A Sibling Survival Story Ch. 07

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This story is part of a series, please start reading chapter one before going through this if you are new to it!

Welcome to the final chapter of A Sibling Survival Story, sit back and enjoy!

Also, I left a little Easter-egg to those that have read most of my previous stories and series. My stories take place in the same universe so they often collide with each other, so those that know will see some certain familiar characters being mentioned in this!


Christine and Robert were waiting for a while now in the hospital hall, outside of the room where their daughter had given birth to her and her brother’s twins. They held hands and hoped that there were no complications with the newborn children, and their own daughter for that matter.

Their heads immediately turned to the door of the room when they heard it open. A nurse came out with a bright smile on her face and signaled to them. This was the moment they had been waiting for, they would finally meet their twin grandchildren for the first time.

With a pep in their step they accelerated toward the room and entered it with their hearts almost beating out of their chests.

The first thing they saw were the two little bundles of joy, one in the arms of their son Benjamin who sat next to his sister and the other lying in the arms of their happy but tired daughter Kaitlin on the hospital bed.

Christine started to tear up from the sight and Robert let out a huge sigh of relief, a sigh that alerted their children of their presence.

Benjamin looked up and smiled at his parents before speaking. “Mom… Dad… Shelly and Rob made it into this world perfectly fine. Kaitlin has been a trooper and didn’t give up or complain in the slightest, I’m so proud of her!”

Kaitlin let out a tiresome giggle and looked at her brother lovingly. “Don’t single yourself out Ben… Your love and being here with me gave me strength too… Same goes for you too, Mom and Dad.” She spoke softly.

Christine and Robert quickly gathered around the bed and joined their children. Kaitlin carefully gave Shelly to her mother before she slumped back into the hospital bed, tired from the long lasting childbirths.

Robert ran a hand through his daughter’s hair. “You can take it easy now Kait, get some rest and don’t worry about the babies, they will be perfectly fine in our and Benjamin’s care here.

Kaitlin gave her parents and her brother a confirming nod before drifting off. Benjamin took her hand in his and held her tight, he could feel her griping onto him with her last remaining strength before she fell asleep just like their son was in Benjamin’s other arm and their daughter in their mother’s arms.

Shelly was named after Benjamin and Kaitlin’s grandmother while their son, Rob, was named after their Grandfather and father. They did not expect to become parents to twins but they couldn’t be any happier. Both their dreams finally came true, they had their own family now and a bright future was coming their way. And who knows, maybe their own newborn children already had a path laid out for them, similar to those of their parents.


Four years later.

“Hey you little rascal! Don’t teach your sister to use the table as a drawing-board!” Said Benjamin with a grin on his face as he watched Rob coloring his drawing with extreme motions. Rob looked up to his father and giggled before returning to his drawing.

On the opposite side sat Shelly on her grandmother’s lap, drawing very precise and quietly. She giggled when her brother got scolded and looked up at her father with a blush on her small, freckled face before returning to her own drawing.

“You know sweetie, they look so much like you two, but their personalities are the complete opposite to yours and Kaitlin’s! Shelly is more like you and Rob is more like your sister.” Said Christine as she watched Shelly’s drawing.

The description of her grandchildren couldn’t be any more precise. Although they were twins they did not look alike at all, same went for their personalities.

Shelly was a natural redhead just like her mother. She had the same face, green eyes and even the freckles. Only her personality was that of her father’s, she was shy, quiet and rather stayed in the background.

Rob on the other hand was loud and active, just like his mother was and still is, but much lesser than before, to this day. His looks resembled that of his father and grandfather, messy dark hair and light blue eyes.

Although they were so different, they always were together. Rob always stood up for his twin sister and Shelly always backed up her twin brother. They were like yin and yang, two pieces of a puzzle that fitted perfectly together. In that aspect they resembled their parents in each and every way when they were younger themselves.

“Do you know when Kaitlin is coming home sweetie? She mentioned to me that there was a small chance for me to see her before I take these two cuties with me to Grandpa.” Asked Christine.

Ben istanbul escort shook his head. “No idea Mom, but I doubt it’s going to be late, you know she adores this day and always looks forward to spend some time together, just the two of us.” Answered Ben.

