A Trivial Little Occurence

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As a long term fanatic about brother sister love, I have enjoyed many stories on Literotica (I never had a sister, darn it!). I felt I owed the genre something, so penned this, my initial foray into fiction. This IS fiction, totally the product of my fertile, albeit twisted, imagination. No people were injured in the compilation of this tale, only a few senseless laws, mores, and morals. Please enjoy! Oh, and all characters are at least 18 years of age.


My sister, Julie, had left me a voice mail on my cell.

“Oh god, Jim! Please come home as soon as you can! I have terrible news!”

Even knowing my sister’s tendency to be melodramatic, the urgency in her voice goaded me to do just that. I stowed my tools at the garage where I repair autos, and headed for my truck.

As I drove home, I reflected on the way our lives had changed. Over the past three months, we had found we were deeply in love with each other, then became lovers, working around the obstacles and our parents’ schedules. Julie was a worrier, always fearing discovery or some other calamity that might ruin our lives. Mine was a more cavalier attitude; what will be will be. I was all for opening our hearts to our parents. Julie feared it would be our destruction.

As I drove up to the house, I noticed neither of our parents’ cars was there. Good, we would have a bit of privacy. I walked in the door to hear loud sobbing coming from the family room. Julie was curled into a fetus position on the couch, crying out her eyes. I knelt and took her into my arms.

She cried out, “Oh my god, Jim, oh my god! What will we do? Such a tragedy!”

I squeezed her to me and offered comfort.

“Can you talk?” I inquired.

She sobbed more slowly and nodded to the affirmative.

“Tell you what, Darling, let’s go to the park in case the parental units come home early”.

She wheezed “Okay”.

I led her to my truck. We drove the three miles in silence, though she had settled down quite a bit. She was curled up next to the door, staring at the floor. Whatever the news, she was more than a little frightened.

I parked and led her to a round concrete table with concrete seats. We sat, my arm around her. I let her start whenever she was ready. Finally, she looked up at me with reddest, teariest eyes I had ever seen.

She gulped and shook. Damn, I thought, she was really strung out. Finally, she seemed to relax a bit and spoke.

“Honey, I might be wrong, but I missed my period two weeks ago! I think … I think …” she drew a deep sob.

I finished for her, “… that you might be pregnant?”

“Oh god yes, what ever will we do? What will we tell Mom and Dad?”

I folded her more tightly into my arms and stroked her back. Light sobs again wracked her body. I thought a bit, then began.

“Well, my Darling Sister, I think we both realized this could happen, even though we took precautions. Let’s think about this. We aren’t yet sure you ARE pregnant, so let’s confirm it before we plan too far ahead. If tests prove you, excuse me, WE are pregnant, then we will make the necessary plans. We’ll make arrangements with an ob/gyn, have you checked thoroughly, then tell the folks.”

“OH MY GOD!!” she shrieked, “That will kill them, maybe after they kill us!”

Her face reflected genuine fear. I stroked her gently.

“I think” I began, “That they will be more accepting than you think! Mom, especially, has been acting differently since we began our love affair. She might suspect something already!”

Julie was silent for a few minutes, then looked up at me.

“Do you really believe that?” I smiled,

“I believe that we have no great worries over this! We’ll present them with the news in a quiet atmosphere, after we have eaten, and lay out our plans before they can react! IF we are pregnant!”

She again thought for a bit, then sat up. She wiped her eyes on some tissues she drew from her dress pocket.

“As usual, my organized, steady, devoted brother has the answers…I think!”

I pulled her to me and kissed her lovely lips fondly, lovingly. She was much steadier now, and we talked of our plans.

Let me alert you to some information about Julie and me. She is 18, just about to graduate high school. She has been a bit shy, having only a few friends, and even fewer dates. Her big things are reading and clarinet, which she played in the school orchestra, and in the local symphony orchestra. She is not a dazzling female, but I have always been in awe of her intelligence, curiosity, and great ability to really care about people and her surroundings. She is 5′ 4″, weighs about 110, medium length dark hair, beautiful complexion, all over I now know! Her face is not model/actress quality, but I feel she is beautiful. I have always loved to gaze upon it, and watch her many expressions.

I am an auto mechanic, as I stated, working in a garage owned by a very good friend of our father. I studied auto repair in high school, then in a vocational college, gaining an associate degree. I earned pretty good bedava bahis money, and had a knack for saving quite a bit. I am not a stud, far from it. I stand 6′ 1′, weigh about 170, and have average features. I am three years older than Julie at 21. Girls did not hit on me in school, or anywhere else. I was almost as shy as my sister, so also had few dates. In fact, we were both virgins when our affair began.

