A Stormy Night with Mom

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It all started when I was still in high school. I had thought of a way to get around my curfew. I’d start sleepwalking, not for real, just as a way to cover not being in my room if mom or dad checked up on me.

To set up this cover I would make it a point to sneak from my room to the guest bedroom or the living room two or three times a week. I even had an excuse for developing this behavior. Mom and Dad were having some sort of problem. I found out about this one night as I was going to the guest bedroom, which took me right past their door.

“Well if that’s the way you feel about it then GO!” Mom said with a half sob in her voice. I got out of there fast, just in case dad was about to do just that right then. I wasn’t sure what it had been about but it was a good cover for my plans. family problems can cause teen to act in all sorts of strange ways.

About a week after graduation Dad moved out. All mom would say about it was that they had been having some problems and were trying a trial separation. In other words they were getting a divorce but didn’t have the nerve to say so yet.

I cut down on my “sleepwalking” as it was starting to worry mom. Besides I didn’t have a girlfriend to sneak out and see over the summer anyway.

Then one night about six weeks after dad had moved out there came this really big thunderstorm. It had been building up all day and promised to be a real show. Now I love a good storm. Mom on the other hand is terrified by all that noise. It was my turn to cook that night, and knowing that mom wouldn’t take them on her own, I slipped a couple of sleeping pills into her drink.

Then before going to bed mom told me she was going to take a couple of sleeping pills, because of the storm.

“I just don’t think I can sleep tonight, lotusbet güvenilirmi alone with this storm if I don’t” She said.

I was a bit worried Not that I thought that four pills would do her any real harm but still…

So about an hour after she went to bed I slipped down the hall from my room to hers. In spite of the storm it was a hot night and she was laying there in just a pair of torn panties, no bra, with the sheet thrown back. She was on her side with her back to me hugging one of those body pillows. This along with the street light outside her window shining in on her like a spotlight gave me a great view of her pussy. As I stood there looking at her I decided I wanted to see more. I had always thought that mom was sexy but I had never seen her like this before. And with her in the grip of four sleeping pills I would never have a better chance.

I slipped into the kitchen and got a pair of scissors. I warmed the up with hot water from the sink and dried them off. Then I went back to mom’s room. I lifted the waist band away from her skin and carefully cut the panties off. It took a while to remove them completely. but I did it with out disturbing her sleep. The rain was still falling but the storm wasn’t doing much else as I went and got my camera. I took about five shots of her from different parts of the room. The storm was starting to pick up again. with lighting and some soft thunder.

Mom was hugging the pillow and whimpering in her sleep as I watched. Her remark about facing the storm alone came back to me. And after I had returned the camera to my room I climbed in bed with her. I was only planning to hold her for comfort so she could sleep better That’s what I told my self as I put my arms around her and pulled her close. lotusbet yeni giriş

I had gone to bed in a pair of boxers and as I climbed in with mom my dick slipped out of the fly. I had more than half a hard on from looking at mom’s sexy, naked body as it was and as I pulled her close I became very aware of the fact that my dick was pressing into her pussy. I was frozen with fear. What if she woke up now? What would she think? What could I say? I don’t know how long I lay there wanting her but afraid to move. But the problem was solved for me when A big crash of thunder startled me into hugging mom to me really hard. because when I did my dick slipped into her.

As it went in I heard mom let out a gasp. Then she let out a sigh and relaxed in my arms. This caused my dick to sink even further in to her. I held my breath wondering if she was going to wake up. After a few moments I knew that she was still asleep. I grew bold then and placed my hands on her tits and gave them a gentle squeeze. She sighed and relaxed even more pushing her hips back into me driving my dick even deeper in to her warm soft pussy.

I had heard that people who a are drugged, by sleeping pills or what ever are very open to suggestion. Sooooo…. I moved my lips next to mom’s ear and whispered. “Relax, let it go all the way in. ” And I felt mom’s cunt opening up to me even more. I slipped my dick all the way into her then and squeezed her tits again as I did. She gave a soft sigh. Then another crash of thunder made her tense up all over. even her pussy clenched as he griped the pillow. This felt really great on my dick but locked me in place and I wanted to be able to move. so I whispered to her again “Relax, I’m here for you, just relax, and everything will be all right.” lotusbet giriş as I said this I gave her tits another gentle squeeze.

She relaxed and I moved my hips in a slow fucking motion out an inch and then back in. I started moving slowly then moving in time to her breathing. as I told her to relax and let her breathing come in long slow deep breaths just relax and let it happen. As I was telling her this I had let my left hand slip down from her breast to her clit. I felt for it softly and when I found it I stroked it very softly. She was moaning softly now. But these were not the whimpers of fear she had been making before, no these were moans of pleasure.

I kept it up stroking her clit, squeezing her tits and gently rubbing her clit. I also kept up my whispering. Telling her how much she was loving this. And how good it felt to be getting fuck by her own son who loved her so much. And how good it would be if she would just make this dream come true.

I had planed to get off and clean up the mess so she would never know what I had done. But my dick had other plans. Because even as I was thinking about after, the moment arived. I felt moms cunt clamping down on my dick and she cried out. “OOOOOooohhhhhhhh YYYYYyyyeeeeessssSSSS!! FUCK ME Son Fuck me good.”

And then my Dick let go. I felt it swelling up inside mom’s twitching cunt and then I was blasting long hot streams of cum deep inside of her. I could feel them splashing deep into her womb. Shot after shot. I seemed to keep cumming forever. I think I passed out while I was cumming, because the next thing I remember I was morning and the sun was shining in on us.

I was still laying there with my arms around her and my dick still in her pussy!! I felt mom take a deep breath, which caused her tits to press in to my palms. Still half asleep I responded my giving them a gentle squeeze. Mom arched her back pressing her tits into my hands even more and pressing her hips back at me. “Ready for some more?” She asked as she wiggled her ass and flexed her cunt around my swiftly hardening cock.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32