A Ten Year Seduction

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Beverly was sitting upright in her bed reading a book. She wore a flimsy pink negligee’ fastened by three buttons at the neck and a tie belt just above her belly button. When standing the negligee reached just below her bum cheeks. The bed-sheet was drawn up to cover her lap. A bedside lamp provided sufficient light to enable one to see her breasts and nipples through the diaphanous cloth. She would be erotically appealing to any male that might enter her bedroom.

She was hoping, actually she was certain, that said male would be joining her soon.

The male in question was Art her brother-in-law who had arrived for a visit earlier that day. Beverly had been the enabler of his visit that deliberately coincided with the departure of her husband Lou on a foreign assignment. This rendezvous had been ten years in the making and went back to a night when, at age 19, Bev had been extracted from a difficult situation at a community dance by Art as two drunken punks of her age started fighting over which one would dance with her.

Art was about ten years older than Bev and during the shouting and fighting had escorted her to his car and taken her away. She settled down quite quickly and Art became impressed with her self-confidence and positive attitude. He parked at a lakeside parking area, a local lovers lane, to allow her to completely regain her composure.

They and their families had known each other for years, but Art had really only become aware of the grown up version of Beverly on this particular night. She was more mature than he would have expected at her age and it had taken a few moments for him to make the family connection. She was very beautiful and he completely understood the desire that had led two young studs to physically compete for her attention.

She, like many women in the town, knew about Art. He had been a local sports hero during his youth but was now more of a mystery man. He was single and maintained an upscale apartment in town but disappeared for months at a time only to return and be very noticeable around the town, dressed smartly, driving new cars and often seen escorting local beauties to the better restaurants and lounges.

Beverly was soon completely at ease and did not object as he leaned over to kiss her. His lips were soft and gentle, lingering in place for her response, which she delivered, to be followed by his more demanding lips combined with a touch of tongue. He said, “Would you like to see my apartment? We could have a drink, get to know each other again and go down memory lane.”

Beverly responded firmly, “Thanks but I don’t think that I should go there until I know you better.”

Art said, “Sure, that’s fine, so how about we get into the back seat and do just that.”

Beverly laughed but was also excited and aroused to be with such a sought after ‘hunk’. She was also aware that many of the same things that might have happened at his apartment could easily happen in the back seat. She said, “Sure, we can talk for a little while. But it is getting late and I have to be back home before midnight.”

Art said, “Not to worry, I’ll drive you to your door step by the stroke of 12!” He scrambled out of the car, raced around to open her door and settled her into the back seat.

Beverly was almost naked after 15 minutes of experienced seduction, holding onto a stiff cock for the first time in her life and ready to allow it to violate her ‘pure as snow’ pussy. It was about this time that Art realized that he was dealing with a virgin and overcome with guilt, pulled up from her.

“What’s wrong, what’s wrong,” Bev cried, “don’t you want me?” She still held his throbbing big cock in her hand intent on pulling it back between her legs.

Art groaned, “Nothing wrong at all baby. I would crawl into bed with you for a month without food. But this was too fast for you for a first time and I would feel like an ass if we did it now.” He did assist her in getting him off with a hand job under a hanky, leaving both of them moaning and panting.

That was it, Bev waited for a call that never came before finally discovering that he was off somewhere else in the world for an unknown length of time. She had no remorse at all about her night in the back seat and was only sorry that it had ended with her virginity still intact.

The virginity issue was resolved within weeks of her encounter with Art. She then enjoyed several affairs with older men, mostly married but a few of single status. She selected her partners carefully, looking for guys who appeared to be overcome by her beauty and whom she believed could be readily taunted to the edge of desperation before she allowed full sex to happen.

She used a carrot and stick approach to seduction. Offering a kiss or a touch, withdrawing it as if uncertain, and then making the next bolder move. She interrupted the flow of seduction with off the subject comments, only to return to foreplay. Her lover had to play the game and soon realized that her surrender was certain if he did play. The approach served ikonbet giriş to crank her up to an orgasm while bringing her partner to a level of desperation most often resulting in a vigorous ending. She chose her partners and led the foreplay but wanted ultimately to be physically conquered.