Which leads me to that event that changed our lives. Julie and I were very dear to each other all our lives, and felt very close. We had our squabbles, but they never lasted. Our parents felt blessed to not have many fights to referee, but that closeness was now coming back to haunt them, and us. I came home from work one day to find Julie in the kitchen fixing our dinner.

“Hey you! When did you become the mother?”

She smiled at me demurely.

“Would you want me to be?”

I stood in quiet confusion, then went to clean up. She had fixed a really enjoyable casserole, not usually high on my list, but this one was great. After, I sat back and complimented her.

“That was really good, sister of mine! You would make a great wife!”

That smile again.

“Would you like me to be the wife?”

Again, I was confused. Where was all this leading? What had happened to my shy sibling? In addition, my mind was beginning to function.

I decided to deflect the conversation.

“Hey, where are Mom and Dad?” She was still smiling.

“They went to Aunt Trish’s to help with her lawn. Said they would return late! Guess we’ll just have to entertain each other this evening!”

My mind was becoming quite addled. She rose.

“I’ll clean up while you read the paper, watch news, whatever”.

With no retort, I went to the family room and turned on the TV. I was sitting in thought, having no idea what was on, when she sat down next to me, pressing her thigh to mine. She chuckled.

“I had no idea you were into Sponge Bob Square Pants!”

I looked up to see this yellow sponge acting like a cartoon character. I mumbled.

“Must be a second childhood!”

She giggled. I then looked at her and asked what was going on with the comments. She smiled a bit, then replied.

“I have been waiting for you to break the ice, but haven’t seen a move. So I figured I had to be the one to bring it up!”

“Bring up what?” I asked.

She took one of my hands in hers, enfolding our fingers together.

“Bring up the fact I simply adore you, want to be with you. I only hope you feel the same!”

I blushed, deeply I’m sure.

I looked into her wonderful eyes.

“Gosh, Honey, I have been trying to break it to you for a long time, but I guess I didn’t have the strength to make the plunge. I have known I was deeply in love with you for a couple of years!”

She squealed and grabbed me around the neck. The kiss she laid on my lips was definitely the most romantic and sexy one I had ever experienced. I kissed her back, then we began a series of kisses, whimpers, and moans that let us each know the love our sibling felt for us. We were suddenly interrupted by the sound of two cars entering the drive, so we turned back to the TV. I switched channels to our fave news station. Mom came into the room and greeted us.

She looked at us for a bit.

“What are you two blushing about?”

My sister, ever the quick reactor, said we had been fighting over the remote. Good answer! Mom left to clean up. She and Dad had eaten at Aunt Trish’s.

The rest of the evening was the usual, conversation, TV, popcorn and sodas. About 10:30, Julie bid her farewells and left for bed. I waited about 5 minutes then followed. She was not around when I went to the bath room, so I did my business and retired. I heard the parents retire to their room, and settled down to sleep. I heard my door opened, then closed and locked. My covers were pulled back, and a soft body slid in next to me. The covers were returned, and a small arm went around my waist. Julie giggled again.

“It’s just your wife, Darling, ready to sleep with you!” I jerked up.

“What? What if anyone comes in?”

“They won’t; they never come here!”

She snuggled into me.

“Well, I can sure say I could get used to this wife thing!” she giggled; love that sweet giggle!

I turned onto my back and put an arm around her. I turned my head and gave her a soft, loving kiss.

“Mmm!” she said, “I could REALLY get used to that part of being your wife!”

She slipped her hand onto my chest and caressed my skin and nipples. My cock was a tire iron. She moved her hand down and softly touched it, caressed it. I moaned. She kissed my cheek.

“Would you like for me to be your wife, Honey? Be here for you every night? Ease your stresses? Hmmm?” I chuckled.

“You make it sound pretty desirable! I could take that for a while!”

She sat up. “A while? What kind of while?” I thought a bit.

“Oh, maybe 70 or 80 years, or however long we live!” She lay back and hugged bedava bonus me.

“Okay, that kind of while is acceptable!”

We held each other a while, then I closed my eyes. I opened them suddenly. The room was bathed in sunlight!

“Oh shit!” I exclaimed, looking at the clock. 6:28 am.

Julie stirred and mumbled.

“What’s wrong?” I laughed.

