A Small Test Ch. 04

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I opened my legs and relaxed, recovering from the orgasm Sarah gave me with her tireless tongue and persistent fingers.

She caressed my face in her gentle hands, gazing at me, her soft ass perched on my tummy.

I looked at my husband and he smiled.

I felt sticky, sweaty, pleased.

And yet, not satisfied.

Beside us, Brian held his spent cock. Not since Michael and I first started dating had I made a man cum three times in one night, but three times Brian ejaculated in my hand, each time as my husband watched.

In the silence Sarah sighed and hugged me. Her soft lips moved up my neck, over my chin, and across my freckled cheeks.

My husband’s cum disappeared inside her mouth.

“Mmm,” she quietly moaned.

I kissed my new friend, tasting margarita, Michael’s cum, and Brian’s cock on her mouth. “You’re so good,” Sarah whispered.

A slutty tingle caused goosebumps along my arms.

“So….you knew all along?” Michael asked when Sarah finally pulled away.

I rolled my eyes and chuckled.

“I rarely check our profile,” I explained, “but I was bored one day and logged on. That’s when I found the messages between you and Sarah.”

“Lee sent me a really sweet email,” Sarah chimed in, straddling my curvy hips. “She wanted your fantasy to come true but wasn’t sure she could do it.”

Michael looked surprised that I’d discovered his plan and went along with it anyway. Clearly he’d underestimated my willingness for adventure!

“Why didn’t you tell me Lee knew?” Brian asked Sarah in disbelief.

“It was easier for me if you guys thought I was in clueless,” I told him. “I didn’t want you guys to have expectations.”

“We figured Lee should have a few stiff drinks first… then see if she could stroke a few stiff cocks!” Sarah joked, rocking her hips and rubbing her sumptuous pussy against mine, creating a delicious friction.

“I’m glad I married you,” Michael sighed.

He wrapped his arms around my head and kissed me deeply, his tongue exploring my mouth. I reached for his gooey cock as we kissed, knowing traces of his cum and Sarah’s spit still clung to my lips.

“I want you to be happy,” I whispered.

“Thank you, my love,” Michael replied.

“Next time just be up front about things!” I admonished.

Michael shook his head in amazement at me and Sarah.

“You two are very naughty!” he scolded.

“Not as naughty as you!” Sarah laughed, shifting her red and white dress aside, giving everyone a better view of her pussy rubbing mine.

“Really?” Michael said in mock surprise. “How so?”

“Well, secretly setting your wife up to stroke a guy’s dick is pretty naughty, isn’t it, Lee?” Sarah asked.

“Mmmm, very….” I agreed.

The friction going on between my legs felt so good! I placed my hands – sticky with lube and Michael and Brian’s cum – on Sarah’s waist to guide her.

“You know what else was naughty, Michael?” Sarah continued, caressing her tits as she pushed harder against me.

My husband shook his head.

“You wanted your wife to stroke that strange cock in public güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri until cum spurted all over her hand….”

Images of Brian’s pulsing cock came to mind, and I moaned in agreement and satisfaction.

“Then you came out here to show off your cock for me,” Sarah accused, bearing down on my shaved mound, rocking her pelvis a little faster. “Just like a naughty boy.”

I rolled my hips and matched the tempo of Sarah’s thrusts. The sight of her plush pussy squishing against mine was such a turn on, making my juices flow and mix with hers.

Michael looked enthralled, while Brian sat against the side of the truck, grinning.

Despite all that had transpired during the evening, I could hardly believe what was happening. For so long I’d dismissed my husband’s suggestions of playing with another woman – and now here I was getting fucked by one in a truck!

“Wasn’t it naughty when Michael came inside my mouth, Lee?” Sarah whispered, reaching down to tweak my nipples.

Distracted by the sensations between my legs, all I could muster was, “Mmmm.”

“It was so naughty when you stroked Brian’s cock again….making him fill my mouth with all that cum….” Sarah recounted, fucking my pussy in rhythm to her words.

