A Tale of Two Switches Ch. 06

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Purgatorio or Paradiso?

Alex blinked in the morning light. For a moment she was unsure where she was then remembered the previous night and how Zabi and herself had ended up walking through the woods naked, then the subsequent meeting with Jinn and the primal thrill that followed. Being fairly new to the world of domination she had never considered how different circumstances would trigger different reactions within her body. She had experienced being dominated and dominating with Zabina and enjoyed every minute of it. But she had been totally unprepared for the reaction she had undergone when they had allowed their friend to dominate them both at the same time. Even now her body began to react at the memory of the experience, and she snuggled closer to the beautiful Italian who was lying next to her.

“Morning sexy.” Zabi greeted.

“Morning my horny little imp.” Alex replied with a contented smile.

“Can you remember what we agree to last night?”

Alex’s brow furrowed as she tried to recall exactly what was discussed with Jinn about how they wanted her to dominate them both over the following day. “Only that she would begin when we were ready.”

“Awesome, plenty of time for a nice shower then, I feel very dirty.”

“You are very dirty.” Alex retorted with a giggle.


After a long hot shower in the adjoined bathroom the two of them returned to get dressed.

“Hey all my clothes are gone.” Zabi said rummaging through the various draws.

“I think Jinn may have started.” Alex told her a tiny tremor of trepidation in her voice. “Mine are missing as well.”

“Then we had better go and see what the rules are.” Zabi said wistfully.

The two women descended the stairs and in to the living room. Alex was used to wandering around their apartment naked but somehow this felt a little different. Choosing to be naked was entirely different to forced nudity.

“Gods I’m getting wet already.” Alex admitted.

“Me too.” Giggled Zabi nervously.

“Good morning ladies.” Jinn greeted loudly from the basement doorway a large smile pasted on her face.

“I guess this is how you wanted us seeing as all our clothes have gone missing.” Zabi said trying to sound normal. Which was more than Alex could manage, she settled for blushing furiously and half hiding behind the slightly smaller Zabi.

“Of course, I thought we may as well start as we mean to go on. Now if you will follow me we will get you attired.”

Alex and Zabi followed Jinn down in to the basement, neither knowing what to expect.

The basement had been tastefully furnished with warm wooden paneling and smooth cut beams. Mute LED lighting illuminated the underground room, softly adding to the feeling of warmth.

It looked at first glance to be a normal recreation room, then Alex noticed the various eye bolts screwed in to beams and realised it was also a very functional dungeon.

Jinn positioned them side by side then fastened soft leather cuffs around their wrists and ankles. Efficiently she drew smooth dark climbing ropes through some of the eye bolts Alex had noticed and attached the ends to the cuffs. These ropes she wound in slowly until both Alex and Zabi were spread-eagled and feeling very vulnerable.

Next Jinn opened a wooden door and selected two leather harnesses. Carefully she slipped one over each woman’s head especially ensuring that none of Zabi’s long hair could get caught. Straps and buckles were tightened around their bodies. Jinn stood back to get a better view then returned to adjust different straps tighter.

Alex gasped slightly as her breasts were pushed up by the stiff leather that surrounded them then yelped as the strap that passed between her legs slipped between her bottom cheeks and was pulled tight.

“Nearly done.” Jinn informed them as she revisited the locker. When she returned to the two hapless women she held up the items she had picked out.

Both Alex and Zabi whimpered as they saw the fairly chunky steel vibrators.

“Normally I would lube these, but I think that you two are already creating enough natural lubricant.” She told them. “Besides I think the slight chill on them will give you a thrill.”

Alex shrieked as the metal object slid in to her cavity.

Slight chill… it felt as though it had been in a freezer.

“Now we just need to fasten it in place.” Jinn told her as a thick leather flap was clipped in to place.

Alex heard a double snap of padlocks. Like it or not the vibrator was locked tight inside of her.

“And we mustn’t forget you.” Jinn said as she repeated the procedure on Zabi, who moaned softly as the toy was inserted.

Another trip to the locker.

“I almost forgot these.” Jinn said returning with two more small steel bullets. “These do get a good lubing.” She told them. “Otherwise they don’t work correctly.”

Alex felt the strap that ran between the cheeks of her bottom loosen. Then she felt the bullet slip in to her anus smoothly and the strap bets10 tighten once more.

