A Rose Blooming

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My name is Amy, I live in Singapore and I have just turned 18 years old and started studying at the National University of University this year. I live with my mother in a nice apartment on the East Coast.

My mother was just 16 when she became pregnant with me and was subsequently forced into a marriage with a man she hardly knew and never loved – a marriage doomed to failure.

However to her credit she stuck with the marriage as best she could despite dreadful treatment both mentally and physically by my father. The incident that triggered her separation and subsequent divorce happened when I was 8 years old and actually involved me. One night my father arrived home, drunk as usual, and she declined to sleep with him and went and locked herself in the spare bedroom after he hit her yet again. He then charged into my room, tore his clothes off, pulled me from my bed and started sexually molesting me. My mother rushed into my room and hit him over the head with the heavy light stand in my room. He passed out and my mother immediately packed up all his things, put them in a suitcase and deposited them outside the door of our apartment. She then called the police who came and arrested my father and took him away. I do not know to the day what subsequently happened to him because my mother became fiercely protective of me and his name was never mentioned in my presence again. I do know that Mum pursued a very successful divorce case because she retained controlling shares in the family business which was importing beauty products and we were also able to move into a very nice apartment and live a somewhat luxurious and peaceful life free of any financial worries.

However that incident stayed in my mind and I had nightmares for years after about the ugly sight of my naked, drunk father bursting into my room and grabbing me. So it was not surprising that my mother protected me from boys and men and kept me in a very feminine environment. I did notice that she also had very few men friends herself aside from those whom she met during the running of the business and she had a number of strong, supportive friendships with women although I never thought twice about these. I should at this stage say that at 34, my mother is still a very beautiful woman, a slim and sexy body, breasts not particularly large but firm and proud, with long black hair halfway down her back. I am also very fortunate to have inherited all her good features and attract plenty of looks and stares when out shopping and plenty of interest from boys. However I dressed very conservatively and was not really interested the attention I attracted.

However once I started at University Mum decided it was necessary to widen my horizons, particularly my sexual horizons, so that I would be aware of the good and the bad, the potential pleasures and the dangers that were ahead. I was very happy when Mum proposed a special day for my 18th birthday in January but I was very surprised at how the day evolved. It all started over breakfast when Mum outlined what she planned for the day. She planned to start with a special shopping trip to buy me “a new wardrobe befitting my beautiful daughter as she embarks into the adult world”. Then the plan to go to Raffles Hotel for lunch from their wonderful Buffet followed by a visit to her favourite spa for “the full treatment” as she put it. Following this day we would return to the apartment for a special bahis siteleri dinner for just the two of us.

So it began. I have always been quite a conservative dresser with fairly plain underwear and outer clothes which tended to minimise my beauty rather than promote it. From the start it was obvious that Mum intended to completely change this and as the shopping trip progressed she encouraged me into a completely new style with tasteful but very sexy skirts, tops and dresses which enhanced my figure and my long legs. She picked out one particularly stunning black cocktail dress which was absolute class – short but not indecent and which clung snugly to my body and just made me feel so sexy. Mum was not neglecting herself during this shopping spree and she also purchased a number of beautiful and seductive items.

Finally we progressed to the La Senza Lingerie store in Centrepoint Plaza (Singapore’s answer to Victoria’s Secret) where it immediately became obvious that Mum was a regular customer attracting very attentive attention from the very smart and beautiful Manageress whom she introduced to me as Anna. We both chose a wide range of sexy items and retired to the fitting room to see what we liked best with the Anna following us in. Mum showed no shyness at all and immediately stripped off ready to try on the first items. I noticed out of the corner of my eye that Anna was watching the strip intently and obviously approved of what she saw.

Being pretty shy, I was a lot slower which gave Anna the opportunity to offer to assist me removing my garments and again it was obvious I was under intense and approving scrutiny as my clothes came off and she was there helping me to remove my clothes and I felt her soft touch lingering and almost caressing me when she came into contact with my skin. However this was more obvious when she was helping us both to try the various items on when she was particularly attentive in making adjustments to our breasts and panties with her fingers constantly slipping under the garments and gently touching as she made the adjustments. I was starting to become quite aroused but if I felt she was taking liberties with me, it was much more obvious with my Mum where her hands lingered for much longer periods and were actually stroking around the bras and panties to make sure they fitted properly. It was soon evident that my mother was starting to become very aroused with her nipples extremely erect and prominent. In fact she seemed to be coming quite unsettled and she gave Anna a stern look and murmured quietly so she thought I could not hear “not now”. I was fascinated and really turned on by the thought that there had obviously been previous occasions between these two stunning women and I would have been quite happy to see how it may have developed without my mother’s obvious reluctance at that point of time.

As it was I was becoming very wet with the scene that I was witnessing and the subtle attention I was getting from Anna which continued and got bolder despite the warning that my mother had given her. It must have been quite obvious to her that I was becoming very wet in her brand new lingerie but this did not seem to bother her – in fact she seemed encouraged and became bolder. She seemed to be having trouble deciding what size my bust was and took the opportunity of cupping her gentle hands around my breasts and gently kneading them. She said that she needed canlı bahis siteleri to feel the weight of my breasts when the nipples were erect to ensure that the bras fitted perfectly. To me the feeling was fantastic and I was starting to lose control. Again my mother quietly intervened and we progressed down to the matching panties which Anna manipulated and smoothed down until she was sure these also fitted perfectly again causing warm flushing feelings for me.

