A Therapist’s Dream Come True

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I have no idea why she’s doing what she’s doing but as long as she keeps coming into my room each night and jerking me off why should it matter to me, and even though she’s my own sister what guy in his right mind would turn her away. I know I can’t, and as the sliver of light from the hallway as my door is beginning to open just lets me know she’s back to tug on me and then make a sticky paste on my stomach that she then brings up to her mouth as if it was vanilla ice cream. There’s still a part of me that wonders if I was in some kind of tragic car accident and I’m lying in a hospital bed somewhere helplessly trapped in a coma, but those long legs of hers that my eyes are locked on now assure me this isn’t a dream.

“I just love that you’re always so hard,” is all she says as she climbs into my bed and immediately wraps her hand around my already throbbing cock.

It’s been almost two weeks now since she first came in and slid her hand down my boxers, and even though she only had to make a few strokes before I exploded it was the look on her face that told me how much she enjoyed getting me off. After that first time I’d just lay here totally naked with a hard-on waiting for the door to open, and just like now she’d come in wearing only that little t-shirt that I just know doesn’t have any panties underneath it. But I’ve been fighting with her for the last few nights not to just let her slowly stroke me and then meekly surrender to her when she’s decided it’s time for me to cum. Tonight she’s in for a surprise because I jerked off a couple of hours ago when I was taking a shower, and I seriously doubt her hand will be able to find that magical rhythm so quickly like it always seems to do with me.

“I’ve spent half my life dreaming about you,” I reply as I just rest my head against the pillow as I feel her nails gently kneading my balls the way a kitten would do with a ball of yarn.

I have a feeling that part of why she’s here is because of douchebag Donny, and even though this is like the tenth time she’s broken up with him so far this is the longest yet that she’s managed not to go running back to him. It has to be at least three months now and she seems to be avoiding the same old ploys he’s used in the past to get her back. But if jerking me off is helping her who am I to complain, and now as she’s beginning to whisper to me all the things she knows a guy my age loves to hear as her hand is starting to slowly slide up and down me it just doesn’t seem fair that she knows all of my weaknesses. Then again there’s a reason why she has a degree in psychology, and if anyone would know what to say to a horny eighteen year old she certainly does.

“All those years you’ve been desperately trying to get a look at my pussy are almost over,” she whispers in my ear as I feel my dick instantly reacting to what she just said.

Virtually all my friends with sisters have gone through the same tortures that I’ve had to endure for all these years, and even though Teagan or just Tee as I call her is nearly three years older than me doesn’t alter the fact that I’ve dogged her relentlessly hoping for some sort of slip up on her part one day. The reality is we all do it, and it’s like they purposely walk around the house half naked just to fuck with our heads too. I mean like even my friend Billy’s sister walks around in a string bikini that she’d be escorted off any public beach for showing so much skin, and the fact his mother never says a word to her just proves that it’s just some sort of conspiracy as far as I’m concerned. Look but don’t touch seems to be the message they all send us, and then they wonder why we all jerk off so much.

“I bet you have a bald pussy,” I say as the thought that I might finally get a glimpse of her hairless slit makes me wonder if my jerking off in the shower is really going to buy me any more time.

What could possibly be better than this? And as her hand just keeps that slow steady stroke until she’s decides it’s time for me to cum I can only think of all my friends who will never know what it’s like to have their sisters hand sliding up and down their cock like hers is doing to mine now. Never in a million years did I ever think something like this might actually happen to me, and there’s a part of me that wants to send Donny a text thanking him for being such an ass-hole. How he could let a fox like her get away just doesn’t make any sense to me, and the fact I have a feeling that I actually might have a chance to slide inside her just makes it so much more unbelievable.

“I guess you’ll just have to wait and find out for yourself,” she replies as I can tell she’s already beginning her run at making me shoot all over myself like she’s gotten so used to doing lately.

