A Story from My Youth Pt. 04

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I held out little hope of hearing from Pete. I wondered whether he was drunk and feeling over confident the night before. Although I’d gone home and masturbated slowly at the thought of a proper meeting with Pete, by the morning I was sure it was yet more of his bravado.

I shouldn’t have doubted him.

At 9:03am I got a text with a hotel name, telling me that I’d get the room number after 2pm when he’d checked in. He told me to come around at 4pm, and not a minute earlier.

Seven hours?! What was I supposed to do for seven hours?!

Well, I’d just started to explore shaving my body hair, so I eventually decided on starting there. Well, after masturbating once more at the thought of Pete laying himself on a plate for me.

I shaved my chest and abs. My armpits just got a trim and the pubes around my cock, balls and legs were shaven almost completely, leaving only a small burst of hair above my cock as I liked to see on guys at that time.

I enjoyed getting ready…took my time. But still it was only 11am! I had to leave the house early so I said goodbye to my family, pretending still that I was returning to university on the train.

I had a very light lunch, went shopping and bought new underwear that I thought would be a good tease for Pete. I made sure I bought some condoms and lube, even though I wanted to crawl into a hole with embarrassment.

Finally, 4pm rolled around. I was ready. I felt good and was thrilled at the thought of a whole afternoon with Pete.

I had received the room number at 2:01pm and had been wondering what Pete had been up to all afternoon. When he answered the door, I didn’t need to wait long to find out.

He was dressed in black trousers with a slim belt and an open shirt. The room was warm and he was clearly feeling as open as the night before. He waited until I was in, but only just…

“Hey.” I said. “What have you been up to this…” was all I got out before he pushed me against the wall and kissed me. Not just a still kiss this time. He worked his tongue into my mouth quickly but gently. I was surprised but elated that we were starting like this. I was convinced that he would back out, but those fears were dissolving with the gentle play of his tongue. I grabbed him, inadvertently going straight under his shirt and feeling the warm, soft skin of his back. He felt firm, as I’d remembered him at the party in the summer. Shorter than me, so I leant down on him and pulled him up and into me as we continued to kiss.

When he pulled back, he just smiled. “I’ve been waiting for this. To be honest, I thought I was going canlı bahis to back out until this afternoon.” My heart sank until he led me into the main area of the hotel room. “What do you think?” he asked.

“I…erm…well…” was about all I could manage.

On the white sheets of the hotel room was three pairs of small, brightly coloured briefs and a slim, tapered purple dildo. He walked over to the bed and sat down. “I couldn’t decide which was the sexiest…” then his eyes rolled to the dildo “and, this…well, I wanted to know what I was letting myself in for…”

Fuck me. He’d been preparing for me!

I could only smile. “We’re going to have some serious fun.” I said and waked over to the bed. I picked up a pair of yellow briefs that I loved…”What did you decide, then?” I stared straight at his groin, smiling broadly.

And so it all started. I knelt over him and held his face as we kissed. I lowered him onto the mattress as we continued to explore with our tongues. I could immediately feel how hard he was through the material of his trousers on my ass. I was spread wide due to straddling him and couldn’t help thinking that he wouldn’t be the only one needing to warm up their hole that evening.

As I undressed Pete, he fought back and undressed me too. He revealed my white and green C-IN2 briefs with cock ring that made my bulge stick out almost directly in front. He smiled. “Good try…” was the first thing we had said since we started, other than gentle groans of pleasure.

“You think you did better?” I asked, immediately going down on him.

He was right, I had to admit. He was wearing a pair of blue briefs that were almost satin they were so soft and silky. There was a triangular opening beneath the waist band that was barely concealing his bulge. I slipped him out of the opening without further delay and enjoyed the sight of his cock stretching and swelling at the new freedom it had. I quickly took his cock head into my mouth so that I could enjoy the swelling sensation fully as I teased and wetted his beautiful shaft. The opening was clearly supposed to act as a form of cock ring, so I worked his balls out while caressing his ass through the incredible material.

Pete let out loud groans of joy as I worked him. But, for the first time, he took control himself.

Without speaking he pulled back, doubling up and rolling away from me. He pushed me onto the bed now and moved between my legs. He struggled to get my cock out of the cock ring briefs and we laughed briefly. “I’ve never done this bit…” he said before gently touching my cock for the first bahis siteleri time since out meeting in the shower. I felt like I wanted to cum at that first touch. I wanted him so badly.