This procedure was repeated while several sets of underwear were tried along with some very adventurous teddies which clung to me like they were a second skin and showed my body off in ways I did not think were possible. I heard my mother sighing deeply several times as she admired the effect the new lingerie was enhancing my appearance and I am sure that from the corner of my eye, I saw her hand surreptiously caressing Anna’s firm bottom.

However it was soon time to settle on some final decisions and once these were made we left the store with Anna seemingly reluctantly letting us go and making us promise to return soon.

Then to lunch at Raffles. During lunch Mum chatted away to me like a teenager talking about the purchases we had made and how beautiful they looked on me and how she was looking forward to a fashion show when we got home that evening. Knowing that we were having a nice dinner that night we restricted ourselves to salads for lunch and a couple of glasses of crisp New Zealand Chardonnay which relaxed us nicely while we soaked up the wonderful colonial atmosphere that is very special to Raffles Hotel.

So straight after lunch we headed for Mum’s Spa and “the full treatment”! On the way to the Spa in the taxi Mum showed me the brochure and told me she had booked me in for a treatment called Tropical Glow which was a three hour treatment which included a jasmine coriander scrub for 45 mins, a vichy rain shower lasting 15 mins, a papaya-infused clay body wrap lasting 60 mins, a facial cleanse and cream mask wrap and a 60 minute massage.

From the moment we walked through the door we were treated like royalty. Two attractive hostesses were allocated to each of us and Mum just said to me to leave the treatment to these ladies and enjoy the experience to the full. To say that I felt like I was transmitted to heaven for the next three hours would be little exaggeration. I followed my hostesses through the various treatments just becoming more and more relaxed as I went. Finally it was time for the massage and my hostesses told me to lie naked, face down on the bed while they started their work. One started on my feet and the other began with a spine tingling scalp massage. They then gradually worked towards each other creating a myriad of wonderful and relaxing feelings as they went. One girl was working her way down my back fluctuating from a deep massage to a soft tracing of her fingernails down my back and lingering to my sides where she drifted towards the sides of my breasts. This treatment had the effect of first relaxing me with the deep massage then stimulating me with the teasing fingers.

While this was going on the other girl had started with my feet and was gradually working up my legs with long sweeping strokes to first the outside of my legs then up the inner sides’ gradually working up to the tops of my legs. As she stretched higher I did nothing to stop her easing my legs apart which enabled canlı bahis her to start gently teasing my pussy which had quickly become very moist.

After 30 minutes on my tummy I was turned over and the whole process started again although of course this time the most sensitive areas of my body were fully exposed and these girls were not being at all shy using similar techniques to those they had used on my back, alternating between firm massage and gentle teasing. Finally I felt the girl who started on my legs begin to zero in on my pussy area, identifying first my, by now very erect clit, and then rubbing her fingers along my moist slit and gently probing it as she went. She certainly knew where to find my most sensitive points. Meanwhile the other girl had zeroed in on my breasts, gently kneading my nipples and watching me for the signs of what I was most enjoying and ensuring she gave plenty of attention to these sensitive areas.

It was all becoming too much for me as they slowly built me up into a platform of intense pleasure and I started to feel I was losing control as the pleasure built.

At this stage there was a change in strategy when first the girl at my breasts leant over and started to lick and kiss my by now, extremely sensitive erogenous zones, sucking, kissing and caressing my breasts and my nipples with her mouth with her tongue. At the same time the other girl also started to using her tongue and started sweeping my pussy with long strokes from the bottom right up to my clit which she would then tease and circle until I started to shudder before sweeping back down and starting the process all over again.

With these combined efforts I was drifting into a world I had never experienced before and as the girl working on my pussy came back up to my clit yet again she changed tempo and really started working with more firmness while at the same time gently easing two fingers into my pussy with a gentle pumping action and I was suddenly completely out of control as my orgasm well up from deep inside of me and I came thunderously with an intensity I had never experienced before, panting and sweating as I felt my muscles contracting around the delicious fingers in my pussy and releasing a flood of creamy moisture onto the attentive tongue on my clit.

I thought this may be the end but in fact the two girls just switched positions and started all over again. This time the treatment was even more extended as they teased me to a peak then paused me while I cooled. I lost all track of time but I am sure my massage was going well beyond the one hour allocated as they once again brought me to an incredible peak as I came in crashing waves of pleasure, almost losing all my senses. The girls then revived me with their gentle touching as I came down from my high and they prepared a warm spa for me and they gently led me to this and another round of gentle caressing ensued which was successful in keeping me at a high state of arousal without sending me to the heights they had taken me to earlier. However I was left with a glowing feeling which was visibly obvious when I looked in the mirror to tidy my hair to see my face positively radiant.

It was with some reluctance that I dressed and went out to the reception area to meet Mum who was also looking very relaxed and glowing – she had obviously had similar treatment to me.

As we settled back into the taxi I said to Mum “wow – if this is adulthood I am certainly looking forward to the rest of my life”. My mother’s face broke into a beautiful and serene smile.

And so home to the special evening Mum had planned for me….but that is another story……….

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