In all the videos I’ve ever seen not once have I ever seen a girl jerk a guy off and then bring the sticky goo up to her mouth the way she does with me, and the scariest part about it is that I’m afraid sooner or later she’s going to bring her fingers up to my lips so I can taste it for myself. It’s not like I’m homophobic either, and from what I hear my friend Devlin has canlı bahis şirketleri a real taste for it too. Of course the fact he’s gay certainly has a lot to do with it, but he seems to be hanging out at Billy’s house a lot lately and I know dam well Billy like girls just as much as I do. But sometimes even I have to leave because of the way his sister teases with me her tight little ass when I’m over there, and I wonder sometimes if Devlin is just taking advantage of the situation to get what he wants from Billy. I’d be lying if I didn’t admit there have been more than a few times when I’ve gotten so excited looking at her that the thought of a pair of lips wrapped around my cock wouldn’t have mattered to me one way or the other who they belonged to as long as they got me off.

“It just feels so good,” I moan as I can tell already that she’s not just going to be able to make me cum the way she’s gotten so used to doing to me.

I still have no idea why she’s chosen to use me when there are just so many other guys out there who would love to be with her like I am now, and the fact she’s tall and thin and looks just like some of the models in the porn sites that I jerk off to only makes it all the more exciting for me. But I’m not even going to try and figure out why her hand is sliding up and down me now, and I can tell by the look on her face that she knows her hand might not be able to work its magic like it usually does with me.

“I’ve been wondering when this was finally going to happen,” she says as she releases her grip on me and gets up and walks over to the door opening it about a quarter of the way.

I just can’t believe that she’s really pulling her t-shirt over her head with the door open, and considering Mom is right down the hall somehow the idea of getting caught both excites and scares the hell out of me at the same time. There’s just no way I’ll ever admit to it but one of my favorite fantasy’s is being caught by her sitting at my computer jerking off, and when you factor in that she’s both a fox as well as a psychologist it just presses so many different buttons inside me all at the same time. But how can she get pissed at me for doing anything wrong? After all, Tee’s twenty-two and I’m almost nineteen so how can I be blamed for just laying here getting my dick tugged on. Somehow though I think we’d both be in trouble if she ever caught us, then again, sometimes I wonder about her too.

“But the doors open,” I say half hoping she doesn’t turn and close it.

“Then that will just make it all the more exciting for us, won’t it,” she replies as she just stands there letting me take in every inch of the body that I’ve been obsessing over for so many years.

To me she looks just like a clone of Taylor Swift, and between her long legs leading up to her hairless slit I feel like I’m going to cum just looking at her. If only I could tell Billy what a fox she is but this is definitely one secret that is going to the grave with me. Every guy that has a sister knows how I’ve suffered with the only hope that one day I’d finally be rewarded with what’s in front of me now, and as she’s turning and letting me see her tight little ass I feel as though I’ve died and gone to heaven.

“What’s the matter baby brother, bald pussy got your tongue,” she says as she climbs back onto the bed and instantly wraps her hand around me sending a shiver throughout my entire body.

“What about Mommy,” I whisper as if fearing my voice might somehow be picked up by the one woman who really does scare me in a way none others could ever do.

“What about her,” she replies as she lifts one of her legs exposing her clean shaven lips to me as her tongue licks the inside of my ear.

“She might catch us,” I say so softly that I wonder if she even heard what I just said.

“Haven’t you ever wondered why she dresses in those black leotards when she does her yoga,” she asks me as I can already feel my balls getting that tingling sensation like they always do right before I cum.

“Oh God,” I hear the words coming out of my mouth as all the times I’d make an excuse up so I could go down and see her doing all those stretching exercises in front of me begin to play in my head.

Of all my friends mothers she’s definitely the one who wins hands down as being the only one we’d all want to see naked, and even though she’s a therapist who would be able to dissect all my thoughts and actions the fact remains that for as long as I can remember she’s been spreading those long legs of her in front of me with only a thin piece of material covering her pussy. It’s funny but now as I look back I could always feel her eyes locked on me as I tried to make believe I wasn’t checking her out, and now as Tee is teasing me I realize that both of them have probably been fucking with my head for years.

“She’s got a bald pussy too, and I know you want to get in it just as much as you want to get into mine,” she says as I feel myself instantly exploding in a way that makes me wonder just how many times I could actually cum in one night.

