A Tale about My Aunt and My Sister

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This is the story about my Aunt Rebecca and my sister Violet. My name is Tim, but my family calls me Timmy. I’m eighteen years old. My Aunt Rebecca just delivered her first child.

Her husband is in the military. She lives next door to our family. She’s my mother’s sister. Her husband is on a tour of duty overseas. Rebecca is alone and taking care of her new family.

My mother sends myself and my sister Violet over to help our Aunt with things. Aunt Rebecca, sometimes will be in very revealing clothes. I think she wants to get a rise out of me. I try not to stare at her, but she has enormous breasts, because she is breastfeeding and the milk engorges her breasts.

Aunt Rebecca is a knock out. She is tall and has beautiful long legs. She probably weighs around a hundred and twenty pounds. When she wasn’t pregnant, I would say she is a C cup, but since recently being pregnant, I would say she is a D cup.

I think she is probably a size 7 in her pants. She is a hot mama for sure. Aunt Rebecca, has long brown hair and she has blue eyes. She has the most beautiful eyelashes you have ever seen. When she puts mascara on, they just look amazing.

The last time I was over her house, she was wearing a revealing dress. She had given me a job of hanging pictures in her family room. The next thing I noticed, she removed her dress and was sitting in the chair in her panties.

Aunt Rebecca was rubbing and massaging her enormous breasts. I didn’t know what to do and I became flustered. She was squeezing her breasts together and playing with her nipples.

She called me over and begged me to suck on her nipples. My aunt wanted me to taste her breast milk. I didn’t know what to think, but I agreed as I really wanted to taste those huge jugs. When I was a younger man, I fantasized about feeling her tits.

We moved to the couch and Aunt Rebecca was sprawled out on the couch. I nestled up to her and started to touch her breasts. My mouth slowly began to suck on her nipples and sure enough her breast milk came out. We were on the couch for a long time.

Aunt Rebecca was very turned on and she was almost in a euphoric state. Her fingers were in her canlı bahis şirketleri panties and she was fingering herself. My lips were just sucking and enjoying all of her milk. She did allow me to play with her breasts. I would suck one nipple and then I would rub and massage her other breast.

Aunt Rebecca was working her fingers deep in her pussy. My aunt was turned on by me sucking her breast milk out of her heaving breasts. She was finger fucking her wet vagina faster and faster. I continued to suck and enjoy her breast milk that was coming out. Aunt Rebecca let out a scream and began to orgasm. Her fingers were soaking wet.

“Timmy, please lick my fingers and enjoy my sweet cum.”

I did what she wanted. I was in complete fantasy mode. My hot aunt was letting me suck her breast milk and now I got to suck her fingers of all her cum.

“Timmy, let Auntie jerk your cock dear.”

I took down my pants and Aunt Rebecca got to work. Her fingers had a firm grip on my six inch cock. She moved her fingers up and down my shaft. Her fingers felt so good. Her other hand fondled my sagging balls and she continued to quicken her pace, with my hard cock.

Aunt Rebecca’s hands worked fast up and down my rock hard cock. I didn’t last too long and came in my Aunt’s hands. Auntie, licked my come off her palm and smiled.

“Timmy, I want you to come over every day. Auntie will let you suck her breast milk and I will give you hand jobs.”

I smiled, and said that sounded like a wonderful idea.

I left my Aunt Rebecca’s house and went home. I was smirking to myself. When I was going to my room, I heard this buzzing sound coming from my sister’s bedroom. Her door was slightly ajar and I peeked in.

My sister was spread eagle on her bed, working a vibrator deep inside her pussy. She was fucking herself hard with the toy. Her hands were all over her breasts and she was moaning and groaning. It was so hot to watch. I unzipped my pants and took out my cock and watched my sister fuck herself.

My sister is a hot little dish. She has blond hair and green eyes and has a body to die for. She is about 5 foot 3 and weighs about hundred pounds. canlı kaçak iddaa She has a nice set of tits and a great ass. My sister is twenty and she works in a restaurant as a waitress while going to design school. I love to look at her. She is really hot.