“Oh… I bet you two looooove some time together.” Said Christine with a foxy tone before giggling.

Ben’s head turned red. “You just love to tease us, don’t you Mom? Anyway, I’m glad that Dad and I managed to pull that job off yesterday, otherwise Dad wouldn’t be spending time with his grandchildren, and I with my lovely sister.”

Christine nodded to her son. “So far it’s a perfect day, I’m glad that we can have the kids over and that you two have some time alone. It’s important to be together, just the two of you once in a while.”

Both Benjamin and Kaitlin had looked forward to this day, which in truth they needed once in a while. Just being able to be together without worrying about anything else for a little bit. And they both knew that today was going to be a special one.

Kaitlin had gotten her nursing degree a few years ago and was now working at a big hospital in the city close to their town. Although she had an agreement with her bosses so she could spend more time with her children, some days were just flat-out busy and could even continue deep into the night.

Benjamin worked close with his father Robert who designed gardens for a living, he handled most of the practical aspects nowadays so his father could take it more easy and focus on the designing part only.

They had bought a house that was close to their parents’ home, it was nothing too spectacular but it provided their family with everything they needed. It was the perfect place for them to start their and their children’s lives together.

Their parents were a huge help and gladly took care of their grandchildren if the situation seemed to become hectic. Shelly and Rob had no problems with that, they loved their grandparents and shared a close bond with them.

Christine and Benjamin chatted for a while longer as the children focused on their drawings. Suddenly the lock of the door could be heard turning, indicating that Kaitlin had indeed made it home earlier.

Both Shelly and Rob jumped out of their seats and made a beeline to the front door. “Mommy!” They shouted in union when Kaitlin entered.

She immediately sunk to her knees and pulled both her children into a lovely hug. “How are my sweet little devils doing?!” She said with a chirpy tone before kissing both their cheeks.

The hug continued for a few seconds, giggles included, before her children separated from her and made their way back to their drawings. Rob sat down next to his father again and Shelly regained the position on her grandmother’s lap.

“Hi there sweetheart!” Said Christine as she watched her daughter walking towards her.

“Hi Mom! Thank you so much for doing this today!” She said excited before planting a long kiss on her mother’s cheek. She then made her way to her brother.

Benjamin let out a wolf whistle as he ogled his sister’s sexy outfit. She had a board-meeting today so she was dressed rather professionally.

Her fierce red hair was in a long ponytail, her bright green eyes covered by designer glasses that gave her a very sexy nerdy look. As a top she had a white blouse that showed her ample cleavage just enough, her bottoms were covered by a nice knee-length, dark tight skirt that clasped around her curves just like her top did. His keen eye also spotted that she was wearing her black garter belt, accompanied by sexy dark stockings. To complete the set, she had four-inch-high heels on her cute little feet.

“Welcome home, my goddess.” Said Ben with a smug grin on his face, but meaning every word of it.

Kaitlin rolled her eyes, but the blush on her face revealed that she was fond of his compliment. She walked up to him, took his face in her tender hands and gave him a long, passionate kiss. Both kids giggled again as they watched their mother kiss their father.

“So you managed to get home early after all, you must be thankful for a short day of work darling.” Said Christine to her daughter.

Kaitlin turned to her mother and nodded. “Well, it was also thanks to Judith and Cynthia, my bosses. They said they would finish up the things after the meeting, both told me having some ‘alone’ time with your lover can make quite the difference.”

“Wise ladies.” Responded Christine, followed by another giggle.

The three of them chatted for a little while longer before Christine got up and ready to take her grandchildren to see their Grandpa. “So, who wants to go to Grandpa?” She asked excited.

Both Shelly and Rob jumped up in joy. “Meeee!” They shouted in union again.

“Alright, you both convinced Grandma to take you two with me, but what do we do before we go?” She asked again.

Shelly and Rob quickly made their way to their avcılar escort parents for a hug and a kiss, something they always did before going to their grandparents.

“You behave yourself little monkey! Feed your brother a banana if he gets too witty again Shelly.” Said Benjamin to his children, both of them giggling once more.

Kaitlin kissed and hugged her mother again. “Thank you Mom, I really owe you one.” She said.