“Oh nothing, except we took this wife thing a bit far! We slept together all night!”

“Oh shit!” she cried, sitting up.

“Sorry, I have already invoked that little exclamation!” I said, “I guess we’re safe, no one has been here as far as I can tell!”

I turned her to me and kissed those delicious lips. She said she was going to the bathroom. After I heard her come out and go to her room, I heard Mom’s voice! She asked Julie why she had not slept in her bed, since it was still made. Julie said we were talking about school, and fell asleep. Mom opened my door, stared at me a bit, then went downstairs saying nothing. Scary! I thought.

I heard Julie getting dressed in her room, and imagined how she must look as she dressed. I finally rose and went to do my thing. Just before I reached the bathroom, Julie came out. She grabbed me, planted a hard kiss on my lips, stuck her tongue in my mouth, rubbed my erection, then left saying nothing, just a smile and wink over her shoulder.

We had no other chance to be alone for a while. Mom seemed to have a lot of chores for both of us. I wondered if she was trying to keep us apart.

One Thursday, I received a call from Julie on my cell.

“Hey big studly brother, can you pick me up about 5 at the music room exit?”

“Sure!” I said, “See you then”.

A short pause, then “I’ll try to make it worth your time!”.

I chuckled, and felt a warmth in my chest. I picked her up at 5 sharp. She told me to drive into the parking lot. Without question, I complied. She directed me to park next to a large dumpster.

“Why here?” I asked. She giggled.

“I am too horny to go home! We haven’t kissed for over a week! C’mere!”

I bent to her, and she wrapped her arms about my neck and tried to chew off my lower lip. I squeezed a breast and kissed back. We necked and fondled for maybe 20 minutes, then felt we should get home. Mom was at the sink.

“High, guys!” she cheerily noted. “Why so late?”

Julie mentioned she had music practice, and had asked me to pick her up. Mom looked at her.

“I thought that was on Tuesdays?”

Julie glanced at me, then to Mom.

“Well, we had a special one this week!” and she skipped off to her room.

Mom turned and looked at me for a bit, then turned back to the sink, again without a comment. Weird, I thought.

That weekend, I had to work Saturday; the overtime pay was nice. When I got home, I showered as no one seemed to be there. I went to my bed nude, and stretched out and relaxed. Suddenly, I had the feeling someone was there.

Without opening my eyes, I asked, “Who’s there?”

Julie replied, “Just your loving wife!”

I opened my eyes as she climbed onto the bed beside me, as naked as I. I pulled her to me, and we kissed as long lost lovers. Well, it HAD been two days! I asked about our parents. Julie smilingly told me they had gone out with the Armstrongs for dinner and dancing.

“You know what that means, right?” she asked. I shook my head no, and she let go with a big, beautiful smile.

“They will be very late, and will probably be slightly drunk; maybe we can play out my fantasy!”

“Which one would that be?”

She hugged me.

“The one where you finally give your wife the fucking she has been craving!”

My head popped up. “Seriously?”

“Serious as I can be!” she smiled.

We cuddled and began a long term of kissing, touching, and caressing. I kissed her cheeks, nose, eyes, and neck. I then kissed over her collarbone, then down to her breasts. I had never kissed her nipples, so I ran my tongue around one, then sucked it into my mouth. She flinched, then groaned.

“Oh god!” she moaned.

I gave service to both breasts, making her nipples firm and extended. Then I moved down her tummy, kissing and licking her cute navel. On downward I moved, finally reaching her lower hair. She had a large, luxurious bush of soft dark fur. I ran my nose through it, sucking in her aroma. So overpowering! I placed my lips over my teeth, and tugged at the hair in several places.

She placed one hand behind my head and pressed lightly. I lowered my lips to her sweet pussy, and ran my flattened tongue along her slit, bottom to top. Her pussy lips were almost closed, hiding her womanly interior from view. I pointed my tongue and ran it back along the slit. She jerked and moaned. Her aroma and flavor were so delectable! I could eat her all night! I licked her clit, then pointed my tongue and went into her little fuck hole. I rapidly inserted and withdrew my oral muscle, causing her to rise up a bit. She spread her legs further, and opened her luscious cunt to deneme bonusu my loving. I fucked her hole a few more times, then ran my tongue up to her clit. I sucked lightly, then licked around it. I touched her clitoral hood, causing another rise as she arched her back.

I asked, “Does my wife enjoy having me eat her pussy?”

“Oh god yes” she exclaimed, “I’m close!”