I never planned to jerk Brian off a second time, but I hadn’t touched another man’s cock since I married Michael – and if he wanted me to jack Brian off into Sarah’s slutty mouth I wasn’t going to refuse.

“So naughty to let me lick your delicious pussy, too,” Sarah hissed, her breaths coming quicker. “He even considered letting you suck Brian’s cock – didn’t you, Michael?”

Caught off guard, my husband nodded, confirming for me that he hadn’t arranged this to fuck another woman, but to share me in sexual pleasure.

“You’re my goddess,” Michael said.

I hadn’t truly understood him until that moment, and in that moment I nearly came.

“That’s right, Lee – he wants to see your lips around another guy’s cock, sucking it, taking it deep….”

From the corner of my eye I saw my husband’s cock rise, gradually filling his cock ring.

He watched us in a trance.

“It’s okay Michael,” Sarah said soothingly. “Brian likes to watch me suck cocks, too….”

The heat in my pussy suddenly flared and I groaned, arching my back to push more urgently into Sarah’s cunt. She grunted passionately and tossed her raven black hair away from her flushed face.

“Your naughty husband let you stroke that cock again and again,” Sarah lustily recalled, as much for her own pleasure as mine. “He knew you liked it….”

Sarah’s dirty talk was hot, but the memory of Brian’s uncut cock spurting in my hand was hotter.

“Did you like it, darling?” Michael asked. “Did you enjoy touching his cock?”

“I did….” I sighed, biting my lip and pulling on Sarah’s hips.

I may have done it for my husband at first, but playing with another man’s cock made me so fucking wet!

“Did you like stroking him?” my husband pressed.

“Yes….” I confessed, lifting my ass for more contact with Sarah, aroused by Michael’s güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri questions, loving the way Sarah’s pussy felt on my buzzing clit.

I closed my eyes, remembering her dark eyes as I stroked her boyfriend, happily watching me fondle his hardening cock, pressing herself close to me as her boyfriend’s rigid dick slid through my fist.

“You liked making him cum,” Michael spoke.

“Yes….” I sighed, reaching out for one of Sarah’s small round breasts.

“Of course she did,” Sarah laughed. “She loooves cock.”

And as she humped me, I longed for a stiff cock plunging into my mouth, another one plumbing my pussy, and a talented tongue teasing my clit.

“I need to be fucked,” I panted desperately. “Somebody fuck me….:”

In a haze of passion I imagined myself on my knees, Brian’s cock sliding over my tongue, his hands in my hair, filling my mouth, while Michael fucked me from behind and Sarah licked me from below.

“Who should fuck you?” Brian wondered, rubbing the hot tip of his cock on my thigh.

“All of us,” Sarah breathed. “All of us….”

God! To be worshipped! To make men hard with my touch until their cocks fill my hands; to be lusted after by women and pleasured with their lips; to taste each other and turn one another on. Stroking cocks, melting in the mouth of a sexy woman, feeling the ejaculating evidence of my power….

Sarah moaned, leaning forward with her hands on the floor until her breasts fell free of her dress and her breath teased my ear.

“My boyfriend’s cum is all over your beautiful tits, Lee….”

My breasts were indeed speckled with Brian’s cum, and as Sarah luxuriously slid her body against mine his cum lubricated the places where we touched.

“Your husband adores you,” Sarah whispered huskily. “He wants you to feel good….”

“I know….” I replied, massaging Sarah’s ass in my hands.

“He wants to see you satisfied,” she breathed, lifting higher and fucking me harder.

The friction was exquisite, yet I needed more.

“He fantasizes about you,” Sarah sighed. “I fantasized about you….”

I wiggled my hips, searching for complete connection.

“I saw your pictures and touched myself,” Sarah confessed, kissing my neck. “I wanted to fuck you….taste you….”