Jinn released the ropes and once again took stock of her handy work before once again moving behind each of them.

Alex cried out as the main strap was pulled even tighter forcing her breasts slightly higher and her legs slight apart. Walking was going to be a challenge, but when Jinn released them and turned them both around to look in a mirror, a sense of absolute exhilaration washed over her.

Around their necks a collar was fastened, a strap from this ran downwards and split in to two, then each of those split again just above each breast, trapping and making them jut out further. The breast straps all joined in the center to a steel ring, off which another thick strap ran downwards to another steel ring. From that ring two straps ran behind them and a third plunged down between their legs where it went wider holding their legs slightly open. A thick leather pad held in place by padlocks covered everything else.

Alex glanced down to see Zabi’s cheeks spread wide from the thick leather strap that ran between them and wondered if hers was similar.

“Right I will give you a few minutes to get used to moving around.” Jinn told them. “I’ll call you when I want you to come up.”

“You look good enough to eat.” Zabi said when they were alone. “Are you still okay with this?”

Alex nodded eagerly. “You bet, it’s slightly uncomfortable but not unbearable. I can’t wait to see what she has in store for us.”

“We best try walking.” Zabi said. “I think it may take some getting used to.”

Alex agreed and attempted to take a step forwards then winced as the wide crotch strap pressed in to her leg. “Well that doesn’t work.”

“Try slightly sideways.” Zabi advised.

Nodding Alex moved her leg forwards and slightly out.

“Oh boy.” She said stopping immediately. “You have no idea how that feels with that vibrator inside.”

Zabi’s eyebrows shot upwards and immediately she tried to copy the movement.

“Wow. Yes I see what you mean.” She said flushing red.

For a few minutes the pair established a walk that wasn’t too uncomfortable.

“You can come up now.” Jinn called down to them.

“That may take a while.” Zabi called back laughing.

“Your choice.” Shouted Jinn. “But don’t say I didn’t warn you.”

“What do you think She meant by that?” Alex asked a little concerned.

A slight look of apprehension crossed Zabi’s face. “I’m not really sure but we had better try and get up there.”

As they began to waddle over towards the stairs Alex felt a slight twitch from the bullet in her rear passage.

“Erm, I felt something then?” Zabi said immediately.

“Yes, me to” Alex replied as a feeling of trepidation grew.

The bullets twitched again, only this time slightly sharper.

They quickened their waddle and began to awkwardly climb the stairs. Once at the top they looked around for Jinn.

This time the bullets let out a tiny electric shock that made both women yelp.

Alex noticed the door to the outdoor pool was open. “By the pool.” She gasped as another tingle shot through them.

In their haste to get outside, they both tried to get through the door at the same time and jammed the exit.

“I’m getting impatient.” Jinn called while failing to hide her amusement.

The bullets began pulsing shocks with a few seconds between each pulse.

Finally Zabi and Alex arrived at the poolside and the shocks subsided.

Jinn was relaxing on a sun lounger, a huge grin on her face and a remote control by her side.

Alex couldn’t help but stare at the woman’s body. She was wearing a fairly small bikini that looked as though it was made from a soft leather and although Alex had thought her to be quiet masculine originally, in this pose she looked much more feminine, all be it well-muscled. Her breasts were bigger than first impressions and they looked very firm, her stomach was enviably flat and ridged with well-formed abdominal muscles.

Unsurprisingly it was the tattoos that captured Alex’s attention. Swirling Aboriginal patterns encircled and entwined around her right thigh and spread the full length of her right side and down her right arm to the elbow. The patterns continued under the black bikini, and Alex wonder just how far they went.

A small twinge of jealousy plucked at Alex’s soul as she admired the art work and well defined muscle.

“I’m glad you could make it.” Jinn brought her focus back to the here and now. “Now with this.” She indicated the remote. “I can reward…”

Alex felt the vibrator come to life briefly.

“Or punish. As you have already felt. Although that was on a very low setting. And in case you are wondering they are both dual function.”

Alex’s world tuned head over heels as both of the objects began to vibrate rapidly. Then it stopped turning as a sharp jolt snapped in to her g-spot.

To say the sensation was nothing like bets10 giriş she had ever experienced would have been an understatement. It was like jumping in to a cold pool of water on a hot day, an immediate shock that took her breath away followed by a tingling sensation that turned her head fuzzy.

