A Surprising Erogenous Zone

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She is asleep in their guest room, just coming to the end of a beautiful dream. The door opens, she thinks it is the dream; there is someone in the room, she thinks it is the dream; the touch comes softly and gently on her arm, she knows he is there.

She keeps her eyes closed and waits for the next move. He straightens her arm, unfolds her hands so that the fingers are separated and open. His hands skillfully massage the palm and each finger to loosen them and relax her. The tension in her belly increases and starts to flow to her sex.

His fingers caress her wrist, feeling the heat rise from the veins. They move slowly up the forearm and perform tiny circles in the crease opposite the elbow, sending thrills down her spine and past her buttocks. Slowly, slowly he moves toward her torso, as she shifts her weight in anticipation. He comes to her shoulder after noticing the wonderful shape to her biceps and the massage becomes more intense. With short, sharp and gentle movements, he is kneading her shoulder with one hand while the other hand is caressing her entire arm as though he were icing a cake. Not a single inch did he miss, enveloping her arm and filling his mind with desire.

He bends a little so he can smell her. Last night’s perfume still lingering on her wrist and tantalizing him with memories tuzla bayan escort and mixed emotions. He wants this woman, wants to feel his cock deep within her folds, yet he has made promises, vows of faithfulness and monogamy. He remembers last night’s flirting and her vivacious personality and it is these memories that are overwhelming him today. This woman, his wife’s work colleague has no secrets, she told him many times and in many ways that she wants him — her hand making circles on her bare thigh when he sat next to her, playing with the necklace that sat just at the top of her cleavage, and the look in her eyes that was directed at him, only him.

At last he kisses her. It is a soft kiss that lands on her middle finger, the one he instinctively knows she uses to masturbate. He thinks he can smell her sex; convinces himself that she thought of him in private like he did her, that she used this hand to fulfill the fantasy she created with her playfulness. He takes the finger in; tasting her juices and finding himself go rock hard at the thought. She moans at the unexpected intake and licks her lips.

He holds her hand and faces it palm up. He kisses the palm, the wrist, the forearm, and the ticklish little crease. His tongue is flicking across her skin with strength and tuzla olgun escort endurance. Her sex is on fire as she imagines that tongue working on her clitoris and she touches it with her other hand. Moving up and down her slit and finding it suitably lubricated, she inserts two fingers and casually plays with herself while enjoying the sensations of her arm.

She keeps her eyes closed because she doesn’t want to ruin the moment, she knows the line has already been crossed and wants it to go so much further. She desperately wants to look into those hazel green eyes and show him the lust and love within her. Right now all she wants is him — his hands caressing her breasts, his tongue caressing hers and his manhood splitting her in half. She doesn’t care about the ethics of her actions, or his. As far as she is concerned, the only shame in this beautiful act would be if it were to stop.

His kiss reaches her shoulder and she moves her head to give him access to her neck and ear. He kisses her neck, and nibbles at her ear but not at all long enough for her liking. She opens her mouth waiting for the kiss she has desired for over a year. But it doesn’t come.

Instead, the blanket is moved down her body, exposing her naked heaving breasts and pert nipples. An inaudible groan tuzla otele gelen escort escapes his lips as he sees her and she hears his breathing change. He stares at her, his breathes coming faster and less controlled. She wonders if he is going to run, so she reaches for him. At last she looks at him with an expression of need and permission.

His desire coming forth suddenly, he roughly encloses her nipple in his mouth and places his hand on hers at her pussy. He pushes her hand into herself and grinds against the clit, and places one of his fingers in with hers, bending it inside. That takes her over the edge quickly and unexpectedly. Her back arches, her legs come up, and a long slow moan is heard from her mouth. It is not the kind of orgasm that leads to blackout, or makes you scream. It is one in which moved through her entire body like a giant wave over the ocean shore, back and forth from head to toe in tune with the rhythmic sucking and biting of her nipple.

Eventually, the sensations fade and her breathing returns to normal. She wants to fuck him, suck him, invite him into the bed – anything that will keep him there with her. He looks at her with a mixture of pleasure and pain that she just can’t predict until he stands up and walks to the door. With one last glance at her and a shifting of what is barely contained in his boxers, he is gone. She understands, though is heartbreakingly disappointed.

She thinks back over the last 20 minutes, and marvels at the most wonderfully satisfying orgasm she has ever had. She smiles with the realization that she has forever now got a new erogenous zone — her right arm.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32