A Stranger to Guide Us Ch. 01

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AUTHOR’S NOTE: This story owes a great debt to “Six Times a Day” and its author, spacer_x, along with many others.


Josh Smyth wasn’t much to look at, at least according to his own standards. His long, ropy body couldn’t fill out a tee shirt like some of the guys he’d gone to school with, and he certainly didn’t think he was turning the heads of any girls. Sure, there’d been dates. He’d managed to convince at least one girl to accompany him for each of the high school dances, though they had ended less exuberantly than he’d hoped.

According to all the prom movies he’d seen (and he’d seen nearly all of them, as prom movies were something of a favorite with his mom), the evening would come to a climax with a kiss on the dance floor, possibly followed by some sexy something at a hotel. Instead, three of the dances ended with a chaste kiss on the cheek. The fourth ended with Aimee Pressler puking in the passenger seat of his rusting Honda Civic. She was the hottest of all the girls he’s managed to cull, but the best action of the night was getting to see her panties as she fell out of the car and collapsed on the sidewalk in front of her house. It didn’t exactly stir the imagination. Pathetically enough, he used that image in his masturbation session later that night, trying to block out the sour smell from the car and the bleary look on Aimee’s face and just focus on the pink, satin patch of fabric between her legs.

He did get off, finally, kneeling in front of his desk, cum dripping down onto the cheap throw rug he kept under it. Why couldn’t it be Aimee on the receiving end of that cum, he thought. He could almost see her, down on her knees, devilish eyes looking up at him, and a thin smattering of semen covering her nose and sides of her mouth.

It was all porn-fed fantasy, of course. An expert in all things pornographic, Josh could probably make a list of every possible position for fucking, every imaginable place to stick a dick. It was all possible, just not actual.

By the time he graduated high school, his list of sexual accomplishments included a painfully inept hand job from a former neighbor girl, some titty sucking from a girl at camp named Judy, and a handful of make-out sessions. It was actually Judy that he remembered most fondly, because she’d been so eager and giving. Judy was a counselor, not a fellow camper. Though he was just a few days past his eighteenth birthday, he was inexperienced and awkward. Judy was in college, which seemed impossibly sophisticated. She offered her breasts to him almost as a gift, like Rose of Sharon in the Grapes of Wrath. With the notable exception that Josh wasn’t a starving migrant worker, but was hungry nonetheless for some tit.

After the camp incident, his porn habits had shifted towards older women. Yes, the humor was not lost on him that Judy couldn’t have been more than 23 years old, but somewhere deep inside him, a switch had been flipped. Older women, the very same women that must have been walking around him all his life, suddenly popped out in bold relief. These weren’t just old bags past their prime, like some breed of neutered nuns. There had always been girls in his purview. Now there were women.

Women, big beautiful grown women. Women who had had sex not just a few times in the back of a football players car. Women. Women who’d taken men in high school, and college, in marriage beds, and maybe in their offices. There was probably some wife on his block right now getting a fat dick stuffed in her, sweat running fast between her fat, womanly breasts. Oh god! It was just too much for him.


He stood up and shook himself off. Thinking about all this sex that was (probably) going on around him nearly had him shaking with horniness. He’d been lying sarıyer escort in bed trying to read through some excruciating history textbook for his World History Intro class. A month into his classes so far, college was different than he’d expected it to be. Much of the caste system of high school had been dispensed with, and he no longer felt awkward about enjoying the learning process. He could raise his hand and ask questions without someone hiding the taunt dork! in a loud cough.

The social aspects, sadly, were underwhelming. Again, he’d felt that Hollywood led him astray. Commuting to school was quite a ways away from Animal House. Parties? Yes, a few. Beer? Yes. Panty raids, women throwing themselves at you, and three-ways with hot girls and their roommates. No, no, and no.

So far, college had turned out to be a lot high school in this department: a lot of lusting after girls during the day and a lot of jerking off at night. To his credit, he’d been putting it off for two days, but his balls felt fit to burst and waiting had only made him more titillated throughout the day.

