A Swedish Cabin – Day 02

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Being out in the woods has its beautiful moments. At the break of dawn a small ray of sunlight passes through the trees and hits the cabin windows, waking you up slowly. Noticing the bird chatter that had been going on for hours. People say it’s so quiet out in the wild, but in my experience that is not the case. Yes the buzzing sound of people and industries can’t be heard, but nature isn’t silent.

I tossed and turned as I felt a slight headache and found my Rebecca with my arms. Gripping tightly around her body I heard her give a slight groggy moan. I opened my eyes and saw her glistening body lying in our bed, she had tossed her covers to the side as she usually did during the nights and her nude torso made my dick wake up with some morning wood.

The room was silent, and it seemed like I had been the first one to wake up, and looking around I saw Ross and Greg in their own beds. Rebecca’s nude body told me that last night hadn’t been a dream, but she actually had taken both their cocks. One even in her pussy! My hands trailed down to her panties and I parted slightly and indeed saw dried up cum from yesterday. My heart pounded like crazy and my mind started to worry. What if she got pregnant? We always used condoms, now that I think of it I had never felt her insides without one. Ross had pushed his dick inside her, and I had the crusts on her panties as proof that it was real. It was real. I told myself again.

As my mind worried, my dick just became harder and harder and I hadn’t noticed until Rebecca turned around, woken up by my member pushing on her thigh.

“Mmm morning babe” She whispered, still keeping her eyes shut.

“Morning love” I kissed her cheek and she smiled.

“Would you mind getting me an aspirin?” She mumbled, “I know you have something else in mind but I have a splitting headache.” And she gripped my cock, and gave it a few strokes.

“So hard babe, are you thinking about what happened yesterday? When your girlfriend showed off how she cums to your friends.”

My cock was throbbing in her hand as she teased me, and all my worries were gone in an instant. I felt an immense hunger to cum again, I wanted more. But she let go and I understood her headache must’ve been a lot worse than mine, so I got up.

I brought her a glass of water and an aspirin and actually felt energized being up and walking so I decided to cook a few pancakes for everyone. It was almost 9 am and I guessed everyone would wake up soon enough.

“Woah, that smell is incredible.” Sam yawned from the sofa, he looked over and saw me frying the last few.

“Please, sit down and eat.” I invited him, which he happily did.

As he sat down he didn’t bother putting on a shirt and only wore his boxers, which made sense as I had the same outfit. I wondered if yesterday’s adventures had made us a bit more open with our bodies. As he came to sit down to marvel at the big plate of pancakes that were ready to be consumed, the door opened and Jennifer came into the kitchen area.

“Shirtless men, and freshly baked pancakes, I’m never taking in on a hotel that doesn’t give this service!” She smiled and came to the table and sat down. She had put on a shirt on her torso but still had a pair of white panties under, her shirt wasn’t long enough to hide that. I glanced over and smiled at her and noticed her nipples were a bit hard behind the shirt, she definitely wasn’t wearing a bra under.

The three others were still snoozing in the room, but I let them, they must’ve had most to drink after all and they knew breakfast was ready by the smell. The three of us sat down and started eating.

“You had fun last night?” Jennifer gave a slight devious smile and even though I guessed her actual intention with her question I answered it innocently.

“Yeah, really fun! Especially enjoyed the sauna, perfect heat.”

“I had a blast, and actually don’t feel too hung over.” Sam said with his mouth full.

“You REALLY enjoyed yourself, I heard, when we all had gone to bed. Don’t try and hide it Mark, the walls are really thin. I heard it all.”

I felt my face turn red, and this is what I had feared. Had she heard how descriptive Rebecca had been, how she loved being exposed, masturbating, and cumming in front of our friends? I wonder if she knew how it all ended…

“Heard what?” Sam questioned, looking puzzled.

“Don’t tell me you slept through it all?”

“I fell asleep as soon as you all went into your rooms.”

“Well Mark doesn’t seem too interested to answer so I’ll leave it at that.” She smirked, but from her look I knew this would be brought back up again.

A few hours later everyone had eaten breakfast and seemed to have cooled off their hangover. Looking outside I saw a dark cloud looming in and we had planned a hiking trip today.

“So I checked the weather and it shouldn’t rain.” Sam says putting down his phone.