She then married Art’s younger brother Lou. The marriage was good as was the sex, the only issue being Lou’s controlling nature and jealousy, which he displayed at parties or other social events where Bev always drew admiring attention from all males and many females.

Following her marriage her approach to life could be summed up as that of a mature woman, generally comfortable in her life, but feeling constrained by a jealous husband and sometimes lusting for sex with other men if for no other reason than rebellion. Lou was often away from home on assignments and Bev occasionally sought short-term affairs while he was away. The marriage also led to a renewed relationship with Art, now her brother in law.

The subsequent encounters with Art following her marriage had placed him very high on her wanted list and she expected that these next few days alone with him would fulfill her most sought after fantasy.

Art had enjoyed a relaxing shower after a frustrating evening out with the beautiful Beverly. He had answered her call to return to his hometown, knowing that her intent was to take him to her bed. He had gone directly to her house from the airport, not even dropping his travel bag at his apartment. Bev had reserved dinner at an intimate restaurant before allowing any real physical contact other than the preliminary kisses and hugs. Much as she desired him, Art would have to play the game.

They had been discreet while in public, confining their conversation to mundane matters laced with innuendos and double entendre. She had permitted more intimacy when they returned to her house, while repeating cautions such as; ‘we should take our time, not rush things, not right now, maybe later.’

She had surrendered to a long body-grinding kiss, she holding his head in her hands as his big hands roamed her ass cheeks, sides and breasts. And then she whispered, “Better hit the sack, good night Art.”

Not bloody likely, thought Art.

It had been ten years since that night in the back seat of his car. If the relationship had ended at that point it would have been simply a pleasant memory to Art. But following her marriage to his brother they had been tossed together on numerous family occasions. The desire to consummate that first encounter between them increased in intensity with each additional meeting. But they seldom had more than a few minutes alone.

They had kissed, rubbed bodies and whispered, “I need you” during their few stolen moments. It was all about sex and Art’s feelings towards Bev were along the lines of ‘I had her first and now I want some bedtime with her,’ and never said or thought, ‘I love her’. In reality he had never found another woman he would marry possibly because of this lust for his sister-in-law.

Bev’s plan of attack for the next few days had become obvious to Art. She would play the reluctant adulteress, teasing and provoking him to make a move only to pull back. He was normally a take charge guy in all matters of work and play, but was prepared to coast along in a co-operative manner with the certainty that when the play acting was over, he would be screwing her for days on end. He realized that she was as desperate for him as he was for her.

He posed in front of his mirror in jockey shorts. He had a working-mans body, long muscled and thick through the middle and hips, powerful forearms and large calloused hands. Very few knew that his comfortable wealth and roaming lifestyle came as a result of being a much sought after underground miner. He took on short-term contracts for companies in dire need of men such as he, often pulling in more money than the company’s top brass and saving almost all of it by living on remote sites for much of the year, distant from temptation. The flip side of that was that most of these locations had a dearth of opportunities to get laid. He was coming out of one of those this night and was very ready to bed his sister-in-law or any other woman.

He dropped his shorts to the floor and then shrugged into a white terry cloth robe. He was ready for whatever the lust of his life might toss in his direction.

He smiled outside her door as he knocked. He would play the game and allow her to set up her own denouement. But a denouement there would be.

A soft questioning voice trilled out, “Who is it? Come in.”

Art stifled a grin and entered.

Bev had a surprised look but her words were betrayed by a soft smile. “Oh Art,” she murmured, “I was wondering if you would come in and say goodnight.”

Art thought, ‘surprise, surprise’ and stifled another grin.

He approached the bed, looking down at the partially clad body of his heart’s desire and said, “You are the most beautiful woman in the world.” ikonbet yeni giriş He reached down and traced a finger around her mouth and then cupped her chin in his hand and bent to kiss her.

These were words that Bev had hungered to hear, “Oh Art, that is so lovely.” She licked his lips and then appeared to regain control and said, “But we must take our time. I am not as certain about making love to you as I was when I invited you to come. I mean, after all, you are Lou’s brother.”