Alex’s hands instinctively went to her groin, but the thick strapping prevented her from doing anything but uttering a high pitched squeal.

“While I remember, after seeing just how you two reacted last night I thought it would be more fun for you if you were kept together.” Jinn informed as she held up a set of handcuffs. “So if you would be helpful and chain yourselves together.”

Alex was a little surprised at the speed Zabi snatched the cuffs off Jinn and snapped one around her own wrist before repeating the action on Alex’s nearest arm. Then Zabi’s hand snaked out to grasp Alex’s firmly. She was trembling like a leaf, totally caught in the moment of anticipation. Their gaze met, and there was nothing but devotion in Zabi’s eyes.

Alex knew there were times when Zabi craved domination like a smoker craved their first inhalation of the day. As a total novice Alex knew that she couldn’t always fulfill Zabi’s every need, and this scenario was obviously satisfying a very desperate need.

Alex made a silent vow to speak to Jinn for some lessons on how to be more spontaneous and a little more adventurous.

Total commitment deserved total commitment.

“You two do really make a beautiful couple.” Jinn told them seriously. “Although I could really do with another beer.”

The bullet pinged again as Jinn operated the remote.

Alex and smiled at Zabi and squeezed her hand and received a contented sigh, then moving as swiftly as possible they shuffled back towards the cabin.

“Are you seriously okay with this Alex?” Zabi asked when they reached the large fridge.

“If you had said six months ago that I would be chained to the woman of my dreams while being naked except for half a cows worth of leather straps, while an Australian Dominatrix tormented me with remote controlled vibrators. I would have had you locked up.” Alex told her. “But right here, right now I am so in love with you, and this situation is doing things to me I never thought possible. I just want to learn to be this adventurous for your needs.”

The statement had a profound effect on Zabina and a tear welled in her eye. “I love you with all my heart and soul Alex, and for you to want to do that for me just means so much.”

They embraced and kissed passionately, drinking in each other’s musk as Alex felt the Zabi’s piercings press against her own sensitive nipples.

A sudden jolt from the steel bullets made them both jump then flinch slightly as their groins collided and moved the vibrators.

Another jolt to the g-spot and they both squealed and began to scurry back to Jinn with her cold beer.

After several hours of running back and forth doing various chores for Jinn, Alex and Zabi were getting the hang of just how to move efficiently, and more importantly just how long to wait before their inserted shock vibrators would begin to torment them again. Several times they had been on the verge of collapse due to the endorphin overload.

When she was able, Alex watched Jinn intently, taking note that the tasks she set were never impossible and often involved Zabi and herself getting in to some very compromising positions, that were in themselves a great turn on. She also noticed that Jinn would check each of them visually for signs of stress or discomfort before allotting the next task. More often than not the pair would be giggling before the task was complete and when not, they were touching each other as often as possible, each trying to drive the other to the point of climax. It had been especially tormenting for Alex when Jinn had instructed them to stand still and Zabi had kept pinching her bottom, this in turn had resulted in a ‘punishment’ off Jinn much to Zabi’s delight.

It was nearly dusk when Jinn had passed them the keys to their restraints announcing that the session was over.

Zabi had nearly dragged Alex bodily up the stairs.

Once in their room Zabi unlocked the handcuffs and with trembling hands unlocked the padlocks on Alex’s harness and helped her remove the items.

“Oh dear god that actually feels so good.” Alex said as the thick leather peeled away from her chaffed skin.

“Allow me.” Zabi said as she poured massage oil on to her hands and began to rub the areas of Alex’s body where the harness had caused red marks.

“Don’t you want me to help you off with yours?” Alex asked. Gasping slightly as strong fingers brushed over her extremely sensitive mound.

“Not just yet.” Came the reply as Zabi pushed her against the wall. “I know you have been enjoying watching me dressed like this all day and I can take it a little longer.”

“I have to admit I am not sure what has turned me on the most, being tormented or watching bets10 güvenilir mi you dressed like that. I really love how you look.”

Zabi stepped back slightly so Alex could get a better view. “Do you like how it makes my breasts jut out?” She asked as she cupped them to emphasis the point.

Alex nodded. “That and how it makes you ass look so really sexy.”

