A Special Treat Ch. 07

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Authors Note – It might be a good idea to catch up on the previous chapters. Just a thought. 😉

Once the dressing room door was flung open; Denise, Amanda and Jen were greeted by the lascivious sight of Darcie playing with Nelly’s tits from behind while Margie pleasured the younger vixen’s sex with her tongue.

“Oh yeah, eat my pussy real good,” Nelly screamed out in delightful agony. “Oh shit! I’m gonna cum!”

The busty hottie’s breasts tingled with excitement as Darcie pinched and twisted her turgid nubbins. Nelly brought her hands up to match Darcie’s as they both explored her growing titflesh. Amanda, Denise and Jen were so turned on by the sight of Sapphic lust that they pawed at their attention-hungry vaginas.

“Darcie, keep playing with my nipples like that. Fuck yeah!” Nelly shrugged herself away from her two lovers and turned around to play with Darcie’s nipples. Darcie couldn’t help but gasp as Nelly’s fingers worked into her sensitive olive breasts. The darker, chocolaty skin of her aching nipples was set ablaze by Nelly’s soothing fingertips. Both girls’ eyes met as they instinctively pressed against each other and twisted their tingly, growing nips. Darcie was awash with intense sexuality and leaned in for a steamy kiss with Nelly. Their tongues gently wrestled around as their hands didn’t let up for one second with the mutual titplay. Nelly and Darcie looked like they were completely at peace until their moment was cut all too short with a panic-stricken Margie nearly chomping off Denise’s head.

“Tell me you’ve got the door locked,” Margie screamed out hoarsely.

“Of course,, why?” Denise was far from prepared for what happened next. Every big breasted goddess in the dressing room made a mad dash for the door.

“We need more room,” yelled a hurried Heather as she forced her way past Jen.

All the girls couldn’t help but brush their tender nipples against another hot woman with huge sucklers during the desperate escape. Every girl became more and more aroused. Denise and Amanda were pressed together so much that they couldn’t help but allow their hormones to take over and just start making out. Their kissing was soft at first, and then became deeper and deeper as all of the girls cleared out of the cramped dressing room and made their way onto the sales floor. Carmen was the final goddess to realize the new freedom as she absconded to the sales floor with the measuring tape.

The bigger brunette handed the tape over to Margie just before she seized Darcie’s tits while the voluptuous brunette vixen suckled on Heather’s pink nipples.

“You wanna get measured again,” Margie playfully cooed.

“Actually, yeah. I think my breasts got a bit bigger,” Carmen beamed to Margie as both of them focused on her enormous alabaster globes.

“Well, give me a minute.” Margie quickly wrapped the tape around Carmen. During the process, the saleswoman purposefully pinched Carmen’s aching teats. The bigger girl realized a brief stint of sexual frustration as she fought back the urge to maul the older woman’s tits and have hers played with in the same primitive manner. “Yes, you actually have grown a bit. According to these measurements, you should be the same size as me now.”

The huge titted brunette gazed down at the older redhead’s gigantic knockers and nearly salivated. She brought her hands up to feel the weight of the older woman’s meaty breasts and thumbed the very pale nipples to hardness in the center.

“Keep doing that, honey. That feels so good.” Margie’s insides turned to jelly as her pussy seemed to gasp like a fish out of water when it came. Feeling her knees buckle, she leaned into Carmen for support. The younger brunette supported her as she marveled at her own tits.

“God these things feel so amazing. I mean, I’ve always appreciated my breasts…”

“Honey, I’ve always appreciated them and I’m going to love this store even more after today. Business is going to skyrocket. These girls are definitely worth their weight in gold,” Margie smirked while the younger girl kept massaging her huge boulders.

“Damn, my tits are so much bigger,” Carmen giggled as she became more inebriated from the pleasures surging through her tits. Margie enjoyed helping in the massaging of those pale knockers. Both females groped and played with each other’s mams as Carmen giggled louder and louder.

“Wait a minute! That can’t be possible. From what my analysis of Darcie and Heather’s DNA revealed; their breasts reached their peak of growing before we left the office. We’ve spent more time here than it took for Darcie and Heather’s breasts to finish with the growth spurt. In fact, the effects should start beginning their regression and go back to normal in a few weeks… Well, once the drug wears off,” Dr. Smothers kaçak iddaa piped in, interrupting Carmen and Margie’s session of titplay.