In frustration I pushed Sarah back, then swung my right leg up and brought it down over her left thigh. I spread my legs as far as I could so she could cover my frothing pussy with hers.

“Can Michael fuck you with me, Lee?” Sarah asked, holding onto my leg for leverage.

“Yes!” I gasped.

“Do you want to be fucked?”


Sarah rode me in a frenzy, driving her sweet pussy into mine, and a red glow blossomed at the nexus of our colliding cunts.

“We’ll all fuck you,” she promised. “We’ll fuck you so hard….”

I glanced up at my husband, stroking his long hard dick, sliding the cum up from his balls for lubrication. He was so hard I could almost feel him inside me, and I realized how much pleasure that man’s cock had given me.

Brian’s hardness brushed güvenilir bahis şirketleri against my ass, and I had to see him masturbating, too.

“Jack off for me,” I pleaded. “Show me your cock.”

Brian moved closer and wrapped his fingers around himself, growing larger with every stroke, and I smiled at the horny men beside me.

“You like that?” Sarah inquired.

“I do,” I admitted, reaching out to feel Brian’s balls in my hand.

“Such a slut,” Sarah scolded.

My husband playfully pinched one of my nipples.

“Can I fuck you with my strap-on, slut?” Sarah asked, the slippery sounds of our sex mingling with the noise of Michael and Brian jerking their cocks.

“Mmmm….” I hummed, imagining her beneath me, her strap-on and my husband’s cock plowing into my pussy while I swallowed Brian’s meaty cock.

“Should we fuck you, Lee?” Sarah breathlessly asked. “Fuck your succulent ass?”

“Yes, please….” I groaned.

“Will you suck that cock?” she hissed. “Suck it till he cums?”

The electricity between my legs intensified and I held my breath.

“Can you handle all that cock, Lee?”

I kneeled at the edge, about to tumble, somewhere between where Sarah lunged into me and where all three of them eagerly fucked all my holes.

“Can you, baby?” Sarah hissed.

“Just fuck me!” I begged.

“Slap me,” she demanded. “Show me how to fuck a goddess.”

I brought my hand down upon Sarah’s tender ass.

“So good,” Sarah whispered. “Slap my ass, baby….”

I smacked my little slut again and again as she scissor fucked my pussy.

“Don’t stop….” I warned.

“I won’t,” Sarah promised, arms around my leg.

“Keep going….”

“I will, Lee….”

“Fuck me, Sarah!”

“I’m fucking you, baby….”

And suddenly it seemed that she was inside me, entering me, moving inside me.

“Fuuuuuuuuuck!” I screamed, pulling her tight, convulsing and shaking, rendered helpless by the electric wave rushing from my spasming pussy.

The glow in my pelvis exploded outward, and I was lost in a tumultuous ocean of ejaculating cocks and wet pussies, swimming in a humid pool of lust, deep in the hot juices of my lovers.

“Oh god, yes!” Sarah panted.

“Cum for me, cum for me….” I told her.

Sarah froze, her mouth open, then she too lost herself to that ultimate release, shaking, her smooth pale pussy squirting girl cum all over mine.

“Yes yes yes!” she cried, hugging my leg, her tits bouncing to the shockwaves of her orgasm, her hot cum cascading over my cunt and into the cleft of my ass.

Soon our hips moved in unison, the urgency of our fuck gradually fading as we savored the warmth of each others bodies.

I caressed Sarah’s thighs with my fingertips. Her face was free of tension and a hint of a smile came to her lips. Sweaty tendrils of hair obscured her dark eyes as she regained her breath.

“You’re fun!” she abruptly announced, and I couldn’t help but laugh.

Shakily, she peeled herself away from me and fell against Brian with a giggle.

The scent of our pussies, and several loads of cum, filled the air.

Michael stroked his upright cock, beaming.

“Wow,” was all he could say.

I looked around and noticed that Sarah’s truck windows were fogged up.

It seemed like there was no other world – except the one we’d created in her truck.

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