga had to go with it. She was full to the brim of hot hard cock, and she could not deny what it meant to her, what it was doing to her, and what it was doing for her.

She tried to reach behind her back for him, there was nothing she could do. Jeremy now had her pinned to the floor, his knees inside of hers, his cock jammed all the way in, and he was fucking her. The top of her lovely head was below his chin, Jeremy ‘came to’ now, he was back with himself. He hooked his hands under Helga’s shoulders and he set about fucking his dad’s girlfriend to her own heaven and back.

Helga now could not say stop, no, anything. She managed to raise herself up on her elbows, her head hanging down in wonderful defeat, thus giving Jeremy all the tools he needed to completely seduce and win this woman over. He thanked God for jacking off rlier, because it gave him the stamina to absolutely screw her to the wall, had she been against one.

Helga was past caring now that her soon, probably to be, husband’s son was screwing her wildly, it was wonderful. She relaxed under him, she let him take the strain, and then Helga came. It was a climax that she had so desperately needed. The big fat cock in her was doing what Daniels cock couldn’t, wouldn’t, and didn’t. Jeremy’s cock far out did anything his father could have achieved, and Helga praised the Lord for it. He beat her cervix, he stretched her wide, he dug deep.

Helga gulped at one particularly heavy thrust, she felt her ass flatten under the pressure, it made her have another climax. She was sure he had popped her womb. Could that be possible, she thought? “Jeremnry, you are killing me!” she managed to blurt out. “Good, that’s the objct of the exercise,” he muttered grimly, but smiling happily as he did so.

As he pounded his dads girlfriend, her pussy was tight, and it felt so good to him, he had never had it this way or this good. And Helga’s outstanding beauties, her sexual being, her undeniable pull on him. She was just so enticing to him. It gave him added impetus to make love to her hard and fast. Hence the enthralling sensations he was creating within her, the thrilling orgasms, and climaxes she was having seemed to heed to him. He was adamant that she would not forget this tryst in a hurry.

Jeremy was nearing his own climax, he knew it, his body tightened, he began to grunt and ram at Helga harder. Then he washed himself inside out. Helga’s pussy filled with his cum, it flooded her, it squashed out on to the carpet. Helga had a galactic climax and flopped as if dead. When she opened her eyes she felt empty, bereft. Jeremnry had pulled out, then she heard the soft click of the door as it closed.

Helga lay there for several minutes to recover from the undeniable fantastic fucking Daniels son had just given her, and made her have. She staggered to her feet, got some tissues and wiped his and her cum up of the carpet to leave a damp stain. Helga tottered into the bathroom, stripped of her torn and wasted tights, to wrap and throw away. Her top went into the laundry basket.

She stepped into the shower, but before she turned it on, she heard the thrum of Jeremnry’s, he was cleaning himself up too. As she pampered herself she went back over what had just happened. Helga, for the first time in her life had been completely side blinded, she had been unequivocally seduced, and made love to like it had been the first time in decades. And try as she might she could not rid her mind of her orgasms one after another.

Her body tightened up into question mark, she tingled and buzzed all over, the feeling of being filled by Jeremnry’s cock would not, and she guessed now never would, go away. But it would not happen again Helga told herself, it must not. She would make sure she guarded herself at all times against another onslaught like the one that had just created the biggest downfall in her life.

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