I walked into her room and she yelled, “What the Fuck, get the hell out of my room!”

“Well you should have locked your door.”

My sister goes on and on about how I’m her brother, but I know she really wanted me to fuck her. I played her little game for a bit.

“You know Violet, you want me to fuck you.”

“You’re my brother, get out of here, I don’t want you.”

“You sit here and masturbate all the time and you know I’m watching.”

As we were talking, my slutty sister was still fucking herself with her vibrator. I got on top of her and gave her a kiss. Violet started to kiss me back. We kissed deep and passionately. Our tongues were together in each other’s mouth.

My sister spread her legs and I went to work on her wet cunt. Her pussy was shaved and her lips were small and beautiful. When I got into position, I explored her pussy lips. My tongue gave her a warm bath with my tongue.

My tongue parted her lips and I began to tongue fuck her fast. She was bucking her pussy into my face and pushing my head further into her thighs. After a while, my sister released her creamy dreamy cum onto my tongue. I made sure to lap it all up.

I got on top of my sister and slid my cock into her warm wet hole. I was pumping and thrusting my hard cock into her. We shared a deep passionate kiss. My one hand was rubbing and massaging her breasts and she pulled on her other nipple.

I wanted to fuck her doggie style and she got on her hands and knees. I pulled her hair and rammed my six inch hard cock into her wet cunt. My hand was smacking her ass and my cock was fucking her hard and deep.

My sister was moaning and telling me how much she liked my hard cock in her wet cunt. I had my hands on her hips and kept bringing her faster into my cock. She was fucking back and it felt so good. We both climaxed together and I gave my sister a nice cream pie.

I spread my canlı kaçak bahis sister’s legs and worked my tongue over her wet cunt. I slurped and licked our cream pie away. All the cream tasted very sweet and salty. A little of her cream and a lot of mine.

She was bucking and squirming and grinding her pussy into my face. Violet was happy that I cleaned her pussy up.

When I was finished, I gave my sister a long kiss and we just cuddled. I then mentioned to her about my Aunt. She laughed and said that Aunt Rebecca called her over the other day. Auntie wanted her to help her with organizing her kitchen pantry.

Violet said my Aunt was in a dress and they both worked diligently on the pantry. After a while, my aunt took off her dress and was sitting in a chair in her panties rubbing her breasts and told Violet to sit with her and suck on her nipples. She wanted my sister to experience the taste of her breast milk.

Violet said they moved to the couch. Violet was next to her and nestled in close and put her mouth on my Aunt Rebecca’s nipples. Violet then sucked and suckled on my aunt’s breasts, and the breast milk came out. Aunt Rebecca was fingering her pussy, while Violet was drinking her breast milk.

Violet said my Aunt Rebecca was moaning and groaning and in that euphoric place. Auntie was working her fingers faster and faster into her pussy, while Violet suckled her nipples. My Aunt let out a scream and started to orgasm on her hand. She then told Violet to lick her palm. My sister did as she was told.

Aunt Rebecca asked Violet to get undressed and said she would lick her pussy for her. My sister did as she was told and spread her legs and my Aunt licked the folds of my sister’s vagina. She worked her tongue all along Violet’s sweet pussy lips.

Aunt Rebecca found Violet’s hidden clit and rubbed her tongue all over it. My sister said she was bucking her wet pussy into my Aunt Rebecca’s face. My Aunt replaced her tongue with several fingers and finger fucked Violet very fast. My sister said she came all over our aunt’s fingers. Aunt Rebecca cleaned my sister all up.

My sister and I agreed that our Aunt Rebecca is a very horny lady. We both continued to visit our Aunt and we both continued to suck her nipples and drink her breast milk. In return, our aunt would give me a hand job and she would lick Violet’s pussy. We did this until my Aunt’s husband returned back from the military.

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