The siblings said their goodbyes and escorted the twins to their mother’s car. After seeing them off they returned inside. Ben walked back to the chair he sat in earlier and took a seat, his sister followed him close, but instead of taking a seat in another chair she pulled herself up and sat down in front of him on the table.

“Soooo, ready to have fun… Little brother?” Purred Kaitlin as she spread her legs open a little wider.

Ben smiled at her as he closely watched her every move. “Someone is excited, but then again, so am I. We have been looking forward to this day for a long time, didn’t we Sis?”

Kaitlin bit her lip and nodded. “Today I’m ovulating again… Do you really think we should go through with this?” She responded softly, a bit nervous.

Ben stood up and gave his sister a passionate, love filled kiss. “We discussed it so many times Kait… We both are ready for it and we both want it, besides, I think Shelly and Rob would love another little brother or sister.”

Kaitlin kissed her brother back. “Then let’s make love little brother… Today we have the whole day for ourselves, let’s enjoy it to the fullest…”


Ben had pulled his sister closer to him before they started kissing each other intensely. Ben’s hands ran over his sister’s curvy body while Kaitlin did the same to her brother’s strong and fit body. They moaned loud and dirty into each other’s mouths as they swapped saliva, having a free day to do whatever they want was a true blessing.

After a while they separated their intense kiss. “Looks like someone has been waiting for our alone time together.” Whispered Ben as he noticed his sister’s erect nipples poking against the fabric of her tight blouse.

Kaitlin only moaned and focused her love filled eyes onto her brother.

“I think my big Sis has been a very naughty girl today, let’s see if I’m correct, shall we?” Whispered Ben again, kissing the side of his sister’s neck tenderly while his hands moved up to the front of her blouse.

Kaitlin let out a shriek of pleasure as he ripped her blouse open, buttons that kept it together shooting in every direction. Two glorious mounds of sexiness bounced and jiggled right in front of Ben’s hungry eyes, nipples diamond-hard and pointing straight at him.

“I knew it… No bra at all… Did you try to seduce one of your female colleagues Sis?” Asked Ben teasingly.

“N-no! I… I knew that today was going to be our day… So… So I wanted to feel sexy and do this for you…” Whispered Kaitlin to him with an apologetic tone, her face blushing red.

“Kait… You are sexy no matter what you wear or how you look… But I do appreciate it… You don’t mind me taking a taste, do you?” Responded Ben.

Kaitlin moaned and shook her head, knowing what her brother was going to do. She felt her already wet pussy tingle with excitement, her brother was going to ‘milk’ her again.

Ben gently pushed her big tits together and leaned forward, his mouth seeking out the hard, pink erect nubs. He clasped his mouth around one of her nipples and a generous amount of tit-flesh before starting to suck away, switched between them every few seconds.

Kaitlin let out another shriek of pleasure as she felt her brother sucking and nibbling her sensitive nipples. “Ooooh… Ben, it’s coming!” She moaned just before her breasts started to lactate. She wrapped her hands around her brother’s head and pushed him onto her pillowy fun bags even tighter.

Ever since the birth of her children Kaitlin’s breasts never really stopped lactating, especially during sex when she was aroused and horny they would start to leak. Ben loved to suck her tits while she lactated, it aroused him greatly and so did it for his sister. During the last few years her brother made her cum several times by just sucking her breasts.

Ben slurped and sucked on her nipples, the delicious milk of his sister swirling through his mouth. His cock was now throbbing and rock-hard, tenting the fabric of his sweatpants.

Kaitlin noticed this and took actions through the constant bombardment of tit-sucking pleasure and loud moans. She took one of her hands off her brother’s head and guided it downwards to his tenting sweatpants. With one quick motion she pulled it down and freed her brother’s fuck-stick from its entrapment. Her soft hand wrapped around the girth of his shaft and started to stroke it gently, precum was already forming at the tip.

Ben moaned too when he felt his sister’s soft hand wrapping around his hard cock, as a reaction şirinevler escort he slowly thrusted his hips back and forward, fucking his sister’s hand. He then released his right hand from his sister’s tits and trialed it down too, towards the side of her tight skirt. He had seen her wear it many times and knew that he only had to undo some buttons on the side to get it off her.