I returned to her hole, resuming my fucking action. She was increasingly bucking her cunt against my mouth. I felt her pussy tighten, and she sucked in a large breath. I went back to her clit, sucked it into my mouth, and ran my tongue over the little man. I touched her asshole, and she shrieked in her climax.

“Oh fuck! Oh my god! Jimmie, JIMMIE!”

She let loose with a long wail, and clutched my head tightly, forcing my face into her swampy, shuddering cunt. She went rigid for a while, then became quiet. Finally, she relaxed and fell onto the bed. She was lightly sobbing, her body shaking. I kissed on and around her fatigued little pussy, then moved up to face her.

“Did wifey enjoy her first pussy eating?”

She remained still, eyes closed for a bit, then slowly raised her eye lids.

“You fucker! You asshole! Now you’ve gone and ruined me for any other man! I’ll never let you go now!”

She grabbed my neck and gave me a seriously warm kiss.

I wrapped an arm around her and pulled her to me.

“You want a return favor?” she asked.

“Maybe later!” I replied. “Right now, I want to consummate this marriage!”

“Mmm” she replied, “Can I rest a bit?”

“Sure, Love, take as long as you want!”

We lay there, murmuring love to each other. Finally, she rolled over onto her back.

“I guess my poor pussy is rested now!”

I chuckled and moved between her spread legs. She grasped my steel cock and rubbed it along her wet slit. She sighed her pleasure. Then, she placed it at her opening and I slowly pressed in. It slowly spread her lips, and the head popped in. She gasped.

“Okay?” I asked.

“Yeah, just a shock, you know!”

I slowly pushed in further. I reached her maidenhead. She gazed at me.

“I know, it’ll hurt a bit, then will be wonderful!” I smiled.

“Well, I’m not sure about the wonderful part, but I understand it does get better!”

She dreamily replied, “Better get along with it then; I won’t be your wife till you fuck me!”

I held my cock firmly against the restraining tissue, wondering how hard to push. She took that decision from me; she suddenly forced her lower body down, impaling her cunt on my cock, shredding the tissue. She cried out and grabbed me tightly about my back.

“Fuck me, my darling husband! Make me your sex slave wife!”

I kissed her and pressed in, slowly fucking into her depths. When I felt my balls against her ass, I rested, letting her accommodate my cock. Finally, she began moving against me, slowly fucking me. I joined her movements, and we fucked each other slowly and lovingly. She looked into my eyes.

“Honey, if you continue to fuck me so slowly, I won’t cum till morning, and Mom will find us connected in the worst possible position!”

I laughed and increased my pace. She matched my movements, as we increased speed. I realized we were banging at an alarming rate, slamming my cock into her pussy with strong, furious thrusts. I became alarmed.

“Are you okay? Am I being too forceful?”

She opened her eyes and commanded. “Shut up and fuck me, I’m about to get off, and no more interruptions!”

She smiled at her joke, and clamped her arms and legs about my thrusting body. I pounded her poor pussy, my scrotum slamming her ass. I was getting an indication of approaching climax, and Julie was moving and grunting erratically. I sneakily moved my middle finger to her asshole and lightly touched it. Just as before, she exploded. She nearly threw me off her arching body. Her nails scraped my back, and she was screaming unintelligible gibberish. Her climax continued for more time than I expected. Through it, I continued to fuck her unmercifully. She was still in Nirvana when I suddenly exploded with little warning. My gut spasmed in a fantastic rush of ecstasy. My skin crawled, my scalp felt as though it lifted from my skull. I came down in a series of shudders, whimpers, and gasps. Julie held me and spoke soothing words. Finally, I was still. She spoke.

“I don’t know which one of us had the best climax, but I’ll bet it was a close finish!”

I nodded in agreement. I rolled off her, and we embraced lovingly. I remember thinking I should get her back to her room.

It happened again! I awoke to sunshine. 7:45 am! We’re screwed! I shook Julie.

“Huh?” she asked.

“We did it again!”

She looked at me.

“We fell asleep! It’s 7:45, they must be back!”

“Fuck!” she swore as she got out of bed and headed to the bathroom. I sneaked into the hall. No sounds were evident. I slithered to their room and peaked into the open door way. They were sound asleep, both snoring. Must have been a good night! At least, we SEEMED to be safe! I joined Julie in the bathroom. She was sitting on the pot, peeing. I sat on her legs and let my cock droop between them, and let it go. She smiled. Consensual peeing! We kissed, then broke to get ready for breakfast.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32