“Well, the measuring tape doesn’t lie, doc,” Margie faced Joyce with her fists firmly planted on her hips.

“I can’t believe we’re the same size,” Carmen announced sheepishly as she draped her arms around Margie for a snuggly hug. “How do they feel?” Carmen thrust her chest out to Joyce because she knew the doctor was quite skilled with her hands when it came to her sensitive nipples. The sight of Carmen’s even bigger chest was enough to distract Heather from eating out Darcie’s pussy while the brunette goddess worshipped and sucked her own huge melons.

“They feel so amazing,” Joyce gasped at the size of Carmen’s bust. The doctor couldn’t help but cup each breast to get an idea of their heaviness and weight.

“Joyce, you definitely know how to feel a girl up,” Carmen panted as the doctor continued to grope her pasty white titflesh.

“Hey, I’ve always enjoyed giving breast exams. Sue me. Might as well make your patients feel as comfortable as possible.” Dr. Smothers noticed Darcie’s eyes make contact with her own. Both busty brunettes couldn’t help but look at one another’s huge knockers.

“Dr. Smothers, you tits look fucking hot,” Darcie hissed.

“And yours look very sexy as well. How do they feel,” Joyce asked while she continued to knead Carmen’s udders as the bigger brunette moaned and giggled louder.

“I think they’ve grown some more,” Darcie playfully answered as she brought one chocolaty nipple up to her mouth to lick with her tongue stud.

“You know, it feels like mine are getting bigger, too!” Heather rose up from fingering Darcie to examine her own perfectly white breasts. “Hey Margie, do you think you could measure me and Darcie again?”

The older saleswoman merrily made her way to Darcie and Heather. She only wrapped the tape under both girls’ ribcages for reference of bandwidth. Then, she grabbed a couple of bras off of a nearby shelf and handed them to Heather and Darcie. The two busty vixens put the bras on to a perfect fit.

“You’re both M cups, girls. Those bras don’t run cheap,” Margie announced irritably. Hearing the sound of her manager’s angry voice, Denise immediately did a double take from Amanda’s huge tits to make sure Margie wasn’t yelling at her.

“Who ate some fudge,” Dr. Smothers scowled at Carmen, Darcie, and Heather.

“Sorry,” Darcie hesitantly confessed. “I felt a little munchy and wanted some chocolate.”

Upon hearing Darcie’s story, a hypothesis formed in Denise’s head why the three busty girls had gotten bustier.

“Wait a minute. Did you and Heather kiss after you ate the fudge,” Denise questioned Darcie.

“Yeah, I’m sure we did. What about it?”

“Shit,” Denise slapped her forehead, causing her massive teats to jiggle. “Carmen, I made your tits even bigger! I’m so sorry. I didn’t know…

“Don’t worry. I’m having way too much fun with these things to be upset about them getting bigger,” Carmen girlishly interrupted while she squeezed her own melons. “Also, Denise and Kerry are great tit suckers and I’m going to love those two hotties sucking my even-bigger jugs.”

“Do you mind if I help?” Denise took a few steps towards Carmen just as Margie clamped her fingers around her employee’s arm.

“Not so fast, Denise. I’ve just measured Jen and Amanda and they both are M cups like Darcie and Heather. If you ask me, that’s almost unheard of. You’re the only one who’s measurements I don’t know. Now, turn around please.”

“What? I can measure myself, thank you,” Denise sounded almost like a petulant child towards her boss, but lost her feistiness when Margie physically spun her around and wrapped the tape around her body. Denise tried not to allow her sexual urges to spill out towards her boss. It just seemed too weird to do the things she was doing with the other girls to a woman who was much older than her.

The raven-haired salesgirl pulled herself away from her boss as Margie gradually became less interested in the measuring and more interested in paying with Denise’s sensitive nipples.

“Okay,” Denise giggled uncomfortably. “How big am I now?” She brought her fingers up to pinch her nipples to keep the heavenly sensations Margie brought to her running through her own breasts.

“You’re an F cup,” Margie replied matter-of-factly.

A newfound sense of joy washed over Denise’s face. Her thoughts were of nothing but triumph as she fondled and played with her newly grown sucklers. She brought one of her own nipples up to her mouth and rolled her tongue around the stretched out areola. The pleasure surging through her body was too much as she reached an amazing orgasm from just sucking her own hooters.