I had the pleasure of watching him explore my cock with his fingers, his head only inches from it. I saw him wet his lips. He went to lick the end but backed off. I moved my hands around his, guiding him to hold the shaft to stop the head bobbing around in front of his face. With the other hand I held his back. “Go on…” I whispered. “I’m yours…”

As I watched him wrap his mouth around the head of my cock the pleasure was too much. My eyes closed and I lay back, lost in the sensation I’d been waiting for.

After a short while of complete ecstasy I pulled at him to turn his body. He didn’t understand at first and so another awkward moment followed while I grabbed and moved him to me so that we could 69 together. He never let his lips off my cock, clearly concentrating on what he was doing and trying to build a rhythm.

As we caressed each other and sucked together it was hard to keep up a good blowjob due to the constant breaks for moans of joy as the other hit a good spot. It was incredible to spend so much time caressing and teasing Pete…this was a more sensual experience than I had ever had before.

As I undressed him – and him me – we lay there naked, enjoying the warmth of the room and eachother’s bodies. We were sweating and that only increased the sensation between us.

I began to finger his hole and was surprised to feel him already wet and lubed. I remembered the dildo.

“Mmmm…” I said “It feels like you really are ready for this.”

“I hope so.” Pete replied, stopping working my cock for the first time.

I sat up. “I have condoms” I said, ready to find my clothes and bag.

Pete put his hand on my thigh… “Oh, me too…”

Right by the bed was a drawer stuffed with condoms and lube of all kinds. “Well, I didn’t really know what we’d need.”

I just smiled again. Took some lube and rifled through for a condom that looked fun. An extra thin one with a bulge at the top…perfect.

I lubed up my cock and began to roll the condom down. Pete knelt there, looking at me.

“Let’s start with an easy position.” I suggested.

I lay him on the edge of the bed so that I could stand and control the push better. I wanted to see his face. Partly because it made me feel more comfortable in case I hurt him. Partly because I couldn’t wait to watch him as I entered.

As I held my cock head against his wet hole I smiled again. “Relax. We’ve got bahis şirketleri all night to get this right” I said. His knees were up around his shoulders and he relaxed his feet onto my chest.

I pushed.

He tightened, fast.

I just stayed there, pressure still there albeit gently.

“Breathe in.” I told him. He did. “Now close your eyes and breathe out…”

As he did he also pushed down onto my cock, increasing the pressure more. Suddenly, quickly, my cock head popped inside. Nothing more at first.

He caught his breath, then released again, smiling.

And that was all it took. It must have taken nearly 10 minutes of very gentle movement to enter him fully. But, once inside, the sensation was amazing. He was tight and very lubed up, so my cock slipped smoothly into him much quicker than I had expected. He shifted his hips to get comfortable and watched me through squinted eyes as I gently pulled out and entered him with the full length of my cock.

Pete hadn’t shaven but wasn’t overly hairy, particularly on his chest and abs. His fair hair was matted with sweat and I caressed his hips and abs as I entered him again and again.

He was loosening up, so I suggested swapping positions. I wanted to be able to kiss him while we fucked. I lay him on the bed and lay behind him, with a pillow under my hips to raise me up. Being taller, I could lay behind and fuck him while kissing him deeply. His leg was held up and he twisted to get comfortable. I whispered in his ear how sexy he was and how good it felt to be inside him. He loved it, pushing onto me harder and harder, despite some obvious discomfort.

I noticed that his previously soft cock had started to harden. Not solid, just semi hard and bobbing about with the movement of our lovemaking. I lubed him up too, all around his thighs and groin. This only made him move harder onto me, although he never got harder in my hands.

In this position, with deep kisses and clear pleasure on his face as I drove into him again and again, my balls began to tighten with a deep and warm sensation that was so intense that I was entirely unable to resist it. I told him “I’m going to cum into you…”

This was met with a tightening of his ass and a release of moaning. “Ah…yes, yesss…cum into me”

I pulled his hips onto my cock as I quickened the pace, taking control of the speed and depth of my thrusts. The pleasure spread into my stomach and I cried out with pleasure. My body shuddered with the release of orgasm as I blew load after load into Pete, filling the swollen head of the condom inside him. “Ah, yeah! I can feel you throb!” Pete whispered breathlessly. I relaxed, but Pete continued to grind into me as my spurts became smaller.

We lay together. Sweating. Exhausted. Both entirely satisfied.

Or so I thought…

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