“Keep talking,” I moan canlı kaçak iddaa as she just keeps telling me even more about the only woman I know I’m not supposed to thinking about as she continues to milk me of all my cream.

“So you really liked me talking about her, didn’t you,” she says as her fingers bring the thick white clumps of cum up to her lips.

What is it about tasting my cum the way she’s doing in a way that I’ve never heard anyone ever talk about, although I suppose it’s probably not the type of thing guys will share about their girlfriends. But it’s just so obvious that she really does like it too, and I’ll admit there have been more than a few times when I’ve been so hot that I’ve even thought about it as I’ve watched some girls pussy being stretched. Of course I always chickened out after I’d cum, but how bad can it be, and it’s not like it came out of another guy’s dick.

“What’s it taste like,” I can’t believe I hear the words reaching my ears that I just spoke aloud to her.

The look on her face as she begins to analyze what I just said is a very familiar one that I’ve gotten used to in dealing with both of them over the years, and as she dips her fingers in the sticky goo and brings them up to my lips I can’t believe that my mouth is actually opening as if it were being commanded by an outside entity. There’s just no way this can be happening to me, and as my taste buds try and compare it to something similar it’s the look in her eyes as I’m sucking on her fingers is one that I’ve never seen before.

“Do you have any idea how long I’ve been waiting for this moment,” she says as she continues to scrape the last of my salty treat off my stomach.

“You know you’re the only one I’ll ever do this with,” is all I say as her fingers feed me even more of what a straight guy is never ever supposed to taste.

“If you think this tastes good wait until you suck it out of me after you’ve fucked me,” she says as she kisses me on the cheek and gets up and walks out of the room without even putting her t-shirt back on.


I feel as though my heart is about burst because of the way it just keeps pounding away inside my chest as I wait for my skinny fox to finish what has become her nightly ritual of showering before she comes in and jerks me off, and there were times today when I swore my watch was actually going backwards as all I could think about what might happen tonight. I know I’m obsessing too but her last words to me last night about me tasting her after I fuck her was the only thought that just kept repeating over and over again in my head no matter how hard I tried to concentrate on anything else.

Of course it didn’t help when she came out with a glass of lemonade for me after I cut the grass wearing only that short little t-shirt, and I thought I was going to cum in my pants when I saw her walking across the lawn towards me with those long beautiful legs of hers fully exposed. For a girl with suck small tits she certainly makes up for it with those two dart like nipples that were sticking straight out at me, and I have a feeling if it wasn’t for the fact I was all sweaty I probably would have stripped completely naked and we would have ended up screwing on the front lawn.

There’s just something about the chemistry between us that goes way beyond how a brother and sister are supposed to feel about each other, and maybe a big part of it is because we were just so inseparable when we were growing up. Whether it was playing basketball with me or riding our bikes to town and back it always seemed like we needed to be near each other, and even though most of my friends’ sisters were diva’s she was the lone exception. Of course I was infatuated with her long thin legs and tight little ass but so were all of my friends too, and as I’m lying here now I still can’t believe this it isn’t just a case of my imagination playing tricks with me.

“Clean and shiny for my prince,” is all she says as she walks in totally naked.

I still find it hard to believe this is really happening, and it’s as if she’s reading my mind she’s just standing there letting my eyes feast on her in a way that every one of my friends would sell their soul without a second thought if they only had the chance to be where I am now. For years I’ve only jerked off to pictures and movies that had girls that I thought resembled her, and as I look at her now I know dam well she’s hotter than all them put together.

“Should you really be walking around naked when Mommy is home,” I say as I notice the door is barely halfway shut.

“Oh Robert, I just love being naked and so does she,” she replies as I can’t even remember the last time she called me Robert as she peels the sheet off of me.

Here we go about Mom again, and as if it’s not bad enough that she’s teasing me now with her own hot looking body it’s all those images I have burned into my consciousness of all the times Mom did her yoga exercises in front of me. None of my other friends’ mothers were as fanatical about staying in shape the way she was and still is for that matter, and it was canlı kaçak bahis just so obvious whenever we’d go to the Mall how many eyes were glued to her ass and legs as she walked as if she was unaware of the chaos she was causing. But she knew, and I loved watching her tease not only kids my age but even all the old guys too.