The kaçak bahis raven-haired cutie’s knees wobbled and brought her closer to the floor. Seeing her employee’s balance falter, Margie quickly rushed to Denise’s aid. As soon as Margie’s hands caught hold of the younger girl’s upper arms, they helped balance Denise up and traveled their way around her back to embrace her throughout her moment of euphoria.

All of the girls on the sales floor seemed to gravitate towards Denise’s somewhat embarrassing situation. Jen and Amanda were taking turns sucking each other’s sweet nipples when Amanda looked up and saw Denise go limp against Margie’s body.

All the beautifully busty women gathered closer to watch as Margie kneeled down while still supporting her employee and suckled at her engorged teats. Most of the girls in the group continued to pull at their bigger nipples. Some of them palmed at their entire areolas, some of which couldn’t be covered by their hands.

“How do you feel, Denise,” Jen asked.

The raven-haired goddess’ demeanor was that of a character in a “Nightmare on Elm Street” movie trying to stay awake. Denise’s mind was far from falling asleep, she was on cloud nine reveling in the pleasures Margie’s tongue kept introducing to her big nipples. Denise’s eyes widened as if she was trying to get a handle on reality while having a crazy acid trip.

“Great,” she smiled.

“Oh shit,” Jen gasped. Her hands frantically pushed on her boobs as if to put them back inside her. Seeing how futile her actions were, the brunette director cradled each mammary in her palms. Her hands explored more and more of her titflesh. The girls surrounding her began to ascend on Jen as she played with her own fun bags. Then, Jen snapped back to her senses just as the girls were inches away from her.

“Stop! We have a problem.”

Upon hearing Jen’s stern voice, Dr. Smothers whisked herself to the busty director.

“What’s wrong? Do you feel any pain?” Joyce felt around Jen’s breasts. Unlike all the other times she’d examine a woman’s breasts during the day, this time felt different. This exam was strictly professional to the letter.

“No,” Jen exhaled. The E cupped doctor did not let up her groping of Jen’s breasts. “I’ve been so caught up in all of this… Will you stop that!?” Jen swat Joyce’s hands away. “I said I’m fine! Fuck!”

The busty director looked down at her own tits and back up at all the busty girls in her show. Some of the ladies began to catch on as they saw a look of disdain jump off of Jen’s face.

“None of us will be able to fit into our corsets for the Ren Faire.” Jen brought her hands back up to try to squeeze her tits back into her chest. Knowing her actions were useless, she dropped her hands to her sides allowing her swollen, heavy mams to avalanche down her torso. The director let out a near-orgasmic gasp once her breasts ceased their movement. Darcie took a small step forward, ready to speak, but Carmen was the first to make a sound.

“Does this mean we can’t be in the show?”

Jen raised her head, ready to respond. Then, Darcie had a question of her own.

“Will we have to postpone it?”

The brunette regained a bit of her posture as she formulated whatever semblance she could find of an answer.

“How can we?” Every woman in the Bra-Gain Center could tell from Jen’s voice that she was completely exasperated. “We’ve invested too much into our advertising and we’re already sold out for the entire run! This is going to be so humiliating. I’m probably going to lose my job over this. Fuck!”

All the girls involved with the Renaissance Faire couldn’t help but hang their heads down over what had happened.

“Now wait a minute,” Margie said as she embraced Jen in a warm hug. Their nipples brushed against each other’s for a moment. Upon feeling the sensations in her own breasts, Jen seemed to calm down.

“You might still be able to squeeze into them,” Margie continued.

“Oh, I doubt that!” Heather’s face mirrored the dry sarcasm her speech spewed out.

“Hey, we can still try,” Darcie exclaimed. The shorter brunette goddess scampered to the stock room and found the largest box in the entire room. Denise and Margie were right behind her. The raven-haired sales girl snatched a box knife from a nearby shelf and slashed open the tape keeping the cardboard cube shut. Wrapped in plastic were a slew of bright white corsets with soft rope-like cords criss crossing up their backs. The sizes were printed on an accompanying placard inside the plastic packages.

Darcie began clawing through the box just as everyone else arrived. She was in the ball pen in a fast food restaurant’s play area with the packaged corsets flying everywhere and her hugely grown M cupped mams swinging illegal bahis every which way with her lively movements. Then, the busty brunette came out from the wreckage with a 38E cupped corset she knew was supposed to be for her. Jen and Amanda inched closer to Darcie to get a better look as she tore the garment out of its plastic detention.