Art ignored the last comment and pulled the sheet down to expose the rest of her body. A see-through thong covered her shaved pussy, the lips and slit obvious to the eye. Blood rushed to stiffen his cock.

“Art, not so fast,” Bev whispered, and attempted to pull the sheet back up. Art resisted and Bev relaxed with that ever-present innocent smile and used her feet to push the sheet to the foot of the bed thereby exposing her shapely legs and thigh gap.

His eyes bored into hers and then down to her breasts and the pink nipples thrusting through the thin cloth as if demanding to be freed. He slowly unbuttoned the top; his eyes fastened on hers and pushed the thin cloth aside clutching one full white breast in his big hand. He continued to stare at her while caressing each tit in turn.

Bev’s body was alive, every nerve end tingling to his touch while sending messages to her pussy and nipples causing them to cramp and squeeze. She shivered at this feeling of erotic anticipation.

A change in direction was necessary and Bev looked directly into Art’s eyes and whispered, “Why did you not take me that night in your car.” The words sounded like an accusation.

Art was startled, not expecting mention of a ten-year-old event to arise during this night’s seduction, and replied, “Oh God Bev, I just thought that it was the wrong time and place for you to lose your virginity.”

He bent down and sucked one of her nipples as her hand clasped the back of his head, pulling him to her. “I just couldn’t bring myself to do you. I’ve relived that night a thousand times.”

Bev took in her breath as she considered her next delaying tactic, “Well, you might as well have done it. You made me so horny that I lost my cherry ten days later.”

That did startle Art out of his relentless attack. She could see the shock in his eyes. And then she answered his unasked question with; “I had started a new job at the bank. Part of the training was apparently to join the Bank Manager in the vault after hours. The other girls warned me, but I wanted it to happen. He did me on the table in the vault, me on my back and him standing between my legs with his suit pants and shorts on the floor. He had a stubby cock and it would have been much more romantic with you.”

She was good, Art had expected the little denials and covering up of exposed parts, but had not expected her to peel off strips of raw emotion as a tactic. He straightened once more to look down at her, noting that same tiny smile on her lips.

“You are one devious lady aren’t you? Getting back at me for my noble action or inaction.” With that he loosened the negligee’ tie and exposed her entire creamy white body, covered only by the thong. He rubbed her pussy through the cloth. Her hand quickly grabbed his and pulled it off.

She continued with the review of her life after being shrugged aside by Art, “I had more lovers before I married Lou. They were mostly older guys, ones who showed their intense need for me. That was all it took to get me in bed to fuck me.”

This was too much information for Art but he once again chose to ignore it and return to the chase. He bent to her mouth, kissing and licking her lips; he could feel her body surrendering to his ministrations. His hand returned to her breasts and he whispered, “You have the most beautiful tits in the world.”

Music to her ears but she responded with another comment about their past with, “You barely touched them that first night, it was all about my pussy. That was another disappointing part of that night for me.”

“Oh Damn Bev,” Art groaned, “that night happened so quickly and we were naked in the back in like two minutes, I was not myself. I have seen your tits bared several times since. At the cottage when you were changing. Or in that damn tiny bikini you wore when I was around. I was desperate to make love to them.” With that he dove down and sucked half of one breast into his mouth while pinching and pulling the other nipple.

Bev cried out as he lunched on her breasts and said, “I saw you naked too, you stood sideways one time to show me your big hard-on when you knew that I was watching.” With that she slipped her hand into his robe and clasped on to his throbbing cock.

Art stood up suddenly and tossed the robe to the floor. His eyes focused on her thong as he pushed her sideways to lie beside her. He slipped his fingers under the band of the thong and rubbed her bare mound. “It’s time this came off,” he suggested softly.

Bev said, “Why? You ikonbet güvenilirmi can do what you want with it still on can’t you? It might be fun. Haven’t you ever fucked a lady with her panties on? I’ve had it that way, let’s do it!”

Despite his intention to remain aloof from Bev’s delaying tactics and diversions, his mind was becoming a kaleidoscope of thoughts mixing lust and desire with anger and frustration and affection in one unconstrained bubbling mess. His cock was as hard as it could possibly get without exploding.