Zabi made a slow turn showing Alex her leather framed buttocks. “You know if you tighten these straps.” She said indicating two different buckles. “They will push my breasts out further and push my ass up more.”

“Won’t that be really uncomfortable?” Alex asked as she breathlessly watch the little vixen continue her turn.

“Yes, but it will be so damn sexy it will blow my mind.”

Alex reached out and carefully tightened the indicated straps a couple of notches, and she had to admit Zabi did indeed look every part the trussed up slave. If it wasn’t blowing her mind it certainly was playing tricks on Alex’s.

“Do you like your slave girls oiled?” Zabi asked wickedly, as she poured more oil over her breasts and began to coat herself in the gleaming liquid.

It was all Alex could do to nod weakly.

Once she was slick with oil she moved closer to Alex pressing the now rock solid breasts against her chest and began rubbing them up and down her front, slowly moving further down until a steel tipped nipple slipped its way between her legs.

“Oh gods.” She exclaimed reaching down to grab Zabi’s shoulders.

“Hmm. I think we need to keep those hands out of the way.” Zabi informed, then softly clicked the handcuffs on to one wrist then pushed her arms behind her and snapped the other cuff on.

“Now let me show you what this naughty slave can do.”

Alex lent back against the wall again letting Zabi’s slippery body rub against her own. Every now and then hard leather of the harness or one of Zabi’s piercings would run over a very sensitive area and Alex would let out a loud moan. Every inch of Alex’s skin was alive and eager for Zabi’s caress, the parts of her that were normally just ticklish now seemed to crave teasing fingers. And when the parts that excited her were touched the breath was sucked out of her lungs as she was lifted out of this plane of existence and in to another world entirely.

Hands ran down her sides and over her bottom pulling her away from the wall slightly then she felt Zabi’s tongue slide downwards from her navel and over her slit. Fireworks exploded in Alex’s mind. For most of the day she had been held in a state of sexual torment and now the gentle touching of Zabi’s mouth quickly brought her to the edge once more.

“Not yet.” Zabi instructed backing away slightly, then pressed the remote Jinn had used on them in to one of Alex’s hands. “If you hold this button down you turn on my vibrators.”

Zabi returned her attention to kissing the skin of Alex’s stomach slowly working back down to her hyper sensitive folds.

As she felt her climax soaring back to engulf her Alex pressed a button.

She had never experienced someone squeal in to her vagina before, and to say the sensation was different was an understatement.

As Zabi went in to an immediate spasm as every muscle in her body tensed. Her hands clasped Alex’s bottom tightly arching her back away from the wall and thrusting her pelvis forwards.

“Other button.” Zabi managed to say gasping for air as she lifted her head up slightly.

Unsure, as to whether she had pressed the reward button or the punishment button, Alex just settled for mashing anything her thumb could feel.

A scream burst from Zabi as her back arched pushing the hard steel ring of the harness in to Alex’s very delicate mound.

Motes of light dance in her vision, unknowing if she was feeling pleasure or pain or some heady mixture of both.

Zabi’s thrusting tongue returned to flick inside her driving Alex far in to a world of sexual frenzy.

As the climax took her Alex slipped slowly down the wall, her legs unable to support her any longer. She came face to face with Zabi and Alex breathed in her scent which was now mixed with her own musky smell. Lips came together hard and fast as the trembling Zabi flicked fingers between Alex’s legs and continued her rushing orgasm.

Since Alex had known Zabi she had reached levels of sexual fulfillment she had never dreamed of before, but this was a new world. And Alex loved every minute of it.


When Zabi and Alex had showered and dressed in their now returned clothes, they returned to the downstairs area, Jinn was busy in the kitchen and a divine smell permeated through to the living room.

“Hey you two.” Jinn greeted. “I thought you may like some food after all that exertion.”

“Were we loud?” Zabi asked unashamed, while Alex blushed bright red.

“No, not at all. I’m sure there are a few people back in the city that didn’t hear.” Jinn teased.

Even in the midst of her embarrassment, Alex couldn’t help but laugh.

“Any how food’s ready. So go and sit at the table and I’ll bring it through.”

The food consisted of one of the biggest steaks Alex had ever seen. It must have been close to thirty ounces of thick meat that oozed blood as she cut in to it.

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