“I think we still should go, I really want to take advantage of this weekend.” Jennifer claims with her high pitched enthusiasm. sincan escort bayan “And the hiking trail is supposed to be really beautiful, and there’s a nice rest spot about 10 kilometers in.”

After a few preparations we set out for the trail, and Jennifer was correct, the hike was really beautiful. The trail circled the lake and on the other side from our cabin we even saw a family of King Elder ducks who swam closeby. I took a few photos and Rebecca was posing for me. We all had a great time and seeing Rebecca’s beautiful striped sundress in my photos got me thinking. The group were a bit on the side as just me and Rebecca were taking photos as I leaned over and whispered to her.

“Lower the sundress babe” And she gave a devious smile, and lowered so just the edge of her areolas were showing.

The very subtle change in skin tone was unbearable for me, her tease made my cock hard in my shorts and I held my phone still as I took a photo. The picture had her full breasts showing in her dress, and her hands pressing them together with a hint of areola showing. Her smile was unbearably sexy and she looked straight into the camera.

“One more.” I said as I held the phone up.

She moved her arms slowly down on her dress, still slightly bent over letting her tits hang a bit. I noticed she was giving me a show and I started recording instead. Looking over my shoulder I saw Jennifer dip her feet into the lake, and the boys were chatting. None seemed to look over this direction.

Rebecca traced her hands down over her legs, and pulled up her dress slowly as she massaged her thighs. My heart was racing and my cock was unbearably hard, I definitely could feel I hadn’t had a proper release in some time.

Her hands moved her dress up slower. “Yes babe, continue…”

I saw her thighs glisten in the sunlight, the water behind her legs, a gust of wind pushed her dress even further but she was ready and held it in place.

“A bit more…” My cock was throbbing now, I wanted to see her panties so bad. Seeing her open up her legs and showing her off like this made me crazy, even though no one was watching, they weren’t right? I thought about it but I couldn’t keep my eyes off her and then it happened.

She lifted it up for me to see her panties, but that’s not what I saw. Her hands trailed her dress up showing a drip of her fluid had trailed onto her thigh, the drop had been slowly tracing down from her completely exposed pussy. Her lips were so moisturized and seemed ready for anything to enter. Her hands lifted a bit higher, going so far as to show her bush to my camera. She placed a finger on her lips and I heard her finger enter. My mouth was wide open as I saw her drop the dress back down, she took a few steps forward to me and placed her wet finger into my mouth. Glancing over my phone she noticed I hadn’t even stopped recording as she whispered to me.

“I didn’t want any panties… just in case.” I swallowed and nodded.

“You like me being like this don’t you?”

“Omff Ee-e-cka.” I muffled, still her finger lodged into my mouth.

“I haven’t been able to get it out of my mind since yesterday, his big cock in the sauna. It was massive, and the shape. His cock was so thick, but it became thicker at the root, like a log. My mouth water just by the thought of it.”

I felt my underwear start to leek my precum onto my shorts, and soon even if my hardon shrunk there would still be a spot clear for anyone to see. She let her finger out of my mouth, looking at me expecting a reply.

“Oh my god Rebecca” was the only thing I could muster as I clicked to stop recording on my phone.

“Do you think we went too far yesterday?”

“No, I loved it.”


“Yes, really. When you make me hunger for you, when you show off to our friends, I just can’t control myself. I have never been that turned on! Send me that video too babe.” She pointed to my phone and gave me a kiss.

“Good.” She seemed revealed and I got the feeling she had wanted to bring it up before this point. “Let’s continue, sorry for not taking care of that, but they might see.” She looked down at my obvious hardon and giggled as she moved back to our friends. I placed my feet into the cold lake water to settle down and felt even my face must’ve been fully red. So I made a bowl with my hands and washed my face. I took up my phone and looked at the most recent video I just recorded, and sent it to her.

After a few hours we noticed the weather wasn’t changing for the better. It was surely going to rain soon so we picked up the pace. But just as we were arriving at the rest spot, it had been pouring on us for a good ten minutes. Luckily the rest spot even had a small cabin. Inside there was a small wooden table with two benches, and a hearth for grilling.

“Woah, I am completely drenched!” Greg exclaimed as he came in last.

“Let’s get a fire going, dry ourselves up.” Jennifer said and moved over to the hearth and prepared wood that she found outside under a tarp.

“Who eryaman escort even takes care of this place?” I said while looking around. It wasn’t anything really fancy or anything, but still quite nice for a situation like ours.