He threw the book down on the bed and checked the lock on the door. The last thing he wanted was Mom walking in during a wank session. Then he made his way to the computer and sat down. His cock jerked in his pants and he knew he wasn’t going to last long. No sense in making a meal of it, he thought. Sometimes to get himself in the mood he preferred erotic stories to pictures or video. Josh had always been a reader and found that certain kinds of porn benefitted from a healthy narrative. Sure, a huge pair of tits flopping up and down got his motor going, but so did a seduction story… say of a hot older teacher seducing her student after class. A story like that could keep him on the verge of cumming for over an hour.

Not tonight, though, with a pile of homework stacked on the bed. He jumped right into the fray and pulled up one of those huge, free video repositories. “Older,” “MILFS,” “May/December…” these were the keywords that stoked his flames. He jumped right into a video of a woman with big tits squeezed into a little sweater. After the brief premise of a “friend” of her son’s coming over to drop off some homework, she got to work on his cock. Narrative be damned, he thought, this bitch is hot.

Josh dropped his pants to his ankles and grabbed a hold of his dick. The woman on the screen unzipped her sweater and her huge breasts flopped out. They were just what Josh lusted after: big, jiggly, natural boobs that wobbled and rippled when she moved– none of that rock-hard silicone business. Time seemed to freeze around him as Josh entered that erotic zone. He wasn’t close to cumming, but all other concerns seemed to have slipped away. There was only his cock, his hand, and the video, a closed circle of lust.

The video finished and he went to the next, wanting to see more of this woman. Her sandy blonde hair and the shape of her lips were particularly alluring. Oh. He could feel it happening inside. The thing he tried to keep suppressed. He tried to focus on the actress and her marvelous tits and a hard cock passed between them, but it was too late. He knew what he wanted and he was no longer in control of his body. His left hand moved to the keyboard, as if of its own volition, and started typing in a URL.


It had been about year ago when it happened. It was his eighteenth birthday. Being a Friday, he had the whole night to celebrate and had plans to go out with friends later. But first Mom insisted on a party for just the two of them.

“I know you want to go out with your buddies, but I just wanted to spend some time with my man,” Allie Smyth said as she ran a hand through his esenyurt escort bushy hair. He’d inherited the hair from his dad, along with — Mom informed him — his lanky physique, his love of reading, his sense of humor, and his favorite meal. She slid a plate of lamb chops in front of him and said “Eat up, birthday boy. I know you love ’em.”

“What are you going to do tonight?” he asked as he wolfed down the first few bites.

“Oh, I don’t know. Susie wants to go out to The Tavern but I think a quiet night in might be nice.”

“You should go out. Party.”

She grinned. “Well I’m sure that’s what your friends want you to do. Just don’t party so hard the cops notice. I think I’ll stick with basic cable tonight.” She’d been sticking with basic cable for too many nights, Josh thought. It had been nearly a year since her last date, some stocks and bonds guy that Sallie set her up with. Just another in a sporadic run of weirdoes, losers, or bores that rarely lasted past date
. In the twelve years since his father died, no one had come close to replacing him.

After the lamb chops, Allie turned dimmed the lights and made a big show of bringing the cake in from the kitchen.

“So many candles,” she said with mock-gravity. “We might need to call the fire department.”

“It’s just eighteen,” Josh said sheepishly.

“You only turn eighteen once. I only get to see my son turn eighteen once, too, so it’s as much for me as for you.” She stepped back to look at him in the candlelight and put a hand to her face. “Oh, look at you. You’re a man, now, aren’t you?”

“Mom, stop…” he faltered as her saw the tears roll down her cheeks. She threw her arms around him and gripped him close.

“Mom. Mom!” He struggled as politely as possible to free himself. It was always uncomfortable when his mom hugged him because her suddenly became aware that she was — that she felt — like a woman. He could feel her breasts crush into his chest, the warm skin of her neck under his nose. It was a crisis of conscience, the body’s response going in one direction, the mind recoiling and fleeing in the other.

“Ok.” She smiled and wiped her eyes. “Eat some cake and go.”

Josh’s friends did indeed take him out the party. By the time he returned home, he was good and drunk. He fumbled with his keys at the door, dropping them more than once before he managed to get in.

When he entered the house he was surprised to see the lights still on and the TV blaring. He knew his mom would be okay with him drinking on occasion, he didn’t want to have a late night discussion, so he crept towards the living room. There on the couch, Allie was zonked out in her pajamas. It would be too much trouble to wake her, he thought, but at least he could make her comfortable. He grabbed a blanket from a nearby chair to drape across her.