Darcie pulled the cords to their maximum limit and lifted the corset over her head. She pulled it over her shoulders and couldn’t get any further. Upon pulling the garment off of her head, her face revealed a smile to hint to everyone she was just teasing. Then, she stepped into the top opening of the corset and pulled it up. Not caring about the tie anymore, Darcie pulled the cups of the corset up and tried her hardest to stuff her enormous tits into it. She pushed as hard as she could until she felt the cord slip out of all the grommets and flail down to the floor.

All of the women stood mouths agape at the phenomenal sight. Darcie dropped the corset and brought her hands back up to cup her large, firm boulders. Amanda came up behind Darcie and scooped up the corset’s cord.

“Well, we know there’s two corsets we can cancel the order on.” Amanda’s voice seemed somewhat disappointed.

“What do you mean by two?” Darcie twirled around to Amanda, their nipples less than an inch away from each other.

“Shit Darcie, I was an F cup before all this happened,” Amanda explained as she cupped her M cupped knockers and jiggled them in her palms. “You’ve proven to me at least that there’s no reason for me to try mine on.”

“I’m sorry to screw up your show,” Denise apologized with her deepest sincerity.

“It’s okay; we’ll have them for next year. If we even get to do it next year,” Jen put her arm around the busty salesgirl. Denise couldn’t help but bring her hands around to fondle Jen’s M cupped mams. Jen smiled warmly as the younger girl played with her bigger breasts. Just when the brunette director was getting into this new session of titplay, Margie cleared her throat nearby.

“You know Jen, you haven’t paid for these corsets yet…” All the busty women shot hopeful glanced towards Margie and then back to Jen. “If you want to buy everyone in your show a bra instead, I think we’d be able to work something out. Besides, these large cup sizes are just about the same as a corset. It’d be something these girls could definitely use until the drugs wear off.” Margie’s savvy negotiation was not lost on Jen.

“That’d be really nice. They’d definitely be able to have some great cleavage like I want for the overall look and more maneuverability than those corsets could possibly allow, but I’d hate for only an exclusive group of girls to look this good for my show…” Jen stroked her chin in thought. Her eyes perked up to see Margie’s as big as her own.

“Of course!” Both busty women shouted at each other. Upon realizing they both had the same idea; Jen lunged into Margie for a quick embrace.

“There’s still one problem: how are you going to get more of that fudge and get it into all of the girls at the same time,” Margie asked Jen.

“Hold on just one second,” Dr. Smothers strode to the two older women. “You mean to tell me you plan on administering a drug without FDA approval upon a flock of unsuspecting women? Are you out of your mind!?”

“What’s wrong with that,” Heather asked. “You did the same thing to me and Darcie.”

“That’s a bit different!” Dr. Smothers made no effort to hide her defensiveness in her voice. “That was negligence on your part. You did not take the medication as it was prescribed.”

“Who the fuck told us there was nothing wrong with me and Darcie?” Heather’s entire body blushed into a fine shade of pink as the conflict between her and Joyce escalated. Jen realized what the situation could escalate into and saw it was time for someone to act as a referee.

“Whoa! Who cares,” Jen pushed her way in between the busty doctor and her busty actress. Each of Jen’s hands explored both Heather and Joyce’s nipples. Dr. Smothers seemed to resist at first, but Jen’s fingers pinched on of her swollen nipples and tugged her back into place. Both ladies’ eyes rolled into the backs of their heads while the brunette director caressed their sensitive breast flesh.

“This feeling is too good to be kept secret. In fact, it should be a crime to NOT share this with our friends. What do you say,” Jen’s words soothed both agitated women. Words were reluctant to formulate in either Dr. Smother’s or Heather’s mouths. After a few moments of passionate moaning, Darcie broke the silence.

“Why don’t we just throw an early cast party?”

All eyes were on Darcie upon her announcement.

“That’s a great idea! In fact, I’ve got the cast list in my purse,” Amanda immediately replied.

“Okay girls, you heard Darcie and Amanda. Let’s start making some phone calls and round everyone up at my house. Besides, I can’t wait to see the turn out in the costume shop. God, I love these new tits!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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