“No one, hikers make sure to clean up after themselves and if the trash can is full outside, you take it with you.”

We all sat down and as the fire started we all felt a bit of hunger going so we took out our sausages to make hot dogs.

After around half an hour everyone had a hot dog and were quite happy, it was still pouring outside with no sign of it stopping.

“So what do we do after we’ve eaten?” Ross asked.

“We should wait this rain out.” Jennifer said, “It’s really pouring hard which means it’s probably not going to for long, the clouds don’t look that big.”

“I am still freezing though.” Sam said, and we all agreed.

“Yeah these wet clothes aren’t helping.”

“Let’s sit around the fire and play a game or something.” Rebecca suggested.

We sat down in a circle and Sam, who clearly had been the most cold, got the spot closest to the fire, heating up his back.

“So what game did you have in mind?” Greg smiled at Rebecca. He clearly had learned Rebecca was a big more adventurous this weekend than we were used to. Hell, I wasn’t even sure what anyone thought of us with all that happened yesterday.

“Truth or dare?” She asked.

Everyone groaned. Truth or dare, even though a fun game, usually doesn’t work with a group of friends that have known each other for years. We had played it before, and no other time it had resulted in a fun time.

“I know I know,” she continued. “But we’ve always tried to come up with it all ourselves, we could download an app or something!” Now this got a bit more attention.

“Yeah, maybe let’s give it a go, and if I don’t have to come up with the prompts, even better.” Jennifer moved in closer so our seating positions turned into a circle.

I was sitting straight across from Sam, and on my right Rebecca and to my left was Ross. Next to Ross sat Jennifer and then Sam who had Greg on his left. Rebecca downloaded an app she said looked fun and lowered it so everyone could see the screen.

“I’ll put in everyone’s names and it will then give us the prompts.”

Rebecca was writing on her phone and I noticed the wet dress was slightly see through, and she sat pushing her dress tightly at her legs. I knew she had no panties on, and it was visible to me. But I guessed no one would notice as you really had to be perceptive to notice. Looking around though I could swear Sam was looking at her legs, but I blinked and he was looking away, smiling to himself.

We looked at the screen as she got to a menu overlooking different modes.

New friends, best friends, kinky and out at the bar, were all the different categories. She picked best friends.

Ross, who in this group do you like the most as a friend?

Everyone ‘ooed’ and looked at Ross, we all knew this was all fun but everyone seemed to be on the same page to tease him about it.

“Oh man do you have to do this to me?” He said, looking around.

“Remember that time I got you home when we were super drunk?”

“I’ve never forgotten your birthday.”

“You would be my choice Ross.”

These comments made us all laugh as Ross noticed that we didn’t take his answer too seriously as he laughed and put his hands on his knees.

“Well it has to be Sam, only because we’ve known each other longest.”

The first prompt easily made everyone more comfortable and we were starting to forget we were cold in the first place. Ross pressed on the screen notifying the app he had completed his prompt and another flashed across the screen.

Jennifer, convince the group why you like the person more than Ross.

We all burst out laughing.

“Well…” she started while bashing her eyelids at him. “Yesterday, I wouldn’t have agreed that he is my most liked friend. But after seeing that huge cock in the sauna, I bet I like you more than Ross.” She gave Sam a wink and then looked at Ross. “Or do you disagree? Do you also like his cock?”

Everyone was laughing and to my surprise even Sam seemed to not mind them talking about his cock like this. I always imagined Sam quite sheltered and wouldn’t have liked this sort of conversation, but maybe I was wrong.

“Fine you win!” Ross said. “We all like Sam but I guess you like him a bit more than me, you bring out a great argument.”

Satisfied she pressed the screen.

We played for a while and truth be told the prompts were more deep than we had expected.

If your friends’ memories were erased, what would you do?

Give the friend on your left a kiss on the cheek!

Who among your friends is going to marry first?

We kept going for around an hour when we noticed the rain had stopped. We decided to continue playing after we’ve returned to our cabin, and we set off.

Arriving back to the cabin was a relief. Jennifer immediately etimesgut bayan escort went into the room she had been sleeping and fell onto her bed, clearly feeling the aftermath of the hangover. Rebecca went with her to change from the slightly moist dress. I decided to go down to the sauna and set up the sauna again.