The upper part of Bev’s torso was facing up but she had pulled her legs up into a fetal position and twisted her hips sideways to present her butt to Art who was on his side behind her. He pushed a knee between her legs to spread her. His head was now above hers, her face scarce inches from his lips as he breathed into her ear.

He reached between her legs from behind, found the string of the thong and pushed it to one side of her slit, Bev’s fingers assisting.

“Let’s see if I can get my fingers into you,” Art whispered. “Your pussy’s really wet baby, this will be easy. Ahh, that’s it, one finger first, you’re on fire baby, squeeze if you like it.”

Bev’s mouth was open, her eyes shut as she concentrated on squeezing her pussy on the buried finger. “I like, I like,” she said. She could also feel the big knob of his cock rubbing on the back of her cheek. She reached behind and directed it between her legs. “Let’s try,” she moaned.

He hunched in behind her and pushed his pulsing cock along the crease past her butt hole to the finger inserted in her pussy. Bev raised her upper leg higher to enable him to poke the knob into her pussy hole. The thong string rubbed along one side of his cock.

“Oh God, I want that!” she exclaimed, gritting her teeth as she felt the knob parting her pussy lips. “See, I told you so, we can do it,” she groaned, “more babe, more.” She pressed backwards as Art short stroked her with a portion of his cock. He pulled it out and stumbled to his feet beside the bed.

“Need more than that baby, get on your back,” he demanded. She was not ready to argue or discuss matters and quickly repositioned to her back with legs wide open and knees raised. Art snapped the supporting strings of the thong and pulled it out from between her legs. Bev arched upwards in delicious agony as Art erotically rubbed the thong on the knob of his cock.

It was Art’s turn to complicate matters, “Did you shave your pussy just for me?” He moved between her legs on his knees and while she grasped wildly for his cock, he began to rub her naked mound and finger her red gash of a slit.

“Just for you babe, I did it this morning. Was going to let you do it. It made me horny to think of you putting cream on me and shaving my pussy with your razor.” Bev was babbling now, closing her eyes, reopening them and glaring down expectantly between her tits to his great cock hovering over her pussy.

Art put one hand under her butt, easily lifted upwards and with the other hand pushed his erection down to rub and tease her slit and clit. Bev groaned in pleasure, raising her hips to encourage entry into her trembling pussy. Art stirred the knob around in tiny circles, ran it up and down the slit and back to her clit. And then pressed in until his knob was buried and he whispered, “Squeeze that baby, tell me if you like it.”

Bev whimpered as she tightened and loosened her pussy lips behind the knob, “Oh yes, I like.”

Art buried more of it into her in a series of slow strokes. She arched upwards to receive his final thrust, he pulling on her hips to grind their pubic bones together.

With that first delicious entry into the lust of his life, Art began to settle down on her, bellies, breasts and finally lips meshing as they became one.

Bev was not finished with her taunting even now with her primary objective satisfied. She pulled her mouth free and whispered into her lover’s ear as she met each of his firm strokes with a hungry and demanding pussy, “Why have you never married?”

Art’s response was not in words but in a vigorous increase in the speed and power of this thrusts, grinding his powerful chest on her tits, clutching her ass cheeks in his hands spreading her wider to receive his more violent strokes, lifting one leg to allow deeper penetration as he switched to the short strokes and a long string of cum shots each deposited as deep in her as he could penetrate.

His lungs were screaming for air as he rolled off of her to his back.

Bev lay there, also breathless but not having achieved orgasm, her pussy still clutching and releasing.

After a few minutes Art rolled to his side facing her and said, “I’m sorry baby, not sure what came over me. But I think you know why I have never married.”

Bev rolled to meet him and they kissed softly and urgently. She murmured, “Yes, I knew why, you wanted only me and I wanted to hear it in words,” she smiled, “but I guess you showed it in action.”

She reached down to grasp his wet cock, he was still reasonably hard, and lifted one leg up over his hip and slipped her greasy pussy back and forth along his shaft and then using two fingers stuffed his knob back into her pussy. As the steel returned to his shaft she pushed him to his back and mounted him.

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