While he fiddled with the buttons his hungry mouth remained clamped around his sister’s tits, now sucking harder and sometimes biting the erect nubs that produced her delicious liquid. The taste of it and the smell of her aroused sex stimulated him even further, making his cock throb with anticipation.

Kaitlin tightened her grip onto her brother’s cock, stroking it backward when her brother thrusted toward her. She moaned loud, her sensitive tits were being smothered by her brother expertly, it wouldn’t take long for her to cum like this.

The tabletop was already being coated by her nectar, it drippled out of her aroused pussy and along her thighs, soaking the skirt too. Her brother would get another surprise if he succeeded to remove her skirt.

After a long minute of milky tit-sucking and cock-stroking Ben finally managed to undo all the buttons of his sister’s skirt. He let go of her tits with a last hard suck and a loud plop before pulling the skirt off her completely.

He looked down and was greeted with his sister’s tight, juicy looking cunt. Her little tuft of red pubic hair was soaked too and the table underneath it had received the same watery treatment. She had been going commando the whole day, no bra and no panties either.

“Geez Sis, you really are being a naughty mommy today, aren’t you?” He said with a grin as he looked up to his sister.

“Noooo, don’t say it like that… Meanie…” Moaned Kaitlin as she started to blush even more. Her pussy contracted from her brother’s words and a fresh squirt of milk dribbled down her tits.

Ben gently took his sister’s waist and pulled her even closer, the head of his cock now poking and sliding on top of her pussy mound leaving small trails of precum across it. “Why not? You have been a mommy for a while now, and besides, daddy likes it when mommy is naughty!” Teased Ben even further.

Kaitlin then suddenly threw her arms around her brother’s neck and mashed her lips against his. The siblings engaged in another passionate kissing battle as their neither region’s wriggled together. Completely oblivious to the outside world they dry-fucked and kissed each other intensely, even after these four years their love had not changed a bit.

After a while Kaitlin yanked herself free from their kiss and looked her brother deep in the eyes. A string of saliva hung between their gasping mouths as their gazes of lust and love told each other everything.

“Fuck mommy… Daddy… fuck my tight, juicy little cunt and shoot all of that thick child-birthing semen of yours deep into my hungry ovulating womb…” Purred Kaitlin to her brother. She then laid back onto the table and spread her legs even wider, revealing her glistering cunt in all its glory to her brother.

Ben gulped as his sister displayed herself in a pure goddess like state, she was his woman now, the love of his life and the mother of his children. This incredibly sexy, intelligent and beautiful woman wanted him to breed her once more.

He wrapped his arms around his sister’s stocking clad legs and pulled her even closer. She was now on the edge of the table and ready for entry at a perfect height. His rock-hard cock was aimed straight at her nectar dripping pussy, ready to invade her tightness once more.

Kaitlin bit her lip as she felt her brother’s cockhead sliding up and down her soaked labia, the tip of it coming into contact with her clitoris every time her brother ran it upward. She then let out another moan when he started to prod it against her entrance, their juices mixing together and coating each other’s sexes.

“Fuck me baby brother, fuck your woman now baby!” Purred Kaitlin loud, not wanting to wait any longer.

Ben couldn’t resist any longer and pushed himself forward slowly, sinking deeper and deeper into the tightness of his sister’s juicy cunt until he reached her baby chamber, as always his cockhead was nestled again her cervix which seemed to try to suck him in even further.

Both brother and sister let out an animalistic groan of pleasure once they were fully connected again. Their glistering eyes met and they smiled romantically at each other. Then their lust and love took over, starting their horizontal dance.

Ben started to saw himself slowly in and out of his sister’s greedily sucking vagina. Her walls clamped around his cock like a vice, she was already ready to milk the seed from him.

“Ooooh fuck Ben… This feels so fucking good!” Moaned Kaitlin in delight as she felt her brother’s cock invading her tight cunt, hitting all her sensitive spots with every thrust. Her large breasts bounced and jiggled hypnotically every time her brother slapped back against her body, her milk drippled out of her stinging nipples again.

“I swear Sis, each and every time with you is better than the one before, you are incredible.” Moaned Ben back at her as he ploughed her gently, his eyes switching between her sexy blushed face, her bouncy lactating tits and her juicy cunt.

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