When I returned Rebecca had started with dinner, and I noticed talking from Jennifer’s room.

“They went in to chat, honestly it’s quite soothing not having them watching me cook. I’d like a minute alone.”

“Sure thing.” I kissed her on the cheek and moved to the other room which was empty.

I started to change my clothes as I heard something from the wall.

“SCHHY, lower the volume!”

I creeped closer to the wall, and placed my ear to the wall. I heard them fumbling about, it sounded like they were sitting close to each other on one of the beds.

“Let me see.” I heard Jennifer’s voice, and I assumed all three guys were in there too.

Then I heard it, my heart sank as the voice came out from a phone speaker.

“I didn’t want any panties… just in case.” Rebecca’s voice. The video.

“You like me being like this don’t you?” My mind was racing, they were watching her tease her pussy in front of the camera, how did they get the video? Fuck them this isn’t okay!

“Omff Ee-e-cka.” Shit they had heard my pleading words, I’m right now completely in Rebecca’s mercy on video, and my four friends are watching it.

“I haven’t been able to get it out of my mind since yesterday, his big cock in the sauna. It was massive, and the shape. His cock was so thick, but it became thicker at the root, like a log. My mouth water just by the thought of it.”

I was in complete silence, listening hard.

“Wow, who do you think she means?” I heard Greg whisper.

“Well… not to brag or anything but…” Ross started.

“Oh come off it, both of you were smaller than Mark, it’s clear she speaks of Sam.” Jennifer’s words were wet, as if her mouth had been filled with saliva from watching the video.

“Woah I didn’t know she thought of it like that.” Sam whispered.

I was mortified, they were examining my girlfriend who openly spoke of loving Sam’s cock. No idea what to do I quickly pulled up my dry pair of pants and walked out.

“Mark, have you seen my phone?” Rebecca asked as I came in. I stood there befuddled and just answered, “Have you checked Jennifer’s room?”

She left the cooking and went in and as soon as she opened the door I heard panicked shuffling. Returning she looked a bit puzzled back but continued the cooking nevertheless. I saw the group dispersed and all of them looked incredibly guilty. A few started to grab a few beers for dinner.

Deciding I didn’t dare bring it up I kept silent, and we sat down to eat. We were all discussing what to do the rest of the evening and decided to take a late sauna rather than going directly after dinner, so I put in a few logs of Sap tree to let it burn slowly. Returning to the cabin again they had all decided to play more rounds from the app. After a big chug of beer Rebecca asked if we should do the ‘Kinky’ version.

“I bet you want that.” Greg said and everyone gave a giggle.

I wasn’t sure if I liked that everyone assumed Rebecca was more frisky than everyone else, but she just smiled and continued.

“Too much of a chicken?”

That settled it and we all sat down as she set up all our names again.

Tell us the most embarrassing thing that has happened to you, Greg.

Greg groaned, clearly not willing to give this away.

“Come on! We’re all friends.” Jennifer laughed, and luckily everyone including Greg started to get a bit tipsy which enabled him more than usual.

“Fine, I was really drunk one time, and I decided to walk home from the bar. Stupid as I was I decided to take a ‘shortcut’ through the woods. And well I got lost. When I woke up I had apparently decided to take a shit or piss or something, as I noticed two women in their forties had woken me up and were laughing at my pulled down pants which had my dick out. I thanked them for at least waking me and pulled up my pants and walked home in shame.”

“Wow! You didn’t get their number?” Jennifer teased him.

“No, I’m lucky they didn’t report me!” He laughed and pressed the screen.

Jennifer, what is the nastiest thing you want to try in bed?

Everyone was intently looking at Jennifer from this prompt. It was silent for a minute and it was clear she was nervous.

“I’m not sure I have one.” She laughed, very unconvincingly.

“Oh come on! I told you my most embarrassing story.” Greg pushed.

“Yeah we’re all friends!” Rebecca chimed in.

She nervously flicked her hair, grabbed a beer and took three large gulps.

“Fine…” She sighed, eyes closed. “I want a bukkakke.” She still held her eyes closed, but as no one answered she opened. Everyone was looking at her.

“What is that?” Rebecca said, confused.

All the guys including me laughed a bit, we all knew what it was of course. But this was a big revelation, I had always thought Jennifer to be quite sheltered. But this was a really big confession. Although actually going through with it is one thing rather than having it in your fantasies.

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