“What do you mean she likes to be naked,” I ask as I feel a spasm hitting me between the legs as I think of all those times I’ve been teased by those black leotards she still loves to wear in front of me.

“Let’s just say there’s a lot things about her that might surprise you,” she says as she finally climbs into bed and lies on her side looking at me with those big green eyes of hers.

“Like what,” I ask as her nails start to slide her nails up and down my chest as she stares into my eyes in a way that always tells me there’s a lot more going on now than just what she’s actually saying to me.

‘Can I ask you a question,” she says obviously not answering the one that I just asked her.

“Ask away,” is all I say as she wraps her hand around my cock and begins to slowly slide up and down in a way that I’ve become very use to with her lately.

“Did it turn you on when you were sucking your cum off my fingers last night,” she asks as I feel my face heating up because I’m kind of embarrassed to admit that there’s a part of me that actually liked it.

I mean it’s not like I never thought about doing it before, and any kid that has ever jerked off would be lying if they said they didn’t think about it either. In a way it’s kind of like a double standard the way I see it, and we all want our girls to blow us but never ever bring their mouths up to ours after they’ve done it. In all the videos I’ve ever seen its always two girls who share it in a way that Tee wants me to do with her, and I know dam well we’ve all wondered what it really tastes like too. I have a feeling that if Billy isn’t careful sooner or later Devlin is going to wrap his lips around his cock because of the way his sister’s little ass is always teasing him. Maybe it’s just coincidence but it just seems like there have been more than a few times when I’ve wondered if she and Devlin were actually working together to get us so fucking worked up that we’d be vulnerable to sliding our pants down to find relief from wherever we could find it, and the fact Devlin looks more like a girl than he does a guy kind of complicates things when you’re dick is screaming for relief.

“It did turn you on, didn’t it,” she asks as she kisses me on the cheek and then like a fucking jack rabbit jumps up and straddles me with my cock just inches away from her lips.

“Only because it’s you,” I reply as I feel myself slowly easing inside her.

There’s just no way any guy would ever be comfortable enough to suck his own cum out of his girlfriend or even wife for that matter, and if you ever break up I’d bet a gazillion dollars that would be the first thing they’d tell all their friends too. What the fuck do you do then, and you dam well even your own friends are going to look at you a little funny. But Tee’s my sister, and besides, how the hell could she even admit I did it and not get screwed herself.

“I just can’t believe how tight you are,” I say as the memory of the only two other times that I’ve gone this far before makes me appreciate just how much of a difference a juicy pussy makes.

I knew Maryellen was nervous that first time we tried it, and we both decided we’d give it another shot but she was just as dry the second time as she was the first. I guess technically I’m not a virgin anymore because I was inside her but neither time did I cum either. But that’s not going to happen with my little juicy fox that is sliding up and down me now, and I can already tell by the way her eyes seem to be rolling back in her head as she bottoms out that she’s really getting into what I’m doing to her. For some reason I just thought she would want it slow for a while, and as she has both her arms straddling my head as her little ass seems to be doing a hundred miles an hour on top of me already I wonder just how long she can last before she wears her legs out. She’s definitely done this before too, and as her eyes are now staring into mine I just know she’s reading my mind.

“I like to fuck, so you might as well get used to it,” she says something that every guy who has ever been born wishes he’d hear from someone as hot looking as she is before he dies.

I still can’t believe how fast her little ass is pumping me now, and as all I can do is just feel myself being squeezed in a way that I just never thought possible it’s the moans coming out of her that makes me afraid Mom might coming walking in on us any minute now. There’s a part of me that really wants that to happen too, and this shit about how she likes to be naked is just begging my cock to fuck Tee’s pussy even harder now. It just seems funny how sometimes it’s as if she’s knows what I’m thinking, and as she pulls me over so I’m on top she lifts her ass up almost instinctively as I put a pillow underneath it. I can see in her eyes that she knows I’m going to just keep hammering her until I finally explode inside her, and what makes it even better is that she’s milked me pretty much dry these past two days so hopefully I’ll be able to last a while before I finally cum.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32