A Thorough Examination

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“Feel it, it’s so big.” Sara pressed her boyfriend’s hand against a lump in her throat.

“Does it hurt?

“No it just feels like a lump I guess.”

“You should see a doctor.”

“I know. I already have an appointment. Will you take me there? I hate driving.”

“Sure babe.” Phil smiled and reached for her hand. “Everything will be fine. You’re probably just allergic to something.”

Sara gazed blankly out the passenger-side window, at the scenery as it passed by. They pulled up to the hospital and luckily Phil found a parking place right away. The waiting room was nearly empty. She flipped through the pages of a Highlights magazine regarding it reminiscently.

“Sara? Sara Gowen?” The petite nurse called out.

“That’s me.” She stood and followed her through the large double-doors. After the nurse weighed her and took her vital signs Sara was taken to an examination room to wait for her physician. The twenty minutes she waited felt like forever. There were no Highlights magazines in there, just some pamphlets on things like heart disease and Alzheimer’s. She sat at the edge of the hospital bed swinging her feet. The paper was uncomfortable to sit on. Thankfully the Doctor Finally entered the room. She was stunning; one of the most beautiful women Sara had ever seen. She was exotic. It was hard to tell what race she was. Her deeply tan skin, chin-length black hair, brown-sugar eyes, voluptuous breasts, and her body which must have been carved by Michael Angelo’s ghost, almost caused a sensory overload in Sara’s mind.

Sara’s above-average appearance also delighted Dr. Batista. She especially liked her blonde and brown hair style.

“Hello Sara. My name is Dr. Batista. What can I help you with today?”

“I have a lump in my throat.” bahis firmaları She gestured to it.

The doctor felt the lump, looked down her throat, and had her breathe into some kind of contraption that registered how hard she can blow.

“I think it may just be from asthma but I’ll refer you to the Ear Nose and Throat specialist just to be sure. When was the last time you had a breast exam?”

“Not for a while.”

“Alright, take off your shirt and I’ll give you one.” She said as she stared intently at Sara.

Don’t doctors usually look away when you take your shirt off? She hesitantly began to pull her shirt over her head.

“Here, let me help you.” Dr. Batista gently pulled Sara’s shirt the rest of the way off. It gave Sara butterflies in her stomach. Is she flirting with me? No, she couldn’t be. I’m imagining things.

“You have beautiful breasts and that’s such a cute belly button ring.” She lightly touched the piece of jewelry.

“Thank you.” She tried to smile casually but her sexual tension was building. Batista began massaging her left breast in a circular pattern. Sara’s nipples hardened. How embarrassing. Now she knows I’m enjoying this. When the doctor reached her nipple she did the most peculiar thing. She began toying with it, lightly rubbing, pinching and twisting. Batista did the same on her right breast. At this point Sara could feel her privates getting wet. She chose not to say anything as to not be presumptuous. After much longer than a run-of-the-mill breast exam would take she stopped and began twirling a lock of Sara’s hair in her fingers.

“You’re so pretty Sara.”

“Thank you, so are you.” Her heart was racing. I can’t believe this is happening. My boyfriend is in the waiting room. The doctor traipsed kaçak iddaa across the room and opened Sara’s file.

“Uh-oh, it’s been a long time since your last pap. I’m going to need you to take off your jeans.”

Sara’s breathing became slightly more rapid as she tried to wrap her mind around this intense moment. I could just be assuming she’s coming on to me. Or maybe I’m hoping. She slid her jeans off as Dr. Batista watched with a warm smile on her face. She spread her legs and put her feet in the stir-ups.

“I see you’ve shaved. Were you expecting me?” she laughed and pulled her rolling stool up to the end of the bed to get a better look. “Are you ticklish?” she said as she softly dragged her acrylic nails along the inside of Sara’s thighs. She performed the pap in a professional manner leading Sara to believe her reservations that she may be imagining things yet she did think it was odd she wasn’t wearing gloves. When she finished and removed her instrument she told her “…not quite done yet.” She carefully slid her middle finger into Sara’s vagina and began to wiggle it against her g-spot. At this point Sara was soaking wet and turned-on more than she ever had been. “Does that feel nice?”

Sara nodded but thought I should tell her to stop but it feels so good. I’m a terrible girlfriend. Maybe he wouldn’t mind if I cheated with a woman… yeah right, him?

“I think I’ll try two fingers.” She did. Sara began to squirm and breathe heavily. “You seem to like it. I’m going to do something now and I would appreciate your full cooperation. You must keep the noise down. Don’t worry, it won’t hurt.” Batista beamed at her a tilted forward to put her mouth on Sara’s clitoris. Sara gasped and gripped the sides of the bed as the good doctor swirled her tongue round kaçak bahis and round.

Just as Sara was silently telling herself this is all wrong. How could I do this to Phil? Batista, using her left hand, began fingering her asshole. Sara let out a quiet squeal of shock and excitement. With both holes filled and her clit being stimulated she came, hard. She had to cover her mouth to keep from making a sound. Dr. Batista sucked up Sara’s juices and swallowed them as if she were drinking a juice box. The patient laid back; her head spinning; her body reeling.

t’s only polite to return the favor. Sara tried to justify to herself. “I’ve shown you mine, will you show me yours?”

“I’m sorry dear but that wouldn’t be very professional of me would it? Instead…” she pressed the button to raise the head of the bed a bit. “Let me continue your breast exam for good measure.” With no hesitation she bent down and began sucking and flicking her tongue on Sara’s nipples while she slid her hand down her body and started caressing her clit. One minute later Sara couldn’t help but let out a quiet moan as she reached another orgasm. Dr. Batista slid her finger in Sara’s vagina again then put it in Sara’s mouth, making her suck her own fluid off of it. “Alright sweetie, that concludes your exam. I’ll leave your referral with the front desk. Now put your clothes back on you dirty little slut.” She threw Sara’s clothes at her. Sara’s jaw dropped and her eyes almost popped out of her head. She couldn’t believe she was just treated that way. She couldn’t believe she was looking at the same person. “Are you deaf whore? Thanks for the pussy. Now get out.” Batista glared at her and left the exam room.

Sara sat in silence most of the ride home. Phil repeatedly inquired “What’s wrong? Are you alright?”

“I’m fine. Stop asking.” Sara spent the rest of the day feeling nauseated with guilt yet she couldn’t refrain from fantasizing about her doctor, even the insults turned her on. I am a dirty slut.

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