When he got nearer, though, he could see that her shirt had ridden up her torso, exposing her smooth belly, which she’d kept in remarkably good shape. And if he ducked his head a little he could — oh, my — he could see the gentle curve of the bottom of left breast. It was big, he thought. And that was all he could think, because his brain had temporarily snapped.

Then Allie snorted and Josh snapped up, terrified. But she only gave a little sigh and shifted her legs. Josh covered her with the blanket and left the room, turning off the TV as he went into the kitchen. Despite the considerable beer buzz he had going, he felt another one wasn’t out of order, so he grabbed a cold bottle from the fridge and make his way upstairs.

As soon as he closed the door to his room, he downed the beer and shivered with the rush of alcohol and cold coursing through his body. There was a twitching in his pants that he wanted to avrupa yakası escort ignore, but logic and patience weren’t on the agenda for a drunk eighteen year old.

He laughed to himself as he booted up the computer. “There’s only one thing to do. I’ll have to masturbate my way out of this situation!” He laughed out loud this time at his own cleverness.

He navigated first to an erotic story site, anticipating a long, comfortable wank, but was surprised to find that his eyes could not focus on the small print. Almost ruefully, he switched to a video site instead and chose the opposite-most video he could find from what that screaming little voice in the back of his head was prodding him towards.

The first video he cued up was two teen girls going at it. Good, he thought. That’s good. Young girls. As young as legally allowed. And all girls. Not a cock in sight. But the video was over in a flash, as were the next and the next.

The computer wanted more input. More clicks. Make a choice, it seemed to say. Watch another. So Josh clicked on another, this time with an older woman seducing a teen girl. The older woman slowly lifted up her shirt and the teen girl latched on a nipple, sucking and pulling. But that video was over in a flash, as well. More and more videos, further down the rabbit hole he went. Josh fell to his knees in front of the computer. He was sweating now, and completely naked.

He slid the mouse across the screen and clicked on “Milfs.” Normally his favorite genre, his most reliable boner-getter. But tonight he was trying like hell to avoid its siren call, because he knew what thoughts laid in wait for him there.

The video cued up and Josh nearly had the wind knocked out of him. The woman onscreen looked remarkably like his mother. His cock nearly spurted right there, but he gripped it tightly at the base to cut off the orgasm. The woman was alone, in her bedroom. She undressed for the shower.

Her breasts were large, fatty and undulating, capped with large, copper-colored nipples. 36D? Double-D, Josh wondered. Is that how big hers are? The woman onscreen cupped them and gave them a little shake. They jiggled deliciously.

“Oh, god,” he moaned.

The woman was in the shower now, soaping up between her breasts and rubbing between her thighs. She bent over and the camera closed in on her little asshole and the thick, rosy pussy lips that crept up to meet it.

Oh, he said silently. My mom has an asshole. A beautiful asshole. She has a pussy. A pussy that gets wet. It must get wet sometimes. What gets her wet? She fucks. I know she fucks. She was pregnant with me so she must have had sex.

Tiny revelations exploded in his head, one on top of another on top of another. I think I even heard her masturbating once. Fucking. She was fucking. Oh god, in her cunt. Putting fingers in her cunt like a cock. Oh likes to suck cock and put it in her wet pussy and rub it all over her asshole until it cums all over her pussy and —

Josh orgasmed like he’d never orgasmed before. The entire world was blasted away, going black as it was sucked up through his eyes and out his cock. Nothing existed except the firehouse of cum shooting onto the floor, the wall, the desk, and everything nearby. He felt the last few drips drain from him, then slunk to the floor and passed out.


Josh returned to that video just twice more since he’d discovered it. The guilt was terrible. This was his mother he was thinking about. But the secret shame of it made the thoughts impossibly erotic.

He returned to it again, typing in the URL slowly and deliberately. He wondered if his mom was asleep yet. Getting caught masturbating by your mother was right at the top of the list of embarrassing situations. Getting caught masturbating to a mirror image of your mother must be on some completely new list he’d never even thought of.

He slipped quietly across the floor and re-checked the lock, then sat back at his desk, put on his headphones, and jacked up the volume. He really wanted to hear her scream this time when she came.


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